tagInterracial LoveInterlude: Dannie by Night

Interlude: Dannie by Night

byJames Cody©

"Ah, fuck him!" was all I heard after the door slammed shut loud enough to pull me from my sleep.

I looked around my room until I could focus on the red specks of light of my clock radio: 2:45 a.m. I stumbled out of bed, a somnolent drone pulled to the muffled sounds from beyond my bedroom door like a moth to it's blitzing blue light of death. I worked the knob and suddenly felt my blue eyes crumple up like raisins when they were struck by the 100 watt light bulb nesting in the kitchen ceiling.

"Dannie, is that you?" I asked redundantly. Of course it was her – she was the only woman I knew who could make a profanity smell like rose water. And she was also the only other person who had a key to this apartment. I was Dannie's roommate

"What?" she asked as she whipped her head around, her cute, bobbing multicolored hairstyle flowing around her head like a a liquid halo. She was wearing her blue nurse's scrubs, their pallor and odd contrast to her dark chocolate colored skin. She looked part smurfette, part easter chocolate treat. Thank good I was half asleep and did not say that out loud.

"Shit, Zeke, did I wake you?" Dannie asked, the answer as obvious as me standing in front of her. "And what did you mean by a chocolate smurfette?"

I yawned and smacked my lips. "I... just always compare my roomies to their dessert equivalent."

"Are you saying you want me for dessert?" Dannie spread her ruby colored lips and flashed me her pristine pearly whites while her big brown eyes sparkled. This kind of flirting was a natural thing for us, but tonight those few words were pushing it to a new level – or maybe it was because I was only wearing boxers and my illicit hard-on was less than discreet.

"How bout we change the subject and you tell me what the whole "slamming the door in the middle of the night" b.s was all about?"

"That?" Dannie said, cocking her head towards the front door. "That is what I'm gonna do if I ever see than son of a bitch again."

"The doctor, the intern, or the paramedic?"

"Don't start," she half-heartedly hissed as she whipped her lab coat off. I watched as she expertly popped open a bottle of red wine and poured herself a glass. I also watched the way her curvy hips and bubbly ass strained against her blue pants and how her smallish but perky tits pushed against her pale shirt. She downed her glass of wine in a single gulp. "It was the doctor."

"Ah ... so your General Hospital lifestyle continues," I snickered.

"Fuck you, Zeke," she giggled and tossed me one of the potato chips she'd started munching.

"Promises, promises," I said, throwing my hands in the air in mock exasperation. "I'm going back to bed."

"You want me to tuck you in and tickle your tummy, doughboy?"

The last thing she saw before I closed my bedroom door was my upraised middle finger offering her a gallant salute. At the same time, my mind was filled with images of her beautiful mouth opening for me while she awaited my rigid cock -- I would spread her thick hips and find her brown and pink little slit and lap it up like a thirsty puppy.

It was going to be a long rest of the night.


I first met Dannie Hudson through a mutual friend, Suzanne. They were both nurses and Suzanne knew I needed a place to stay – a recent break-up had ended up with me living in a motel till I could find something more suitable to my situation. I'd been thinking a converted out-house or a cardboard box in an alley. Suzanne knew that Dannie's roommate had run out on her, leaving her with a 2 bedroom apartment that was too expensive for a young woman out of nursing school, working part time during the evenings/nights. So, Suzanne decided to play ebony and irony and she brought us together.

We met over dinner at Suzanne's and I was charmed from the get-go. Dannie was brash, brainy, funny ... and one of the most attractive women I'd ever met. She'd shown up for dinner wearing the slinkiest black skirt I'd ever seen. Not the shortest, but it just hugged her curvy hips and and showed off her legs with just the right balance of class and sass. She'd been wearing a sheer golden blouse that she kept unbuttoned just enough to trigger the imagination – her black bra was clearly visible, and helping me envision the perky, cone-shaped brown breasts it withheld. I wondered what her skin tasted and smelled like.

As the evening wore on, we flirted lightheartedly with some occasional contact till we realized that, since we got along so well together, the idea of becoming roommates seemed like a totally natural thing to do.

