Intern's First Business Trip


She stroked with a slow, gentle rhythm and kissed her way across my chest. Stroke ... stroke ... stroke, she tickled my nipple with her tongue and then kissed her way over to the other one. Stroke ... stroke ... stroke, she tickled the second nipple and finished with a strong suck. I felt a twinge in my penis.

Stroke ... stroke ... stroke, she kissed down my chest until she reached my bellybutton, corkscrewing the tip of her tongue inside. I felt another strong twinge; my penis shivered.

Stroke ... stroke ... stroke, she forced my shaft to lie along my abdomen and touched the tip to her lips. I heard the smack of a kiss under the sheets and felt a gentle pressure on its head. I got another twinge and felt a muscle clench inside my balls.

Then something soft flicked at the tip – something wet. It was her tongue! She licked me rapidly without stopping. I got a mental image of her face on my stomach, my hard-on extended towards her mouth, her tongue flicking at the tip, and I lost control. My groin clenched, followed by my thighs, and then everything exploded.

"Ohhh, ma'am! OHHHHH!!"

Cum spurted past her handhold and sprayed all over the inside of the sheet. Spurt after spurt shot under the covers. I kept jerking my hips in spasms until I ran out of cum and then settled back down on the bed.

After a moment, Ms Strickland raised up, the sheet sliding over her head and down her back. Cum was smeared all down one side of her face. It dribbled off an eyebrow and her chin, and gobs of it matted her hair. Most of the drops were landing on her cleavage and nightie. She looked annoyed but in a comical way.

"All right, for future reference," she said, blowing a raspberry of cum from between her lips, "you need to warn your partner before you do that."

I struggled to catch my breath. "I'm ... I'm sorry. But how do you know when?"

She leaned over my face and delighted in seeing a few drops land on me. "Never mind. You'll figure it out." She kissed me on the lips and then rubbed her face on mine, smearing cum all over. I felt sticky and gooey, but in my stomach, I glowed with a feeling I've never had before.

"Don't move," she said, getting up for some towels. She washed us both, dispensed with her nightie and then found a clean sheet in the closet. As she entwined her naked body around mine, I stared in a daze at the ceiling. I felt on top of the world, and as I relived the experience in my mind, I started getting hard again. I petted the soft skin of her thigh, which lay across my leg, and focused on the warmth of her breath blowing rhythmically onto my neck. Slowly, I drifted off.

*** Bed – Morning ***

At first, I thought I was dreaming, but then it felt too real. My cock was hard, and I sensed a light tickle travelling up and down its length. Lying on my side, I couldn't make out the clock, but the light level in the room told me that it was early morning. I was still really tired.

I also felt hot. Something warm and soft pressed up behind me. Oh, my goodness! It was my boss's naked body! Her soft breasts were smushed into my back, a smooth leg rested on my outer thigh, an arm curled around my waist, and her hand was lightly stroking my hard-on.

Her fingers were like feathers. Sometimes she ran the fingertips up my shaft, sometimes she used the nails, and sometimes she held me loosely in her fist. Her rhythm was slow; her touch gentle. I wanted it to go on all day, but the more I realized what she was doing, the more excited I got, and that made my balls bubble. I exhaled appreciatively.

Ms Strickland leaned her mouth to my ear. "Good morning, my little money maker," she whispered. "Don't get too excited. I just wanted to make sure you were up for it this morning." She got up and hopped off the bed. "I'm going to take a shower now. I've called down for some more towels. The maid should bring your clothes at the same time. ..." She continued talking, but I drifted off. I imagined her hand sliding up and down. "... sharp this morning." She suddenly grabbed my chin and swivelled my face towards hers. "Did you hear me? I said no playing with yourself. No more orgasms until we meet with Mrs Robertson. You have to be on your game."

"Yes, ma'am."

She released me and padded off to the bathroom. I let my head flop back onto the pillow and watched her bum squinch back and forth as she walked away. The sight gave me an eager feeling in my stomach, and I reached down to rub my hard-on. No! She told me not to do that, ... but I wanted to so much.

I shifted onto my back and got comfortable. Luckily, I was tired enough to doze off again.

After a short nap, a pair of lips revived me. Boy, she really knew how to wake a guy up! Her lips were soft and wet and forceful. I kept my eyes closed and enjoyed the oral massage. She sucked my lower lip into her mouth and then thrust her tongue into mine. Admittedly, I was not very experienced at kissing, but this must have been hot, even for people who do it all the time. She kissed and sucked and slurped, and I finally opened my eyes.

