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Internet Interracial Love


Edited by Angel_Love

Disclaimer: This story and all characters are fiction. All characters are over 18.

The Sacramento International Airport was busy as usual. Sitting at the United Airlines terminal my eyes kept straying to the flight schedule monitor. Her flight number 1492 is due to arrive at 7:30pm. I looked at my watch for the fourth time in ten minutes. The time was 7:15pm. My nerves are jingling. My doubts kept returning to the forefront of my mind.

Meeting a woman over the Internet was like dating blind folded you just don't know the appearance of the person you are talking to until the blindfold is removed. My last two Internet dates were nightmares with neither lady matching the picture in their profile, neither in age nor appearance. Would this one be any different?

Hotmocha555, that was her user ID. How foolish can an old man be, here I was fifty-two years old waiting for a twenty-four year old woman. I can remember when we first encountered each other over the Internet.

I was using three different dating services. My divorce became final just over a year ago and was feeling the need for a romantic relationship. Just looking for a smart, good hearted, sweet, passionate woman who has a strong sex drive. Of course that is probably every man's dream, which means that most of the women who meet that criteria are already taken. But, you have to keep trying. If you don't play you can't win.

As I was browsing profile after profile, my eyes stopped on one. A beautiful young black girl, half undressed, so I read her profile. Her education, hobbies, and interests were good. I seemed to meet her criteria except for age. I figured this is pretty stupid, but I emailed her. The next day she replied. As we corresponded, I found her emails full of sweetness. After three months of ever more intimate emails I decided to be bold and invite her to Sacramento. She agreed, but refused to accept my offer to help pay for the trip. No doubt she is a very independent, responsible lady. I liked that.

I looked at my watch. It read 7:22pm. Funny how time seems to stand still when you are anxious for an event to take place. Guess the word is waiting, and my patience for waiting wasn't my long suit.

I stood up and began pacing, while keeping an eye on the flight schedule monitor. It read, 'on time.' We had talked about so many things. She asked me how she should dress for California. I told her to expect warm evenings in Sacramento and that she should dress casual and not wear a coat. Even more detailed, I had told her that I would love to see her in a white mini-skirt and white blouse, which would set off her mocha complexion.

She had asked me, "If there was anything else," with that slow southern Texas draw of her that sent a tingle straight to my crotch.

I told her, "No panties, and no bra."

She giggled, and in that throaty voice of hers said, "Alright, I will do that."

The flight schedule monitor read: "Arrived."

I impatiently waited for the passengers to disembark. I took a deep breath as passengers begin coming down the escalator. Then I saw her. Her head was turning from side to side searching the crowd. She smiled, recognizing me from my picture. I waited at the bottom of the escalator.

I could feel the grin on my face as she came closer.

"John?" she asked.

She stepped into my embrace and we kissed. That was our first kiss and I had debated with myself. Should this be just a greeting kiss with lips and no tongue? But, Amber quickly communicated her want to me by opening her mouth and her tongue danced with mine. For a moment, I forgot where we were and just delighted in feel of this beautiful young woman that I held in my arms.

I stepped back, still holding her hand, to check her out from up close. Beautiful just like her picture, her mocha skin color contrasted with her white mini-skirt. Her black hair fell to her shoulder blades; her brown eyes mischievous; her nose wide but fit her face well. Her lips were thick and beautiful; and her body, oh my god; her large breast, almost to large for her size, almost out of proportion. But because of her youth they stood up, without a bra, and only sagged a little. Her small waist tapered into nicely flared hips supported by powerful, yet feminine legs.

She stepped back just a little freeing her hands, "Well white boy, what do you think?" she asked with a twinkle in her eye.

"Good enough to eat," I quipped

"I should hope so!" She put her hand in mine and we walked together to find her luggage.

As we sat at the parking garage, she slid next to me. Bending towards her, I gently kissed her sweet pouting lips. I placed my right hand edgewise between her legs and moved my baby finger to her pussy just to see if she was not wearing panties as promised. My hand came in contact with her public hair. She had not trimmed her public hair like I had asked. I slid my hand a little further until my baby finger was lodged between her nether lips.

