tagFetishInternet Meeting Ch. 03

Internet Meeting Ch. 03


Now that I had a taste for it I wanted more.

Charles made me retell my version of our toilet block adventure for him. My sissy clit twitched appreciatively when Charles sent me this, "Princess it was sensationally erotic to see you on your knees in that squalid place wearing those pretty panties for your Master. Now Princess twice you have proven to your Master that you are willing to perform for Him. THREE times' a charm Princess."

My knees went weak as a rush of ecstasy swept through my body. If I hadn't been sitting I would have fallen down. "THREE times' a charm..." I whispered giddy with anticipation. The memory of Charles' cock spurting jets of hot cum over my face made me swoon with gurlie boi glee.

In a daze of over stimulation I responded, "Please Sir, make Your Princess charming!"

Charles responded promptly. The tone of his no nonsense email was curt and demanding, "Princess, you will be at this location. Wearing this. Tomorrow!" The email contained two attachments, one a map with an address and instructions, the other an image with a link to a website. The location was intriguing, the image spell binding.

Ignoring the map I immediately went to the indicated web page to read enthralled, soaking up every detail of "Palace Alice". Alice in Wonderland, Charles wanted me to be his Alice in Wonderland Princess. I sat spellbound staring dreamy eyed at the image of a young woman wearing the briefest of costumes. The photo radiated innocence and sex. Before long my mind had superimposed my face over the young woman's and my sissy clit tingled knowingly.

Charles wanted me tomorrow so there would be no opportunity to order the costume anonymously over the net. I would have to go to the local store address listed. Staring mesmerized at the photo I convinced myself I could do it and went to get dressed.

Without thinking to far ahead I bathed and donned my most average looking street clothes over a pair of comfortable cotton panties with lovely pink ruffled edging. I hesitated before re-inserting my anal plug but was becoming used to the way it made me walk. Dreamily I couldn't see why it would be an issue.

Smiling knowingly, I had to restrain myself from skipping down the street. My heart skipped a beat when I discovered the store front tucked away amongst a row of cluttered shop fronts. Trembling with gurlie anticipation I waltzed in from the bright sunlight into the stores gloom. The inky gloom gave the shop an aura of mystery that sent a flash of awareness through my heightened senses, I was about to become a real Princess for Charles.

"Can I help you?" the young woman's voice startled me and I gasped dramatically. She giggled in response waiting with wide smiling eyes for my reply.

"Er no no," I mumbled adding lamely, "Just looking."

"Okay," she chirped, "Call if you need anything." I watched dumbly as she slipped effortlessly away through the cluttered aisles.

Taking a deep breath I started to shyly seek out the costume from the web page. There didn't appear to be any rhyme nor reason to the shops layout and I found myself wandering about confused. Just as I was about to shriek with exasperation a female voice interrupted, "Not easy to find things in here," it reasoned calmly.

Turning abruptly I found myself face to face with an older woman. She held my gaze waiting for me to answer. "Ah no," I croaked trying to shake off my building frustration.

"Are you looking for anything in particular sir?" she inquired politely.

Her voice soothed me but I was far too nervous to admit the object of my search to her. She watched me serenely as I struggled for the right words eventually reaching out and gently tugging the slip of paper from my hand. I held my breath as she unfolded the page holding it up to the light to see better.

"Ah yes," she murmured quietly, "Palace Alice, very popular choice sir." She turned her gaze upon me once more and I felt myself melting before her eyes unsure whether to be excited or deeply ashamed.

This woman sensed my confusion and smiled warmly before whispering with a conspiratorial manner, "Is this for you sir?" And when I gasped she added mischievously, "Or for some one else?"

Flustered, "I, I, I," was all I could manage as the kind lady slipped her hand beneath my arm and gently directed me towards the far side of the shop. I licked my lips and swallowed hard when she stopped me before a mannequin dressed in the costume I was seeking.

"I think you will find this is what you are looking for sir," she announced far too loudly, reaching out to rearrange the hem. The mannequin was a blonde with little in the way of breasts that still strained against the thin material of the costume. I blanched at ever having thought that I could wear such an item. My matronly assistant seemed to grasp my reticence and whispered knowingly in my ear, "Don't worry so sir, we have fit plenty young men into this outfit."

I dared to look to see if she was for real or teasing me. She held my look nonchalantly, her face a neutral mask. Looking away for inspiration and the will to admit the costume was for me I started slightly when she called out, "Geraldine darling get me one of these in a ten will you please."

Not knowing where to look I took a long shuddering breath when her fingers slipped about my arm and with a firm grip directed me towards a curtain at the back of the shop. "Please step in here sir," she cajoled me sweeping aside the curtain and propelling me inside. It was a large well lit space for a shop change room with one chair, a clothes horse and several mirrors.

As she pulled the curtain closed the kind lady poked her head back inside to announce, "I'll just see what is keeping that Geraldine."

