tagInterracial LoveInterracial Female Wrestling Ch. 02

Interracial Female Wrestling Ch. 02


Welcome to yet another exciting match-up at the Interracial Female Wrestling Competition. Tonight, we have a stormy match-up for you. Hailing from the University of Hartford, Connecticut, here comes the very lovely Alexandra Sanchez. A five-foot-eleven, slender and athletic young woman of Black and Hispanic descent. She's a Business Administration major at the University of Hartford and wants to take the American corporate world by storm someday. These days, she runs Track & Field and also competes on the Women's Varsity Rugby Club of her school. Alexandra is a member of the organization known as One Hundred Black Women and the Multicultural Student Alliance at her school. Folks, it's her first match at the Interracial Female Wrestling Competition and we wish her a great and truly warm welcome.

Returning back to the IFWC is none other than Rachel Brendan of Boston College in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts. The six-foot-two, lean and muscular, blonde-haired and blue-eyed Irishwoman is ready for more. After her humiliating defeat at the hands of current Interracial Female Wrestling Champion Jessica White of Howard University, Rachel Brendan is back to kick some ass. The 250-pound Irishwoman has been pumping iron for weeks and feels stronger than ever. Tonight's match promises to be an exciting one. Many people feel that tonight's match-up isn't exactly fair. Why? Alexandra Sanchez is a five-foot-eleven, 210-pound mixed chick going up against a burly, 250-pound Irishwoman. Well, that's what's in the cards tonight and at the IFWC, the female athletes must play the cards they're dealt.

The Interracial Female Wrestling Competition is really taking off, folks. After the excitement of the first match between Jessica White and Rachel Brendan, the ratings went through the roof. Everybody has been talking about the IFWC. And we couldn't be happier. Legions of athletic young women from colleges and universities around America are signing up, along with some non-collegiate women who are qualified due to amateur athlete experience. We've got so many candidates we barely know what to do with them. This means more money in our pockets for sure. Expect the IFWC to expand and get bigger and better.

The two young ladies are circling each other on the mat. They start to grapple. The crowd cheers as they fight fiercely on the wrestling match. The referees watch the match closely. It's over all too fast. Swiftly the bigger and stronger Rachel Brendan takes down Alexandra Sanchez. The referees raises the Irishwoman's hand in the air, declaring her the winner. Alexandra Sanchez lowers her head in defeat. Rachel Brendan looked down at the defeated look on the pretty face of Alexandra Sanchez. The Irishwoman grinned, and ordered the young woman to kneel before her. Hesitantly, Alexandra obeys. Rachel Brendan spreads her legs wide open and orders Alexandra Sanchez to lick her pussy.

The Irishwoman grins as the sexy young woman of Black and Hispanic descent licks her pussy. The crowd watched as a sexy young woman of color knelt before a bossy Irish chick who looked like an ancient Celtic goddess come to life. Humiliated yet strangely turned on at being bossed around by a tall white chick, Alexandra Sanchez licked Rachel Brendan's cunt with gusto. Truth be told, even though she was bossy and dominant with her women, Alexandra had a hidden, submissive side. Rachel figured it out the first time their eyes met on the mat. That's why she won.

Rachel Brendan smiled to herself as Alexandra Sanchez licked her pussy. She only wished it were that upstart Black bitch, Jessica White, who was licking her pussy instead. Rachel had never gotten over her humiliating defeat at the hands of Howard University's stalwart Black female football player, the super tough Jessica White. When she returned to Boston College, she was a campus celebrity. For all the wrong reasons. A big and tall young Irishwoman from Boston's top school defeated by a tough Black chick from Howard University. Rachel's reputation was in shambles and she was doomed to never live it down. She wanted revenge more than anything. Still, she had Jessica White to thank for her sexual awakening.

