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Internet Lovers Meet


As always in our daily routine, we get online in the morning, we chat together we wonder what each other is wearing, we tell each other that we miss each other and love each other, but I have another plan already in store.

I go into my usual routine of telling you how grateful I am to have you as my friend and dream lover and that I would love nothing better than to hold you in my arms and love you all night long. You tell me the same thing and I throw this out to you, I ask you if you would be able to get away for a few hours one night to meet with had I come to town. You think about my words and finally tell me that you would be able to do that.

We continue our chat as if nothing has changed, all thru the day we're admiring each other and giving each other plenty to think about. Near the end of your day, I ask you if you have plans tonight, you tell me you're meeting a friend at a bar in town for some drinks, you're going to her hotel to meet her right after work. I ask you what she looks like and you tell me as well as were in the bar you're to meet her.

I ask where is the bar and you tell me a small suburb in the next town about 5 miles away in Boxborough, the Holiday Inn on Route 111.

As you relay this to me, I'm already smiling huge cause it's the same place in which I'm staying. I ask you what you're wearing today and you say a red dress with a slit going up your left leg, thigh highs and stiletto heels. I ask if you're going to wear your bra and thong as before and you tell me no, that you learned your lesson from before, I tell you good girl.

You tell me it's time to go and I pass on to you to be safe as I do ever day, that I'll be seeing you later and we hang up. Time to put my plan into action. I do my research and time your arrival from work to the hotel, I decide to dress a little more revealing than what this lil town is used to, this way I can be assured that I will not go unnoticed.

I layout my clothes and grab a quick shower, but I do make time to slowly manipulate my clit as Joanne would do when she showers, taking the wash cloth over my body and soaping up and rinsing the soap off do I tend to my self the way she would be proud of me. I run my warm wet hands over my breasts, cupping them in my hands as I squeeze them together trapping the water flowing from the showerhead into my cleavage. I release them as the water splashes around my feet, I then stand against the cool tiled wall and part my thighs, moving my fingers I part my lips, feeling the excitement in me building I can feel my lips swell. I run a wet finger between the folds towards my entrance, dipping one then another into myself.

Feeling the sensation makes me close my eyes and fantasize about my lover, I then remove my fingers from inside myself and draw them up my slit to my throbbing clit, I circle my clit a few times thinking of the time Joanne fulfilled my request in the ladies room. I begin to deliberately rub myself with faster strokes as I feel my orgasm building. I part my thighs wider and stare down as my fingers massage my wet folds wishing it were Joanne. I bring myself to a slow rumbling orgasm, the feeling is intoxicating but I know that I spent more time than I had in the shower, I must rush now.

I fly out of the shower, drying myself as I go along.... I can feel my juices oozing from my entrance in anticipation. I slip on a black miniskirt, thigh high back seamed stockings and 5inch fuck me pumps. I slip into a black and red vest buttoning it tightly as I hold my breath in, I push my breasts up so that I have major cleavage showing thru. I check my hair and out the door I go to the bar.

I walk in and looking around, I don't see Joanne yet but I do recognize the woman she is to meet from Joanne's description of earlier. I approach the woman and introduce myself to her, as we exchange pleasantries, I tell the woman that Joanne could not make the meeting with her for she had an emergency at home and that I was from her office to tell her as a favor to Joanne.

The woman hearing this, stands up and thanks me for the message and proceeds to walk out the door. I then sit and order a glass of red wine and wait for Joanne to come to this table. I decide to change my position at the table and sit along side of it with my legs crossed so that I'm facing the door. My skirt riding up on my thigh exposing the stocking tops and a glimpse of bare leg. I wait.

Fortunately my wait is not long for thru the door walking very slowly as her eyes adjusts to the dim

light in the room is Joanne. She is looking so magnificent as she stands there looking around the

room. As she stands there she removes her coat and exposes the red dress with the high slit, she looks around again and walks in slowly, knowing full well that another lady is occupying the table she is to meet her friend at. As she walks up, I turn my back to her, she taps me on the shoulder and says, 'excuse me, but I was to meet a friend at this table', but before she can say anything else let alone finish what she wanted to say, I tell her still with my back to her, 'be safe, drive safe'. All I hear is a gasp, then a sigh.

As I sit there waiting, she walks in front of me and has a look on her face of pure excitement and

disbelief. I stand up to take her hand and she throws herself at me, hugging me intensely as the fullness of life in her lil body flows thru to me.

I attempt to pull back but she doesn't release her grip on me just yet, she is consumed with passion, something I was hoping for. Finally she breaks the hold and grabs a chair and throws it under her slim frame and plants that gorgeous sexy lil butt of hers right down on it. She asks me what I'm doing here since as far as she knows we just got offline with each other. I told her I was chatting with from inside my room here in the hotel. She looks at me with such awe and is now starting to come down from an overly excited state. I reach across and begin rubbing your leg as you sit there cross legged in your chair looking beautiful.

