tagInterracial LoveInterracial Wife Swap Ch. 3

Interracial Wife Swap Ch. 3


We each returned to our spouses, cuddled, and drifted off to sleep. As we checked out of the hotel the next morning, we went ahead and made reservations for the very next weekend.

The hours seemed to crawl by during the next week. Two or three nights that week, Susan and I made love. Each time I kissed Susan, I experienced an erotic charge remembering how sexy it looked seeing that same mouth fucked by Jake's black cock. And every time I closed my eyes, I could vividly remember the sight of my semen dripping off Ja'Nell's gorgeous ebony face, and the way Ja'Nell's dark eyes gazed in wonder at my huge white prick after I shot my load all over her. Each time Susan and I had sex during that week of waiting, she and I talked about how it had felt to be with our new black lovers. Susan commented appreciatively on Jake's oral skills, and also about how impossibly hard his black cock had felt as he made love to her. I told Susan about how deeply I'd managed to sink my huge cock into Ja'Nell's tight little ebony mouth and pussy. The memories and talking about the past weekend tremendously enhanced our lovemaking.

After a week of aching anticipation, the time for our next adventure with Jake and Ja'Nell finally rolled around. Susan and I knew it would be another special night, and we prepared accordingly. It was fun watching Susan primp for her black lover as if she were an eager teenager going on her first date. It seemed like it took forever for her to pick something to wear, but she finally settled on a black bra that barely contained her ample chest, sheer black panties, and a black dress that accentuated and clung to her feminine curves. She dabbed a bit of perfume on, smiled at herself in the mirror.

"Don, don't be surprised by anything I do tonight. I'm going to give myself up completely to Jake," she announced matter-of-factly.

I kissed her deeply, smiled, then replied, "I expect nothing less!"

With our hearts pounding in our chests and the stirrings of lust in our loins, we headed downtown to the hotel to meet Jake and Ja'Nell.

I assume Jake was smartly and fashionably dressed, as usual, but I really didn't notice him much. My gaze was captured by Ja'Nell, who wore jeans and a skin-tight black halter top that hugged her small but perfectly formed, firm little breasts. I knew that in minutes, I'd be tonguing and sucking them, and it was all I could do to wait patiently as we checked in.

As soon as the door to our room clicked shut, Jake and Susan locked in a hot embrace and their mouths met in a scorching French kiss. Jake's big, strong black hands roamed freely all over my wife, teasing and caressing her. Susan fumbled with Jake's clothes, hurriedly trying to get at him.

Meanwhile, Ja'Nell and I were exchanging soft, sexy wet kisses while she eagerly massaged the rapidly expanding bulge in my pants. My hands were cupped around Ja'Nell's firm little tits, while my thumbs circled her big, rock hard nipples through her blouse.

Soon, my wife had Jake completely naked, and I again noted how taut and muscular his body was. Jake's slender, handsome black cock stood at attention, with a drop of precum already visibly glistening on its plum-colored tip. Susan pushed Jake down onto the bed, and stood back. After a split second of admiring Jake, she began slowly and sensuously stripping off her clothes. Jake gasped as Susan freed her massive white tits. As soon as Susan finished undressing, she stepped up directly in front of Jake, and Jake buried his black face in Susan's chest, eagerly sucking on her huge creamy breasts. Susan moaned appreciatively.

Before long, Susan gently pushed Jake off her breasts, and knelt down before him. Susan's eyes were completely focused on Jake's cock. She reached up, almost tentatively, and wrapped her left hand around his shaft. The white skin of her fingers provided a highly erotic visual contrast to the taut black skin of Jake's erection. As Susan slowly but firmly jacked him off, I noticed the glint of our wedding ring on her hand. Watching my white wife pleasing that strong black man was the sexiest thing I'd ever seen.

Susan soon looked up into Jake's eyes, as if seeking his permission. Jake nodded down at her, and Susan leaned forward and took his stiff black cock into her mouth. She slowly bobbed her head back and forth at first, then pulled back and began worshipping his cock with her tongue. She licked and sucked at his cock and balls, tracing every vein with the tip of her pink tongue. All the while, Susan looked Jake straight in the eyes, as if she were a servant intent only on pleasing her black master. Jake reached down between his legs, and I watched as he ran his big black fingers through Susan's hair for a second, then firmly thrust his hard ebony dick into my wife's eager mouth.

Susan needed no further prodding, and she began giving Jake the sloppiest, sluttiest blowjob I could have imagined. Over and over, she'd pull her head back to where just the knob of Jake's dick was in her mouth, then she'd thrust her head downward until her chin met his scrotum. My wife's cheeks alternately hollowed and bloated as she worked him over, and Jake's shaft glistened with her saliva.

In all the excitement, I'd almost forgotten about Ja'Nell. She and I feverishly undressed, and then I sat down on the bed across from Jake and Susan and pulled Ja'Nell over to me. I cupped one of her firm little mocha tits in one hand, and took her other breast into my mouth. I could feel her long black nipple harden in my mouth as I firmly and forcefully sucked on it. I massaged Ja'Nell's tight black ass with my free hand, and she moaned with delight.

Maybe Ja'Nell felt like Susan was getting the best of her, because Ja'Nell soon broke away from me and dropped to her knees with her face just inches from my massive erection. Ja'Nell wrapped both of her hands around my shaft, and guided my dick to her mouth.