Flummoxed I didn't know what to do with myself. Dithering between removing my clothes and fleeing from the shop I was jolted out of my reverie by an arm thrust between the curtains holding a "Palace Alice" costume. "Here you are sir," the woman sang out from the other side whilst waving the garment to get my attention.

Hesitantly I accepted the costume winching when she sang out again, "Will you be requiring any assistance sir?"

"Uhm, no no," I managed to stutter embarrassed.

"Just call if you need me then," she answered assuredly, "those things can be difficult to get on the first time."

To the sound of her heels clicking away I turned towards the nearest mirror and held the costume before me. Thinking of pleasing Charles I took a deep shuddering breath and set the costume delicately down on the chair. With a quick check to make sure the curtain was closed properly I set about disrobing.

Just as I was stepping out of pants the woman's arm thrust through the curtain startling so much that I shrieked. The arm was holding out a white petticoat and the woman was saying something about it not being part of the package as I struggled to get my trousers back on.

As I pulled them up to my hips the woman's head suddenly appeared and in a concerned voice inquired, "Is everything alright sir?" She asked it innocently but I flushed a deep red turning abruptly away so that she wouldn't see that I was wearing panties.

"Yes yes," I squeaked obviously flustered and becoming some what distraught.

"There there now sir," she murmured quietly slipping through the curtain and into the room. I held my hands up comically in an act of modesty that brought a small smile to her lips and a glitter of amusement to her eyes. "Now really sir," she assured me, "no need for all that. We really do fit plenty of young men like yourself into these costumes."

I stared at her shocked and dumbfounded as she advanced on me to gently but firmly take my wrists and move my arms to my sides. My head sagged forlornly as the woman took control.

I didn't even dare to move when she pulled open my trousers before squatting on her haunches dragging my pants to the floor. I felt my entire body flush red as my cotton panties came into view and was stunned when she appeared to ignore them altogether. "Come now sir," she prompted from her heels, "step out of these for me."

In a state of awed confusion I did as she requested. She expertly drew my trousers off, folding them as she rose. She stopped half way to stare pointedly at the wedge the cleft of sissy clit made at the front of my panties. Tilting her head to one side she acknowledged matter-of-factly, "Aren't those pretty sir."

With practiced efficiency she removed the costume from its hanger as I gawked in stupefaction at her off handed manner. As I gaped she detached the corset and held it out for me to step into. "Better to pull these things up than the struggle getting them over your head sir," she advised knowingly.

Trembling slightly I stepped uncertainly into the bodice allowing her to pull it up into place. It was a tight fit but she assured me that it was better to be tight than loose. I nodded my head dumbly in agreement as she moved behind me to begin the task of lacing the corset up.

"Deep breath sir," she sang out pulling on the laces tightly, "now exhale." As I exhaled she tightened the laces more the corset pulling in snugly about my waist. "Hold it sir," she cautioned as she deftly knotted the laces encasing my torso in boned satin.

It was so difficult to breath I was forced to pant. Ignoring my discomfort the lady retrieved the skirt and once more slipped onto her haunches to hold it open for me to step into. With expertise she pulled the skirt up into place deftly zipping the garment up after arranging it into its proper position.

She was humming quietly to herself as I watched my transformation in the mirrors. Like an automaton I stepped into the puffy petticoat when she held it open for me. I stared transfixed as she fluffed out the edging after pulling it into place. Stepping back she beamed with delight telling me, "Oh sir that looks wonderful." With a more formal tone she added, "The petticoat is a must sir but it isn't included with the costume."

In the mirrors I could see myself from all angles. I stared captivated, enthralled. I barely noticed as the sales lady slipped out through the curtain. Stepping up onto my toes I performed a hesitant twirl gasping at the flash of knickers that showed when the skirt and petticoat flared out. Still finding it difficult to breath I watched myself bend at the waist and nearly swooned at the sight of my pantied bottom framed in the lush lace of the petticoat.

The sales lady returned to find me posing like that. She chuckled kindly when I yelped stumbling as I righted myself. "You look lovely sir," she assured me while holding our a pair of white lace ruffled panty shorts, "may I suggest these to complete the ensemble?"

She nodded her head encouragingly as I reached out tentatively to brush my fingers over the luscious material. Melting into her calm eyes I murmured dreamily, "Oh yes please."

As I panted and trembled with desire this lovely woman knelt before me and lifted the front of my petticoat and skirt. Gently she slipped her finger nails beneath the waist of my panties and pulled them down, holding them for me to step out of. With professional ease she folded them and set them aside before holding the ruffled shorts open for me to step into.

I quivered as she slowly slipped the luxurious panties up my legs, the material dragging seductively over my bare flesh. I couldn't stop my gasp of surprise when this woman delicately folded my sissy clit back into place between my legs before slipping the panty up over my bum. I stood stalk still as she adjusted the lacy shorts terrified that she would inadvertently discover my other secret.

