tagMind ControlInterns Ch. 01

Interns Ch. 01


***This is a story about mind control. If that's not your thing, you probably shouldn't read on unless you are willing to try new things.

I have a large arc planned, so the story takes a bit to get going sexually. Be patient.

As always, the characters are purely fictional and all at least 18 years old.

Feedback - positive and/or constructive - is welcomed.***

Meagan looked up at Will with lust in her green eyes as she lowered herself to the floor in front of him. He wanted to say a billion things that would ruin the mood. Things like "won't your knees hurt?" or "I can't believe you're doing this, you've always seemed so innocent." But this time he was smart enough to keep his mouth shut as she opened hers just a bit to run her tongue along her lips. Will let out a moan that he didn't expect and she responded with a giggle bearing a hint of pride.

Her gaze moved from Will's eyes to his crotch and she ran a small hand over the bulge in his jeans and it was now her turn to moan. But hers wasn't like Will's horny grunt. Hers was a sexy coo. Soft and quiet, but leaving no doubts of its intentions.

"Do you want me to suck it?" She almost whispered with mock innocence while looking back up at him, applying more pressure with her hand only while she spoke. He moaned again, too blinded with lust to say anything except, "What?"

Unphased, the tiny redhead just pushed her body forward so that Will could feel her perky tits on his inner thigh as she now clutched his dick over his pants and said, "Do you want me to suck your cock?"

It couldn't be helped. She was being so unbelievably hot, and he fantasized about this all the time. He couldn't help but say anything smoother than, "Fuck yes."

As if she couldn't get any sexier, she released all the pressure of her body against his, released his cock from her grip, bit her bottom lip and said, "Thank you, Will."

Thank god her dirty talk stopped there. Although it was mild, he already felt ready to burst, and her hand hadn't even actually touched his dick yet. Will felt impatient, but he also loved being teased. He loved watching her slowly but lustfully undo his belt. He wanted to say something to appear sexy and pay her back for the attention she was already giving him, and the attention she was soon going to give to his rock hard cock, but Will came up with nothing. He just watched stupidly as a goddess took off his jeans and boxers and stared at his dick like it was the only thing she cared about in the world.

Will felt harder than he could remember being for quite some time, but somehow he was able to stay patient while she slowly moved toward him. She placed her hands on his thighs, brushing his tight balls, moving over his legs, and resting at the sides of his ass. She stuck her pretty little tongue out and parted her lips as if to welcome his throbbing dick. Closer. Closer. He could feel her hot breath on the tip. Closer. Her tongue slid down the head. Her lips parted even more.


Will sat straight up in his chair. He frantically looked around him and relaxed as he noticed the room was still empty. Nobody saw him with his eyes closed and his hand down his pants. It was one of the benefits and dangers of working in an empty, remote control room all day; it was a lot easier to lose his mind and fantasize.

But Will couldn't help but notice that he seemed to be doing it more than usual since Meagan started as an intern.

Will worked at a small cable television station called Link'd. To give some idea of just how small, the producers got excited when one of their in-house productions got more than a few hundred thousand viewers. Still, despite the station's humble status and really cheesy name, it seemed to be a cult hit among some college students, so they were never truly in fear of going under.

The youth demographic gave the job other perks too. Will got to wear what he wanted, he was able to swear at his bosses, most of his co-workers are also in their 20s, and – of course – new batches of interns came through about every 6 weeks.

Or, that was supposed to be the timeframe anyway. Some lasted much, much longer, and some disappeared before Will even got to learn their names. Interns kept his job interesting because despite helping a daily live show go to air, his days were tedious; especially – Will felt - because he was all alone in his "office" for most of the day. It was nice to make some short term friends, or waste some time bugging them, or trying to check out the really hot female ones – like Meagan.

For whatever reason – although Will wasn't complaining - Link'd seemed to attract really attractive students to come work for free – men and women. Will was only sexually attracted to the females, but he couldn't deny that half the interns of both genders at any given time could pass for models.

Will let out an exasperated sigh; if he was so used to being around really attractive interns all the time, what made Meagan so different?