"Buonas días, Papi."

I jolted upright and slammed my back against the headboard. At the foot of the bed, a pile of sheets and towels bounced up and almost scattered onto the floor.

The maid shifted forward and traced a hand down my chest. "Why you no call me, Papi?" Her hand drifted over the sheet to my erection. "Mmm, you dream for me, maybe?" She settled her hand onto the linen mound and grasped me.

I flinched and tried to pull away but hit the headboard again. "No. Don't."

"No?" Lifting the sheet, she unveiled my erection to the open air. "Ohhh. You say no, but your little pinga say si." She bent forward and planted a big kiss on its tip. Then she moved to the base and slurped up the underside to the tip again. "Buonas días, little pinga. Papi say he no want to play, but I think you do, no?"

I squirmed under her attention. My boss's injunction rang in my ears. "No. Please, don't."

Maria got up on her knees and straddled my legs. "No?" She pouted and unzipped the front of her uniform. I saw nothing but skin underneath. She reached in, cradled her breasts and pushed them out for me to see. I had no idea she had such an ample, curvy body under that baggy outfit. "Papi no want to play? Maria does."

I braced my arms against her hips to hold her back. "Don't, Maria. My boss is just in the shower, and she ordered me not to ..."

"Mamacita?" She leaned past my hold and put her arms around my neck. "Mmmm. Si-i-i, Mamacita can play too." She kissed me on the lips. "Mamacita." She kissed me again. "Maria." And then kissed me again. "Y Papi." And then buried her lips into mine.

I grabbed her shoulders and pushed her away. Pouting, she shrugged her shoulders and zipped her uniform back up. She stepped off the bed and gave me another sad pout. Then she picked the soiled sheet up from the floor. Noticing the stains, she leered at me and said, "Comprendo. Mamacita no share Papi."

She returned. Kneeling back on the bed, she reached her hand up under the bottom hem of her uniform. She rubbed herself underneath, slowly at first and then faster as she got going. She leaned over my face and resumed kissing me. The more she rubbed, the firmer she kissed. I slid away sideways along the headboard, and she fell on top of me. It felt like she was going to chew my lips off. Her shoulder lurching as she rubbed, she inhaled loudly between kisses.

Then with a moan, she stopped. Smiling at me, she extracted a glistening hand from under her dress and rubbed it on my cock, slathering her slimy juices all over my innocent skin. "There, Papi. Now, Mamacita taste Maria. Maybe later, Mamacita want Maria to play too."

I stared open-mouthed at my lubricated groin. I didn't know what to say. Maria snickered and inserted a couple of slick fingers into my gaping mouth. "Mmmm, te gusta?" she purred.

Suddenly, the shower turned off with a 'thunk', prompting Maria to withdraw. "You call Maria, Papi. Promise?" she said over her shoulder as she moved towards the door. I tasted Maria's juices in my mouth and saw them glistening all over my penis.

Maria leaned back around the corner of the room. "Promise?"

"Yeah. Sure."

She giggled and blew me an air kiss. "Adiós, Papi."

Then it hit me. "My clothes!" I called out, but the door clunking shut was the only answer I got.

*** Shower ***

"What about your clothes?"

I looked up to see my boss peeking through the partially opened bathroom door. "Oh ... uh, the maid was just here," I replied.

"Ah, clean towels. Bring me one and then take your shower? We're running out of time."

I jumped out of bed and grabbed a towel. Positioning it discreetly in front of me and clasping a hand over my eyes, I stumbled into the bathroom.

Ms Strickland giggled. "I don't think you need to be shy after last night, Timothy," she said, whisking the towel away from me. "Oh my gawd, are you still hard?!" She traced a finger delicately along my shaft. "God bless the teenage boy!"

"I'm not a teenager, ma'am," I corrected her. "I'm twenty."

She turned the shower back on and then smacked my ass. "Okay, stud. Get cleaned up," she commanded. "I want you completely scrubbed. Understand?"

"Yes, ma'am." I stepped into the shower and closed the curtain. The humid air smelled flowery from the bath soap and shampoo. I angled my hard-on into the spray, hoping to soothe its fervour, and then I lathered the soap into a ... Suddenly, the shower curtain hooks screeched across the rod.

Ms Strickland glared at me. The towel around her chest clung desperately against her huffing and threatened to slip apart. "Where are your clothes?!" she cried.

I stumbled back against the shower wall. Holding a hand up shakily to shield my eyes from the spray, I stammered, "The maid ... I ... she brought the towels and ... I ... she tried to ... but you said not to ... so I told her ..."

