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I was dreaming. Soft ocean breezes blew across my face. The sun played off the waves before me. The sand felt cool beneath my feet. I looked down at my body. I was naked. I looked all around me. The beach was empty. Palm trees rustled in the breeze overhead. I felt at-ease and content. I tested the water...warm. I waded in. The water lapped the tops of my feet, the back of my knees...my pussy touched the surface. Mmmmmm...good.

I continued deeper...my waist, my belly, my breasts. The warmth of Mother Ocean enveloped me. Spray lapped at my face. My breasts swam in the waves. I touched them, my nipples hardened...

A kiss, deep and warm, sensual...filled my mouth. I closed my eyes giving myself to the kiss, so tender, so soft, so erotic...

A kiss? The beach is empty!

I woke and opened my eyes. Annette was kissing me; her eyes closed. Her hands were in my hair. I looked around. The TV. The sofa. We were still in the living room.

The kiss ended and Annette opened her sky blue eyes. She smiled. "Good morning," she said. "Hi," I replied, "That was nice." She kissed me again. I found my arms and wrapped them around her, stroking her strong back and pulling her breasts to mine. We were under a comforter with pillows under our heads. She caressed the side of my face, looking at me. "What happened?" I said, "What day is this?" Annette giggled. "Saturday, silly," she laughed, "We fell asleep. I woke up later and you were out. I got the bedding and we slept right here."

"Oh," I answered. Morning sunlight touched the windows.

"How do you feel?" she asked running her fingers through my hair. I looked at her face, her beautiful model face smiling down at me. I stretched languidly. "Wonderful," I replied. She smiled and pushed the comforter off my breasts. We were both still naked. "How about you?" I asked, "You're okay with last night?" I took in her athletic body as she crouched lower looking at mine. "Oh yeahhhh," she cooed. Her muscles flexed, looking so sexy. "I liked it," I said quietly, "I liked loving you." She looked at my boobs and lowered her face to them, kissing them. "Good," she said, "Because it's your turn, you know." I smiled at the thought and closed my eyes. She licked my right breast and traced the tip of her tongue slowly over to my left. I breathed in deeply making my chest rise. Annette's blonde hair caressed my skin as she moved her head from one breast to the other. "So sensual, what this woman could do, so soft..." I thought.

I opened my eyes and looked down at her. Her pointed tongue licked my left nipple in soft, little circles around and around... Her hands cupped my breasts from below and squeezed gently, milking them. "I love your tits," she whispered. I breathed deeply again as she licked them. "I love your tongue," I replied and placed my hands on her shoulders caressing her gently. Annette rode her tongue over to my right breast and licked my nipple. My nipples were hard. I could feel my breasts expanding, getting full. She sucked my nipple into her mouth and bit it gently with her teeth. I moaned. I opened my eyes and looked at her. Through the blonde hair across her face, she looked at me like a jungle cat.

She put her hands on mine and guided them to my breasts, cupping their fullness. She sucked my left nipple into her mouth, sucking it hard. "Oh!" I said breathless. I arched my back into her face and closed my eyes. Her mouth was hot. Her hands moved down my sides to my waist. "Pinch your nipples for me," she whispered. I opened my eyes and looked at her. She shook her head getting her hair out of her face. I smiled at her, placing my nipples between my thumb and index fingers. I started rolling them slowly. Little electric jolts traveled down my body to my pussy. I squeezed my thighs together; inhaling and exhaling slowly. Annette chuckled a low husky laugh. I looked at her.

She was sitting up watching me caress my boobs. Her hard little nipples stood straight out like two darts thrown into the center of her small little breasts. I knew she was wet again; I could smell her scent. I reached for her breasts, but she caught my hands and put them back on mine. "No...your turn," she said and smiled, "Besides, I have something I must do."

I raised my eyebrows and cocked my head to one side questioning her. She bent down and licked the sensitive undersides of my breasts as I continued to pinch my nipples. God, that felt good. She swathed them wetly with her mouth; running her open lips over the bottoms, then...lower, lower I felt her tongue travelling down my stomach to my belly button.

"Annette?" I said.

She stopped. "Yes?" she said. "You don't have to do this, you know..." I said. She stuck her tongue inside my belly button and chuckled her husky laugh.