He had asked himself that question so often that he tried to avoid the same thoughts for the billionth time, but it was too late. He just didn't understand, especially because when he tried to describe her to his friends, nothing particularly special came out. Even the opposite sometimes. If described, her voice sounded completely unappealing: a little nasally and drawn out. Maybe it was the playful sarcastic snide to it, but despite the description, Will found her voice extremely sexy. She had big green eyes, but her lips were thin, and although she was quite cute, she didn't look like most of the stunners who interned there. So why do he think she was the sexiest girl he'd ever met?

It could be her smile or sharp wit, he mused, or it could be how amazed he was that such a short body can produce such a figure. Meagan couldn't have been taller than 5'2, but she had a round, firm ass and unbelievably perky boobs. Will had always been able to accurately guess the cup sizes of his girlfriends, but Meagan's tits confused him. He'd never seen such mounds on such a short girl. Not that they were huge - that wasn't unheard of - but they seemed to be perfectly shaped.

Will knew that clothes and bras could play tricks, but he still felt unbelievably drawn to her chest. Like no other tits existed like hers in the world. Will figured that most guys would guess that she was a C or even D cup, but his trained eye guessed B. A big, round, full, perky B. Will was usually into huge tits, but Meagan's smaller, firmer, fuller pair had a spell on him.


Will sat up straight again and cursed for losing himself thinking about Meagan again. He had somehow not noticed the phone was ringing the whole time. He shook his head as if to shake off the images he had conjured of Meagan's little mouth around his cock, looked at the extension number on the panel to see it was Colin, and picked up the phone.


"Will! Where the fuck were you?"

"Just taking a piss," he lied, "what's up?"

Colin was a few years older than Will at 26, but he was already married with a house outside of town. He was probably not what somebody would normally picture from that information, however. He had a shaved head, tattoos, piercings, and hated most people. He and Will got along great though and Will knew Colin wasn't actually mad. Colin was basically in charge of keeping the show organized, so the two would have about 5-15 mini phone conversations during an average workday.

"You can't use those pictures I sent you," Colin explained, "Rachel's looking for new ones now. Clearance issue."

Will was used to this sort of thing by now. Will's job boiled down to editing pictures and fonts then making sure they got to air during the live show whenever the hosts or producers called for it. Rachel was one of the producers. She wasn't the type of girl Will would hang out with normally, but she was nice enough and she worked her ass off. Strangely, except for the hosts, none of the female staff were particularly attractive and Rachel was no exception. Another reason to be thankful for the interns, Will often thought.

"That's fine, Col, I hadn't really started them anyway."

"Fucker. And don't call me Col, Will."

"Don't call me Will, Col," he joked, hoping Colin would get the vague South Park reference as he smiled and hung up. Those pictures were the only work he actually had to do, so he decided to head downstairs to the offices where everybody else was while he waited for Rachel to find new ones. Or, more specifically, he decided to head down to the row of computers where the interns usually were.

Will headed down the winding stairs out of the control room he worked out of. The building was more like an old castle than a TV studio, but Will liked it that way. It made for little oddities like poor soundproofing, or that he worked out of that abandoned control room for most of his day, but Will preferred interesting to glossy.¬

Will sauntered downstairs, nodding at all the usual acquaintances. People whose names or positions completely alluded him, but whose faces he still saw so often that he would probably even say hi if he ran into them on the street.

Will finally reached the main studio downstairs. It was a huge room – another atypical quality of a TV studio – that was filled with life during the few hours surrounding the live show, and completely dead otherwise. Dead except for some scattered crew and – of course – the interns.

He instantly recognized most of them from the back of their heads as they worked away on the computers doing the jobs that nobody getting paid wanted to do. Micah's trademark messy afro was an easy mark, Rick – the only overweight one – was beside him. Will recognized the third head but couldn't place a name.

It sounded a little harsh, but sometimes the more bland personalities melded together, and Will couldn't always tell apart the plethora of nice, shy, and usually over-dressed girls that passed through that place.

The fourth head was one of the three Laurens currently interning and this one was Will's favourite. She was a cute little blonde from Maine who did nothing but complain about moving to the big city. Will couldn't help but enjoy her bitter rants because they were mostly good-natured and for show as opposed to the ramblings of a narcissistic spoiled brat.

