tagIncest/TabooInterlude Ch. 04

Interlude Ch. 04


Interlude 4

The Interludes are a series of vignettes, intended to develop some new characters while preparing for a future series of mystery stories with fun plot twists. I hope you will enjoy the sex along the way. Please do provide feedback on what sex scenarios you would like to read about.

If you have not read the "Todd & Melina" series, particularly Chapters 1 and 5, you may wish to do so before reading the "Interlude" series.

I understand the comments of those who say they don't understand the actions and interactions of the main characters Melina and Don... that's okay; I hope you'll keep reading, as all the pieces of the puzzle will fall into place over the course of the stories.

Note: there are some portions of this story that might give offense to some readers. This is part of the set-up for future stories, and no offense to anyone of any ethnicity is intended by the author.

Feedback and
constructive criticism is very much appreciated, and I encourage feedback for ideas.

Part 1 - A Death In The Family

6:50am, Thursday morning. It was early September, just a few days past the Labor Day weekend. I was in the Major Crimes Department (MCD) room of the Town Police Headquarters, drinking my coffee as I read the morning newspaper. It was devoid of interest as far as local concerns. School had started back and the town had felt the impact of the rush of students coming in like a hurricane striking after a lazy, slow summer. Fortunately, MCD had nothing big going on, which allowed me to get more involved in the IT aspects of my job. Upgrades to the servers were already happening.

At that moment, Chief Griswold suddenly appeared in the doorway. "Come to my office." he said shortly, his voice not friendly as it usually was. I hurried behind him to his office. Inside was the Police Chaplain. "Close the door." he said as I entered. I did so, filled with foreboding at the very unusual nature of these proceedings. "Have a seat." I sat down in one chair in front of the desk as the chaplain sat in the other.

"I'm sorry to have to tell you this, Don." said the chief as he sat down behind his desk. "We just received a call that your father has passed away."

"How?" I asked involuntarily, naturally shocked by the news.

"It looks like he passed away peacefully in his sleep. They suspect a heart attack, but they're not sure." the chief said. "Your mother told the police there that you worked here, so they gave me the call for her."

The chief told me to take a few days off, which meant to get the hell out of there and go take care of my family needs. I called Melina on my cell phone, telling her to meet me at home. I called Todd as well, telling him to pack a bag and come over to our house. At home I told them the sad news. We packed some things and Todd rode with us as we headed out to my childhood hometown.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The town of Apple Grove was a picturesque, quintessential small town of about 10,000 religious, self-reliant people. It was the perfect place for a stern, religious man like my father, but truth be told, I was happy to leave it for college. Though Melina and I visited my parents a few times a year, I felt like I hadn't been here in a very long time as I returned for my father's funeral.

It was nearly 11:00pm. We were just returning to my mother's house after the visitation, which some call the "wake". I had expected a busy time since we'd arrived the previous morning. However, we found that most of the arrangements had already been made by my father's former law firm -- he had been a lawyer and pretty much a one-man show in this town, then in the last few years he took on partners to which he sold out the practice -- and there was little for the family to do except to wearily accept the condolences of people I'd long since forgotten about, introduce my wife and nephew, and try not to show my boredom of repeating my life story a multitude of times.

"I need a drink." my mother said as we entered the house. "Who wants to join me?" I was in shock -- my mother, drinking? Melina was already enthusiastically accepting the offer, so I had no chance to say anything. We went into my dad's study. His desk was on the far side of the room, dominating it. My mom had a small, unobtrusive secretary-desk in the opposite corner. Like many families, the kitchen table served her when she needed more space.

Obeying Mom's command, Todd and I sat down in two chairs. Mom took out her keys, selected a small one and unlocked the bottom drawer of her desk, and proceeded to pulled out a bottle of Scotch, a bottle of Grey Goose vodka, and a bottle of Amaretto DiSaronno. Melina brought in four glasses from the kitchen, and with her back to us blocking our vision, poured me a "Godfather" (amaretto and Scotch), neat scotch for herself, a "Godmother" (vodka and amaretto) for Mom, and since Todd was nineteen I cannot discuss what he might have been drinking.

"Ah, that's good." Mom said, taking a long swig of her drink. She then peered over at me. "No, Don, your father never knew that I liked to have a drink every once in a while. Oh, I made sure he never found out."

