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Interracial Wife Swap


It's a sign of how well things went that for months afterwards, Jake and I both claimed credit for the idea.

It all started with a casual conversation one Friday after work. As usual, Jake and I went out for drinks together. He and I had hit it off right away when he joined my department six years ago, and we've been tight ever since. We work out together at the company gym four times a week (you could call us fitness nuts), we were in each other's weddings, and we've always had each other's back. Even though he's black and I'm white, we've been friends from the beginning. We've always been very, very open with each other.

And so, it wasn't unusual that we were complaining to each other about our sex lives that Friday. Jake had married Ja'Nell 4 years ago, and at the time they got hitched, she was his version of the ideal physical specimen. Which is to say, she carried a few extra pounds, and had thick thighs and what Jake lovingly called a "ghetto booty." She wasn't fat, but she was too chubby for my tastes. My wife, Susan, was just the opposite when we got married 5 years ago. Susan had been a collegiate cross country runner, and was quite slender, albeit with large and damn fine breasts. Unfortunately for each of us, the women we married had changed over the years. Ja'Nell had gone on a fitness kick, lost about 30 pounds, and now looked slender and tight. Susan, meanwhile, had gained 40 pounds, and was now soft all over, with floppy 36DD tits.

I can't honestly say who confessed to it first, but ultimately Jake and I each confessed to problems at home in bed. Of course, we both still loved our wives, but neither of us was happy with how things were in bed at home, and we were both smart enough to figure out that our wives probably felt the same way. Jake said that Ja'Nell had lost too much weight, and he just didn't find her as desirable as he did when they got married. "Man, I miss having a woman with CURVES," he said.

My problem, of course, was exactly the opposite. I told Jake, "There's too much Susan for me. I can't tell you what I'd give to have a nice, firm woman again."

"Maybe we should just swap wives every once in a while," I joked. Jake laughed for a second, but then paused. Neither of us spoke for a moment. We looked at each other, and the plan began to take shape.

For the next several Fridays, we made our plans, talked about proposed ground rules, and conspiratorially discussed ways to convince our wives that this would be a good idea. Then, one bright Friday in June, we decided we were ready to try to take the next step. We both vowed to raise the issue with our wives that weekend, and parted with a handshake.

I guess Susan hadn't been happy with our sex life, either, because when I broached the subject of an "adventure" with Jake and Ja'Nell, it didn't take her more than a second to agree.

That next Monday morning, I was so excited that I got to work half an hour early. Jake was already there, leaning against his car, with a huge shit-eating grin on his face.

We were on.

That next Friday, Jake and I didn't go to our usual bar for after-work drinks. Instead, we hurried off to a downtown high-rise hotel. Susan and Ja'Nell were waiting for us in the bar.

Even though I didn't find Susan's looks quite to my liking anymore, I had to admit that she was looking very fine that night. Her long brown hair was gathered in a ponytail, and she wore a professional-looking, feminine black business type-outfit over a clingy white blouse that hugged her massive tits. Jake's jaw dropped when he saw her.

Susan looked hot, but my attention was mostly drawn to Ja'Nell. She'd taken a much different approach than Susan had. Ja'Nell wore a tight little one-piece red dress that clung to her slim, feminine hips and accentuated the perky little tits that rode high up on her chest. She looked like an African goddess, and I couldn't take my eyes off of her. She must have noticed, because she smiled at me, and I saw her sharp nipples grow hard to the point where they were readily visible through her tight dress. I could feel my cock start to stir to life.

We had a few drinks in the bar, and talked and laughed for awhile. I felt like a teenager on my first date. The anticipation was torture, and the air was thick with the expectation of sex.

We came to a lull in the conversation, and Jake, grinning, announced that it was time to go up to our room. Our wives both giggled. My wife leaned over and gave Jake a kiss on the cheek. Ja'Nell stood up, took my hand in hers, and we headed on up to the room.

Our room had two king-size beds in it, and we wasted little time putting them to us. Jake and Susan sat down next to each other on one of the beds, and Ja'Nell and I sat down on the other, facing them. Jake put his left arm around Susan's shoulders, and reached over with his right hand and started caressing her thighs through her skirt. The leaned into each other and kissed deeply.

I'd wondered how I'd react to seeing my wife and my best friend going at it, but my fears quickly went away as I watched them. Here was my best friend, who I knew I could trust, and my wife, who I loved. They were giving and receiving pleasure from each other, and I knew that this was no threat to me. They were having much-needed fun, and I found myself to be decidedly in favor of that.