And... that was it. Only four interns. Will felt his heart sink a little, but despite his crush, he didn't live and die for Meagan so he debated who to hang out with. Will liked Micah, but found Rick to be way too overeager most of the time, so he decided to plant himself beside Lauren instead. All four heads turned to see who the new face was and there was a general round of informal greetings, but Lauren's head stayed turned.

"Ohmigawd, Will, I'm so fucking bored."

"Me too, why do you think I'm down here?"

"Seriously, and I can't even go outside to take a break because it's so goddamn fucking hot!" Everybody at Link'd seemed to curse freely, but some took advantage of the relaxed atmosphere more than others. Lauren was one such person. "It doesn't help that your dumb city smells like sweaty dick, either," she continued. Will laughed loudly and smiled knowing that Lauren was just getting started. "I've been here for two months and the nicest smelling place in the whole city smells like ass. Like literal ass. Like unwashed, unwiped, 80-year-old man ass."

Will could barely take it. Lauren knew he liked her rants, so she tended to kick it up a notch for him. His laughing died down a little and he looked at her expectantly, but Lauren had become distracted with something happening behind him.

Will turned around to follow her gaze and noticed Colin approaching with a girl Will had never seen before. Will was taken aback by how striking she was. She was tall and slender; almost as tall as Colin's 5'10. Her legs and hips were tightly gripped by black yoga pants. The kind that made almost every woman's ass look fantastic. Will made a mental note to watch her exit later.

She wore a white t-shirt – or maybe it was a tank top – under a small, tight, black zip-up sweater. She was quite thin, but seemed naturally so. Will wasn't usually attracted to stick-like women, but this girl's figure didn't seem starved. She had curves like a woman, but just happened to be fit and very slender. She seemed to have unnaturally large breasts for a girl with her frame, but they weren't comically big. Will's trained eye tentatively guessed a single D cup.

Will took in all this information as quickly as possible so he could be polite and look her in the eyes. Her face was also very attractive. She had full lips, a small nose, and large eyes framed by silky, straight, jet black hair.

Will was suddenly struck by how ominous she felt, and he couldn't place why. She was wearing all black, yes, but that wasn't uncommon in a TV studio. She had a very pleasant, unassuming expression on her face and even portrayed body language implying shyness. It wasn't until it was his turn to exchange pleasantries that it hit him.

The whole exchange seemed to be happening in slow motion. Will suddenly felt like he was watching himself as he shook her hand and said, "nice to meet you, Liz." His head felt heavy and like it was spinning all at once. It was then that he noticed that it was her eyes that made him uneasy. Her eye colour was so dark, it gave the illusion that her eyes were entirely black. Like shark eyes. Like twin black holes.

Will felt more wrapped up in his thoughts than usual and could barely make out the conversation around him. He was able to make out that Liz was a new intern and Colin – also being in charge of the interns – was giving her the tour. Liz smiled sweetly and nervously as she met everybody and was told about the work area. This was all normal. Will started to calm down. His head stopped spinning. He felt himself returning to his body. Liz's eyes seemed far less intimidating.

Will's auto-pilot was well-honed and nobody else seemed to notice his mini panic attack. He let out a sigh as subtly as he could and smiled when Liz's uneasy expression came his way. Will couldn't believe what he was thinking just a few seconds ago. Everything about Liz seemed meek now, and Will wondered how he ever thought of her as ominous.

Back in his own thoughts again, Will went through the motions of saying goodbye and almost forgot about his mental note. He shook himself off just in time however, and attempted to not-too-urgently shoot his glance over to Liz's ass as she walked away. Will had never been an ass man before Meagan, but if she didn't convert him, Liz would have. He knew those yoga pants worked magic on any butt, but Will had never seen an ass like that before. So firm and toned, yet with distinct shape and sway.

Will's concentration was shaken as Colin suddenly looked at his work phone.

"Shit," Colin started, "it's Avery." He turned to Liz to explain. "My boss. Well, everybody's boss. I gotta go." He glanced back toward the row of interns at the computers and locked in on Will. "Yo! I already showed her the basement offices, can you finish up the rest of the tour?"