Ever since Jessica White, the dominant Black Amazon from Howard University fucked her in her mouth, pussy and ass, Rachel Brendan had never been the same. She found herself fantasizing about sex with women. Especially Black women. Her newfound sexual feelings for women scared her. Before her sexual encounter with the unforgettable Jessica White, she didn't consider herself gay or bisexual. Now she was starting to realize that she wasn't straight. In fact, she enjoyed doing sexual things with women. Of course, she liked to be bossy but that's simply her personality. In the Interracial Female Wrestling Competition she could be her true self without fear of reprisal.

Rachel Brendan intended to explore her newfound lust for Black women without fear or shame. Certainly Alexandra Sanchez wasn't a purebred Black American Princess like Jessica White was. Rather, she was mixed, half Black and half Hispanic. Well, half Puerto Rican to be exact. Whatever she was, for Rachel Brendan's purposes, she would do. Alexandra Sanchez was really good at licking pussy. Her bio on the IFWC website indicated that she was an out and proud lesbian. Now, that made a lot of sense to Rachel Brendan. If she was going to dominate the hell out of some Black slut, it might as well be some pussy-licking mixed-race dyke from the city of Hartford, Connecticut. And she did exactly that.

Rachel Brendan whipped out the long and thick strap-on dildo and made Alexandra Sanchez suck on it. The mixed chick sucked the dildo like she was an expert or something. Rachel berated her as she licked the dildo. Yeah, Alexandra Sanchez was definitely a pussy-licking dyke. And Rachel Brendan wanted to make her ass pay for being so damn tempting. She put Alexandra Sanchez on all fours and thrust her strap-on dildo into her cunt. Alexandra gasped as Rachel penetrated her. Rachel laughed and smacked Alexandra's ass while fucking her. She grabbed hold of Alexandra's long black hair and yanked her head back while fucking her. Alexandra yelped. Rachel pulled her hair some more and slammed the dildo even deeper into her cunt. This was turning out to be a lot of fun.

Alexandra Sanchez squealed as she got fucked roughly by Rachel Brendan. A tough tomboy, Alexandra usually prevailed in combat situations against more feminine chicks like Rachel Brendan. She thought the big White chick would be easy to take down. Everyone at Hartford University knew Alexandra Sanchez to be Butch as hell. Well, this time Hartford University's favourite sportswoman bit off more than she could chew. That's why Boston College's very own Rachel Brendan was fucking her roughly on the wrestling mat following her defeat, in front of millions of viewers. Alexandra found herself turned on by this bossy White chick who fucked her like she was a bitch. Rachel ceaselessly berated Alexandra as she fucked her. Her way of spicing up her victory.

After a while, Rachel Brendan tried something different with her chosen bitch, the Butch broad known as Alexandra Sanchez. She spread Alexandra's ass cheeks wide open and slid one finger inside. Alexandra protested and tried to flee. Laughing, Rachel easily overpowered the smaller woman and slammed her dildo inside of her. Yep, the big White woman slammed her strap-on dildo up a Black woman's asshole. Alexandra screamed as she felt Rachel's dildo fill her asshole. Rachel held Alexandra's hips tightly and slammed the dildo up her ass. She told the Black slut that resistance was useless. And smacked her face hard for emphasis. Alexandra blinked in surprise. Rachel grinned mischievously and continued fucking her. Alexandra lowered her head in defeat for the second time and resigned herself to her fate. Rachel happily fucked her in the ass with the dildo. And to really top things off, she made Alexandra lick the dildo clean after fucking her ass with it. Now that's victory well celebrated!

When Rachel Brendan returned to Boston College the following night, she received a hero's welcome. She avenged the Boston Irish by defeating Alexandra Sanchez of Hartford, Connecticut. And she advances in ranking on the Interracial Female Wrestling Competition Boards. She is really catching up to her old nemesis Jessica White. Will things turn out differently if they ever meet again on the wrestling mat? Only time will tell. In the meantime, enjoy the journey friends. The Interracial Female Competition Club is growing by leaps and bounds every day. We have millions of fans across the sexes and races. Stay tuned for more!

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