Ja'Nell and I held hands and watched our spouses make out for a while. Suddenly, Ja'Nell stood up, moved in front of me, and slipped her dress off. She stood before me wearing only a black thong. I reached up and took her small, pert breasts in my hands for a few seconds, then pulled her close to me. Her proud, jet-black nipples were swollen and pointing out what seemed like at least half an inch from her firm little mocha-colored tits, and I just had to suck on them. I wrapped my mouth around one of her tits and sucked firmly. She threw her head back and moaned.

After a few minutes of sucking on those perky tits, I was ready to move on. I stood up, and nudged her down onto the bed. I knelt down on the floor and pulled Ja'Nell's slim hips close to me. She lay down on her back, and spread her legs. I buried my face in her crotch, which was still encased in her thong. Her panties were already wet with excitement and passion, even before I started licking her cunt through the sheer fabric that still covered it. I ran my hands over her thighs while I firmly ran my tongue all over her swelling pussy. She writhed and moaned with ecstasy, and shuddered through her first orgasm.

Right after she came, Ja'Nell slipped off her thong and spread her legs again. I had a perfect view of her pretty little brown pussy, its lips glistening with her juices, and topped with a neatly trimmed little V of dark black hair. She leaned back on the bed again, and spoke in a dusky, sexy voice. "Eat out my cunt, white boy," she commanded. I didn't need to be asked twice, and again buried my face in her snatch. I lapped at the folds of her little cunt, flicked the tip of my tongue repeatedly over her swollen clit, and then sucked on it. She was coming again and again, yelling, "oh baby, that's it!"

With all the action between me and Ja'Nell, I hadn't really given Jake and my wife too much thought. I looked over at Jake and Susan, and saw that they were still sitting on their bed, but now they were completely naked. Jake was tonguing and sucking on Susan's huge saggy tits, and his long tongue traced lazy circles around her erect nipples and enormous areola. I could see one of his long black fingers alternately appearing and disappearing in my wife's sopping pink cunt. Susan was looking down, watching Jake licking and sucking on her pale breasts, and I saw that her pudgy white hand was wrapped around Jake's black cock.

Jake's nude body was a thing to behold. His skin was inky black, and his body rippled all over with muscles. But his cock belied the stereotype of black men as being well-hung. His dick was slender and no more than five inches long, but it was obviously rock hard, and the visual effect of seeing my somewhat pudgy white wife enjoying this black Adonis, my best friend, was incredibly erotic.

My wife leaned down to where Jake was sucking her tits, and whispered something in his ear. All at once, they both got up and moved into a sixty-nine position, with Susan on the bottom. Jake slowly slipped his black dick into my wife's mouth as his long tongue lapped at her pussy.

By now, Ja'Nell must have come a dozen times. She grinned wickedly and announced "your turn, baby." I stood up and finally undressed down to my boxers. Ja'Nell knelt down in front of me, and staring at the huge bulge in my underwear, said "let's see what you got, white boy." She slid her hands inside my waistband, and slowly eased my boxers down.

Now, you need to know that just like Jake doesn't match the stereotype of black guys, I don't match the stereotype of white guys. I've got a thick, ten-inch cock, and Ja'Nell's eyes got wide the second she saw it spring free. "Susan told me it was huge, but my God..." she stammered. "I've always wanted to be fucked by a huge cock like this."

Frankly, my being so well-endowed had been something of a curse in my marriage. Susan was never quite comfortable accommodating my dick when we had sex, and she gagged the first time she blew me. As a result, her oral efforts were usually pretty desultory and unsatisfying to me. She would try her best, but I could always tell that she was blowing me out of a sense of obligation more than any real pleasure. Jake's smaller dick was tailor-made for her, and as I glanced over at where he and my wife were sixty-nining, I could see that he was now furiously fucking her mouth as if it were a second cunt, and she seemed to be having no trouble handling him. In fact, it was obvious she was thoroughly enjoying him thrusting his ebony dick in and out of her mouth while he was fucking her pussy with his tongue. Her thick thighs were quivering with repeated orgasms, and she kept bobbing her head up and down to match his thrusts into her face. His big black balls bounced off her face, and I could hear her muffled groans of delight.