My mother Phyllis was 22 when she had Elizabeth and 30 when I came along, making her 58 now. My father was eight years older than her, dying at age 66. Mom looked like an older version of my sister Elizabeth, with the same medium height, big breasts, and shapely legs, but her face had a hawkish sharpness whereas Elizabeth's face was (deceptively) softer. If I'd had to choose, I'd have said Elizabeth was the prettier woman, but Mom was indeed attractive. Her hair was originally brown, lighter than Elizabeth's, but now had plenty of gray, which actually looked very pleasing. Mom wore her hair straight and fairly short, cut to hang just above her shoulders. She wore wire-frame octagonal glasses, giving her the "schoolmarm" look.

Mom was in very good shape for her age, thanks to exercise, especially tennis and golf at the Country Club. She had very little fat on her shapely body, and I suspect she could keep up with much younger women. She had told Melina a few years ago that she had been inspired by Melina's fantastic physique to improve her own.

Mom was wearing all black: dress, stockings, and pumps. If it were not for the somber occasion and if she were smiling, she would look very seductive. For that matter, Melina was wearing a black dress, but sheer/nude stockings and low heel black pumps, not overly severe. And as my wife could make a burlap sack look hot on her luscious body, she certainly looked fine in her black clothes.

My father, whose name was Douglass, had been slender and bald on the top of his head, with hair still growing on the sides and back of his head. With his glasses and fairly tall height, he looked more like a school professor than the lawyer he was. He was also a deeply religious man, evangelical in his outlook. I could never tell if he was disappointed in me for not expressing the same levels of religious fervor that he did, but he had learned from the total failure of trying to pour the Gospel into an unwilling and rebellious Elizabeth to not be so driving of it with me. Good thing.

He had not only sold out his law practice, but had profited from other investments which enabled him to retire early, but he had not really discussed those investments with me. He only told me vaguely that Mom would be taken care of if he died first. But as executor of his will, I was soon to find out everything.

I attempted to cover up my surprise at seeing Mom drink, but I was clumsy in doing so. "Well, Mom, are there any more secrets we should know about now?" I immediately felt discomfort spread about the room as well as disapproval from Melina. But then Mom spoke.

"To be honest... yes, there are more secrets. And some things that you need to know, Don." Mom said. "But I think we'd better save those for tomorrow, after the funeral. It's at two o'clock. Meanwhile, Don and Todd, I've hardly had a chance to talk to either of you, and I want to hear how school is going for you, Todd, and hear about your new job, Don."

Todd and I discussed in vague terms what we were doing with our lives, obviously omitting those secrets of our own. Mom had talked to Melina privately and extensively on two occasions since we arrived, and I idly wondered what the "girl talk" was about.

I was beginning to feel tired, hoping that we could all go to bed soon. Melina and I were sleeping in my old room, which fortunately had a new queen size bed; while Todd was staying in his mother's old room. These rooms shared "Jack and Jill" bathrooms between them: separate washrooms and a common bathtub/shower. Elizabeth's room had been completely re-done: new bed, new paint, new furniture... it was a guest room now, with not a single trace of my sister's presence remaining.

I had also noticed, but only now thought seriously about it, that there were no pictures of Elizabeth anywhere. There had been in the past, on the walls, and in frames sitting on pieces of furniture. My boyhood pictures were still where they'd always been, including on my father's desk in this room. But it was as if all traces of my sister had been scrubbed from this house that was her childhood home.

It was close to midnight when Mom brought our general chatter to a close. We'd all had several drinks by now, and were feeling the effects. Mom asked Melina and Todd to return the glasses to the kitchen, and to speak with me alone. Once we were alone and the door shut, Mom got to the point.

"Son, have you heard anything about Elizabeth lately? About Ned?" she asked.

"No, Mom." I replied. "As far as I can tell, they're still in Europe somewhere. With this new police job I have access to more tools to try and find them."

Mom let out a sigh. "It's just as well that she's not here." she said, and for a moment I detected bitterness in her voice before she controlled it. "Although... your father would've forgiven her and welcomed her back if she'd walked in the house. Not me, though"

"Whaaa...." I said, totally shocked at this admission from my mother. She looked up at me sharply.

