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I'd met this guy on the internet. We'd talked by e-mail for weeks before arranging a meeting. I was a little wary of what I was letting myself in for, but my friends had bolstered up my confidence saying things like 'You're only meeting him, he doesn't know where you live so you can walk away if you don't like him.' My friends didn't know how sexual our e-mail conversations had become, and I was already aroused by the possibilities of what might await me as I hurried to the shops. I loitered in lingerie shops and bought a new perfume, then headed for the pub. I needed a drink to calm my nerves.

It was just past closing time as I jostled through laden shoppers as I walked up the hill to the shop as arranged. I pretended to look at the window displays as I nervously tried to see into the shop. It looked empty of customers, I glanced over my shoulder and went in. "Come in my dear and sit down here," purred the man behind the desk, making me feel a little wary. "Now let me look at you ... Hmmm" he purred, "Nice." Having met with his approval he got up from behind his desk, turned the door sign round to say 'closed' and flipped the latch. He didn't hang about, in two steps he was in front of me, this startled me a bit, he was agile for what looked to me like an 'older man'. Without saying a word he lifted my T shirt and pushed my bra up exposing my breasts and admired them. He squeezed one and kissed the other giving both discomfort and pleasure in equal amounts."Yes ... very nice" he purred again. He took hold of my wrist and led me through to the back of the shop.

He sat me on the edge of a counter and squeezed both breasts then lifted my top off in one swift movement. I was beginging to think he'd done this before... he bent slightly and sucked at one nipple, I could see his hair was thinning on top and I shuddered slightly, his other hand came up to gently rub and tease the other breast and my mind started to carry me away. I was amazed at how quickly I was becoming aroused.. this man didn't hang about and he was an 'expert' in his field!

He changed direction and softly ran his face across my front and up to my neck. I was glad he was clean-shaven. He never kissed me, just savoured the softness of my skin against his cheek and brushed gently over my skin with his lips.

He pulled me down off the counter and turned me round, then stood close behind me, letting his hands wander up and down all over my front. I could just see that his eyes were closed, it was like he was feeling me all over. Occasionally he would pinch or tweak a nipple as his hands passed over them, it was almost relaxing being caressed, but every now and then he would raise my arousal with some nipple attention.

He turned me back round and bent forward to suck hard on my breasts, like he was gorging himself in his own pleasure.

I was aroused by the uncertainty of it all, and the stimulation of my very sensitive nipples, but it felt a little strange feeling like I had not given him any attention .. he was just 'taking' and I was not giving.

Once again he turned me away from him and slid his hands up and down me, from my neck, down over my breasts and along the edge of my jeans. This time he ran his hands down over the front of my jeans and gripped hard between my legs, pulling my buttocks tight against him, but he made no move to investigate inside my jeans. Up and down his hands roamed and he occasionally nibbled at my shoulder or the back of my neck.

Suddenly he announced "I'm ready now" and he grabbed at my jeans, undid the button with a flick of his finger and thumb and pulled them right down to the ground. "Step out and put your hands on the counter" he said almost harshly ... I complied.

In the time it took for me to step out of my jeans he must have also removed his trousers as I felt a hard 'thump' on my buttock as his erect member made first contact with my skin. It felt large and heavy and hot.

His left hand reached round to my left breast and started to tweak and pull at the nipple, and his right hand came up between my legs. His fingers felt moist and cold and I recognised the sensation of lubricant being smeared over the entrance to my sex.

This man had aroused me, but knew it was probably not enough, and having felt a large manhood slap against me I was grateful for his consideration. He rubbed his cock between my legs, smearing it with lubricant and allowing me to feel the full size of it as it pushed between my thighs, but he did not enter me.

He turned me round to face him again and perched my bottom on the edge of the counter, and I looked down now at the tool he held in his hand.. it was huge! His fingers opened my outer lips as he positioned the tip of his massive hard cock at my entrance. My head span at the thought of being entered by such a massive tool. My head thought I gasped but I don't think I had time..

His arms held my bum to stop me sliding back on to the counter, my thighs spread wide and raised round his waist he started to push. In one long slow movement it felt like I was being impaled. He didn't rush or thrust, he just kept pushing and pushing and pushing until all of his massive member was inside of me. It felt huge, I felt completely filled as though I couldn't take another millimetre, and he smiled .. "God that feels good" he said.

We both looked down as he started to withdraw and gently ease back in.. sometimes all the way, sometimes not. We both savoured every movement, both the feel of it and the look of it as it plunged inside of me and glistened as it withdrew. After a few minutes he withdrew completely and my pussy missed it... It yearned to feel filled again. He bent forward and started sucking at my breasts again, his rigid tool glistening just out of reach.. as he stood up I caught it in my hand and felt the stickyness of it and it's girth. I only held it for a moment before he pulled away but I couldn't close my hand around it!

I felt a little disappointed that he didn't want me to 'do' anything to him, but his mood seemed a little changed so I said nothing.

He turned me round and bent me over the counter, not the most comfortable position, then he said "move back and support yourself on the counter" .. I complied.

I felt him position himself behind me and put one arm on the counter .. I should have used two. He had added a little more lubricant to his cock and thrust hard right up to the hilt. This time I screamed! I hadn't expected such a forceful onslaught and from the rear position his thrust was deeper and it hurt.

I gripped the counter with the other arm and his grip on my hips was really hard as he fucked me with a ferocity I had never known. I could hear him grunting through his teeth as he thrust hard and fast so deep my poor pussy had never known such a fucking! My head was spinning and tears were rolling down my cheeks, and I felt almost relieved when he started to cry out as he edged ever nearer to his climax. I worked my muscles as best I could but I was already stretched to the limit. I felt his balls tighten and his cock swell even more ... if that were at all possible! He cried out in ecstasy and agony as he pumped and pumped what felt like pints of hot sweet cum deep inside of me.

I felt his seed run down my legs as he pulled his now flaccid but still large manhood out of my ravaged pussy.

He handed me some paper towel as he refastened his trousers and left the room. I cleaned myself up, dressed and followed him .. but he was gone. The shop was empty, the lights off and no sign of him.

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