"Oh my gawd! You know, Walker, this cute little innocent-boy routine is getting on my nerves. She didn't bring them, did she?"

I shook my head.

"Well, now we're really running late." She whipped her towel off and stepped into the tub. Her breasts quivered and jostled with her abrupt movements. "Okay, let's get you going."

She snatched the soap out of my hand and pulled me roughly into the centre of the shower. She scoured my chest, scuffing the soap vigorously across my skin and buffing it in with her fingers.

"Is it too much to ask for you to stay on the ball?" she grumbled. My body rocked from her effort, and I had to clutch at her to maintain my balance. My hands grasped at her wet, soft skin and slipped accidentally onto parts I shouldn't have been touching. My skin began to burn. Shamefully, my hard-on tingled from all the stimulation.

She hustled around beside me to get better leverage and almost toppled me over the side of the tub. She hauled me back from the brink, and I landed sideways against her chest. My upper arm wedged into the moist cleavage of her doughy breasts.

"This is a big account that we're going after here. We don't have time to be screwing around." She rubbed forcefully on my stomach and caused my erection to flap up and down. Then, she reached down and closed her hand around my sac. She took one ball in her soapy hand and squeezed. The pressure was uncomfortable.

"I could have brought any intern in the company, but it was you that I selected." My ball popped up through her grip, and so she re-caged it with her fingers and pulled down again. "Don't make me regret my decision." I groaned with the tension and stumbled backwards. My cock began to hum.

"Oh, shush," she chided me, grabbing my other ball roughly and drawing it down the same way. I moaned with the pull and reached down to soothe my groin, but she slapped my hand away. "Don't touch," she barked. "If you go off, you're going to be useless to me."

She spun me around to scrub my back. Her strokes were rough and rapid. I imagined the long, red streaks that were forming. She finished my back quickly and twirled me around. The hot water further inflamed my scoured skin.

"Bend forward," she ordered.

I leaned around her body, but not enough. She pressed an elbow into my back, doubling me over. I threw my arms forward to prop myself against the shower's back wall, my rear pushed up towards the driving shower spray. I glanced over at her soft, pink cheeks beside my head. A few beads of water ran down the smooth curve of ... Suddenly, she yanked my cheeks apart. "You have got to get your head in the game." She jammed a finger into my pucker. I jerked my hips forward and yowled. My balls gripped inside.

"Oh, don't be such a baby," she scolded, doubling me back over and jabbing her finger back in. With more soap, she gained better access and soon pumped a finger mercilessly into my behind. "Think, Walker." Pump, pump, pump. "Think." Pump, pump, pump. "That's all I ask." A stinging heat radiated through my groin and electrified my balls. My cock went completely rigid. I felt on the verge of something happening. I held my breath. My whole body tightened.

"There. That should do it," she said, propping me back up. "Don't forget to finish washing down here." She formed her soapy hand over my hard-on and absent-mindedly drew it along its length. "But no beating off. Understa ..." I couldn't help it. With the slippery pull of her fist, she might as well have been yanking on a cannon's lanyard. I exploded into the open air of the shower. Long streams of cum arced through the spray like tracer rounds marking a trajectory.

"Ahh! Ahh! Ahhhh!" I groaned.

Ms Strickland released me immediately and then waved a flattened hand at my pulsing member as if she were ordering it to stop. "Oh shit! Oh shit! Oh shit! What are you doing?! Oh no!" she cried.

I was so embarrassed. My cock spasmed a couple more times and then relaxed. A final pearl of cum oozed out of the hole at the tip. I wanted to apologize, but I couldn't bear to face her. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see her staring at me, her mouth agape.

Except for the spritzing of the shower, the bathroom became quiet. Neither of us moved for a minute or two. Then, Ms Strickland broke the silence. "CRA-A-AP!!" she shouted. She grabbed her towel and stormed out of the bathroom.

*** Main Room ***

My whole body glowed and prickled. I rinsed off, angling different parts of my body at the massaging water. I felt bad about what had just happened, but at the same time, I felt incredibly energized as my body flushed and glowed. Maybe she was wrong. Maybe I needed that to wake up.

After some relief, I shut the water off, stepped out of the tub and dried myself. Then I wrapped the towel around my waist and walked into the main room.