After that evening things went quickly and a week later I was signing my half of the lease and moving in with a 30 year-old black woman starting her new career in nursing. As for me, I was pushing 40, newly single, and working a supervisor in a client care call center for a national wireless provider. It didn't take long for me to realize that Dannie and I were living on different planets – she worked from 3 pm to midnight or later and I was a 9 to 5 kind of guy. She was parties and wine and I was beer and Italian exploitation cinema from the seventies (Yay Joe D'Amato). We sometimes crossed paths on weekends between loads of laundry and grocery shopping – we would talk about world events and history. I was amazed by how well read she was, it beleaguered her sassy personality. And we flirted.

But over the past few weeks I'd noticed a change in her – she dated less but she was coming in later and later. We'd talk and sometimes flirted but it had an odd intensity to it. I was worried about her.


"Zeke? Are you awake?"

A crack of light was knocking on my eyelids while Dannie spoke my name with that husky tone telling me she'd had a rough night.

"Would it matter if I said no," I snorted as I rolled around to face away from the light.

"I just want to ask you something," she said and she came into my room – first time she'd ever done that in the 2 months we'd been living together. I sat up in bed and was struck by how she was framed by the light – a dark angel of hope.

"What is it? Are you okay Dannie?"

She sat on the bed, her thigh touching mine and she grabbed my forearm. Her hand was sweaty and I felt her start to dig her fingernails into my skin but pulled back. I realized that what I thought were her hospital scrubs was actually a pale blue silk robe. It hung slightly opened and since she was turned towards me, her robe was pulled taut across her chest and her nipples seemed ready to rip the material apart. I felt sweat start to bead on my forehead and my heart skipped a beat when I noticed that her robe had rode up her thigh and I could see the top crop of her fuzzy pubic hair. I swallowed hard and I felt my cock do its little "I'm here and I'm ready" dance.

"Zeke, do you like me?"

"Like you?" I repeated and raised my knee, hiding my growing erection. "Yes."

I only said that one word with more gravitas than I wanted and I suddenly saw Dannie's eyes water. She slid off the bed and backed out of my room, her brown eyes locked onto my blue ones and she just smiled a sad smile.

"Thank you, Zeke," she whispered and slowly closed my door. I stared at it and listened to her muffled footfalls – she closed the kitchen light and returned to her bedroom.

I pulled the blankets off and looked a my hard-on – I couldn't remember it ever being so hard or ready. I fought a mad urge to bounce off my bed and crash through Dannie's door and just ravage her like she was the last woman on Earth. While I imagined mounting her and kissing her and fucking her I tugged and pumped madly at my tool and felt that familiar fire that started in my toes and fingertips – it flowed up my limbs in waves pulled along by the pumping of my cock till it spooled in my balls. When I imagined her calling my name, begging me to me to fill her I exploded with a rush of come and bliss I'd forgotten I could ever feel.

I fell asleep with a puddle of drying come on my stomach, wanting to thank Dannie for returning this to me and feeling guilty that it happened in a moment when she seemed so vulnerable.


I texted Suzanne on my break while I was work, asking her if she had any insight into what was troubling Dannie. I didn't tell her about what happened a few nights ago, hoping that Dannie had been quiet about it as well.

All Suzanne said was that Dannie had been seeing a doctor. A married doctor. It has gotten too serious. Dannie wasn't seeing him anymore.



Before going to bed that night, I looked at myself in the mirror. My skin was pale – hairy arms and legs and chest. Not Ron Jeremy but an even coat across my whole body – I thought of myself as a shaved monkey whose fur had started to grow back but had stopped after the third day. My blond hair was short, the hairline receding. I did have a square jaw and high cheek bones and a broad, slightly flat nose. My lips were thin and had slight, permanent frown – I recognized the hardness of my features. But I was told that my blue eyes, with their long, almost feminine lashes, helped soften my harsh face and make me almost handsome. I looked like Sgt Rock's second cousin once removed. The body itself was typical early middle-aged: slight paunch from beer and talking on the phone for the past 7 years. I was an occasional soccer player and cyclist. I was by no means an athlete, but I did what I could to keep myself in shape.

Then I thought of Dannie's face. A broad oval with a slightly elongated chin; a high forehead with her big, brown, almond shaped eyes; a slim bridge of a nose with a broad base topping thick, dark lips shaped like a slightly flattened heart. She looked a bit like Jennifer Hudson (no relation).

I thought of Dannie's face.


