tagInterracial LoveInterracial Fuck!!!

Interracial Fuck!!!


Don't ya just love Saturday nights? They are so bitchin'

Ready to hit the bars and clubs chasing some gorgeous pussy and ass, I can't wait to get at those women; my mouth is salivating with the anticipation of the hunt. Of course it ain't that easy is it brutha's? After all when your skin colour ain't the same as everyone else in the bar it causes tension, know what I mean bro?

My name is Jimmy, or for the classy chicks I make sure to call myself James, it always works! It wasn't always like this of course, I served my time in a navy SEAL team, only, when I got out I found my skills weren't of use any more. I can kill a man 50 different ways, I can maim a dude with my bare hands, but what use is that in the real world?

Well the navy training has kept me in one piece for the last year, starting with my first pussy hunt. Let me tell you now bro' the first time you walk into a bar where all the dudes have a different colour skin to you, you are gonna have trouble with a capital T! I ain't a small guy, 6 foot 2 and built like a linebacker, but once you start hittin' on the women in these places, it sure brings out the worst in the other dudes in the bar. They all want a piece of you, just 'cos you're chasing their women and they don't like your colour.

The bar I'm hitting tonight has some really cool pussy, it's not my first time here, been to this joint maybe 8 times now, and so the chicks know me and know the size of my cock. Screw one bitch from a place like this and word soon gets around, they all want to try your cock for size!

Of course this was the first bar I also had trouble, I hit on some dudes chick and he took it hard, came at me with a bottle. The fracas lasted about twenty seconds and he was on the floor howling like a baby with a broken arm. His brutha's then tried to jump me and it turned into a brawl, I came out on top and left another four of 'em on the floor with various injuries.

The chick still left the bar with me; she seemed to get a kick out of seeing me deal with her man and his brutha's. I fucked her till she couldn't take any more, five hours of trying my big cock left her pleading for mercy. Ten inches of thick man meat can do that to a bitch, still it worked for me. The following week I was back on the hunt and I had my pick of any woman in the bar.

I parked my car in a side street, taking a quick look around the area, I might be out to lay a chick this night, but I sure as Hell wasn't going to let any dude see me leaving my car, wouldn't do to come back to a nasty surprise would it!

I strolled down the street to the bar on the corner, looked up at the frontage and smiled, I knew I was gonna be lucky tonight! I pushed the door and walked in, all eyes turned to me, the women smiled when they saw who it was, and the guys? Well if they could have killed me by staring they sure would. The scene never altered, those that could persuade their women to leave got up and left, the others slunk back in the corners of the bar, hoping, wishing, that just one of them would have the guts and skill to take me down.

I ordered a drink and the barkeep slid it over to me, yes I'd had my trouble with him too, I had to kick his ass to make him understand that I would not accept his attitude, he was gonna serve me just like he served all the other dudes in there.

It wasn't but a minute or so before a chick approached me, making a grab for the front of my pants, I smiled at her and spoke a few words, she was a hot bitch that's for sure, I'd had her several times, but tonight I wanted new pussy. I looked around and saw my target, sat at a table with two guys; the music was playing so I walked across and invited her to dance.

The two dudes began to rise, I knew what was coming but it was the price to be paid for fucking their woman, I smiled.

The first to get out of his seat pulled a knife, with a quick flash of hands, I had taken hold of his wrist and twisted in a downward motion, the knife dropped from his grip and his wrist snapped so quickly he didn't even know about it. I took a step back pulling him toward me by the sleeve of his jacket, my other forearm coming up and hitting him under his nose striking up violently, the crack of bone as his nose shattered was audible over the music, he fell to the floor, his buddy saw the lightning speed with which I had struck and cowardly sat back down.

The bitch caught her breath and looked up at me as I calmly held out my hand and invited her to dance once more.

The other patrons had seen it all before and no-one made a move to help the dude on the floor, fucking cowards the lot of 'em! I come in here and help myself to their pussy and they let me take it.

