Intern's First Business Trip


"M-m-ma'am," I stuttered, "I don't think we should be doing this."

She slid her hands under the pillow and moved them towards my groin. "You don't?" She wrapped one hand around my erection and the other around my balls. Then she began sliding her fist slowly up and down my shaft. "So what do you do with your other clients?"

I looked down to see the pillow bouncing on my lap. "Well, I ... ohhh ... I ... ohhh ... Um, you're the fir-r-r ... oh, ma'am, that feels so-o-o ..."

"Good?" she whispered in my ear. "It does feel good, doesn't it Timothy? Here, why don't you lie back?" She pulled me back onto the bed and flipped my lap pillow onto the floor. The thick, downy comforter deflated as I settled into it.

She leaned over my face, her arms straddling my head. "I am your first, aren't I Timothy?" Her eyes seemed to glow in the dim light. Her small breasts hung down as lobes, revealing a few stretch marks at her chest.

"Yes, ma'am. You're my first client."

"Client?" she snickered. "Okay. I'll be your first 'client'." She bent down and kissed the base of my throat with an audible smooch. "And as your client ..." Smuck, she kissed my upper chest. I was riveted to her progress. "I think we should ..." Smuck, my lower chest. "work on ..." Smuck, my stomach. "a trust relationship." Smuck, my abdomen. My hard-on rubbed against her cheek. She grasped my shaft and elevated it. Then she looked up at me from my waist. "Do you trust me?"

"Y-y-yes, ma'am. Of course, I ..." She impaled her mouth on my cock and slid me to the back of her throat. "Ohhh!" I exclaimed. Her mouth felt soothingly warm and wet. As she withdrew, she made a slurping sound, and her saliva drizzled onto my balls and inner thighs.

"Oh my goodness!!" I cried.

She chuckled and went down on me again. Her head bobbed and bobbed. My shaft slipped easily in and out of her wetness. She slurped loudly. Lost in the pleasure, I thrust my hips up unconsciously, and she had to wrestle them back onto the bed, her head bouncing in a frenzy as she pushed.

Suddenly, with a loud slurp, she stopped, reared up on her knees and straddled my stomach. "I want to see your face," she grunted, squeezing my cheeks and forcing my face forwards. "I want to see your face, Timmy." Her stare was resolute and earnest. She seemed possessed.

She raised her hips and swiped a hand furiously on the top of her pussy. "Oh gawd, I'm wet!" she exclaimed. She rubbed and rubbed, her hips swivelling in sync. I could hear a wet smicking sound over her heavy breathing. Then, she reached between her thighs, grasped my hard-on and angled it towards her. My tip brushed against something wet and then nestled between some soft folds of skin.

She jerked her head back towards me and squeezed my cheeks again. "Look at me!" she demanded, glaring at my eyes. "I want to see you." Then, her eyes glued to me, she sat back ever so slowly, my erection slipping gooily into her moist interior like a spoon glooping into thick pudding. I gasped.

"That's it!" she exclaimed, pulling her hips back up and sitting down on me again. "That's it! Look at me." She pulled herself up and down again, her wet jelly forming around my shaft. She opened her mouth to breath. I gasped along with her, and together we stared at each other and puffed.

"Tell me that you like it, Timmy. Tell me," she said breathlessly. She bounced on me like a rider at trot. Her breasts wobbled and bounced on her chest. The sliding on my shaft was overpowering. My cock vibrated, and my balls bubbled. I closed my eyes, but she squeezed my face to look at her.

"I like ... I like ... Ohhh, Mrs ... Mrs ... I'm going to c-c-cum."

She bounced and bounced. "I want you to cum, Timmy."

It was happening. "Inside you," I warned her urgently between gasps. "I'm going to cum inside you."

Bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce. "I want you to, Timmy. Cum for me. Cum for me. Cum inside me."

I squinted and arched my back. My hips thrust into her. "Oappp. Unghhh! UNNGGHHH!!!" I blasted into her. And then again and again. Each squirt surged explosively into her wet confines. I felt like I was going to perforate her stomach. Again and again. And then it was over, and I collapsed on the bed.

I opened my eyes to see her frozen and staring at me as if she were about to sneeze. "Oh GEEZ!!" she yelled, grabbing her pussy, contorting her face and rolling off me. She swiped madly on her pussy lips with her hand and screamed, "Oh gawd!" Swipe, swipe, swipe. "Oh gawd!" Swipe, swipe, swipe. "Oh GAWD!!!"

Her back arched high off the bed and a stream of clear fluid spewed out of her vagina, arcing in the air and splattering onto the floor. "OHHHHH!! UNNGGHHH!!" she grunted, her swiping hand splashing in the fountain of fluid that gushed onto the floor and her legs and the bed. Finally, she flopped on top of the bed, immobile.

I stared at her in shock. I had killed her! I had impaled a vital organ, and its fluids had spouted out of her, killing her instantly. What would my boss say? I would be locked away forever on moral and murder charges. I would ... And then she moved.