I woke up. It was 3:12 a.m. I was thirsty. There was no sound coming from beyond my door so I guessed Dannie was still at the hospital, out, or maybe already in bed. I was still thirsty. I crossed into the kitchen and switched the light on – I didn't feel like feeling my way to the fridge like a blind rodent.

I found Dannie sitting at the kitchen table – her elbows propped up her chin that rested in her pale palms. The ceiling fan illuminating the kitchen with its 100 watt fury was spinning and I saw Dannie as a quiet sexual masterpiece: her short, black, red and purple hair was in a tangled disarray being shaken by the fan; her big brown eyes were lazily hooded from her sleepy state and her face was flushed; her small blue robe was partially undone and her left breast was fully exposed. I couldn't stop looking at it: a firm, upturned, cone shaped b-cup tipped with a deep brown aureole and a thick, bumpy nipple that looked to be about as thick as my thumb. The bottom of her robe was partially open and part of her dark bush was visible.

There was a moment of crystallization when I understood I was naked. My cock twitched as it was exposed to Dannie's soft flesh and it decided to honor her and grew to its full seven and a half inches. We stared at each other, absorbing the fact we were both exposed to one another for the first time – our breathing was strained as we waited for the other to say something or make some kind of move.

It was Dannie's cellphone that broke our standoff.

Dannie flipped the handset open and whispered something inaudible and she tried to clumsily rush past me to the privacy of her bedroom, but she tripped and I had to pivot to my left to catch her – she was supported in the crook of my left arm and her breasts were crushed against my forearm, a bared nipple touching my arm hair. I could feel her hot pussy against my thigh and she was acutely aware of my thick dick caressing her bottom as I straighted her. Her full-bodied, 5'3 inch frame pressed against my 5'10 inch body – Debbi's hair smelled like sweat and honey.

"Thanks," Debbi anxiously said as she slid out of my arms. "I ... I have to take this call, Zeke."

I stepped aside and watched as she made her way slowly back to her bedroom at the end of the hall. She paused a second and turned to look at me, adjusting the bottom of her robe and pulling it over her hard nipple – they poked deliciously through the sheer material. She mouthed the word goodnight and she slowly closed the door, talking to whoever but watching me till she disappeared.

I didn't think we'd be flirting anymore. She smelled like sweat and honey.


I didn't go straight home after work this Friday. I had a rare week-end off and I ended up having plans after work. Out of nowhere Maiya, a colleague, asked me to join her for drinks. She wanted to talk. I wanted to get my mind off Dannie, so drinks with a pretty woman from work seemed just the ticket.

I spent most of the evening watching Maiya from across a glass of 12 year old scotch. She was reserved and graceful. Each move was deliberate – I felt that she was holding back for some reason. She told me that she had recently left her husband. She wanted to go somewhere and start over. She knew I was in a similar situation and wanted to see how I was handing it. Seeing that she had changed into a sleek, strapless black dress, I wasn't handling it that well. I had sex on my mind, and with that came images of Dannie.

Dannie reaching out for me; touching me; demanding me.

I gave Maiya a quick kiss and told her it wasn't the right time yet. She told me she wouldn't wait – her time was now. I said goodbye and wished her a good life and should we meet again, who knows what would happen.

Who knew what would happen between me and Dannie.


I pulled into my parking spot, tires screeching as I stretched the meager handling abilities of my '96 Tercel. I almost hit the curb before coming to a full stop and the car was still rocking on its suspension when I flew out out driver's seat. As I rushed towards the stairs, my heart pounded when I saw that Dannie's Miata was in its space.

But my fervor dwindled when I noticed the lights in the apartment were off. When I cracked open the front door I listened for any noise. It was still – it felt deserted. Just like my longing.

But the smell of sweat and honey lingered in the air.

I switched on the kitchen light – the fan started swirling at max speed and pages from a series of handwritten notes went flying across the kitchen table. I quickly grabbed at the pages and gathered then together and worked to pile them relatively neatly. Once they were back on the table I cast a glance over them. They were in Dannie's handwriting – I flicked through the pages. They described a series of sexual encounters between numerous different names. I ran my fingers through my hair when I came across numerous pages containing my name alongside Dannie's.

That's when I heard a moan. Dannie's bedroom door was opened and when I peeked inside it was empty. My door was closed, though. I looked back at the pages on the table and went back over those that mentioned us. They recounted our previous close encounters, but they extended beyond mere awkwardness towards more intensely physical outcomes.