Amber looked at me and cocked her head to one side. "You better be planning on doing something more with those fingers or don't put them there."

I turned the ignition key and started the engine. It was a long drive back to my apartment and I knew that I would need two hands for at least some of the drive home. I moved my right hand to rest on the steering wheel.

I had barely exited the Sacramento International airport drive and entered highway five traveling south towards Sacramento.

"John, do you mind if I get comfortable?" asked Amber.

Amber reached across to my jeans and pulled down the zipper. She found what she sought and pulled my hardening cock, into the open air.

"Slide your seat back baby, give momma some room."

Moments later I could feel her warm velvet lips engulf my turgid pole. For the next thirty minutes I received the best head that I had ever experienced. She licked and sucked, sometimes just the head of my penis and at others until she hit the back of her throat. She would slow down and squeeze at the base of my cock to delay my orgasm. She was experienced, no question about, it and I liked what she was doing. Just before we arrived at my apartment I erupted in her mouth. Hey, this girl is all right. She sucked every drop and even wiped her saliva off my wet cock with some Kleenex that she had in her purse.

I have a two-bedroom apartment. The first bedroom has a large king size bed and two full dressers. I had emptied one of the dressers in anticipation of Amber's arrival, so that she would have someplace for her clothes. The other bedroom is my computer room, which is filled with bookcases and a large computer desk, which houses my computer, scanner, and printer and still has enough space to be used as a regular desk.

While Amber was emptying her suitcase into one of the dressers in my bedroom, I excused myself saying that I needed to use the bathroom. I placed two vanilla scented candles, one in each corner of the tub and ran bath water for her with her favorite bubble bath.

"What are you up to in there?" asked Amber.

"Come in baby," I replied.

The surprised expression on her face was a sweet reward for the little trouble I went through to make this moment happen. Amber quickly walked up to me and kissed me briefly on the lips.

"You are such a sweet man," she cooed.

I left her to her bath and went to fix dinner. I knew I had plenty of time. Amber had told me long ago that she loved to take long baths. Knowing that Amber is partial to Italian food, I had prepared in advance. Tonight we would have tortellini and shrimp in a red sauce, with a salad, and a little rose wine. Dinner was just about complete. Before loading the plates I thought I should check on Amber.

I knocked on the bathroom door, "Hello?"

"Come on in."

Amber lay in the bath surrounded by soap bubbles up past her belly button, but leaving her beautiful breast exposed to my gaze.

"Dinner is almost ready, will you be done soon, babe?"

Amber looked at me with the light of mischief dancing in her eyes. "What do you think of my tits?"

I sat down on the floor next to the tub.

"Well they are pleasing to the eye and they seem a matched pair, but seeing is one thing; I think in order to answer that question that I do need to do a more thorough examination."

I reached over and supported her breast in my right hand. It was quite a handful. Amber watched me as I touched her and then ran my thumb gently over her nipple. I kissed her gently and then stood up.

Amber pouted at me, "Is that all I get?"

"For now," I replied smiling at her teasingly. "At least until after dinner."

I set the table and filled the plates by the time Amber joined me wearing a white robe that was belted and fell past her knees. Dinner was a success. Amber was delighted and complimented me, but I told her I really hadn't done anything, it all came out of a package or jar. I just put it together.

"You are way to modest, sir," coyly stated Amber. "What is for desert?" "Desert comes later, my love. Let me pour you another glass of wine while I shower."

Amber surprised me by not coming into the shower while I was bathing. After drying, I wrapped myself in a bathrobe and joined my black beauty in the living room.

"I think that it is time for desert."

Amber giggled as I led her gently to the bedroom. I picked her up; she felt light in my arms. After depositing her on the bed, I removed both our bathrobes. Amber crawled over to the center of the bed and patted it suggestively. I walked over to the closet pulled a tie out from my tie rack.