The dance over I walked calmly from the bar with the chick, strolled down the street and picked up my car, thirty minutes later we were in my apartment stripped for action.

My this baby was stacked! 5 feet 8inches of luscious woman, I was gonna enjoy fucking her. Her tits must have been 38DD's but in perfect proportion to her body and for once they were all natural, not silicone wannabe's, a nice shaved snatch with a pierced navel, her thick black hair hung to her shoulders.

She caught sight of my cock standing proudly and gasped, falling to her knees she wrapped those lips around it, taking its girth in both hands she began a very expert blowjob, even so she was barely able to take just a few inches into her mouth. I took hold of her hair in both hands and began to face fuck her. Each thrust making her gag, but what did I care? She'd get used to it, they all did and then begged for more.

Each withdrawal of my cock brought strings of saliva running from her mouth and dripping onto those big tits. I rammed it back in making her gag once more, then forced as much as I could down her throat, she was fighting me back, using her hands to push against my thighs but I held her there savouring the power I had over this fragile thing.

I let her go and she fell to the floor gasping for breath, her hair a black mess falling across her face. My cock having a life of its own and bouncing up and down wanting more, only when she was impaled on its length would it be truly satisfied.

I picked her up and threw her on the bed, her legs fell open, she lay like a rag doll yet the fire in her eyes showed she wanted more, much more. He pussy was leaking like a faucet, she would need that and more to take me, I fell between her thighs forcing them apart, her arms came up to grab my neck and pull me down toward her.

My cock touched her pussy and she involuntarily jumped at its touch, I reached down and parted her lips letting my cock head access the inner parts of her, I moved forward and she gasped as it began to enter her. I paused as my cock broached the tightness of her pussy. I looked down at her and grinned before lunging forward and burying the whole ten inches in her.

She howled like an animal, long and lingering, my grin spread wider.

Oh she was tight, very tight, obviously never had a cock of my size before, each movement I could feel her muscles hanging onto my shaft. I pushed even deeper making her gasp even louder, she squirmed about but there was no escaping. My rhythm built up steadily and her thrashing about slowed, she was getting used to it now and had begun to enjoy it, soon, very soon, she would orgasm and then I had her, she would be begging for more.

I fucked her like an animal for 4 hours, missionary, doggy, any which way I could come up with, until like all the rest she began to plead that she was too sore to continue. Tonight though would be different, tonight I felt like fucking this one in the ass. I pulled out and turned her over, pulling her up to her knees, she thought I was gonna plunder her pussy again until she felt me spit on her ass, then she began to panic, but it was too late, I held her firmly on the edge of the bed.

Then began the slow process of stretching out that asshole, I didn't know if she was an anal virgin or not, I was gonna have it and give her something to take back to lover boy. I could almost hear the audible pop as my cock forced its way past the tightness of her ass, if she had screamed loudly when I fucked her pussy, it was nothing compared to now. I pushed deeply and the scream was ear splitting.

I slapped her ass cheeks and watched as my cock disappeared into her ass. I took hold of those shapely hips and began to pound into her, I was gonna unload the biggest cum-shot of the night and leave it up her ass for her boyfriend. I was gonna enjoy making this boy a cuckold, taking his bitch and then returning her full and used.

I was near to blowing my cum in her ass, she was used to it by now and had sunk into the bed just moaning to herself. I watched getting more and more turned on as my cock defiled her round ass, I came hard and buried myself deep in her. My cum drained from my balls and filled her ass, I pulled out and let her fall to the bed before climbing on and making her suck me clean.

Me being the mean mutherfucker that life has made me didn't give her time to clean up, just made her get dressed and then out the door. I was being the gentleman and driving her back to the club, what more did the bitch expect? Pulling to the sidewalk I pushed her door open and tossed the black bitch's ass out.

WHAT? You thought that only black dudes with big cocks had the monopoly of interracial sex? Wake up and smell the coffee dudes, welcome to my world!

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