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Internet Rendezvous


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John drove his Towncar toward the agreed meeting place, a hotel with individual Chalets with full privacy for the occupants. He recounted in his mind how they had first met on line. As a hobby and for pleasure, John wrote erotic stories about BDSM and other sexual encounters. The Internet Erotic Story sites published his works online and Libby had chanced to read his stories. She emailed him to inquire of other works and soon an email Pen Pal relationship began.

They exchanged some private and intimate information about one another, including photographs. Libby was a beautiful woman, in her forties, and John was excited to correspond and eventually meet her. She accepted the invitation to meet, even after he told her he was in his sixties. Libby had been in a failed marriage and John had an invalid wife, deep in the clutches of dementia. Both were aroused by pornographic prose and the various alternative sexual lifestyles involved. John was involved in light BDSM with some friends, every few weeks, for the past two years. Mostly, he wrote about the BDSM lifestyle and Domination.

Libby had written John that she thought she had submissive tendencies. But she was leery of being bound and under some ones control, especially if she did not know the other person very well. John offered that perhaps the best way for her to experiment with the lifestyle was to assume the dominant role, until she felt comfortable enough to be the submissive. Libby conceded that this suggestion sounded like a safe way to experience the BDSM lifestyle, with the minimum of risk to her.

After several months of getting to know each other better, as Internet email correspondents, they agreed to meet. The arrangements were simple enough. They would meet at a hotel restaurant and talk, without any preconceived notions, about where the evening might take them. Nature was to take its course. John told her that he would reserve a hotel Chalet anyway, because either way he was going to spend the night. He did not want to drive back home late at night. Libby did not object. Besides, a room may be needed and a Chalet would be perfect.

John arrived at the hotel, registered and asked the desk clerk to have his luggage taken to his Chalet. Breathing deeply, John gathered his courage and walked into the restaurant. Immediately, he recognized Libby from her photograph. She was sitting in a candlelight booth towards the rear of the dining room. He walked to the booth, feeling as though he was on his first date again, and stopped. “Hello, Libby, I’m John,” he said smiling.

Libby rose from her seat, smiled and gave John a hug. “I’m so glad that I’ve finally met you, John,” she said, sitting down and gesturing for John to do the same. He joined her and they stumbled through the expected small talk about the drive etc. They began to talk more in depth about their lives and how his stories had worked a sort of magic, on both the author and the reader. They had dinner and talked for nearly two hours, genuinely enjoying each other. Libby was relieved that John had not pressured her, in the least, to leave and go to the Chalet.

The waitress asked if either of them wanted some dessert or an after dinner drink. John ordered a glass of Chablis and Libby selected a Merlot. The wine came and they touched glasses to celebrate their meeting. After a short while, Libby, feeling comfortable and safe, reached across the table, squeezed John’s hand and whispered, “Will you take me to your Chalet, John?” John smiled, paid the check with a generous tip, and took her arm. They walked out into the evening twilight toward the Chalet.

He opened the door to the living room of the Chalet and they stepped inside. Libby turned and kissed him as John shut the door. Eagerly, he returned the kiss and embraced her tightly. Without waiting he whispered in her ear, “I am your slave, Mistress Libby. How may I serve and service you?” Libby breathed deeply then stepped back as John dropped to his knees awaiting her command. She realized that John was assuming the submissive role to ease any concerns she might have. Libby was glad that John selected this mode to introduce her to the BDSM lifestyle. She decided to accept the Dominant role, for now, and ordered him to crawl into bedroom, following him close behind.

“Strip naked and assume the submissive kneeling position, slave John,” Libby said nervously, repeating the dialog she had read in his erotic stories. Libby began to slowly unbutton her blouse as John quickly stripped and kneeled naked before his Mistress. Libby watched his ample cock swelling as he kneeled. Her heart skipped a beat as she dropped her blouse and skirt to the floor, revealing her white lacy bra and bikini string panties. She was about five feet, six inches tall, around 130 pounds with a great figure.

She opened her handbag and brought out a pair of soft leather wrist restraints. She had purchased them yesterday to bring to this very special meeting. Libby ordered John to put them on and lock them behind his back. John complied and remained kneeling as Libby unhooked her bra. Her ample breasts were partially covered by her loose bra, preventing her breasts from being fully revealed. She untied the waistband of her bikini panties and let them fall to her ankles. Stepping out of them, she gently pushed them out of the way with her foot.

