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I met a guy, ok an officer, in the Navy through a chat room while surfing the net. We seemed to have a lot of interests in common; we liked to read the same types of books, common interests in movies, liked long walks just to see the beauty of nature, and so on.

He would email when he had down time as he called it and I would let him know what was happening here while he was there at sea. I knew that someday we might eventually meet because we really seemed to "click". Sometimes guys feed you a line just to get what they all really wanted; sex. He seemed to be genuinely interested in a relationship.

I had to leave suddenly for about a week to take care of some personal situations. Upon return home and finally downloading all my mail (mostly spam); I came across some of his emails to me.

LonelySailor: ==> I've missed hearing from you and have wondered why my emails haven't been answered?

LonelySailor: ==> Why aren't you returning my emails? Is something wrong? Talk to me?

LonelySailor: ==> What are you anyway; some kind of cock tease? Leading men on and then dumping them like this?

Okay. Decided that this last one went just a bit too far and I was pissed. Sure he was upset, but thought he was above the childish act of name calling.

GrecianGoddess: ==> I had to go away for a few days to take care of family emergency. Don't like the name you called me. It was childish and mean. If that's the way you feel, then let's just end this right now.

There I decided. Let him contend with my own anger. I went out to buy some much need groceries to restock my place. Cleaned the apartment up and then had a soothing bath before logging back onto the computer. Yup, another email awaited me.

LonelySailor: ==> I'm sorry; didn't really mean name. Was just so mad that you hadn't returned any emails. Sorry also about family emergency, is there anything I can do to help? Please forgive and talk to me.

Okay, I know I shouldn't have, but my heart kind of melted. After the stress of the previously week, his offer to help caused my tears to start to flow. Getting myself under control took another half an hour before I could sit at the keyboard to type.

GrecianGoddess: ==> Hi again Lonely. Your offer to help has been the kindest thing that has happened to me within this last week. Thanks for the cyber hug; it really meant a lot to me. Sorry also that I couldn't communicate during my absence. Hope you have been well and doing fine.

LonelySailor: ==> I've missed our talks, but I've missed you more. Your emails have been the highlight of each day; knowing I would be getting messages from you. When everything stopped; first I was worried about you and when I didn't get any response I thought maybe you were one of those manipulative women who stalk the net for lonely guys; sorry.

GrecianGoddess: ==> I've missed our talks too; it's nice to have someone that I can relate to without having to buffer the conversation. Stress has pretty much left me on edge and haven't found outlet to unwind yet.

His next email somewhat floored me as I hadn't really expected our relationship to progress yet beyond the safe environment of cyber space.

LonelySailor: ==> Goddess if I were there, I would help you relax as we would make passionate love until our bodies could no longer cooperate. Then we would just cuddle together while we waited for them to recharge so we could do it all over again. Truly, I would like to meet you.

When I read his email, my heart skipped a beat and I felt an all consuming passion to let this man, site unseen, have his way with me and my body. Then I came to my senses, you know, guy out to sea and no women meant guy extremely hard up and will hit anything in site.

GrecianGoddess: ==> Your last email shocked me a bit. I'm not sure if you really just want to meet me or just need a woman for sex. I would like to meet you too, but as to whether or not we have sex depends on how our relationship progresses. Basically I'm telling you I'm not a whore or slut that can be picked and used by men.

Decided that pretty well said what I had intended. I did really want to meet Lonely, but I was not about to just have sex with someone I had only spoken to on the internet. Another day went by before I received a response to my email.

LonelySailor: ==> Thought about what you said and then could see how my intentions could be misconstrued. I just felt that we seem to pretty well go together in all that we have said to each other. Yes, I want to meet you. Yes, I want to get to know you physically instead of on the internet. But I'm still a man, so yes I would like to have sex with you but only as a willing partner. I've never thought of you as a whore or slut, but can understand your reasoning over it. Sorry to have offended you.

I kept rereading his email and I can't explain it, but I was getting turned on for a man I'd never met in person. I decided, well okay my body decided for me, that I would go ahead and meet Lonely face to face.

