tagHow ToInternet Romance for Beginners

Internet Romance for Beginners


Note: When I talk about internet romance, I’m not referring to pay sites of any kind. I’m talking about consenting adults who "meet" on the internet, communicate on the internet and perhaps ultimately by phone or in person, and have an entire cyber relationship on the internet not for money, but for the pure pleasure and excitement of it.

"Are you hot?"


"Are you wet?"

"God, yes."

"Do you want me?"

"More than anything in the world right now…"

"What do you want me to do?"

"I want you to lick my pussy. I want to feel your tongue dancing along my clit, pushing in and out of my pussy. I want to feel it on my thighs and on my ass. All over…"

"Do you want to taste my cock in between your lips? Do you want to feel it throbbing as I push it far down your throat?"

"I do baby…I do."

"Do you want to get on all fours as I enter you from behind, my cock pushing into you slowly…inch by inch…until it fills you up and makes you shiver?"

"Yes, God yes. You’re gonna make me cum…"

"Yes I am darling. I’ve got your long your hair in my grip, pulling it as I pound my hard cock into you. I’m pulling my hard cock way out then…slamming it back into you. Do you like it?"

"Yes…mmmm…please spank me…I’ve been so bad and I…deserve to be spanked…"

"OK baby, I want you to spank yourself for me. Hard…again…again…"

"Oh God that feels…so good…I’m getting close…it feels so good…"

"I’m holding your hips while I smash my cock in and out of your wet pussy. It’s so tight…so warm…my cock loves being inside of you…watching your tits sway underneath you while I pound you…shaking your body…shaking the bed…"

"I’m gonna…cum…you’re making me…it feels so goooo…I’m gonna cum…gonna cum…"

"Yes, that’s it baby, I want you to…I want you to cum, dreaming of my cock filling you up. I want to cum all over you…see my cock twitching as ropy strands of cum splash onto you…onto your back…your tits as you turn over…your face. I want my cum all over you. I want you to rub it off onto your fingers and lick it all off…"

"God, I’m cumming so hard…I can’t stand it…ooooooohhhhhh…"

What you’ve just read is not the dialog from a mid-day soap opera or the next Reese Witherspoon romance comedy. It is the words being typed by a guy holding his cock, stroking it gently in between his fingers while his eyes water from what he’s reading and writing.

It’s cybersex – internet romance.

Never mind that he’s in Florida and she’s in Arizona, or Nebraska, or England. These two people are having sex the new, modern way, over the computer screen. There’s no real sex, no real swapping of fluids. You can’t hear the sound of his balls slapping against her ass as he gives her the doggie style pounding that her husband won’t, or the true feel of his tongue lapping her juices until she tightens up and her eyes roll back in her head – just the thing her real lover would never do. He can’t look into her eyes while she sticks her tongue out further, further, until it reaches his throbbing cock head, or watch her face as she masturbates just for him – activities his "proper" wife would never allow him to even consider. But here, on the internet, they can have it all. For free.

Sound good?

Well…it can be. As long as you know what you’re in for from the beginning. And, aren’t you the lucky reader, I’m just the writer to tell you! That’s right, you’ve got questions and I’ve got answers. Of course the big one is:

What exactly is an internet romance?

Internet romance is different things to different people. This is not a cop out, it’s just my perspective. To one person an internet romance may be a high tech pen-pal, someone to share feelings and poems, describe sunsets and dinners out. A little extra something away from the real world of bills and traffic. Beautiful. For others, internet romance is a suggestive word here and there to spice things up. A few double entendre’s in an otherwise fairly conventional exchange with a friend, coworker, etc. In a word – flirting. Harmless but fun. Next step on the boner scale is the kind of letters that make a man strain his boxers and a women squirm in her seat. The kind of letters that clearly spell out what you’d like to do and how you’d like to do it, complete with descriptions of hard, throbbing cocks and moist, swollen pussies. Now we’re getting somewhere.

Stage four is serious internet romance – cybersex. This is where in email or real-time instant messaging, two people are having nearly real sex. Touching themselves, stroking and rubbing, perhaps even dressed for the occasion like a real date, they can nearly feel the person breathing, smell their passion and feel their warmth as they describe what they are doing and feeling. Hot? Hell yes! The kicker is that some of these people are individuals who in real life would never dream of acting this way. But isn’t that the beauty of it? A button-down executive describing how he’d like to be tied up and dominated. A librarian-type gal confessing her love for anal sex, double penetration and threesomes. It may be your next door neighbor. It could be your spouse. Or it could be someone on another continent. Global cybersex.

Stage five, sometimes interspersed with stage four is when you take the sexplay to the phone. When she begs you, "Please…call me…let me hear your voice…make me cum baby, please…I need you to hear me cum…" The only thing more real than this is actual sex, which is another article entirely. This brings me to your next logical question:

Wow! Where do I find someone to do this?