She then looks around and asks me about her friend, I tell her that I told her you couldn't make it tonight so she left and that I didn't feel like sharing you. You call me sneaky and bad, but these are the qualities in which you love me for, my mind.

The waitress cums over and you order a glass of white wine, we begin to talk about everything as you repeatedly tell me that you still can't believe I'm actually with you. I tell you that since we have a few hours before you have to return home that we should go up to my room. You see the lil sparkle in my eye as I make the offer. You smile big and content.

We finish our drinks and you stand first, I am still seated as I look up at your gorgeous self, you look away as the shyness overcums you. I look you up then down again, I see the woman standing before me as the angel in which I admire so much that words cannot express.

I stand as my miniskirt rises up, I smooth the hemline down and hold my hand out for you to walk in front of me, as you take the cue I walk behind you, admiring your gorgeous strut as you walk away, the tilt of your hips as you walk in the heels, the sway of your butt from side to side, your legs flexing with each step, the cut in your calf muscles showing the hard work you do to keep your svelte self in top shape.

As we approach the elevators, there are several women in the lobby, as you pass them, one of them makes a comment on your dress, you smile at her and keep walking. As I pass her she also makes a comment about my miniskirt but it's not the same as what she said about your dress, my comment was more in the direction of her calling me a slut. I stop in my tracks after she makes her comment and as I turn around you stop and turn my way, wondering what I'm going to do to her so you just stare at me, I smile at you and then turn back towards the woman, as she is unsure of what I'm about to do too, I walk up to her and thank her for the comment. I turn back towards you and continue walking.

You press the button for the elevator and as the doors open, a couple walks out as we walk in, the doors begin to close just as the group of ladies begins to walk in. Alone at last in an enclosed elevator with you, I move to you and taking your face into my hands, I plant a long loving kiss upon your lips. All you can do is stand there as my hands roam over your back and down to your sexy ass, giving your sweet cheeks a strong grip pulling you into me closer.

The doors open but it's not on our floor, I step back a few steps and a couple walks in and they move to the glass front pane to look out over the hotel atrium. I move to you once again as you stand there with a dazed look in your eyes, I ask if you are alright and you nod your head yes, still staring at me with a natural gleam.

I take your hand in mine and since we're behind the couple, I take your hand and move it under my skirt, as your hand moves upward your fingertips brush against my smooth pubic mound, I remove my hand from yours as you continue to move your hand up higher, higher to the point that you feel my soft, moist lips.

You move your hand so that you can feel my soft wet lips at your fingertips, you move your fingers so that you can find my entrance as i part my thighs further apart. As your slender fingers work they're way into my hot slit, I can feel them driving themselves in deeper and deeper still..... I hold your wrist as I can feel your fingers moving within me.

The couple facing the front of the elevator, turn abruptly catching your hand in my dress, as they stare I stare back at them..... then stepping towards the woman I ask her she wants some too..... her male friend hits the next button and as the doors to open, he grabs her by the hand and they exit the elevator. I start to laugh as I look at you who is standing there mortified!!! LOL

I tell you to relax as I walk over and put my arm around your shoulders. You tell me that I'm nuts for being so bold and I laugh at your embarrassment. But I tell you it's ok and that we'll probably not see them again. You relax a bit but are still a little tense. Finally the doors open and we walk out towards my room.

As we walk the corridor, I place my arm around you as we get to my door, as I put the card key into the slot, I look you into the eyes and ask if this is what you want, that there is no pressure on you at all.

You say yes, but you also have to watch the time, so into the room we go. As we enter I tell you to have a seat on the bed, as you walk to the bed you set your coat down on the chair at the desk.

I walk over to the bar and pour us a drink, I hand you the glass and I toast to our first meeting. We sip from the glass as we stare at each other, I then take your glass and set both glasses on the night stand. I take your hand next and lift you from the bed. I step into you and move my hands to behind your head as I move closer to you, pressing my lips against yours we kiss. I probe your mouth with my tongue as the kiss becums more passionate.

I move my hands down your back to the zipper of your dress, I slowly begin to draw the zipper down, moving ever so slow still kissing your soft lips. I reach the bottom of your dress and gently move it off your shoulders, as the dress slips down and falls around your ankles I move my hands down your torso and feel your soft flesh of your waist, your butt and your back.

I break the kiss and step back to admire your beauty, as my eyes wander from your beautiful face down your chest on down to your waist, hips, thighs and legs. Admiring your beautiful legs in those sexy heels. I tell you to sit back down on the bed. As you back up, I begin to remove my dress, as i slide it down my body, stepping out of it then removing the vest allowing my full breasts free, then moving to you I stand before you in thigh high stockings and high heels.

