tagLoving WivesInterlude Ch. 01

Interlude Ch. 01


This story and series has two purposes: first, to act as a bridge between the "Todd & Melina" series and future stories, some mystery "Whodunnits" that will knock your socks off!

Secondly, to fulfill my intention to create at least one story in every category.

The "Todd & Melina" series, particularly Chapters 1 and 5, should be read in order to be introduced more fully to the characters.

Feedback and
constructive criticism is very much appreciated, and I encourage feedback for ideas.

Part 1 - Visiting

The sun was setting over the town that bordered the western edge of the college campus and the first few drops of streetlights were beginning to glow as the two women sipped their after-dinner drinks and enjoyed the view. Melina and Laura were at Laura's house on the northeastern side of the ridge overlooking the east side of the campus, having just eaten dinner on the patio. The panoramic scene from this height was breathtaking. Melina took a drag from her cigar and sipped her single-malt Scotch, and let a little sigh of contentment escape her lips as she exhaled.

Dr. Laura Fredricson, one of the campus's most celebrated professors, sipped her cognac and glanced at Melina, admiring the younger woman's beauty. Melina was wearing her blue bikini and five-inch cork heel sandals with blue straps over her ankles and toes. The bikini was barely more than two triangles of cloth over her nipples and a thong bottom with a totally inadequate covering of her cuntal mound, as black pubic hairs peeked over the edges of the cloth.

Although she was 42, Laura was as strikingly beautiful as any younger woman. She wore a beige/nude bikini and, despite her height of slightly over six feet, she wore high heel slides of the same tone as the bikini, making her look unclothed from a distance. Her feminine elegance stood out in contrast to Melina's athleticism when they were together, though Laura always commanded a presence of austere elegance.

"So when is Don going to arrive?" Laura asked.

"Tomorrow morning." Melina answered. She, her husband Don, and his nephew Todd had medical appointments a couple of days away, and she had come a day earlier than her husband at Laura's invitation, giving the women a chance to catch up on the years of their lives since Melina had graduated college. "He has an interview with the Campus Police and the Town Police."

"Hmm, interesting. So... does that mean you two will be moving here?" Laura asked, with an air of expectation in her voice.

"I think so."

"And that means..."

"It means" Melina said, turning to Laura and smiling slightly, "that I am accepting your job offer."

"Good." Laura said. It was three weeks since the adventures of their last visit. Laura had phoned a couple of weeks ago and talked to Melina about becoming her assistant in her research work on sexual subjects. She had explained to Melina that the job might entail sexual contact with students, which didn't deter Melina one bit. As for Melina, her biggest sticking point was moving, especially as her husband had a job and might not want to move. By sheer coincidence, Lieutenant Britt Maxwell of the Campus Police had contacted Don and asked him to consider bringing his talents to the campus or town's police force in the I.T. department, and possibly as a detective.

"If Don gets the job, we'll definitely come over." Melina continued. "I was surprised how interested he was in the idea of working with the police."

"He did very well bringing out some issues in the case of his sister... Oh--- any word on her?" Laura asked.

"No." Melina said. "And it hasn't been for lack of trying on Don's part. As far as we know, though, she's still hiding in Europe somewhere. I was thinking that one reason he's interested in the police job is so that he can get better access to information on Liz's whereabouts. He really wants to catch her."

"Why? Is he afraid she'll come back and attack all of you?" Laura asked, a note of concern creeping into her voice.

"Yes, but I think it's more. When we went to tell his parents what had happened, his father almost collapsed. We rushed him to the ER, but they said he didn't have a heart attack or anything. But his health has begun going down, just in these last few weeks. And Don really holds that against Liz."

"That's too bad." Laura said. "What about Todd?"

"He's moved back here already. Found an apartment just off campus over there somewhere..." Melina pointed off to her left, towards the south side of the campus. "...and came over about a week ago."

"Oh? Didn't stay with you?" Laura asked, half teasing and half mocking. "You weren't putting out for him enough?"

"Are you kidding?" Melina said, pretending shock. "Todd and I fucked like rabbits for days after we got home. I think Don got a little tired of it, so I had to give him attention, too. It was great... but tiring."

"So tell me," Laura said, knowing it was time, having steered Melina into a happy sexual subject and off the pain caused by Liz, "does Don know? About you? About..."

"That I eat pussy better than he does?" Melina replied, finishing the sentence left hanging. "No, I've never told him. Of course, I haven't had any but him for all of our marriage until Todd and Ned came along last month."