Good question. I’m sure there are far more avenues than I’m aware of, excluding of course someone from work or college. There are personals in many places on the iternet, but I’m not sure how many are for cybersex seekers alone, and therefore my best suggestion is, shocking discovery here – literotica. After all, who visits this site – bible students? (My apologies to any and all bible students reading this article, glad to have you). Literotica readers are adults who enjoy hearing about and writing about sexual escapades and is therefore an outstanding venue for finding those who do the same. Look at the bulletin board and sign up for live chat. They should get your motor running.

There’s another way, too.

When you read a story that lets you connect somehow with the author, drop them a line and let them know. It may be something as simple as "liked your story, thanks," or can include half your life story. We like reading them, believe me. It’s not that difficult to get a dialog going with the some authors, and who knows what can happen. No guarantees, but who knows? You wouldn’t believe some of the letters of feedback I get. Really. Some of these people write better than I do. Some of them like sex more than I do. OK, I take that one back. Don’t be so gullible. The only time I don’t take the time to answer feedback is when it’s from someone underage. I don’t want to get myself or the site in trouble. They’ll find their answer eventually anyway, I hope. But these are some of the places to begin internet relationships, just be careful because:

Internet romance can be addicting!

Real life has a way of taking a back seat to fantasy. I suspect it’s always been that way. When you’ve got someone on line who likes sex as much as you do, loves the things you say, describes things that blow your mind and make you want to cum over and over while you uncontrollably rub your…oh excuse me, did it again. What I mean is that it’s hard to get back in bed with your snoring husband or flannel pajama-clad wife and not feel incredibly frustrated. You’d do anything to get back on line with your pal and talk about wet blowjobs and how you’d like to bend her over the kitchen sink and pound her like a B-52 bomber. Real life just can’t compare, can it? But real life is where you’re living my friends, so you have to temper your enthusiasm. Before you know it, you can be giving up dinners out with your friends to be on the computer. Violating company policies by logging on again and again to see what your "friend" has written. Putting off some very important things just to "be with them" online. Again, reality is faint competition for a computer screen that says "I’m wet." So have fun, sure, but be aware that:

You can fall in love over the internet

Oh yes you can! Whether or not you send photos or ever hear that person’s voice, you can fall in love with the person on the other end of that keyboard out there somewhere. You don’t doubt it, do you? How do you think romance writers make a living? Their readers fall in love with the characters they’re writing about.

The person you’re having cybersex with is just as much a fictional character, though you may swear with complete conviction that you know them. They’re a fantasy partly created by themselves and partly by what they sense you love and need them to be. In truth, anyone can create a characterization of themselves that’s totally plausible yet completely false. This is at once the danger as well as the excitement. He may be 28 years old, 6’2" with blue eyes and a muscular build, or he may be 60 years old with gray hair and a hearing aid. Do you know? Oh, you’ve got a photo? Well, that must be real. And the photo of her in the bikini is gorgeous. It may also be 20 years old.

That fact is that it really doesn’t matter as long as you’re getting off on it. But when it becomes more than that, when it takes over your thinking until this relationship becomes as important or more than your flesh and blood ones, you’re going to find out that:

You can get your heart broken

The reasons are too many to enumerate but I will tell you this with almost complete certainty: It’s going to end. No matter how great it is, I promise you that it’s going to end. Yes, sooner or later the sex talk will die down and that’s when the husbands and wives, bills and jobs, health and work start to enter into the conversations. This is the beginning of the end because fantasies don’t contain these elements. It may end all at once, with a definite cut in communications. They change their screen name and you have no way to get in touch with them ever again, or it peters out, from 20 times a day to 10 to 5 to every week or two, down to nothing. Chances are, they found another internet love and a new honeymoon is taking place. Long term internet relationships are very rare. My advice, as you may have guessed, it not to invest too much of your heart in an online relationship. It just doesn’t have the "legs" that a real one does. And since relationships don’t always end mutually, whatever you do:

Don’t reveal too much personal information

This really applies to married men and women. If you’re single, and especially if you’re not in a dedicated relationship, it doesn’t matter as much unless you have a career that you truly must guard, Congressman. School principal. Police officer. Rabbi. But if you’re married, you don’t want a knock on your door one afternoon, that when your child answers it, the person on the other side of the door says, "Hi, is your daddy home? I’m his friend Kyla from Milwaukee." Oh yeah, I can see you cringing at the thought. Broken hearts and overwhelming desire can lead to some pretty desperate acts. Do yourself a favor, a BIG one. Don’t give your real last name to anyone at any time. Don’t give the city you live in, or the name of your employer. Keep the names of your wife and kids out of conversations. Never call from your home phone or any phone without first dialing *67 to disable caller ID. Do you think I’m being overly cautious? Then you have no idea how much information you can get about someone on the internet with just a name and town, or just a phone number. You’re Cindy from New York – there must be hundreds or thousands. But how many have a husband named Greg? How many have a husband named Greg and a son named Tommy? How many have a husband named Greg, A son named Tommy, a golden retriever and drive a silver Dodge Durango? And the noose tightens. If you’re not careful, you can be found. Easily.

