tagBDSMInternet to Real Life Ch. 02

Internet to Real Life Ch. 02


This is part 2 in a 3 part series If you've not read part one I suggest you go back and read it first then part 2

From part one:

I feel you fill me with your hot cum and I moan that "I'm almost there" "don't stop"" Harder" The pleasure is so much more than I could have expected. I reach the peak of my climax "I'm cummming" I scream out as my body begins to cascade over the edge. The sweat is now pouring off both of us as we collapse on the bed. Lying there we drift off to sleep but only for a very short nap.

I awaken a time later I really can't say how long though. The sun is shinning through the window, which is now open to allow the warm breeze to tickle my flesh. In an almost teasing way the breeze dances across my nipples bringing them to hard nubs and arousing my senses. I begin to attempt to roll over so I can cover up with the sheet and realize my hands have been tied to the bedposts. And the sheet has been removed from the bed. I'm tied both hands and feet I realize shortly and can't move except for my body from side to side. I begin to feel fear as I realize a total stranger has me tied to my very own bed and I'm helpless to do anything about it.

Struggling against my bonds trying to no avail to dislodge them from my limbs, but you're good, You've made sure I can't get away. Fear once again rains its self down on me and I begin to tremble. About that time I realize in total embarrassment your sitting in a chair you've pulled up to the foot of the bed. A smile plays across your lips as you look straight into my sex. I know you can see how wet I'm getting from this even if I'm scared I can't help the feelings of pleasure emitting from my cunt.

You look up to my eyes and mouth "trust me" and smile that warm smile, that has my head and body at war as to what I should do. My body soon wins and I nod "yes" and your smile widens to encompass your entire face. Soothing words come from your mouth but for the life of me I can't remember one of them because at the same time your fingers have found my clit and I'm now so close to orgasm I'm sure I'll explode if I don't get release soon.

I feel your fingers leave me, a feeling of emptiness is left in their place and I begin to beg you not to stop. Seconds pass and I am now writhing against my bonds trying to get my hands free so I can complete the task you've left undone. You move to the bed beside me and run your fingers up my torso to my lips and slip your fingers in, allowing me to taste myself. I suckle as if it's your cock and I see the evidence of my work as your cock rises and grows harder. Your other hand slowly traces down to my already hard erect nipples playing there till a moan escapes my lips. You reach behind you and draw out of a bag, a pair of nipple clamps and I squirm as I realize just what you intend to do.

"Please" I moan "I've never had those on before"

Again the only words I hear are

"trust me"

As you place the first one over my hard bud and apply the clamp. My moans now I can't tell if their pleasure or pain as they both become one. While my mind is on the first one I feel the second one placed on the other nipple and clamped down. The tingling feelings now going straight to my pussy from my nipples as if their connected in some way. I close my eyes trying to over come the pain and I feel you rise from the bed.

I hear a chuckle coming from the foot of the bed and know its you enjoying the torment my body is in. I feel your hands on my ankles as they are released from their ties only to be held tightly to the bed to keep me from pulling them away. You cross my legs and retie them to the opposite posts and turn to my hands releasing them one at a time re tying them so I'm now on my stomach. My ass exposed to the cooling breeze coming in the window. Stepping back to admire your handy work you just stand there seemingly thinking about your next move. I find out shortly that was not the case you've had this planned ever since I sent you the photos of my bed. A fantasy you're now living through. One you hadn't discussed with me however I had told you of mine. You knew I had a fantasy of being taken while tied so I couldn't resist.

From the corner of my eye I see an assortment of toys laid out on the dresser within reach of your hands. The things I see elicit fear and excitement both at the same time from my now tense body. Some of the toys I have used on myself before some even have had used on me before and still more I've never seen. It was those I had never seen that brought the most fear and excitement. Some of those things laid out I couldn't dream of how you would use them. I feel the juices running down my legs from my now soaking wet pussy. This again embarrasses me, as I know you can tell how excited I am. Only a slut would become this aroused from the treatment I'm receiving at your hand.

I feel your hand warm against the chilled skin of my ass teasing the flesh with soft strokes. Without warning "Crack" you're hand comes down meeting my flesh. You raise your hand again only to repeat the process on the other cheek. Taking a moment to admire the colorful pink skin now wearing proudly the full imprint of your hand.

Drawing your finger along the edges of the imprint brings another moan from my lips. And your finger keeps moving down to find the moist juncture of my legs.

"I believe my slut is enjoying this"

You whisper into my ear, as you place a blindfold over my eyes.

"I want you to feel rather than see"

You whisper again in my ear,

"the feelings will be so much more intense"

"trust me"

I feel your hands both on my ass one on each side one tracing the redness one just resting there. All the sudden the resting hand raises as the other continues to trace.

"Smack" down on my ass then the other is resting as the first is tracing. "Smack" tracing and resting then "smack", this cycle continues till the pleasure and pain is one in the same. A moan escapes my lips.

"I want..."

"What is it you want?"

You ask as you continue the assault to my rear. The warmth is spreading now all the way to my so wet pussy as I realize just how erotic this is.

"I need..."

I moan out as I feel your finger tracing the path down my crack to the hot wet tunnel that needs attention so bad.


I scream as you plunge your finger in causing me to push back in an attempt to get your finger in deeper.

"Smack" another resounding slap to my ass


You say as you withdraw the one thing that may have given me the relief I need. Your finger returns to plunder my hole I can't help the moan that escapes my lips as you bring me so close to the edge just to back off again.

I feel your breath on the lips of my pussy and wish so bad I could get your mouth closer. I know not to move unless I want another reprimand, I'm still as I can be under the circumstances.

Trying hard to focus on the finger in me. I feel the first thrust of your tongue on my clit it's almost more than I can bear. I can't help but move I'm sure. Trying hard not to but knowing full well that as I get closer and closer to climax I won't be able to control my body.

"Please Fuck me I'm begging"

As your tongue dances across my clit.

"All in due time my sweet"

"In due time"

I feel you rise from the bed and your gone for what seems like hours but was only minutes I'm sure. Then your hands are on me again. This times your holding something. I can't tell what it is only that is both soft and stiff. You aim it at my open cunt and start to push it in slowly at first then pushing it all the way in. I'm moaning incoherently now words seem to from in my brain but can't quite make it to my mouth.

"Please let me Cum"

"Please... I need to so badly" "Cum for me my sweet"

You say as the first flood of my orgasm sweeps through my body. Sweat combined with my juices flow off me down my legs in a torrent of ecstasy, I couldn't describe if I had to. My body still convulsing from the orgasm your are now talking softly in my ear,

"Rest my sweet, we've only just begun"

If you like this story let me know so I can start writing the third and final part.

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