"Sure," I agreed a little too quickly. "I'm still waiting on Rachel anyway."

"Thanks, buddy." Colin flashed a smile before jogging downstairs.

Liz smiled nervously at Will as he confidently walked up to her.

"Well c'mon," he started, "we have a TV building to explore."

Will had given tours for Colin a number of times before, so he knew exactly where to go in what order. He showed her the main control room from which the live show was operated. He showed her where the lighting and sound guys worked from. They passed by the executive offices and the edit suites on the second floor as Will filled the attentive Liz with information. He skimmed the engineering room and finally made his way up to the third floor.

They passed by the set of currently empty offices reserved for seasonal productions that needed the space temporarily. They penultimately ended up in the smaller studio at the end of the hall.

"This space is for miscellaneous shoots," Will explained. "Green screen bits are shot here. Interviews are shot here. Basically anything that isn't live." Liz seemed genuinely interested and Will appreciated her attentiveness.

"And up these creepy stairs," he continued as he climbed up the very familiar case, "is my 'office'. It's the old control room for when this studio used to be used for live TV." It wasn't particularly deliberate that his workplace ended up as the last spot on the tour, it just made the most sense. It was technically the highest spot in the building, and the logical conclusion for Will's snaking trip around the studios.

"This is where you work?" Liz questioned.

"Yup! The one downstairs is used during the day for other things, so I prepare up here and then head down there for the show. All the work is saved on a network drive."

The pair stood in silence for a short time. Will was a little fatigued from all the talking and they both felt tired from all the walking and climbing stairs. When the pause began to feel awkward, Will spoke again.

"Well... That's that! Want to head back downstairs?"

"Not yet." Liz's response was startling fast, and Will felt a twinge of his fear from earlier returning. "I want to relax, don't you, Will?" This was easily the most confident Will had heard Liz in the half hour that he'd known her, and he didn't quite know how to respond. She spoke again, "Why don't you take a seat?"

"S-sure thing." Will scrambled to his regular chair and sat. He wondered why his heart was racing so quickly and why Liz suddenly seemed so different. She strode over to him and gazed at him with empty eyes and a sweet smile.

"Are you comfortable, Will?" Liz said in a soft, firm voice, barely above a whisper.

"Y-yes, Liz. Of course. Thank you." He wasn't quite sure why he thanked her, but he didn't think much of it as his fear and excitement heavily anticipated her next move.

"I'd prefer it if you would address me as 'ma'am' while we're alone, Will. Is that okay?"

"Yes, ma'am, of course." Will could hardly believe the words coming out of his own mouth. He had barely hesitated to say them. He chalked it up to being cornered by a very attractive near-stranger and felt a bit of his fear melting away.

Liz continued her stare for a few moments longer before turning around and bending over slightly provocatively. Will couldn't believe his eyes. Why was this new intern doing this? She couldn't be trying to climb the ladder. She didn't seem stupid enough to think that somebody like Will had any sway. But before Will had time to think any more, Liz spoke again.

"Do you like my ass, Will? Do you like my firm ass in these tight pants? Be honest."

"Yes, ma'am. It's really fucking hot, ma'am. I couldn't tear my eyes away downstairs." Damn it, Will thought, he didn't have to be that honest. But Liz didn't seem to mind. She slowly turned around and unzipped her sweater. She leaned over Will's face and pulled the fabric back from her sweater, revealing her sizable breasts struggling against the tight tank top underneath.

"What about my tits? Can you believe that these big tits are all natural, Will? I bet you want to suck on my hard pink nipples, don't you? I bet you'd give anything to act like a baby, and grab onto my young 18-year-old tits and just suck, wouldn't you?" Will's head was spinning again. He had always been a boob man first, and this was hard to take. Liz did not look quite that young, and it made her even more attractive to him for some reason. Except for Meagan, Will usually liked girls his age or older.

"Your tits are perfect, ma'am," Will found himself saying, "I'd do anything to suck on your big natural boobs like a little baby. I don't care how embarrassing it is, I'd do it for your full breasts. Just thinking about it makes me hard as a rock." As he said it, he realized it was true. His average sized dick had grown to full length and was as hard as he could remember it being.

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