"I am convinced that your sister's actions were the main reason Douglass's health failed so rapidly these last few months. Oh, I know he was sick for some time -- he tried to hide it from me, but a wife knows -- but he was just fine until June."

"Yeah, Mom, I know." I said.

"No, you don't know." Mom said, her speech beginning to slur slightly. "Your father always had a remnant of hope that somehow Elizabeth would return to us, but I think it was more to relieve his feeling of having failed to raise her properly than out of real love for his daughter. And when he heard about the vile, wicked things she did last summer... he knew that he'd truly failed. That's what broke him, son."

"I understand, Mom." I said. "Look, it's really late. Why don't we talk more about it tomorrow, okay?" I helped Mom stand up and gently guided her up to the door of her room. I hugged her warmly, feeling her press her body into mine much harder than I'd felt her ever do before. We separated and I went into my room after her bedroom door closed.

Melina was lying on the bed, totally naked. She stood up and embraced me, kissing my mouth. I instantly knew from the slightly different taste of her what had happened as I'd talked to Mom.

"Geez, Melina, " I said, "Don't tell me you fucked Todd while I was talking to Mom."

"Almost." Melina replied, standing in front of me and massaging my shoulders in her strong hands. "Our goodnight kiss turned into a make-out session. I ended up sucking his cock a little bit... but just a little bit. He didn't come."

"You tease." I said, grinning. "Did you leave that boy with a hard-on, and now he has to take care of himself?" Served my bastard nephew right, I thought to myself... then wondered why such an evil thought had entered my head.

"Maybe." Melina said, smiling back at me, but mysteriously. "Meanwhile, why don't you get ready and let's hit the sack. I'm exhausted."

"Me, too."

Part 2 - Deep Shock

I was disoriented as I woke up. It was nearly pitch black, only the slightest trace of light from outside coming through the window. I sat up, wary and uneasy. I thought I had heard a strange noise, but maybe that was from my now-forgotten dream.

Melina was lying on the bed next to me, sound asleep. I got up and headed towards the bathroom. As I opened the door, I stopped. Another sound, this time unmistakeable. It sounded like it was coming from Elizabeth's old room. I went through the bathtub room of the Jack-and-Jill bathroom and into the vanity on that side. There were now unmistakeable noises coming from the bedroom. Peeking through the barely open door, I gasped aloud as my eyes took in the sight.

One small bedside lamp was on. I had a side view of the bed very near the door, and on it was my nephew Todd, naked, with a pair of slender, shapely female legs wrapped around his torso, her feet crossed above the small of his back. The muscular teen stud was pistoning his huge meat into the woman's cunt with powerful, purposeful strokes. Even as I looked down, I instinctively knew who she was.

It was my mother. My nephew was fucking his own grandmother!

I reeled in total, abject shock. I knew that Todd would fuck just about any woman that was breathing, but to see him on top of Mom, his hard muscular ass bobbing rapidly up and down as he plowed her cunt into a hot creamy lather, his mouth nuzzling her neck with hot kisses as he held her and pumped her, was beyond even the kinkiest of things I had ever imagined in my life.

Even though I had fucked my sister Elizabeth, and against her will at that, I had not thought of my mother in sexual terms. In addition, Mom had always been so prim and proper, always the seemingly religiously stern wife and mother... and now... now I could hardly believe that I was seeing her in this sexual way, committing incest with her own grandson. As I watched her, her head back and her chin up, her mouth hanging open and moaning in obviously joyful pleasure as she rutted hungrily with her handsome teen grandson, I realized I was seeing a pent-up explosion of intense sexual energy being released with vindictive purpose.

"Like that Grandma?--ow!!" Todd gasped as Mom dug her fingernails hard into his side.

"Call me Phyllis like I told you to, boy." my mother grunted. "Now give it to me! Fuck me, you young hung stud--mmmmfff!" Todd cut off her dirty talk by slamming his mouth to hers, and I could see that he was working his tongue into his grandmother's mouth, exploring it as she greedily sucked on his probing oral muscle.

I just watched, reveling in the sight of their mating bodies, but not being aroused. As hot as the scene before me was, I still hadn't gotten past the fact that it was my mother being fucked by her grandson.

