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Today started out like any other. The daily routine was mundane; Wake up, have breakfast, go to university, and chat with a few people on the net till you fell asleep. But today was slightly different. It was 3.09pm and you're standing under the Christmas tree in the middle of the mall, waiting. Your mind starts to wonder whether he'll actually turn up. No other guy has ever stood you up on a date before, why would this be any different? As you look nervously at your phone for a call, you start to wonder why you're even meeting up with this guy.

The net is a pretty addicting place for stalkers. Every once in a while you stumble upon this absolutely gorgeous guy and hope that you had the courage to approach him, but you'd always forgo that opportunity. Why should you? True men make the first move. This, however, was not one of those times. As you wait impatiently beneath the tree, you praise yourself for taking the risk. There were too many good looking people to choose from the net, but this one had caught your utmost attention. While lurking the chatrooms, Ryan was on cam, and you couldn't help but notice the glisten in his eyes as he formed that perfect arc with his mouth that normal people referred to as a smile.

He was very popular. It wasn't hard to notice that he had a certain way with people. People just naturally gravitated towards him. Treating everyone with respect, it was hard to hate him. Your brain starts to conjure images of parallel universes where your hands and Ryan's were interlocked so tight that not even the strongest force could separate them.

Ryan was an Asian man. His hair strongly resembled those cartoon characters you see on TV, but every strand of his jet black hair seemed to be strategically placed in its respective position. In comparison to the many try-hards and nice guys on the internet, Ryan certainly stood out from the crowd with his boyish charms and carefree attitude. The countless hours he's spent chatting with you on the net instead of getting precious sleep... meant something, right?

As you were day dreaming, your eyes caught a glimpse of the 26 year old dark skinned Asian man waiting not too far from the tree. Your mind starts thinking of the endless possibilities as he makes his way over, while flashing that ridiculously gorgeous smile.

"Hey, did you wait for long?" he asked, as he gave you a genuinely warm hug.

"N-no" you manage to squeeze out of your voice. Normally short men don't create that feeling of nervousness inside of you, but Ryan's Australian accent just brings you back to your teenage high school crush days.

The day passed quickly. Too quickly. The several hours you've spent with Ryan felt like milli-seconds. Time really flies by when you're having fun. Ryan has this charming sense of humour, with a slight touch of sarcasm. His smile, which contained a mixture of genuineness and a touch of cheekiness, made the whole "first meetup" feel like you've known him forever. There were only a few people in your life who you could relate to on such levels, and they were your closest friends.

As the remaining rays of sunlight struggled to keep its presence on the beach, it never did seem to get cold at all. It was only then that you realised Ryan was holding your hand for some time. How long had it been there for? He effortlessly sneaked past your defence mechanism set up mainly for douche bags you meet, and now he was your caressing and stroking your hand gently. It felt like thousands of tiny angels giving you a hand massage.

There were often periods of time where there was a lull in the conversation, followed by nervous laughter from both parties. These periods were getting shorter though, as the nervous glances away seemed to be replaced by more passionate, intense eye contact. The way Ryan looked at you made you feel as if he was piercing into your soul, soothing all the insecurities you've had as a young girl. He made you feel as if everything was going to be alright, and no one could harm you in any way.

Ryan's tilted head was moving closer, and strange forces were helping your lips meet his. The first kiss was soft, too soft and short for your liking. You craved for more as he started to pull away slowly. Your head tilted forward as you tried to keep the lips from parting.

"It's getting late, and I've got an early flight tomorrow" He said. Ryan was from Sydney, and he flew over just to meet you. You hesitated. You didn't want him to go. Not after everything had been going so well.

In the heat of the moment you suggested that he should come over to your place for something to eat before he left. He pondered for a while, while gazing intently into your eyes. He seemed to have gotten the point. Smiling, he agreed. On the way back home, there was a concoction of emotions brewing in your mind.