John stared at her wonderfully trimmed soft brown bush, forming a V over her pussy. Libby pulled her bra off and tossed it on a chair. Her full breasts swayed provocatively, defying gravity, as they seemed to rise up when released from their lacy prison. Her nipples hardened and stood erect in the center of her rosy areolas. John swallowed hard as he drank in the beauty of her magnificent breasts.

“Crawl to me and nuzzle my moist pussy, slave,” Libby ordered. “Lick my pussylips, but do not touch my clit…yet!” John crawled to her wrists bound behind him, and pushed his face into her soft curly bush. He inhaled her scent. Her fragrance heightened his arousal and his cock grew even harder. His tongue touched her wet pussylips. Libby quivered slightly at his touch. He drew his tongue down the length of her pussylips and up the other side. Libby trembled and moaned softly as he repeatedly licked at her closed cuntlips. John flicked his tongue across the edges of her closed cuntlips several times. Libby shuddered and moaned with pleasure. He could taste her juices seeping out of the closed cuntlips and he lapped up her offering greedily. “My clit,” she moaned, and John’s tongue flicked across her clit several times. Libby grabbed his shoulders, to steady her body, as she felt a weakness in her knees.

“Eat me, John…lick and suck me!” Libby cried out lustfully. He parted her now sopping wet cuntlips with his tongue and probed deep inside. John happily lapped up her abundant juices, and explored the inner recesses of her sweet pussy. He felt her knees trembling and he quickened his tonguing, driving Libby closer to orgasm. Johns’ tongue sought her clit, and he repeatedly flicked his tongue all over it. Finally, he drew her clit into his mouth and began to suck it as though it was a nipple.

Libby strained as his tongue delightfully ‘tormented’ her. She grabbed his head and pulled it tightly into her crotch, to grind her pussy in his face as he licked her. Suddenly, she stiffened, cried out and erupted in a massive orgasm. Her knees buckled, and she held John’s head tightly, to keep from falling, as the intensity of her orgasm consumed her. Again and again she spasmed through several intense orgasms, squirting her juices over Johns’ face and mouth.

Libby gasped for breath as John continued the sweet ‘torment’ of her clit with his tongue. “Oh my God!” she gasped, shivering through yet another mind numbing orgasm. Finally, she could stand it no longer and she dropped to her knees. Embracing John, whose face glistened from her nectar, she kissed him deeply probing for his tongue, which had pleasured her so wonderfully. She tasted her nectar on John’s tongue and embraced him cheek to cheek, repeating over and over, “Oh my God, that was incredible, John, absolutely incredible!” Finally, her orgasm began to subside. She struggled to compose herself, remembering the role she was playing. Standing up, she haughtily scolded her slave. “You naughty boy!” she scolded. “Look what you’ve done to your Mistress! I’m going to have to punish you for making me so wet and nearly making me pass out!”

“Yes, Mistress,” John said passively, quickly returning to his submissive role, kneeling and starring at the floor.

“Naughty slaves need a good spanking for making their Mistress untidy,” Libby told him. John nodded and agreed that he had indeed been ‘bad’. Libby pulled up a straight chair from the corner of the room and sat down. “Lay over my lap now, to receive your punishment, slave,” John stood up, moved to Libby, to lie down across her lap, his wrists still bound behind him. His rock hard cock pushed against her thigh. Libby grabbed it and pushed it between her warm thighs, closing her thighs tightly around it. John’s cock throbbed relentlessly and he thought he might lose it right there. Somehow, he successfully resisted the urge to cum. Libby emboldened by her role playing, fondled John’s huge balls and laid them on top of her thigh. She spread his asscheeks to reveal his rosy brown and puckered asshole. “Maybe I’ll deal with this asshole later, slave!”

Libby relished her opportunity to spank John. She heightened his ‘pleasure’ by rolling his cock between her warm thighs. John knew that he could not withstand this ‘torment’ long without cumming. Feeling his cock throbbing and pulsating, Libby brought her palm down hard on John’s asscheeks. He flinched at the first blow and then began to moan in pleasure as the spanking blows rained down on his asscheeks. His cock, strained from the massaging Libby’s thighs were giving it, ached to cum. Johns’ asscheeks stung and burned as Libby spanked his ass. His ass flesh was a bright crimson color and even though it pained him, he did not want Libby to stop. Libby felt John’s pre-cum drip onto her thighs and calves, as he quivered under her punishment. “Don’t you dare cum, slave!” she warned him, “If you dare to cum without my permission, I’ll make you clean my thighs and legs with your tongue!”