"Do you trust me babe?"

"Yes, of course I do."

"Then I want to blindfold you. I want you ultra sensitive to every touch and caress."

She gave me a look like a prosecuting attorney, beginning a cross examination, but then apparently she thought better of whatever she had been thinking and acquiesced, to my request. I blindfolded her, making sure that it was not tied to tight.

"Now just lay there don't say a word."

I kissed each of her earlobes and nibbled gently, then ran my tongue over her cheek and even more gently across her lips. Her hands reached for me.

"No babe, keep you're hands down, this is strictly for you, just lay there and enjoy it."

I nibbled, kissed, a licked my way across her neck and shoulders. Amber let go a soft sigh. As I kissed her gently, I palmed and began kneading her breast. Our kisses lingered, with heat. I circled her nipples with my each thumb stimulating both breast simultaneously. I slid down her body and replaced my left hand with my mouth and continued tweaking the other breast with my right hand.

"Oh baby," whispered Amber.

I ran my right hand down to her belly and felt the contours of her sweet taut belly. I then switched my attention to her other breast. I observed that her nipples are of a darker pigmentation than a white girl and realized that I like it. I love the feel of her skin. I touched her; she shivered. I moved my hand lower brushing across her pussy, while continuing to suck and lick her breast. Amber started to pant.

I ran my fingers over her brown nether lips and felt Amber squirm beneath my touch. I moved a little higher and searched for and found her magic button. As I played with her clit, I could feel wetness. I inserted a forefinger up to the knuckle and moved it back and forth. Her nipples hardened as I continue lathering them with kisses and my gentle nibbles. Her pussy has adjusted to my ministrations and I now added a second finger and begin to finger fuck her in earnest.

I slide further down on Amber's body licking her navel in passing, going for the good stuff. Amber began to buck and writhe. I could feel her getting off on my finger. I maintained the same pace, careful that she didn't lose the orgasm because of a change in tempo or pressure. Her ass came off the bed; her body tensed and then suddenly relaxed falling back on the bed.

Slowly I withdrew my fingers from her warm wet hole. I slid back up beside her to just hold her and kiss her.

"Can I take this blindfold off now, baby?" whispered Amber in a very throaty sexy voice. I need to see and touch you.

I helped her off with the blindfold and kissed her. She reached over to my rock hard cock and gave it a squeeze.

"Baby, shouldn't we do something for that?" Amber turned around squatting over my head and gently licked my shaft with her tongue.

Her pussy there just inches away, I did the only thing, under the circumstances, any red-blooded man would do. I grabbed each of her ass cheeks and raised my head and began to licking, then plunging my tongue in her hole. Amber had one hand on my shaft and the head of my cock sliding back and forth in her mouth and she was sucking noisily. Her saliva was dripping down my ass. I found her clit with my tongue and first licked and then sucked her clit into my mouth. Amber began frantically sucking my cock.

"Baby I am going to cum," said Amber

I continued sucking her clit and slipped my thumb into her pussy and ran my middle finger across her asshole.

Amber screamed, she bucked so hard that I almost lost contact with her clit. But, I held on tight with both hands. Minutes passed, her orgasm was hard and lasted a long time. At last she came down from the top of that mountain.

Amber turned around and said, "Hold me baby."

I did, I just held her knowing that there are moments in love making that a woman doesn't want to be touched sensuously but just held.

Minutes passed, Amber looked at me with her big brown eyes and smiled, "Baby, fuck me, fuck me hard." She rolled onto her back.

I slipped some pillows under her ass, which makes deeper penetration easier, and also makes it a little easier for my back. I slid between her legs and lined my dick up with her wet pussy lips.

"Baby let me do that," said Amber as she grabbed my cock.

I slid forward and felt that most wonderful pleasure that man can experience the feel of a soft warm tight pussy as you slide into it for the first time, with a woman you really care about. I looked at Amber. Her face was scrunched with an expression that almost look like pain, but, wasn't. She was wet and ready and I slid in all the way to the hilt.