"Oh baby, I want this thick white cock in my black pussy," she growled. As Ja'Nell stared immodestly at my massive hard-on, she gently brushed it with her soft, full black lips, and flicked her tongue over the head of my cock. Then, she lustily took me into her warm, willing mouth.

I looked over at Jake and Susan, and saw that now she was on the edge of the bed on all fours, and Jake was kneeling on the floor behind her. He reached up, and each of has hands took a handful of one of Susan's ample pale asscheeks. He gripped them like he was palming a basketball, then gently spread them apart. Suddenly, Jake thrust his head forward, and I knew he was tonguing Susan's asshole. I couldn't see exactly what Jake was doing with his tongue because his head blocked my view, but I could tell exactly how much Susan was loving it. I could see her broad white buttocks quivering with ecstasy on either side of Jake's black head.

While Jake and my wife were having their fun, I decided it was time for Ja'Nell and I to get what we wanted. I stood up and pulled Ja'Nell to her feet. We met in a hot, deep kiss, and our tongues explored each other. I could taste my precum on her lips and in her mouth.

I reached around her and again grabbed her taut black ass, and lifted her up off the ground. Ja'Nell was so slender, lithe, and light, that she seemed to weigh no more than a feather, and it was easy for me to hold her up in the air against my chest. Ja'Nell threw her arms around my shoulders, wrapped her legs around my waist, and pulled herself up a little bit as if she were going to climb me. As if by magic, the head of my cock found the lips of her black pussy. Ja'Nell's sex seemed impossibly slick and wet, and she lowered herself on my chest a fraction of an inch. I felt my dick slide all the way up into her cunt as our tongues dueled. I was again amazed that she was able to accommodate all of me.

Ja'Nell broke off our kiss. "I love your big white dick. Fuck me with it! I'm your fucking bitch. Fuck me with that huge cock!" she hissed.

Ja'Nell and I soon had a rhythm going, as she bounced up and down against my chest, without any part of her touching the floor. My hands underneath her ass gave her all the support she needed. Her arms and legs hugged me tightly, and her hot wet pussy was wrapped every bit as tightly around my massive erection.

Back on the other side of the room, I observed that Jake was now on the bed behind Susan. Susan's chest rested on the bed, flattening her huge white tits. Jake's powerful muscles bulged all over and glistened with sweat. To my shock, I saw that Jake had a tube of lubricant out, and was smearing its contents around Susan's asshole.

Because my dick is so big, Susan and I have never tried anal sex. Every once in awhile, I've stuck a finger in her ass as we made love, but anything more seemed to be out of the question. Yet there I was, watching my wife with her white ass raised high in the air, waiting for it be violated by my black best friend.

Every muscle in Jake's body seemed to tense up as he firmly grasped my wife's ass. Susan reached back underneath her belly, her ivory hands found Jake's lubed, iron-hard black shaft, and she put the head of his dick against her anus. Jake spread her ass further apart, and gently slid the head into her. Inch by inch, Jake's ebony cock disappeared into my wife's soft white ass.

"That's it Jake – give it all to me. Fuck my white ass," Susan exclaimed.

Jake's hands let go of Susan's buttocks, and he leaned over her and slid his knees back on the bed. Susan's knees splayed further apart, and then they were there on the bed in front of me – Susan lying completely flat on her stomach, and Jack lying with his muscular black body resting on Susan's back. Jake began fucking my wife's ass almost violently, and Susan, for her part, was gasping and pressing her ass up against Jake as he plowed into her rectum with his hard black dick. My wife seemed to be having one constant orgasm as Jake thrust into her again and again.

The sight of my otherwise sweet wife enjoying being fucked like an animal up the ass by a powerful, black man was all it took to push me over the edge. I let Ja'Nell slide further down onto my thick, pulsating dick. The head of my cock lodged firmly against her cervix, and my orgasm seemed to explode inside of her. Ja'Nell's tight black body quivered with ecstasy as I pumped jet after jet of hot cum inside her. Ja'Nell and I held each other tight, her rock hard black nipples crushed into my chest, until I felt my cock slip out of her sated pussy. I let Ja'Nell down, and took her hands in mine as we watched our spouses go at it across the room.

On the other bed, Jake was picking up the pace as he continued to ride my wife's ass, bareback. In a matter of moments, I saw him thrust into her as deeply as he could, and watched his ass and thighs quiver as he shot his load deep into my wife's rectum. It was an incredible sight.

For awhile, Jake just lay on top of Susan, and the only sounds in the room were the four of us panting from all our exertion.

Then Jake slid his shrinking black dick out of my wife's ass. He moved Susan around to where her ass was facing me and Ja'Nell, lifted up Susan's hips so she was once again on her knees, and spread Susan's cheeks apart again. I could see Jake's cum leaking copiously from my wife's anus.

Jake looked at me and in a firm voice, said "It wouldn't do for this white girl to be going around with a black man's cum dripping out of ass. Clean it up, white boy."


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Your wife is Black? So read stories about White Men and Black Women, assholes!!!

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Well, you really fucked that up

The story would have been alright until you had to put in that fucking stupid ending.

It would have been good if susans hubby said something like. "Your shit, you clean it up nigger".

Lets face it, allmore...

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