GrecianGoddess: ==> Hi Lonely. Have really thought about what you have said. Yes, I would like to meet you face to face. When will you be coming in?

As I clicked the "Send" button my heart skipped a beat and warmth coursed through my body. I knew that I was emotionally and sexually excited about meeting this man. We had already exchanged appearance statistics (the basics) during the beginnings of our cyber relationship so I knew that I should be able to recognize him.

LonelySailor: ==> Thrilled you would like to meet me. Coming into port next week and it would be a great turn on for me to see you on the pier waiting for me. I think that even with all the other women and children there to meet us, that I would be able to spot you instantly. Let me know if it's a 'yes' and I'll let you know how to get a pass in to get there.

The moment I read his email, giant butterflies attacked my stomach. I was both excited and scared at the same time. Sexually I knew he would be attracted to me as I have downplayed my attributes wanting someone to know that I have a brain and could think instead of someone just trying to find a sex partner.

I was turned off to dating because men would take a look at my large breasts (C cup) and slim curvy body and forget that I had a mind at all. All they wanted was sex, but I wanted someone I could talk to afterwards. I didn't want to be an object.

GrecianGoddess: ==> Yes Lonely, would like to be on the pier waiting for you. Maybe we could have dinner and talk in person and then see how the night progresses. If that is acceptable for you, then I will tell you how you will be able to recognize me.

He must have been online because I received his email no longer than an hour later.

LonelySailor: ==> Extremely excited. Go to guard station when first coming on base and tell them you need a pass for pier 21. They will direct you to Visitors Center to get pass for yourself and car. Might be easier to leave car and walk to pier. How will you be dressed for me to recognize you?

GrecianGoddess: ==> LOL – I'm a goddess and you should be able to recognize one. Seriously, I will be the woman in the white silk dress that loops around the neck and goes about mid thigh. The opening in front goes all the way down to the navel with strategically placed gold chains connecting the pieces of material together. I'll have on three inch while heels (to match the dress) and I'll wear my auburn hair up with a few curled tendrils. Like my name, I'll wear a "Crystal" teardrop in my naval piercing. Now how will I recognize you? and don't say because I'll be the one who comes up to you because I think you can figure out by now that a lot of men will be coming up to me.

It was a day before I heard from Lonely again.

LonelySailor: ==> Hi again Goddess. Your description left me so hot and bothered that I had to take matters in hand. Knew I could tell you that since I feel we can talk about anything. Understandably, I think every single man, and maybe some of the married ones as well, will want to hit on you. My name is Richard Jackson so look for my name on the front of my uniform and I'll be running over to you as soon as I get down.

His email made me smile in anticipation of his arrival. I had two more days to prepare for his visit and make loose plans.

The day finally arrived and fate took a hand and it was sunny, but not hot with a gentle breeze. I arrived at the base and, like he advised, went to the guard station and told them why I was there.

I pulled up to the guard at the station and he walked up to my car. "Could you tell me where the Visitor's Center is please? I need to get a pass for pier 21 to meet someone," I asked.

The guard looked at my face and then at my breasts; what else was new. It took him a moment to get out of his trance. He cleared his throat a bit, "Ah, It's just over there," he pointed in the direction of a building about 500 feet away. "It might be easier if you just pulled your car into the visitor parking here and walked. I suspect that it will be getting full soon," he advised.

"Oh, okay, thank you," I replied and drove over to the visitor parking lot. It was at this point I wondered 'why on earth had I worn these heels for all the walking I was going to end up doing'. I decided that it was too late to do anything about it and would just pace myself so that I didn't tire my legs too soon.

Needless to say, it took over thirty minutes to get a pass for myself and vehicle. I walked back to my car and placed the pass on the dashboard so it could be seen through the windshield. I took a deep breath not only to calm my nerves, but to prepare for the six block walk ahead of me to the pier.

I noticed that the guard was starring at me still in his entranced way as I walked from the visitor parking. Since I needed to cross the road to start my long walk to the pier, I decided to call over to him, "I would like to thank you for the assistance. Have a pleasant day!" He smiled and then ducked back into the guard station.