I felt a tightness in my chest and I gripped the knob of my door and opened it. Light spilled into the room and the first thing I noticed were the open drawers of my dresser. My clothing was strewn across the room and on my bed – socks and underwear and shirts intertwined in some kind of freakish laundry orgy. Towering over it was Dannie's luscious, dark-skinned beauty. I stared, mesmerized at her sensuous body as she buried her face in my pillow and moaned and sighed. Her gray gym shorts were around her ankles and her knees were bent; her ass was in the air and her hand was writhing furiously against her pink slit. Once in a while, her meaty lips popped out from between her fingers and she would moan louder – I felt my cock grow instantly stone rigid within my black dress pants. Dannie was rubbing her pussy and pinching her clit with an old t-shirt she once said brought out my eyes.

"AhhaaahhhAhhh," Dannie moaned when, in one fluid motion, she brought her other hand to her pussy and slipped a finger deep into her cunt and brought my t-shirt to her face and inhaled deeply. I knew it hadn't been washed for awhile so it had to smell of my sweat and was now soaked with her juices. The combined musky fragrance filled the room. I watched as her ass gyrated against her wiggling finger.

"Dannie," I whispered. I pulled my zipper down and released my bobbing cock. It seemed to sniff the air, drunk on the scent of sex in the room.

"Zeke?" Dannie sighed. It was like she had just noticed I was there – her eyes sparkled like champagne when she looked at me. "Baby, you're really here."

I was slowly caressing my cock as I watch her. She turned towards me and I realized she wore a black halter that was pulled down around her tapered waist – she rested on her side and used her legs to slide her shorts off. She tucked my old shirt beneath her head and she contemplated me.

"Well, aren't you all dressed up," Dannie said, licking her lips with that illegal tongue of hers. Her leg was raised and she ran her fingers through her curly, black pubic hair. Her thick, lustrous pussy lips were temptingly visible.

"Did you have a hot date?" Despite Dannie's wanton pose and hushed, husky tone, I noticed the slightest trepidation in her voice. Her perky breasts heaved nervously.

"I had drinks," I said as I took a step closer to the bed. I pulled back hood of my uncircumcised cock and the purple head seemed to leap forward of its own volition. "With a woman. A very beautiful woman."

"Yeah?" Dannie eyed my member with a mixture of anticipation and suspicion. I eyed her body with hunger and desperation.

"Yeah. I wanted to fuck and she made herself available. But every time I thought about it I thought about you."

"About little old me?" Dannie asked. My cock was only a few inches from her precious lips. I was undoing my tie and beginning to unbutton my shirt. "What are we going to do about that?"

"I don't know about you," I whispered, "but I think the fever needs to be fed."

I reached out and touched Dannie's hair. She reached up with the hand that had been between her beautiful, thick thighs. I entwined my fingers with hers and inhaled deeply the musky smell of her pussy. I then lapped the fragrant juices from each digit separately, ensuring she could see and feel my tongue slide across her smooth, silky skin. My saliva dribbled down her arm as I hungrily assaulted her – I followed that river, kissing down her limb till I dropped to my knees and was level with the most beautiful eyes I'd ever encountered. Dannie shifted and faced me, her feet on the floor. My head was now level with the expanse of dark brown skin between her neck and tits.

I shivered when I felt her grab each side of my white shirt and push it back. Her stiff nipples brushed against my stubbled cheek. I noticed for the first time she had a small tattoo of a bleeding rose, just beneath her left ear. So close, I pressed my lips to her tattoo and sucked hard on the sensitive skin of her neck. Dannie gasped wildly and wrapped her arms tight around my neck and she viciously began to nibble my ear.

"Shit, I love that," she hissed into my ear as I ran my teeth against the skin of her neck – I felt the moist touch of her tongue and it requisitioned my ear.

"Kiss me!" She ordered and I pushed her back onto the bed. Our tongues mashed and clashed like ancient rivals while our hands roamed across our electrified flesh. I found the satiny skin between her thighs and her tits and scraped against it with my nails – I felt goosebumps spread across her skin and her nipples harden against my chest. When I stopped kissing her and applied a series of small bites and licks to her neck and chest, Dannie moaned and dug her fingers into the flesh of my ass. This pushed me forward and the tip of my cock pressed against her dark lips.

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