She stretched out luxuriantly, her arms reaching over her head and her feet curling towards the end of the bed. Then she rolled onto her side towards me. She propped her head up on her hand and gazed dreamily at my face. "Wow!" she exclaimed. "We made a mess."

"Yes ma'am," I replied with relief.

Giggling, she impersonated me, "Yes ma'am." Then she reached up, grabbed my neck and drew me down to her. I slid in beside her, and she settled her mouth onto mine, contentedly kissing and sucking and chewing on my lips as if we were going to neck that way for the rest of the day.

Suddenly, the lights flipped on. "What in the hell is going on?!" my boss yelled. I jinked my head away from our kissing to see, but Mrs Robertson just lolled onto her back and rested her head on my chest like a pillow. "Mmmmm, wonderful things, Beth," she cooed, reaching her arm back over my body in a lazy stretch and curling her hand around behind my head when she felt it.

My boss looked fit to be tied. "And where the hell have you been?!" she barked at me.

"I ... uh ... I ..."

"Don't lie there and ..." Then she spied the mess all around her. "Oh my gawd!" Glaring at me, she yelled again, "Get your ass back to the room, Timothy. We'll talk later."

I jumped up, grabbed the laptop and sprinted to the bathroom for a towel. Behind me, I could hear Mrs Robertson mewl, "Beth-th-th ..."

"And you!" my boss declared, "You've done it to me again!"

"Beth-th-th ...," Mrs Robertson whimpered again.

"No! Doreen, let go!" Ms Strickland cried. Were they going to fight? I grabbed a bath towel and hustled back through to bedroom to leave, but I was halted by the scene. My boss was lying on top of Mrs Robertson, and the two of them were ... kissing. Huh.

I watched them for a bit. Then I shut off the light and left. There really was a lot about business that I needed to learn.

*** Back to the Room ***

I stuck my head through the crack in the door to check that the corridor was empty, then I stepped out. I had been worried about my boss's reaction, but with the two of them kissing, maybe I was in the clear. I headed towards the stairs. Maybe if I ... Oh no! The room key!

I darted back to the suite, but the door had already closed and locked. I knocked. I worried about interrupting them, but I didn't want to be locked out of my room. I knocked again. ... Darn it!

I scurried to the stairwell and climbed down, my bare feet slapping on the cold concrete steps as I descended. What an idiot I was!

I considered going down to the front desk, but I couldn't bear the thought of having to pass through a lobby full of girls.

At the fifth floor, I stuck my head out the door. A girl was standing at one of the rooms, but once she entered, the hallway was clear. I padded towards my room. I wasn't sure what I would do once I got there, but I needed to check if the boss had left our door open, if that was even possible. Then, as if by magic or willpower, the door opened on its own.

"Ay Papi!" Maria cried as she exited and spotted me. "I come look for you." She brushed her fingers down my bare chest. "Maybe Papi look for Maria too?"

"Maria! This is great! What are you doing here?"

"Mmmm, Papi excited to see Maria, I think." She wrapped her arms around my neck. "Maria bring something for Papi."

My clothes! Man, everything was turning my way now. "Maria, thank you. Can you let me in please?"

"No present for Maria?" She pouted, hanging from my neck.

"Sure, Maria, I'll give you a present. Can we just go inside?"

"No, now. You give Maria present here. Then Maria give Papi present inside."

I scanned the hall for onlookers. It wasn't worth arguing about. I bent down and kissed her on the lips. I had intended to be quick about it, but Maria's lips were so soft and thick and welcoming that I forgot myself and burrowed into them. Then I heard a giggle down the hall and cut it short. Two girls exiting the elevator stared at us and chattered excitedly with each other as they passed.

Maria fanned her hand under her chin. "Oooo, Papi. Picante!" She unlocked the door and grabbed my hand. "Come Papi. You get present now."

Maria threw the door open and hustled me in. As I regained my footing, I turned towards the room, and suddenly, a chorus of squeals split the air. "You found him!" said the roomful of girls in unison. The girls I knew all too well.

Maria nudged me further inside. "Si, Maria find. Now we play game?"

Kathy took my hand and walked me over to the bed. With a light push, she toppled me on top of it. My towel flopped up and then settled back onto me. "That's right, Maria. It's playtime." The girls formed around the sides of the bed. "You were very naughty running out on us like that," Kathy said.

The phone rang, and Maria picked it up. "Si. No, es Maria. ... Si, señora. ... Si, señora. ... I will." Tops and sweatpants were peeling off and being tossed to the floor. A hand landed on my shin and began to slide up my leg. Another hand fell on my shoulder. The girls pressed closer.

Maria appeared at the end of the bed. She unzipped her uniform in a single motion and shrugged it off her body, revealing her tanned, curvy, naked body beneath. "That was Mamasita, Papi. She say she come in one hour to give Papi una recompensa grande." She rolled her R's liberally giving me the message. "Papi do good, I think."

Naked bodies slid in beside me and pressed against my body. My towel was zipped away and disappeared behind the wall of pink flesh. Maria crawled up on the bed between my legs and kneeled between my thighs. "So," Maria asked, "How we play game?"

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