Mom's legs slid apart and off Todd's back, her knees still bent back and her feet pushing against the sides of Todd's powerful thighs and his hips as he fucked her with hard, short thrusts. His back and her legs glowed with a sheen of sweat. I couldn't see much of Todd's cock plunging in and out of Mom's cunt, but I knew that her vagina was being filled and stretched by the teen stud's incredibly huge cock.

Todd broke their kiss and leaned down and began sucking Mom's left nipple, then gave her other breast equal attention. As the boy alternated between her hard, straining nipples, I began seeing my mother sexually, as a woman, for the first time.

For a 58-year-old woman, Mom looked remarkably good. Her body was gloriously healthy, her legs and feet shapely, her abdomen firm though not a hardbody like Melina. Her arms were very slender, and her hands showed her age more than anything else. As the wet slurping sounds of Todd's big cock slicing in and out of Mom's sodden cunt assailed my ears and the smell of their fucking wafted into my nose, I felt my cock begin to stir and lengthen as the blood engorged it.

Suddenly I felt a hand on the small of my back, then Melina's head slid under my shoulder so that she could get a peek. My wife gasped audibly as eyes took in the sight of her mother-in-law getting fucked by the handsome teen stud. Fortunately, neither of them heard my wife, and together we watched as the lovers raced to their inevitable conclusion.

"Uhhh... not going to last too much longer inside you, Grandma-- Phyllis!" Todd gasped. "Your cunt is too fucking hot, Phyllis! I'm gonna come inside you soon." Todd raised up slightly, pushed Mom's legs back and hooked his arms under them. Her ankles were resting on the teen's broad, muscular shoulders as he settled over her in a push-up position. The young stud began fucking Mom with a renewed burst of raw power.

I could now see Todd's huge cock as it plunged in and out of my mother's cunt. As always, I was awestruck by the unbelievable length and thickness of my nephew's weapon of lust. Equally amazing was that my mother was taking every hard thrust of that massive thing into her snug womanhood, accommodating his meaty inches fully into her warm, wet depths.

I momentarily forgot who I was watching, and just enjoyed the sight of that big cock slicing in and out of a stretched pussy, hearing the staccato slaps of his loins against the back of her thighs and his enormous, low-hanging balls wetly smacking her ass.

Todd began fucking Mom even harder, with shorter, even more violent strokes. Melina and I both knew from experience that he was very close to climaxing, that soon he would be pumping his hot teen sperm into his grandmother's well-abused cunt. I idly wondered if Todd would pull out or if he'd hose her cunt walls with his hot lava, and I didn't have long to wait to find out: it happened. And he didn't pull out.

"Uh! UNNH!!" Todd gasped as he began climaxing. The young stud slammed deep into Mom, now just pushing his buried cock against her cuntlips as he ejaculated blast after blast of hot semen deep inside Mom's twat.

"Yes!" Mom gasped, "Come inside me, Todd! Fill me up! OHHH!!!!!" She was coming also, her body quivering as her gasps matched those of the boy on top of her coming inside her.

I had been mesmerized, but the spell broke as I felt a violent tug on my arm. Melina was pulling at me. She practically pulled me through the bathrooms and back into our bedroom.

"Lie down on the bed." my wife commanded. I barely had time to do so when Melina sprang on top of me. I felt the condom rapidly roll down my cockshaft, immediately followed by being engulfed in my wife's hot, clutching cunt. Melina slammed down so hard on my groin that it hurt, and then she began relentlessly pumping her pussy up and down my shaft.

"Oh God, that was so fucking hot!" Melina exclaimed. I was still reeling from it, and now Melina's obvious, intense arousal at the sight stunned me more. My erection was barely stable enough for Melina to slide up and down upon, and when I heard her gasp "C'mon Don, drive it up into me!" I knew I had to take quick action.

I suddenly rolled sideways, taking Melina to the bed beside me. I sidled up to her, my hand sliding over her cuntbush and driving two fingers into her sopping wet hole.

"You liked seeing that?" I asked my wife, then slammed my mouth onto hers. "You liked watching Todd fuck my mother?" My fingers were driving in and out of Melina's twat, scraping her upper vaginal wall in the search for her g-spot and rubbing over it.

"Oh God! Oh yes!" Melina gasp, pushing her pussy up against my fingers as I thrust them into her. I added a third finger, which was a tight fit, driving my hand hard and fast in and out of her quim as she gasped and shuddered... and came, hard.

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