“Yes, Mistress,” John moaned straining not to cum. He was losing the battle to his lust, arousal and the warmth of Libby’s rolling thighs. She continued to pummel his ass and roll her thighs until he realized that it was all over. He had lost. Libby felt his cock stiffen, swell and throb. She watched his balls, as they drew up tight, and he erupted in a huge load of thick, white, gooey cum. He groaned from the relief and continued to pump his warm seed all over Libby’s inner thighs and legs. “Forgive me, Mistress,” John pleaded, while shooting volleys of milky cum out of his cockhole onto her legs. Libby pushed him off her lap and stood over him.

“Look at what you’ve done! You deliberately disobeyed me, didn’t you?” she demanded. “On you knees, slave! Lick it up at once!” John got on his knees shakily, as his bound wrists behind his back did not allow him to move quickly, but he managed. He kneeled in front of her and began to lick the thick warm liquid. He sucked it into his mouth and swallowed again and again until every drop had been licked from her legs and thighs. Libby had acted her role admirably, but she was uncomfortable as the Dominate. Her nature was submissive and she needed to return to her natural role. When John finished cleaning her legs, she helped him to his feet and kissed him deeply on his lips. She led him to the bed and laid him face down on bed. She covered him and climbed in next to him. John, exhausted from his ordeal, nodded off to sleep.

Libby turned out the light, laid in bed thinking about John, and what had just happened. He had made no attempt to force her into anything she didn’t want to do. Indeed, it was she who wanted him to assume the submissive role, and he accepted, doing all that was demanded of him. She felt a comfort with John that she had rarely felt with a man. She smiled as she realized that she trusted John, that she was comfortable with him. She stretched out smiling, shut her eyes and drifted off to sleep.

John awakened as sunlight shone brightly around the edges of the drawn drapes. He opened his eyes wide realizing that he was no longer bound by the wrist restraints. Rolling over, he saw that he was alone. Libby must have left during the night. He reasoned that her first real life experience with the BDSM lifestyle was not her cup of tea and she left. John got up and went into the bathroom to brush his teeth, shave and shower. He planned to check out later, but first he would call room service for breakfast to be sent to his Chalet.

He came out of the shower with a towel wrapped around his hips and decided to turn on the TV to listen to the news. Opening the door to the sitting room he was stunned by what he saw. There before him, naked, kneeling on the floor, eyes lowered, hands palm down on her widely spread thighs, was Libby. She exuded submission. He could see her skin quiver, realizing that her Master had found her. Thoughts of breakfast quickly disappeared from John’s mind. He dropped the towel to the floor and approached his slave, Libby, naked. He walked around her as if examining her for the first time. Her breasts heaved. She pushed them forward to emphasize them. Her nipples began to swell, harden and stand erect. Moving behind her, he kneeled down to inhale her scent, oozing from her skin. He parted her brown hair and kissed her tenderly behind her neck. Libby shivered at his touch. His lips moved to her shoulders, kissing and licking his way to her earlobes.

Libby trembled as his huge hard-on rubbed against her bare back. His hands reached around to lightly rub her magnificent breasts. He cupped them in his hands, avoiding her nipples. She gasped at his touch and felt moisture gathering inside her pussy. John gently squeezed and kneaded the firm flesh of her tits. She breathed heavily, feeling her pussy become very wet, her juices seeping out between her closed pussylips. Still cupping her breasts with his palms, John extended his thumbs to lightly rub her very hard nipples. Libby moaned, as pleasure filled her breasts and nipples. He pulled her head back gently, kissing her passionately, probing and finding her tongue. Libby returned the kiss with equal passion and sought his tongue too. John kissed the tip of her nose, rose up and drew his huge balls across her face, letting them come to rest on her lips.

She nuzzled his balls with her face and nose while he continued to rub her nipples. Libby kissed his balls all over and began to lick them. John carefully pulled, pinched and tweaked her nipples. It hurt, but it hurt good. Libby moaned in pleasure. He increased the pressure, squeezing her nipples, pulling them hard and twisting them. She covered his balls with her saliva and tenderly nibbled his scrotum. She sucked a testicle into her mouth licking and sucking it lovingly, as John continued to ‘torment’ her nipples. Her juices flowed generously from her cunt, coating her inner thighs and running down toward her asshole. She released his testicle and sucked in the other one, to minister equally to it. Her nipples were burning from the twisting and pulling, but she didn’t want him to stop. The pain was distinct, but felt extremely erotic. Moaning with pleasure, she licked his testicle.