"Sure I do," she answered, "How else will I get good at it?" I moaned again and squeezed my thighs together; arching my pelvis upwards as I did. Her hands left my waist traveling over my hips to my butt. They squeezed and caressed. I rocked my hips up again. Lifting away from me, she pushed her hand against my right inner thigh. I bent it up and away from her, parting my legs wide. She settled between my thighs.

I felt her tongue on my belly again, but this time making long, wide arches across it, getting it wet. She blew soft air on my belly; making it quiver. Suddenly, her fingers brushed my pussy lips. "Oh God," I gasped. My hips shot up in the air trying to stay in touch. The low chuckle rang in my ears again. "You smell so delicious," said Annette. I looked down at her. She licked her fingers slowly and sank them deeply in her mouth. She looked at me, pulled her fingers out and smiled, "Taste good, too." She bent down and blew air through the little tuft of hair at the top of my pussy. I felt the cool air flow over my lips and I shuddered. My breathing was coming faster. My breasts were hot. I closed my eyes waiting for Annette's mouth...

Knock! Knock! Knock! My eyes flew open. Annette jumped up. Hands still on my breasts; I craned my neck and looked at the door next to the kitchen. A shadow was on the curtain.

"Annette? You there?" said a male voice. "Shit!" I thought.

I jumped up. My head spun, I almost fell down. Annette grabbed me. We were both standing there naked. "It's Dan," she whispered. "Dan? Who's Dan? I thought. "Your Dan?" I said too loudly. She put her hand over my mouth and nodded. "Shit! Where were my PJs?" I whispered. I found my robe and my top, but where were the bottoms? Shit! Annette grabbed her robe and tied it on. She ran over to the door. I waved my arms "NO!" She didn't open it, but said, "Uh, just a minute, Dan! I'll be right with you!" I was panicked. Here I was sleeping with his girlfriend. He'll kill me! Annette came up and grabbed me. "Just help me throw everything into my bedroom. Okay? And get dressed!" she said. I found my bottoms under a pillow and slipped them on. Annette threw the bedding through the door and closed it. I put my top on and started buttoning it. Annette flew around the room straightening.

"Annette?" said Dan through the door. Something was wrong. I had my top on inside out! Annette went to the door. "Wait!" I said too loudly. Annette stopped and put her finger to her lips. I whipped my top over my head and turned it inside out, threw it back on, buttoned the two top buttons, grabbed my robe and ran to the bathroom. I closed the door and looked in the mirror. "Christ!" I thought, "What a bed head." My hair was all cock-eyed and leaning completely to my right. I heard the door open outside.

"Morn-ing," sang Annette's singsong greeting through the door. I listened. "I saw your car in the parking lot. Are you still going to Mexico today?" said Dan. "Yeah, I think so," said Annette. "Why don't you come on in?" she yawned. "Come in? Come in?!" I thought. I heard Dan shuffle into the apartment. "Great," I thought, "Now I'm dead for sure." I was certain that Dan would be able to smell sex all over the place by now. "Mmmmm, what's that smell?" said Annette. What?! What was she saying? "Oh, I went by the bakery this morning and picked up a few things," said Dan. "Let's put them in the kitchen, I'm starved," answered Annette. I heard them walk away.

My hair was still a mess. I looked through the drawers, but no brush. I straightened my hair as best I could with my fingers then realized I really had to pee. I dropped my silk bottoms and sat on the toilet. Ahhh, that was a relief. Why is it that you don't have to pee until you stand up? Another mystery of gravity, I suppose. I could still hear low murmuring from Annette and Dan in the kitchen, but I couldn't make out what they were saying anymore. I quietly took a sheet from the toilet roll and wiped, stood up and pulled my bottoms with me and without thinking I flushed the toilet. It was really loud. I snapped around and stared at the whirlpool behind me.

"Who's here?" I heard Dan say, "I though you were alone."

"No, Debbie stayed over last night," said Annette, "We're going shopping together today."

I was fingered. I put on my robe, washed my face and practiced a smile in the mirror. "Who are you kidding?" I thought. I pushed the door open and walked into the apartment.

Dan had been Annette's boyfriend off-and-on for the past two years at school. He was tall, blonde and athletic; a little skinny for my taste, but he had great legs and a great butt. All the girls at school talked about his ass; especially when he walked by on the way to and from Tennis practice in his little white shorts. Yum!