Just then the curtain was flung open exposing me to the entire shop. I stood stunned, frozen to the spot as the sales clerk Geraldine stood there holding out some merchandise smiling as nothing was amiss. "Really Geraldine," hissed the sales lady briskly rising and taking the proffered items from the silly girl before firmly pushing her back into the store with a, "you must learn to be more discrete!"

She turned and gave me a very contrite look, stating wearily, "it is so difficult to get good help these days sir."

With out wondering if that was an acceptable explanation for me she promptly resumed her position before me while removing a shoe from its packaging. "Lift," she commanded tapping my foot lightly, still dazed from Geraldine's visit I dutifully lifted the indicated foot so she could slip a black woman's style high heeled shoe onto my foot. Forced to stand awkwardly on the one heal and my other tip toe I could only stare mystified as she pulled on what I was soon to learn was a shoe cover and lace it into place.

Trance like, I lifted my other foot for the same treatment then tottered before her from the unfamiliar height. A long "aaaaahh," escaped my lips as she allowed her nails to lightly rake my calves as she rose and stood before me. I was gasping and swaying slightly as she smirked with knowing delight at the effect she was having on me.

Holding my eye she blindly adjusted this and that of the costume allowing her hands to travel possessively over my body and beneath the skirt. When her fingers grazed across my bottom I tossed my head dramatically groaning with passion.

"You make a very fine Alice sir," she murmured exuding secret knowledge on the subject as her nails dug suggestively into my lace covered bottom.

She watched me closely for the effect her words would have. I flushed slightly beneath her scrutiny and murmured a quiet, "Thank you Miss," back.

Her smile turned wicked as her fingers slipped between my bottom cheeks to rest knowingly over my friend. She chuckled throatily as a couple of well placed pulses from her finger tips top my friend had me dancing before her.

"Oh yes sweety," she purred, "you make a very wonderful Alice indeed."

With out further comment she reached for a blonde wig in a bob style. "Kneel for me please," she instructed me, tapping her toe as she waited for me to comply.

Dutifully I sank to my knees before her and allowed her to fit the wig to my head. Next she placed the matching bow head piece on before stepping back to admire her work.

"Very nice," she exclaimed happily offering her hands to help me stand. "Yes yes, just the right touch to complete the look. You look divine," the sales lady declared very pleased with her efforts.

I hardly recognised the reflection in the mirror even though I knew it was me. The heels streamlined my legs making them look sensational from my ankles to my bare thighs disappearing into a fluff of lacy petticoat. The petticoat and skirt flared out provocatively from where the tightly laced corset drew my waist in. It looked sensational and left fabulous.

Caught up in the fantasy of the moment I attempted a twirl which ended up with the sales lady saving me from crashing to the floor. With little effort the woman righted me until a swayed only slightly precariously on the heels. Steadying me with a firm hand she suggested that I take my time and get used to the new height.

"Oh thank you," I gurgled shocked at how far down now seemed, "thank you for everything." I gushed so very relieved that she had made the entire experience so wonderfully easy.

"Oh you are so welcome sweety," beamed at me, "now take as long as you wish to climatise. Call if you need anything and I will see you outside. Now I have something I must attend to." She added archly and swept out through the curtains.

As I carefully moved to check out my costume from every possible angle I heard "Geraldine," screeched loudly outside in the shop. Turning to listen it was followed by a curt angry order of, "Come with me now!" A squeak of fear and perhaps pain was followed by a slamming door then deafening silence.

A trembling shiver rippled down my spine as I realised Geraldine was probably in a lot of trouble. Listening intently I could hear no more. I struggled to remove much of the unfamiliar costume even after stumbling to the floor. Once everything had been removed and I was in my own clothing I slipped out of the change room into the gloomy shop. The sales lady was behind the counter humming quietly to herself ignoring me as I approached.

With a deep long drawn breath that fluttered her eyelids she turned and smiled serenely at me. "Well sir," she breathed passionately to me, "what is your pleasure?"

Slightly perplexed by her manner and the far away look in her eye I stuttered confused, "I wish to purchase the costume Miss."

With another long breath and a heavy sigh she conceded, "Yes sir, of course." Wistfully the woman then reached beneath the counter and fumbling under her skirt she unceremoniously hauled her clerk Geraldine up from there. Holding the fear shocked teary eyed girl by the ear she hissed, "Get the costume for this gentleman you silly brat." And with a vicious twist sent her spinning on her way.

Geraldine winced and scurried away to comply. As she left I saw that her skirt was raised at the back and even in the gloom of the shop I could see that her panties were about her thighs. Her exposed bottom was crisscrossed with angry red welts. I felt a pang of compassion for the poor girl as she shuffled away to complete her task.

Nonplussed the sales lady asked me languidly, "Will that be cash or charge."

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