My boss, now dressed in a suit, was hopping on one foot to put a shoe on and yelling into the phone at the same time. "No not tomorrow, today! Sí, hoy. No mañana. Ahora!" My boss slammed the phone down and pulled at her hair. "Arghhh!!" she yelled and went rigid. Then she slowly pushed her hands out at an invisible wall, as if she were doing Tai Chi. She breathed deeply. Her body relaxed.

"Okay," she said as she exhaled. "This is what we'll do. I was going to go up first anyways, but you need to get up there as soon as possible. You wait here for your clothes and then hustle up immediately after you get dressed."

"Yes, ma'am."

She walked over in front of me and placed her hands on my shoulders. Her eyes went soft, and her lower lip pouted a bit. "Timothy," she cooed. "How do you feel?"

"Fine, ma'am. Really good, in fact."

She cocked her head and traced a hand gently down my chest. She slipped it into my towel and burrowed towards my penis. The shock of her touching me down there made me jump. She massaged my drooping bits softly. My towel unravelled and slid to the floor. "Are you going to be able to perform when we get up there?" she asked, leaning her forehead onto mine and staring into my eyes."

I swallowed. "Yes, ma'am. I know the material." Her massage was starting to get me excited again. I could feel blood diverting to my groin.

She leaned over to the side of my face. She kissed my cheek, then my jaw, then my neck. With each kiss, she rubbed me more firmly. I couldn't understand why she was doing what she told me not to do. She focused on my neck. Her kisses were wet and soft and sucking, and then her tongue licked over the area she had been sucking.

Then she stopped, stepped back and gazed at my groin. My penis, slightly aroused, hunched heavily in front of me.

Stroking her chin, she mused, "Maybe." She grabbed the sides of my head with her hands and glared into my eyes. "Timothy, you can't screw this up," she said. "I need you upstairs in twenty minutes, or we're going to lose this deal." She moved her hands to my ears and rolled my lobes around in her fingers. "Do you understand?"

"Yes, ma'am."

Suddenly, she yanked down on my lobes. "Do you understand?"

"Owww! Yes, ma'am! Twenty minutes!!"

She let go and softened her gaze. Her eyes looked almost affectionate. "Twenty minutes," she repeated with an eerie calmness, giving me a peck on the cheek. Then she grabbed her suit jacket and hustled out of the room.

I flopped into the desk chair and waited. I would get my clothes and hustle upstairs. I waited. I thought for a moment that I should go over the presentation one more time but decided that there wasn't enough time. I waited. I looked up at the door to the room, but no knock resulted. I waited. Then I went over to the peephole and surveyed the empty hallway. And I waited.

After ten minutes, I got a sick feeling in my stomach. I dialled housekeeping.

"Hola, housekeeping," came the reply.

"Hi, this is Mr Walker in room 505. Do you know when you'll be delivering my clothes?"

"You want we pick up clothes?"

"No, deliver them. Room 505. When are you going to deliver them?"

"Cinco cero cinco? ... Oh, si, Sr Walker. Mañana. Your clothes ready tomorrow. I tell señora when she call me."

"No, no, no! I need them immediately! Now!"

"You want we pick up clothes now?"

"No! My clothes! I need my clothes!"

"Si. Mañana. We deliver. You no pick up. We deliver."

"No! It's ... I have to ... Aaahh!" I slammed down the phone. Now what? I'll call the manager. No, there wasn't time, and my clothes were probably irretrievable in any case.

My heart began to race. I slew my head around the room. Everything came into sharp detail, but nothing looked wearable. The closet! I ran over and pawed through the hangers. Arghhh! Everything she had was way too feminine ... and too small even if I had been desperate enough. ... But I was desperate. No! Something else.

I glanced down at my towel wrap. How would that look? What would people think as I went upstairs? I resigned myself and scooted around the end of the bed to grab the laptop. Then spying the folded sheet, I halted. Maybe four years of high school Latin would finally pay off. A toga!

I shucked off my towel, fluffed out the sheet and draped it around my body. After a few attempts, I remembered how to wrap it. I looked at myself in the mirror. It certainly covered more than the towel, and it looked curious rather than indecent.

I scurried over to the desk, grabbed the laptop and launched out the door, my toga ruffling noisily against my legs as I ran.

*** Elevator ***

I pressed the 'up' button repeatedly. Two minutes to go. My balls twinged with worry, and my stomach churned anxiously. Behind me, a pair of girls giggled as they passed down the hall. Then the elevator arrived, and I zipped inside.

I stabbed the button for the sixteenth floor and looked down to ensure that my sheet wouldn't get caught in the closing door. I noticed that fifteen had also been pushed. Then I heard a snicker behind me. ... I was not alone.

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