I turned and started my long slow walk to the pier knowing that my heels made my walk sultry and that my short silk dress swayed delicately adding to my appearance. There was more than one head turned to watch me and even more than one vehicle slow and sometimes stop as I made my way. I even had one come back and offer me a lift to where ever it was I was going. My response, "Oh, no thanks, it's such a beautiful day for a walk." There was also the occasional offer of walking with me and again I turned them down telling them I was going to meet someone.

Finally got to the pier and looked at the crowd of people; moms and dads, wives with children and some single women all waiting anxiously for the ship to come in. I walked up to the guard and showed my pass. He smiled and said I could stand anywhere behind the roped off section.

"This is the first time I've met a ship coming in," I smiled into his smiling face. Where would be the best place to stand so I could get noticed without getting crushed?"

He again looked me up and down and smiled; his hand pointed to a section a little out of the way but still roped off where no one was standing yet. "If you stand there miss, every man looking down on the pier will be able to see you," and again he smiled.

I slowly sauntered over to the section he had indicated and then understood why no one wanted to stand there; it made me smile though. There was just enough of a cool breeze coming through that section that made my nipples harden instantly and they could be seen even though I wore a thin lace bra.

At times the breeze would delicately pick up my dress and blow it up before settling down again. I was only wearing a white lace thong so I had no doubt that my firm round ass was being viewed. Again I smiled to myself as the guard knew he had deliberately directed me here for that purpose.

I stood my post waiting as I viewed the ship coming into the pier and looked at all the men lined up looking down. I saw a few pointing in my direction and calling back to others on the ship; then more joined them to look down on the pier. I smiled again and waited. The ship was tied off and I could hear sounds and then slowly men started to come down and onto the pier.

My heart was racing and I was looking for an officer's uniform, raven black hair, blue eyes and a name tag that said Richard Jackson. I knew he said he was six foot so immediately I kept scanning each man as they exited the ship. It was amusing in some way, these men would be walking towards us and most would look at me and then look to the crowd.

I spotted a man running toward me that met the description; looked at the name tag and knew it was Richard. My smile grew broader as he approached. He threw down his bag and lifted the rope for me to duck under. I went under and then looked into his very dark blue eyes and smiled while my heart kept beating hard in my chest.

"I'm sorry," I said and smiled, "a handshake just won't do."

He smiled and embraced me for our first kiss. I no longer heard the crowd around us, but only the touch of our bodies, his lips touching mine and then his tongue tasting and exploring mine. I was finding it intoxicating and didn't want it to end, but somewhere my mind came back to reality and where we were standing; I reluctantly broke the kiss.

He held me against him. "My beautiful intelligent goddess," he started, "I have longed to hold you in my arms like this."

When he finally released his hold, I looked up and smiled into his lust filled eyes. "I can definitely tell you that every man that saw you standing here lusted for your body; including me. You are truly beautiful and you never hinted once of that in our many emails. I for one am glad to know the mind first before seeing the body."

He could not have said anything more that hit me to the very soul.

He laughed a bit, "I can also tell you that more than a few were shocked to see that you were waiting for me."

"Why?" I inquired.

He smiled again, "I think that most thought I was gay because I'd rather spend my time on my laptop writing emails than go into ports chasing women."

I laughed lightly, "In a way you were chasing a woman, just differently. The reason I didn't tell you about my appearance other than general, I wanted someone I could talk with instead of chasing me for sex."

He hugged me again, "May I do both?" he inquired.

I looked up once again into his eyes, "Yes" and then kissed him softly and yet passionately again.

We broke the embrace once again, "Where do we go from here?" I inquired.

He looked at me intensely, "I believe you said something about dinner."

I smiled, "No, I mean you. Do you have to report in somewhere or do something before leaving the base?"

He laughed, "Oh. Sorry, thought you meant something else. No, I'm pretty well on leave now for two weeks."

I smiled back, "Don't you need to go get some civilian clothes then or do you wear your uniform all the time?"

He smiled and nodded over to his bags, "They're in there."