"Why don't we go inside?" Laura offered. "It's getting dark out here."

The two women got up and went into Laura's house, carrying supper dishes. In the kitchen, as Melina set the dishes in the sink, she could feel Laura's eyes boring into her. Her cunt melted, moistening rapidly with memories of the past and anticipation of what was about to happen.

She turned, went straight up to Laura, gently pulled the older woman's head to hers and mashed her mouth against Laura's in a deep, wet kiss. Laura responded, sinking into the kiss as their arms wrapped around each other's in a warm, firm embrace. Their tongues twined as the heat of their passion mounted, desires held in check for weeks finally exploding in a rushing torrent.

"Mmm, I've been waiting for this for three weeks." Melina whispered as the kiss broke.

"I've been waiting for this for eight years." Laura replied huskily. Her words caused Melina to freeze for just one second, long enough for Laura to take the initiative and pull Melina to her for another kiss. Melina moaned in both lust and surprise as Laura's tongue slid deep into her mouth. Laura had a tongue that Gene Simmons would be envious of, Melina realized, her pussy gushing as the back of her mouth was explored by Laura's probing oral digit.

Twirling around as they kissed, the women staggered together a few steps onto the rich, plush carpet of the den before collapsing onto the floor. Laura mounted Melina, sliding between her legs, pressing the younger woman down with her weight as their tongues battled hotly over their joined lips. Laura slid her hands between their chests and clutched Melina's breasts under the blue bikini, causing Melina to moan into Laura's mouth. Laura slid her lips off of Melina's and along her jaw to her neck just under her left ear, nuzzling Melina's neck as she groped the younger woman's succulent breasts, pushing the bikini up and out of the way, exposing Melina's painfully swollen nipples. Laura pinched Melina's teats, rolling them roughly between her thumb and forefinger, making Melina gasp, as she slid her lips and tongue down Melina's neck to the top of her chest. She looked up and their eyes locked for a moment before Laura bent her head down and sucked Melina's right nipple into her mouth, lashing it hotly with her tongue.

"Ohhhhhh...." Melina gasped as shocks of pleasure rocketed from her nipple straight down to her clit. She let her head fall back and closed her eyes as Laura sucked her tits, alternating between the throbbing nipples that stood out in desperate desire for attention. Then she opened her eyes and looked down the length of her body. Laura was kissing her way down Melina's tummy, kissing and licking the horizontal creases of her hardened, taut abs.

"Let me take them off." Melina whispered as Laura's hungry mouth reached the hem of her bikini. Laura got up and repositioned herself as Melina raised her legs into the air, slid her bikini bottom up her legs and off her feet and threw it to the side. As Melina lowered her legs, she spread them wide, exposing the swollen labes of her cunt. She was sopping wet, and aching for the pleasure of being licked and sucked.

"Oh my God." Laura said, her voice even but quivering. "That is one gorgeous cunt bush." Melina's thatch of raven black hair, tightly bunched into a thick black carpet, was a triangle between her legs and rand down the sides of her cuntlips. Melina kept her bush trimmed and clean, but the contrast with her white skin and the way it framed her inviting womanhood was incredibly arousing.

Laura slid her hands under Melina's firm, trim thighs, gently pulling herself towards Melina's twat. Melina gasped as she felt Laura's lips kiss the inside of her right thigh, her tongue trailing up her tingling skin towards her sopping cuntal cleft, but skipping over and moving to kiss her left thigh. Laura continued her teasing licks and kisses, going all too slowly towards the sweet prize until Melina couldn't stand it.

"Ohhh, eat me, Laura! Get your tongue into my fucking cunt!" Melina gasped as Laura stuck out her tongue, extending it several inches beyond her lips, touched just the tip to Melina's labes and slowly licked up along the length of her slit. Laura kissed and sucked on Melina's labes, making the younger woman groan, then stuck her tongue out and sank it as far as she could into Melina's cunthole.

"OH GOD!" Melina gasped. Shocks of pleasure ripped through her loins as Laura plastered her lips to Melina's pussy and let her tongue explore deeply along the sides of her vagina. Melina's hands instinctively went to the back of Laura's head, pushing the older woman's face more deeply into her gushing quim. Laura's tongue continued to explore Melina's vaginal walls as Melina's breath became shorter, a series of gasps. Then Laura slid her tongue up the top of Melina's pussy and over her cuntlips to the knob of her clitoris. As Laura licked Melina's clit, followed by a sucking kiss, Melina exploded!