Fortunately for me, Ja'Nell quickly demonstrated she had no trouble handling my massive tool. Still kneeling in front of me, she grabbed me around my shaft with one hand and lifted my engorged cock so she could get to the underside. She stuck out her pointy little tongue and gently and ever so slowly used just the tip of it to lick my thick shaft from the base of my balls all the way to the tip of my twitching dick. Ja'Nell's big brown eyes looked directly into mine as she finally wrapped her soft, full lips around the swollen head of my cock. With almost excruciating slowness, she slid more and more of me into her mouth. In just a few seconds, she'd already taken more of me into her than my wife ever did. I could feel my dick swelling as she swallowed more and more of my massive erection. I could feel the head of my cock sliding all the way down her throat. I loved watching the contrast of my white cock and her caramel-colored face as she took all of me into her hot, wet mouth.

Then, almost at the same time, we all evidently decided we'd had enough of the preliminaries. Jake patted my wife on the thigh, and they broke off their sixty-nine. His powerful black hands positioned Susan on her hands and knees on the bed, and he moved behind her and slid his rock-hard cock into her, doggy-style. He kneaded her flabby asscheeks slowly as his slender little black dick jumped in and out of her juicy shaved cunt. Jake's taut, muscular black body glistened with sweat, and his face was contorted in a look of pure abandon. Susan's ass, thighs and belly jiggled as Jake thrust in and out of her, and her huge pendulous tits swung violently. She was screaming, "oh yeah, Jake, give me that hard black cock!" My wife and my best friend were putting on quite a show.

I pulled Ja'Nell off my dick, and tugged her to her feet. I led her by the hand over to a chair, and I sat down. Ja'Nell instantly knew what I had in mind, and she immediately straddled me. I wasn't sure whether my huge cock would fit into Ja'Nell, but she was clearly lubricated enough and up for the task, because she didn't hesitate for a second. She reached down with her left hand and guided the massive head of my cock to her slick little pussy lips. I slid inside her, and she settled down into my lap.

Ja'Nell's tight little cunt wrapped around me like a glove, and I could feel the head of my cock lodged firmly against her cervix. I cupped her firm little asscheeks in my hands, and she began rocking back and forth and bucking her hips. "Oh, that feels so fucking good to have your big white cock in my little black pussy," she moaned. She was unbelievably tight around my dick. Ja'Nell and I kissed deeply, our tongues exploring each other's mouth. I could feel her rock-hard nipples brushing against my chest as we fucked. I loved how firm and tight her ass felt, and the feel of her taut black belly against mine as her cunt contracted around my cock.

I'd been trying to hold off on cumming for as long as possible, but after about ten minutes, Ja'Nell's tight wet cunt was about to push me over the edge. I broke off our kiss, and whispered into her ear, "Ja'Nell, I'm going to cum." She got a wicked grin on her face, and then to my surprise, she hopped off my lap. My cock, slick and shiny with her pussy juices, flopped free. I didn't know what to expect next, but I couldn't hold back any longer. Ja'Nell fell to her knees in front of me, just a split second before a huge jet of cum shot out of my dick. My wad splattered on her face in a long line from her forehead to her chin. Before my second spurt, Ja'Nell had grabbed me with both hands around my shaft, and guided the head of my pulsing cock into her mouth. She sucked as hard as she could on the head while jacking me off with her hands, and I shot spurt after spurt of scorching cum into her. She loudly sucked, gulped, and swallowed again and again as I pumped what seemed like a gallon of sperm down her throat.

Ja'Nell sucked on my cock until I finished cumming, then looked up at me with her pretty dark eyes, and smiled. Her smooth, coffee skin was a mess, with my cum dripping off her face and dribbling down her chin.

Ja'Nell and I then turned our attention to Jake and Susan, who were still going at it on their bed. Every once in a while, Susan would raise her torso up and lean back into Jake, so her back would be against his muscular chest. Jake would cup her massive tits in his hands and whisper things into her ear. I could hear him saying "you like black dick, you white bitch?" Her moans of ecstasy provided the answer as he continued to thrust into her from behind.

Suddenly, Jake forcefully pushed Susan back down onto all fours. He grabbed two big handfuls of Susan's ample ass, arched his back, and shouted. I could tell he was cumming deep into my wife's willing cunt. His six-pack abs slapped against Susan's fleshy ass as he pumped his seed into her.

After a few moments, Susan exhaustedly rested her chest down on the bed, leaving her broad white ass stuck in the air. Jake massaged her ass and stared lovingly at it, until his softening cock slid out from her pussy. A huge string of his cum ran from the slit of his cock back into my wife's pussy, and I could see Jake's cum oozing out of her sopping hole.

We were off to a great start.


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