Let’s take a break a moment. I’ve been giving you a head full of warnings and caveats, but that’s only part of the story, consider this:

"I made love to her last night…want to hear about it?"

"Yes, please…tell me about it."

"‘Please baby, make me cum’…she begged me…’I need to cum so bad…’ So I held her wrists above her head and kissed her lips softy…working my tongue inside until our tongues met and dueled first in her mouth, then in mine…"

"That’s so hot…please go on."

"I kissed down her neck, my hands moved over her tits to cup them and rub her nipples. They got so hard and stiff. I moved my mouth down and placed it over her nipple, then ran my tongue around her aureole, stopping to lightly bite on her nipple. Then I switched tits, as she began to shake…her legs starting to quiver and her breathing uneven."

"Oh God…more…"

"She moaned to me, ‘mmm…feels so good…mmm,’ as I kissed my way down her stomach. She rolled over on her side and I licked her lower back…it’s such an erogenous zone. I kissed it as I lightly ran my fingers along her tummy. Her legs were twitching and I could smell the sex juices beginning to seep from her…Then I held her ass cheeks apart and licked from the top of the crack all the way to her pussy, getting it soaking wet…"

"Her asshole…"

"Was all wet for me. She was moaning louder now, ‘lick my cunt honey…eat me…please eat me…’ So I rolled her over and lapped at her sweet pussy. Her hands were on her breasts, her fingers pinching her nipples and tugging on them…I spread her swollen pussy lips with my thumbs and stuck my tongue in her hot, open hole…"

"Oh my God…you’re making me so…I have to touch myself…"

"I sucked her pussy lips, rubbing around her clit in small circles. Then I moved my tongue to it and made figure eights around it. Her clit was as hard as a marble…Her hips were nearly coming off the bed. I took one finger out and put it in her mouth. She sucked it hard, like a baby with a pacifier, and gasped as she tasted her own juices…"


"I knew that she was close. I began to rub the outside of her asshole now, as she drove her pussy into my face harder and harder. As she neared cumming, I took that one finger and eased in into her asshole, which opened up as if to swallow it. I sank my finger in about an inch…her eyes just rolled back in her head as her climax hit her hard. Her hips were bucking and she was jabbering something I could not understand – orgasm talk…Her body stiffened like a board and she came and came…"


Yeah, it can be like that, too. And it’s so hot, so enticing that you may find yourself asking,

Can it go from internet to real life?

Well of course it can, if you want. This is the most mobile age known to man. If you want to go somewhere, you can find a way to get there – period. I’ll take it one step further.

I think that in all likelihood, the possibility - just the chance - that the relationship can go from computer screen to bedroom or motel room is what drives the fantasy. Think about it. If you know for a fact that the sex can never under any circumstances become a reality, it may have a sobering effect on the parties involved. Not always, of course. For some people, this safety of anonymity may release even more inhibitions, since no danger of being caught, getting an STD or ruining a marriage or relationship exists.

But for others, the opportunity to meet and actually have the wild sex you’ve been engaging in over the internet and perhaps phone – no matter how small the actual chance – fuels the fire even more. Should you do it? It’s not for me to say, not knowing your particular situation. But you should consider this:

You know this person – intimately. It’s going to be weird at first; prepare for that fact. Will you like the way they look and sound? Will you be able to act natural. Will your mutually strong sexuality translate to real life? You’ll never know until you try. Some people may say, "why risk it?" if you’re really enjoying the cybersex. Others may say that unless you do try, you’ll be sorry later. The cybersex will end eventually and you’ll never have known how great it could have been. One time or regularly.

These are the issues that are purely personal. If you are single, sexually motivated and computer savy, you can have yourself one hell of a time. And it can, if you both want and the situation allows, become a real life experience.

If you’re married and want to stay that way, internet romance – which may take the form of light flirting all the way to the heavy cybersex we discussed, can be a guilty pleasure and frustration reliever. Or frustration enhancer, depending on you. In other words, it can help take the place and relieve the stress of the satisfying sex you’re not getting at home, which is good. Or it can just underscore that there are people out there just like you, who love sex and sexuality in all its permutations. They love to talk about sex, to talk dirty about what they want, to look at porn, read stories, use sex toys, everything you’d like to do and more. In short, they are the furthest thing in the world from your spouse. Ouch. Reality can surely suck.

If you let it get out of hand though, or make it real, then there are going to be consequences, unless you’re married to Hillary Clinton. And oh yes, if you get "caught" in your cybersex relationship, perhaps with an un-deleted email, an unplanned intrusion into your computer area, maybe even suspicious behavior - your spouse will most likely NOT consider it to be harmless fun.

Now it’s up to you, my friends. I would love to hear about your adventures and experiences in cybersex. It may make for a good follow up article. More important, it may make me hot. And if you have any questions or want an opinion, Email me. Thanks as always for reading, it’s been fun.


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