I stayed that way for a moment. Amber looked up at me. I smiled at her and began moving slowly. Her soft moaning was music to my ears. I raised her legs up to rest on my shoulders, so she wouldn't get tired of holding them up on her own. Our thrusting movements became faster and harder.

"Fuck me from behind, baby," Amber requested.

We changed positions. I mounted that beautiful round brown ass sliding my pole into her quivering pussy. Soon we found our rhythm. Amber pushed back against me and I pounded forward to gain my sweet reward.

"Oh God," moaned Amber in a loud voice. "Oh God," she repeated.

"John, I am going to cum, and it's going to be a big one please don't stop, bang me hard!"

I rode her like I was possessed and in a sense I was and in another sense I was the one doing the possessing.

Amber screamed, she grabbed a pillow and screamed louder. I kept the tempo but as her movement slowed so did I.

"Please lets just lay down for a moment. Can you do that without coming out of me?"

After some acrobatics we were spooning, my cock in her. Her back against my chest and my hand went to her breast. But she moved my hand away obviously she was too sensitive. I just held her as the moments passed.

Amber said, "OK, my turn, roll over on your back."

I rolled onto my back and Amber straddled me. She leaned down kissing me passionately. Our tongues danced as she fucked me slow. My cock, which was already as hard as steel lengthened and grew harder, I felt a stirring in my nuts. My cum boiled up and shot into her hungry pussy. Our lips and tongues continued their interplay and continued until I was no longer hard. We stayed that way for who knows how long. My half hard cock buried inside her and the two of us kissing and pouring our hearts and souls into each other.

"Hotmocha, I said."

Amber looked at me with her big brown eyes and said, "You know for a white boy, you are one hell of a lover."

We both slept the sleep of satiated exhaustion, which is the best sleep.

The week we spent together flew bye, we made love once sometimes twice a day. I acted as Amber's guide and showed her the city's sites. We stayed at Lake Tahoe, for a day, which was only a little of an hour west of Sacramento. Once again we found ourselves at the airport this time to say goodbye. Amber gave me a farewell blowjob during the ride to the airport. We checked Amber's luggage and now all we had to do is wait.

"I don't like saying goodbye. Would you mind if we say our goodbyes here and then I will wait upstairs at the gate for the airplane?"

"No babe, if that is what you want."

We kissed passionately. I knew that I would miss this sweet young woman who I had fallen in love with but had not, as of yet, told her how deep my feelings were for her. Although I had told her several times in the heat of the moment that I loved her, I knew that I didn't have any right to say that, our age difference was to great. Amber handed me an envelope.

"Now you have to promise me that you will not read this until you get home," said Amber.

"Yes, I promise."

Then she walked away and stepped onto the escalator. It may sound cliché but my heart went with her. I felt the loss and she wasn't even gone yet. I stayed and watch her plane take off. Then I drove home with the envelope unopened in my pocket.

I opened the door to my apartment and sat in my easy chair after removing my jacket. I adjusted my reading lamp and opened her letter.

Babe, I wanted to tell you this but did not know how you would react, so I thought it might be better to put my thoughts in writing. You see you taught me something. You taught me what making love was all about. You showed me the difference between being fucked and being loved and I thank you. I thank you for your sweetness, your love, and the warmth of a good man's heart. I feel that you think that I am just too young for you. I am sure a more mature woman would fill your needs better than I. But, I want you to know that I love you. Here is the deal, I love you with all my heart and if you feel the same and feel that my age is not a major obstacle for us to have a permanent long term relationship then all you have to do is call me. I will leave my job, pack my belongings and be back with you before the smell of my perfume is off your clothing and bedding.

I love you babe, no matter what you decide, with all my heart. I love you.

Love Amber

I couldn't help chuckling to myself. This Internet dating thing seems to work, at times. I checked my watch. Her plane would be arriving in a little over four hours. That is a long time to wait when you want to tell the woman you love that you want to marry her.

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