I hugged him again and leaned my head against his chest before stepping back and looking into his eyes once more. "I hope you won't take this the wrong way then, but instead of the hour drive back to my place, I have a hotel room in town here."

His gaze became intense again and I could feel myself getting wet.

I took a deep breath to quite my nerves and smiled up into his eyes hoping he could see the lust in mine own, "I've heard the restaurant in it has wonderful food."

His eyes never left mine. I looked down a moment worried at how I might sound, "And I was wondering if you might like to show me your technique for stress release before we actually have dinner."

He hugged me tighter and kissed me passionately once again running his hands over my naked back. When we came up for air we were still breathing hard. "I think it's time to walk to the car Rich."

He smiled, "Yes, I think it is. Where did you park?"

"In the visitors parking like they suggested," I said.

"How long to get to the hotel?" he inquired looking at the crowd disappearing off the pier."

"Probably ten minutes tops depending on traffic," looking now in the direction he was.

He picked up his bag and extended his elbow for me to wrap my arm through and we started to walk toward the exiting crowd when someone called his name and came over to us.

"Rich, aren't you going to introduce me?" said this other officer.

Richard smiled, "Haven't you ever seen a goddess before?" and then he laughed.

"You mean she's the one you are always emailing?" he said in awe.

I'd had enough of this and let my ire show, "Excuse me, person standing here being talked about," and I removed my arm from Richard's.

Richard blushed as well as his friend, "I'm sorry, that was rude of me. Crystal, this is Alan and we roomed together on ship so he's the only one who knew that I was emailing you while we were out."

"I'm also sorry for my rude behavior. Rich never even said how beautiful you were," he said still blushing.

I smiled at both of them, "Well there's a good reason Rich didn't let you know," still smiling and now so was Richard.

"Why's that," said Alan.

"Because he never saw me until now," and I put my arm once again through Richard's.

Alan's mouth fell open in stunned disbelief.

"If you'll excuse us Alan," I started, "we need to get going now. It was nice to meet you."

Richard tucked my arm next to him possessively and we walked back to the visitors parking to retrieve my car.

After we left the base, Richard started laughing to himself. "Okay," I said, "want to let me in on the joke so I can laugh too."

"Sorry," said Richard as he was regaining his breath, "Alan's the one that said I was stupid for talking to you even though I told him how intelligent and nice you were. He told me you were probably a nerdy dog and told me to get dog biscuits before meeting you. He never skipped a day at zinging me for emailing you. His expression was priceless."

I was laughing too because I had always run into the 'Alan's' of this world with their preconceived ideas of women.

We arrived at the hotel and once again my giant butterflies returned. When we got to the room, Richard tossed his bag on the floor and I put out the 'No Maid Service Required' sign and locked the door.

I turned around and Richard was there in front of me and we once again embraced for a deep passionate kiss. His hands wandered over my back pressing me tightly against him and I could feel his hard on pressed against me. One hand reached down to feel my ass cheek and I moaned into his mouth.

Richard's other hand came up to cup one of my breasts which elicited yet another moan. I eased back breathing hard, "Let's get our clothes off Richard," and proceeded to untie my dress; it fell to the floor and I stepped out of it leaving me in my thong and bra.

I stepped out of my heels and took a step toward him. He was now naked in front of me with his hard cock standing straight out from his body.

"Would you unhook me?" I asked as I turned around and felt his mouth on the back of my neck while my bra came undone and fell to the floor; his hands cupped my now naked breasts and tweaked my nipples. I leaned back into him feeling his cock rub against my ass. His hands slid down my sides and slowly peeled my thong down my legs. I stepped out of them and turned once again to Richard.

He rose and picked me up and took me over to the bed and sat me on the edge. I laid back and looked up at him and then into his eyes. He knelt on the floor and spread my thighs open and slowly kissed his way up each. I had my eyes closed breathing hard anticipating where next I would feel his breath; his mouth.

I felt his fingers spread open my cunt lips and then felt his tongue start to lick then up and down and then in circles teasingly. I eased my legs over his shoulders and he then plunged his tongue into me caressing and lapping in and out of my hole.

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