"OH MY GOD!!" Melina yelled as she came hard, waves of ecstasy rippling up and down her spine, her loins exploding in lust. Laura did not let up, relentlessly sucking Melina's clit for another full minute as Melina's writhing became almost violent, her hands pulling Laura's face hard into her hair-fringed cunt.

Melina began to come down from the shock of orgasmic pleasure. Currents of electric pleasure continued to race along her slit and labes. Her cunt felt like molten lava as Laura continued to eat her out. After watching Laura feast on her labes for a moment, she let her head fall back, and suddenly, inexplicably, the memories flooded back to her.

Part 2 - Memories of the Past

She was in college. Melina saw herself, young, a bit nerdy, her body slender and firm, her legs beginning to acquire the loveliness. Her girlfriend, one of the most beautiful blondes on campus, who had spent the previous night in a sixty-nine on top of Melina, was walking her to the gynecology lab.

"You've got to meet her, and she wants to meet you. She's the best professor at the school and she wants to meet you." the blonde was saying. Soon Melina was being ushered into an office, a fairly small, typical office with a cheap oak desk, filing cabinets, papers all over the place. But none of that was registering with the college Junior: the woman rising from her chair behind the desk had her full, undivided attention.

"Hi Melina, I'm Laura Fredricson." the woman said, offering her hand. Melina shook it, mesmerized by the tall, handsome woman whose hair was even blacker than her own. She felt an instant connection with Laura Fredricson, which only grew as they began talking.

After some small chatter, Laura came to the point. "Melina, I'd like for you to do some work for me, crunching the numbers of the data I'm collecting, mostly. You'll get full course credits, of course, and even some research credits." Laura explained the nature of the research she was doing. Her girlfriend had said something about Dr. Fredricson doing research on sex and sexuality, but the research she was hearing about was more in line with basic psychology.

Melina took the position and worked with Laura for the remaining year and a half of her time on campus. Early in their working relationship, Laura began inviting Melina to her home, sharing dinners and girl talk. And it wasn't long before Laura had Melina in her arms, kissing her and making love to her. Melina responded; the intensity of her passion blossomed as the thirtysomething woman began showing her ways of giving and receiving lesbian pleasure that Melina had never known.

The work she was doing was fairly tedious, almost secretarial work in putting together sets of data for Laura to work with. But she didn't mind; she always enjoyed working with Laura, being around her.

Soon, she noticed that some of the hottest, most popular women on campus were pursuing her as their "friend"; these relationships always included lesbian sexual activity. She would tell Laura about her encounters, not realizing that Laura's gentle questions were actually deeply probing. She shared with Laura all the details of her relationships with other girls, her dates with other men, her growing relationship with Don, which would culminate in her marriage to him. Laura listened, the older sister Melina never had. She realized later that Laura was working with, talking to, and sleeping with these other women as well, but she felt no jealousy.

She had thought she would continue working for Laura after graduation, but "things" intervened. Her new husband had a job in another city, and Laura was preparing to take a position with a research firm. They kept in touch with letters and once-a-year phone calls for each other's birthdays, but after four years those became increasingly infrequent.

Her interest in women also dwindled, as she realized that sex with her husband gave her a deeper level of pleasure than any encounter with a woman. She never questioned her feelings, especially after making love with her husband's nephew Todd and sucking Todd's brother Ned's cock that once. Her love for men was only expanded by her recently-found sexual openness.

When the Todd and Ned incidents occurred the previous month, Laura had immediately come to Melina's mind when she needed someone to call. And since then, they had begun renewing their friendship. Now she was where she always thought she would be... working for Laura again, and in Laura's arms feeling the pleasures of hot lesbian sex.


Melina began coming back to the present, feeling the intensity in her pussy building up as Laura slid one, then two fingers into her cunt while sucking harder on her clit. The waves built up again until she felt the shock of ecstasy in release, her cunt gripping Laura's digits as her juices washed over them.

As she recovered from her orgasm, her breath coming in short, painful gasps. She felt and heard the rustle of Laura getting up. "Come on," the woman said, grabbing her hands and pulling her to her feet with unexpected strength, "let's go to my bedroom."