Libby opened her mouth as wide as she could and sucked in the other testicle as well. She licked, sucked and gently nibbled John’s balls, as he continued tormenting her nipples. Libby, looked up at John’s huge hard-on, towering above her face, and watched a large drop of thick, clear pre-cum oozing from his cockhole, rolling down the length of his cock, coming to rest on her lower lip. Another drop oozed out and followed the first to the same delightful fate.

John released Libby’s nipples and reached into his bag of ‘toys’, bringing out a ‘Y’ chain. The chain had a clamp on each of its three ends. John placed a clamp on each nipple and secured them tightly. Libby groaned from the sharp pain, but retained her submissive stance. John stood up, pulling his balls from Libby’s mouth, and walked in front of her. He held the single length of chain and jerked it lightly, to heighten Libby’s ‘pleasure’, pulling her slowly to her feet by the nipples. She cried out, but hushed quickly, tears clouded her eyes from the constant pain in her nipples. Ignoring her tears, John picked up his ‘toys’ bag, and pulled her into the bedroom by her nipples. He laid her on the bed, on her back and produced a set of four rope loops. A rope loop was fitted over each wrist and placed over the bedpost. Her arms were spread wide, but the loops were not secured tightly. Libby found that with a little effort she could draw her wrists out of the loops.

She realized that John had done that deliberately, to reassure her that she could escape if she chose. His thoughtfulness on this detail comforted her as she drifted deeper into submission. John loosely fitted rope loops on her ankles, pulled her legs up and placed the loops over the same bedposts that held her wrists. Libby realized that she was completely exposed, giving him total access to her tits, cunt, clit, ass and asshole. She sucked in a deep breath and happily awaited her fate. John placed two pillows under Libby’s head, raising it so she could see everything that was going to unfold. She shuddered with a strange lust at the thought of viewing, helplessly, her descent into bondage, discipline, pleasure and pain. Her Master lifted her hips to place several pillows underneath her, to support her during her journey into the initial, but magnificent pleasures of BDSM. Finally, John pulled her nipple chain taut and fastened it to a nail on the wall behind the bed. Any movement of her body, made the chain pull painfully at her nipples.

Libby felt her juices flowing heavily from her sopping wet cunt, trailing down to her asshole. John stood on the bed, towering over his slave, with a wicked smile on his face. “Before we go any further, slave Libby, Master will give you a ‘safe word’. At any time that you wish to stop, for any reason, just utter the ‘safe word’ and everything will pause, or stop, if you wish.” John paused to let that sink in, before he continued, “The ‘safe word’ is ‘DISABLE’. Do you understand?” Libby nodded. John asked her to say the safe word three times, so he was sure she knew it.

“Disable…disable…disable,” Libby said apprehensively, as her skin quivered. There was no turning back, now, she thought. She felt comforted by John’s thoughtfulness to give her a means to stop everything, if she chose. However, Libby was determined to successfully complete her first ever, real life submissive session. Her Master grinned, kneeling between her legs to fondle her very wet pussy. Her skin tingled at his touch, she swallowed hard, not really knowing what to expect. “What will you do, John?” she asked apprehensively.

“Master. You will call me, Master, Sir or Sire! Do you understand, slave?”

Libby nodded yes, watching her master with great anxiety. John began licking her juices from her inner thighs, kissing and licking. He slowly worked his tongue toward her wet pussy, nestled under her soft curly bush. He licked around her clit without touching it, and drew his tongue through the groove between her torso and her thigh. Libby moaned with pleasure, shifting in her bonds, bringing instant pain to her clamped nipples. Groaning, she tried to hold still, as John’s tongue moved to lick her asscheeks, leaving them wet with his saliva. He drew his tongue down the cleft of her asscrack and circled her rosy, puckered asshole. She gasped, but held still. John smiled to himself as he considered her lack of movement a minor advancement in her discipline training. Quickly he moved to her cunt, sucking a cuntlip into his mouth. He licked and sucked it, then took it in his teeth to bite and pull it with his teeth. Libby groaned in pain as his teeth closed harder on the tender flesh of her cuntlip. John released it and moved to the other cuntlip to deal equally with it.

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