I then move to you and lay you back on the bed..... I move between your thighs and caress the soft material of your thigh highs with my hands, feeling the silkiness under my touch. I run my hands up the length of your long leg and place my hands on your hips. I then push you up on the bed so that your length is laying beautifully upon the large kind size bed. I move along side you and begin kissing your arm, tummy then moving to your breasts... as i reach and cup the flesh my tongue presses against your hardening nipple.

Your passion begins to grow in intensity as you reach for me, but I have a goal of my own and I continue to kiss and admire your body with all my being, moving further down across your flat tummy, stopping to play with the piercing with my tongue. Kissing your tattoo of the dolphins and tracing it's outline. Moving further I linger at your soft pubic mound. I move my hand over your abdomen and using light stcratch like motions run my nails over your swollen outer lips.

Your body twitches as my nails make contact with the flesh, I use my other hand and place it between your knees, slightly pulling apart your legs and moving myself between your open knees. I start to blow soft warm air across your flower as i pinpoint your clitoris. I lap my tongue lazily over your hood which comes into contact with the nerve ending of your clitoris. Your body shudders as my tongue leaves the tip. I move my hands between your thighs and parting your soft moist lips with my tender fingers I see your entrance, the wetness shimmering in the dim light of the nightstand light.

I move in closer as you feel my warm breath upon your mound, I move my tongue between your lips and lap at the slit, tasting your wetness for the first time I am loving it..... i see your breathing increase as your flat tummy raises and lowers telling me that you are feeling my tongue.

Slowly opening your flower wider as my fingers pull your lips apart I softly lick at your inner walls,

moving my tongue to your entrance i slowly begin to push it into your flower, your body jumps at the

sensation as every nerve in your body awakens, feeling this familiar sensation again after so long.

My tongue begins to slowly pump your entrance, moving in deep then back out then back in deeper..... over and over you feel the movement of my tongue straining to go ever deeper. Lavishing your wetness as it coats my face, tongue, lips and chin. I then remove my tongue from inside you, I replace my tongue with my fingers as I add a new finger with each stroke, I finally have 3 fingers in you pumping you very slowly. My tongue begins it's task on your clit now, circling it with slow deliberate motions.

As your body responds to the ministrations I remove my fingers from inside you, I then stop touching you altogether. I then move up onto the bed and pulling you to me, I tell you to lower your self onto my face, straddling my face you are now facing the mirrored vanity across the room, I tell you to watch yourself in the mirror as my tongue begins it's deep probing again. Your hands are on your thighs as you begin to move your hips up and down on my face.

Feeling my tongue penetrate your lips and my hands on your ass, you try to keep your eyes open but it's almost impossible as my tongue drags across your clit, my lips locking themselves around your nub and gently sucking it like a small cock..... meanwhile my fingers lift your sexy ass from my breasts as my forefinger finds your tight lil bud, as your bounce upon my tongue i slip my finger into your tight backdoor, now with my tongue pumping you in front and my finger pumping in back, you feel the sensation build inside your body.

As you begin to ride my tongue and finger faster and harder, your body tenses and your orgasms pushes forth.... I feel your juices gush from your body as my tongue laps at the sweet warm fluid, sucking and trying to take all from your body as my tongue pumps you deeper. I can feel your sphincter muscle grabbing at my finger with such strength that it forces it out from your sexy ass.

Your moans fill the room, your hands cupping your breasts and fingers pulling your nipples your orgasm is a constant as yet another flows from your loins, multiple orgasms release as my tongue continues it's assault upon your inner walls. Finally you stop, only low moans can be heard as your body starts to relax, I feel the wetness from you oozing from your entrance, pushing down my neck pooling under me and onto the sheets. Your hands and now your arms are resting limp at your sides.

I kiss and suck your lips as each touch of my tongue sends electrical charges thru your genitals. Causing you to flinch with each touch. I take you by the shoulders and roll you off to the side of the bed so that you are now laying beside me.

Glancing at the clock on the nightstand, I tell you that you must be going so that Tom does not wonder what happened to you..... as you lay there I go to the bathroom and walk back in with a warm cloth, I begin to dab at your forehead at the sweat beads forming there. I then lightly press it against your flower and gently rinse you off. I lean in and gently suck your nipples one more time, feeling the texture in my mouth.

I help you up and tell you there will be another time very soon, but for now I am pleased to have been able to pleasure you tonight. I help you dress and after when you are again presentable as the way you came in, you slip a finger up inside me and then place it on your tongue.... you thank me for the evening as I kiss you passionately, pat your sexy fanny & walk you to the door and whisper in your ear, be safe, drive safe babe as I watch your sexy strut on shaky legs walk down the corridor.........

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