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I lay in bed next to him, my face resting in the crook between his neck and shoulder. Breaths coming regularly, my body pressing against him with each movement of my rising breasts, I was content, for now. I could hear no sound other than our ticking hearts. We were in a weekend resort near Mumbai.

We had been married a year back and our sex life was never better. After the initial frenzy of sex twice or thrice a day in the honeymoon period it had nicely settled down to sex almost every night and more on weekends. Akshay was a nice caring husband and was equally good in bed too. He did have some problems controlling his orgasms initially but now he had more grasp over his ejaculations and could satisfy me for longer period of time. We both weren't new to sex though as we both had experimented before we got married and had confessed to that to each other. Akshay believed that past was meant to be forgotten and now that we both were together, he was sure we wouldn't need anyone else.

We had booked this holiday well in advance and wanted to get away from the hustle and bustle of Mumbai city. The resort was nicely located about 100 kms away from the city by the National highway and it took us about 2 hours to reach the place. The place was recommended by friends and it was a nice cozy resort with luxurious bungalows for us to stay in with all the amenities one can need for a peaceful holiday.

After reaching and checking in the resort by lunchtime we had a bit heavy lunch and then tucked in to our bed in the poolside bungalow provided to us. Akshay as usual got rid of his t shirt and pants and decided to sleep only in his boxers. I changed into a comfortable t-shirt and shorts myself and lied next to him, hugging him. Sex was on our mind but we decided to doze off a bit to recharge ourselves after the long drive and heavy lunch.

"You awake?" He asked. Looking up, I smiled sleepily at him. It was past 4 pm now.

"I love you," I whispered, tightening my arms around his body and pulling him in for a good deep wet kiss. Nothing like a wet kiss to awaken your senses. His hands were unbuttoning my t shirt already and I put my hands on his boxer, where something was stirring!

He whispered sweet nothings, his voice filling my ears and making me tingle all over. A soft laugh escaped my throat as he got rid of my t shirt buttons and was fumbling with my bra. I decided to help the matter and unbuttoned my shorts and slid them down. My bra was off in the next minute and I was only in my little flowery cotton panties now, kissing him deeply.

We broke the kiss and I got rid of my unbuttoned t shirt and the panties while he got rid of his boxers. We hugged again and I threw a leg over his waist, pushing my warm crevice against his hard leg. I snuggled impossibly closer to him. His lips were barely a hair away from mine, his sweet breath filling my nostrils. I closed my eyes and we kissed again.

This time my tongue went further than his lips. His moan filled my throat as he succumbed to my tongue's caresses, and underneath my bare leg I felt his groin stir. Twisting my body a bit, releasing my arm from underneath his heavy weight, I pulled myself atop him, either leg on either side of his firm body, our lips still connected as I explored with my recently freed hand.

My fingers found his still growing member and wrapped themselves around the warm staff. I began to tease his cock. Beneath me he groaned, as he pushed his hips up towards mine, pushing his cock into the palm of my hand, an artificial orifice created by my fingers.

In my hand, his cock swelled larger, pulsing against the palm of my hand as I continued to stroke it slowly and smiling to myself I made my way further down his body.

His tough hands moved across my smooth back, sending a tingle down my spine. He felt my shiver, I was sure of it, and moved his hands up to my shoulders, practically pushing me the last few inches on his cock. He was holding my breasts now as I slowly slid over him, engulfing his thickness slowly. "Oh god," he moaned, pushing himself upwards, trying to spear my body into two as his hot cock sliced through me tearing me apart.

It didn't take much before he was gripping me tightly, trying to take control but more or less along for the ride as I moved swiftly up and down his cock. His hands tightened over my breasts. His body seemed to be vibrating underneath me, his belly flexing each time I dove down on his staff, his flesh quivering when I pulled up. Up and down I went riding him. I could feel it was about time for me and him. It was approaching.

The door to the room opened with a slight noise but we hardly noticed any sound as a man slowly walked towards our bed. I had my eyes closed and was concentrating on the approaching orgasm as I rode up and down over Akshay's thick cock splitting my body. Neither I nor Akshay noticed the guy tiptoe behind us and watching us in action.

Akshay seems to have noticed him first. "WHAT THE FUCK, who are you?" he screamed. It took me few seconds to come back to earth. I was on top of Akshay with his cock engulfed inside my pussy.It wasn't easy to stop from where I already was and I almost continued to ride as Akshay tried to get up. His screaming voice startled me and I almost fell back trying to balance myself.

The guy standing behind us took out a small knife in his hand and put it on my heaving shoulders as I tried to get off Akshay's cock. "Don't you dare stop" whispered the stranger. Akshay tried to get up but saw the knife in the stranger's hand and stopped.

It was an incredible situation. I was buck naked riding Akshay with his cock entrenched deep inside me, both of us close to orgasm. An orgasm which now seemed farther with a strange sense of fear engulfing us. This was an interruption we never anticipated.

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