"Does he like me? Does he not? Surely he does, he's holding and stroking my hand. Is my place messy? Oh god why"

Those emotions really didn't matter anymore. Soon you found yourself spread eagled, with Ryan's body on top of yours like a wolf eating its prey. The mood was different though. All the anxiety was gradually replaced by this sexual tension, as Ryan gently caressed the curves of your body while meeting your lips with his.

The temperature was getting hot. Too hot. Strange forces compelled you to take off your top while Ryan nibbled at your neck, revealing the soft material that barely covers your breasts. As Ryan stared into your eyes and gave you that cheeky smile, it seemed like he knew EXACTLY what was going to happen next. He was definitely too well versed in area. But at a time like this, the repressed feelings needed to be addressed before everything else.

Ryan took off his top too slowly for your liking. What a tease. However, everything was forgiven once he revealed that chiselled body of his. As his warm body pressed against yours while kissing your lower jaw, you loved how his hand found its way to your back, unhooking the bra that hid your soft, supple nipples.

It's unfair. Ryan's been stripping you down while you've yet to see more of him. Being the impatient girl you are, you start unbuckling his belt and tear down his jeans, revealing the enormous bulge hidden behind that sheet of cloth name Calvin Klein.

Ryan's head gradually made its way down south, passionately kissing everything that crossed its path. As his breath made contact with your skin, you felt helpless combating against the brief periods of warmth which actually sent chills down your spine. Your breath starts to get deeper as his head arrives at your waist. He then proceeds to tenderly slip off your silky skirt. You want it so bad that you start getting unbelievably wet.

His soft mouth was merely inches away from your opening, separated by a thin sheet of cotton. As he started to lick the exterior of your panties, you couldn't help but let out a tiny squeal. Gaining momentum, he shifted your panties to the side, revealing your gorgeous slit. It was that moment where you ushered him to insert a finger in your vagina as he simultaneously licked it like a fat kid licked ice cream.

The urges were getting too hard to resist. You rip off his briefs to reveal what he has to offer. Oh. My. God. The dirty things you'd do to his beautiful, erected piece of meat were for your own knowledge only. As you start jerking Ryan's blood gorged pole, he lets off a sigh of relief, indicating he's enjoying himself thoroughly. You smile as you take it the next step further. With both hands on his cock, you guide the bulb of his cock into your mouth, but not any deeper. After all, you have the ability to tease too. After a few shallow thrusts, you decided his man meat needed to hidden... deep inside of you.

The thrusts started to get faster and deeper, and you loved the feeling of his veiny cock in your mouth. You could feel every inch of that Asian meat, and occasionally the tip of his head would ram against the back of your throat. Things could not have gotten any better. You savour every bit of his steel like cock as he fondled your nipples. They were right at attention. And they truly loved the attention.

Time flies by too quickly when you enjoy yourself. You knew that there were at least a hundred more things you could do to that stunning cock. However, you knew exactly where you wanted him to jam his hard rod inside of you. Reluctantly pulling his saliva-drenched penis out of your mouth, you continue rubbing it furiously till he begged you to put his cock to better uses. Ryan held you by the hips, and lied down on his back. His thick Asian cock stood erected, like a skyscraper. As you continue stroking his dick fondly, you knew exactly what you should be doing next. Climbing onto his muscular toned body, you guide his meat to the entrance of your slit, teasing it slightly before shoving it further into your fuckhole. Teasing Ryan takes its toll on you, too. Unable to resist any further, you thrust deeper. Every inch of Ryan was inside of you and you could feel how much he loved fucking you. His meat was definitely better than any other you've had previously. You secretly wish you could keep it forever as your soft silky hair bounces through the air.

Droplets of sweaty passion started to form on your skin, forming larger droplets and coursing down the curves of your body. This guy was good. However, Ryan was soon ready to go. Gaining posture, you continue to jerk off his cock passionately. You feel his cock expand to get ready for blast off. The warm white liquid covers your face and the silky feel of Ryan's natural juices leaves you deeply satisfied.

The morning rays of sun start making its appearance throughout your whole room. Ryan starts to scavenge for his clothes lying in various places within the room as you lie under your silky white sheets. You start wondering where and when the next escapade with Ryan would occur...

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