Once in the bedroom, Laura took off her shoes, and climbed onto the bed, settling comfortably onto her back and spreading her long, shapely legs. Laura's cuntbush was not as thick or heavy as her own. It was trimmed into a smaller triangle, almost a runway above her clit, and the labes on each side were shaved bare and smooth. Melina's mouth watered as she slid between Laura's legs. Looking up only briefly at the older woman, seeing the smoldering passion in Laura's eyes, she quickly slid her mouth onto Laura's cuntlips.

Like everything else she did, Melina ate Laura's pussy with intensity, passion, and skill. Her tongue, not as long as what Laura was blessed with, licked, lapped and slurped over Laura's outer labes, worked into her slit, then up to Laura's large clitoris, which she attacked with reckless abandon. Laura's writhing was hard to keep up with, so she grabbed Laura's asscheeks and held her firmly as she ate her out with almost vicious passion.

Long moments later, Laura got up and went to a drawer. "I have something for you, here." she said. At first, Melina thought Laura had pulled out a huge pink rubber dildo shaped like a long, thick cock, but then realized that there were straps attacked to the "balls" at the end of the dildo.

"Let me show you this." Laura said proudly. "I invented it a couple of years ago. See this?" She showed Melina a protrusion on the inside of the soft rubber plate that held the penis. It was a translucent green, looked like a dildo with succeeding bulges, and about six inches long. It wasn't as large as the rubber cock, which was about nine or ten inches long and very thick. "This goes inside your pussy. You're going to love it. But first... I'm going to do something I've wanted to do to you for a long, long time."

Melina smiled, remembering that in college she and Laura had played with dildoes, vibrators and other toys, but she wouldn't let Laura "fuck" her with a strap-on because she was a virgin, very tight, and a bit afraid. As she watched Laura step into the device, her juices flooded at both the memories and anticipation of what was about to come. She saw Laura fit the green dildo part to her cuntlips, then slide it deeply inside her hole as she fit the toy cock onto her groin and adjusted the straps on her back and thighs. "Are you ready to get fucked, Melina?"

"Ohhhh, yes, baby! Come fuck me with that thing!" Melina gasped, laying back onto the bed. Laura approached the bed from the end. She grasped Melina's right foot, took off her shoe, and began sucking and licking her toes and heels. Then she did the same for the other foot.

"Mmmm, wonderful feet. Does Don love your gorgeous feet, Melina?" Laura asked in a low, husky voice, then returned her mouth to Melina's big toes, which were pressed together.

"Oh yes.... and Todd loves them, too." Melina replied, enjoying the sensation of Laura's mouth washing down her feet.

"I don't blame them." Laura said, then reluctantly spread Melina's legs and began climbing between them. Nearly shaking with passion, Melina spread her legs wide as Laura climbed onto her, mounting her with the dildo pressed between their sweat-slicked abdomens. Laura kissed Melina's mouth, and as Melina returned the kiss with intensity, Laura raised her ass slightly, reached down and put the head of the lubed rubber cock into Melina's slit.

"OHHHH!!!!! OH MY GOD! GO EASY!" Melina cried out as she was penetrated. Laura had thrust about half the enormously long, thick tool into her cunt, and despite her wetness and the slick lube, the shock of being invaded by such a large weapon of lust was not purely pleasant. Laura eased her pace but relentlessly worked her ass up and down, sinking more and more of the rubber cock into Melina's cunt until it was buried balls-deep.

"Ohhhhhhhhh...." Melina gasped. "Oh God, that's good! Fuck me, Laura!" Melina looked into Laura's eyes, boring into them, then she grabbed Laura's ass and ordered "Fuck me like you've always wanted to! Come on, bitch, FUCK me!"

"Oh yeah, baby..." Laura said and began humping her ass up and down. She worked the big cock in and out of Melina's pussy, fucking her hard and deep as if she were a man, using her knees to get leverage as she powered the tool into Melina with relentless thrusts until their groins slapped together.

"Uhh... uhhh... uhhh... uhhh..." Melina gasped with each hard, deep stroke. Her head fell back and she closed her eyes, enjoying the feeling of being fucked. The sweet odor of Laura's perfume wafted into her nose along with the musky smells of their steaming wet cunts, the sounds of the smacks of Laura crashing into her filled her ears. She felt her passion rising, knowing that she was close to coming. She opened her eyes to see Laura looking intently at her face. Laura's own face was a mask of lust and hot, driving desire. Then Laura bent her head down and harshly sucked Melina's left nipple into her mouth, and the younger woman came apart at the seams.

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