"Hi Dan," I said cheerily, "You surprised us." Dan was sitting at the kitchen table, pulling fresh rolls and croissants out of a paper bag. Annette was fixing a pot of coffee by the sink. Annette turned around, winked at me and smiled her devil smile at me. Dan saw that and looked at me. "Wow! Breakfast," I stammered, "These look great! Can I help?" Annette pointed at a cabinet. "Dishes and cups in there; silverware below," she said. I walked over and started getting out three of everything. "Back in a sec," said Dan and he headed for the bathroom.

The door closed. I ran over to Annette and whispered in her ear, "What did you tell him?" She looked at me incredulously. "I told him we just got up," she said, "That's all. Why? What did you want me to tell him?" She smiled and kissed me, pulling my head into hers. My hands were full of dishes and cups, I couldn't back away. My eyes flew to the shut bathroom door. I could hear Dan peeing. Her tongue glided gently over my lips. I opened my mouth and closed my eyes. Annette licked around my lips and touched my tongue with hers. I could feel my nipples push against the flannel of my top. She pulled away. I opened my eyes. "You and I still have unfinished business you know," she said smiling.

The toilet flushed. I heard the sink faucet come on. I walked backward over to the table and started setting the dishes out. I was nervous. I didn't know how Dan would react if he knew I'd made love to his girlfriend last night. The bathroom door opened. "So, when do you need to get outta here?" Dan said from the living room, "You know, so that you can get to the border on time and...." He stopped. Annette said, "Well, I was thinking we better be out of here no later than 10. We could be back by 5 or 6 depending on traffic."

"Yeah, that sounds good," said Dan. He was still in the other room. I finished laying out the silverware and napkins.

"What's on the DVD, Annette?" said Dan, "Did you guys watch a movie?"

The DVD! Shit! We forgot to unload the fucking DVD! I looked wide-eyed at Annette. She had a surprised smile on her face. I looked around the corner at the TV. The little screensaver box signifying that the DVD was on was floated across the screen. Dan punched the DVD remote in his hand. The picture of Gary Roddman with a surprised look on his face covered the screen. The menu was up over the image: 1) Gary comes 2) Beth gets angry 3) Beth doesn't get angry. "Oh yeah!" said Dan, "This is the DVD you and I watched last Tuesday, Annette! Very hot!" Dan looked up. My face must have given me away.

"So, what is this doing on the..." started Dan looking at me. I ducked back into the kitchen and sat at the table. Annette walked over the kitchen table with the pot of coffee and started filling cups. Dan walked in with one hand over his mouth like he was thinking about something. He sat down at the kitchen table. "Did you guys watch that last night?" he asked Annette. I looked at Annette. "Yeah, we watched it," answered Annette. Dan looked at me then at Annette again. I busied myself with my coffee: milk, a sugar, stir, stir, stir... "Well?" said Dan sitting back in his chair. Annette sat down. I looked up at Dan. His eyes caught mine. "Well what?" I asked opening one hand to the ceiling and smiling. Annette stirred her coffee and chuckled. Dan smiled at her. She looked at him, stuck her finger up in the air and held it to Dan's mouth. He opened his mouth and took her finger inside; licking and sucking it. He grabbed her wrist and pulled her finger out of his mouth. He smiled. "Mmmmm, tasty...that's what I thought," he grinned, then he glanced at me. "You, too, Debbie?" he said. I didn't know what to do. I watched as Dan took my hand and licked my fingers. Then, he gave me a puzzled look. I smiled at him and said, "Washed my hands." Dan laughed at my discomfort. Annette laughed, too. I could feel my face turn red.

"Hey! Don't worry about it. We all do it," said Dan, "Just last Tuesday Annette and I watched that same movie and got off." Dan smiled at me. He was handsome in a rugged sort of way; green eyes, blonde hair parted down the middle. He put his arms around Annette and pulled her onto his lap; kissing her neck. "I love watching Annette getting herself all hot-and-bothered. She has the sexiest body in the world," he said. Annette just smiled and looked at me. "Did you guys see the rest of the movie? I mean, past this? That guy's sister, Beth, is awesome!" raved Dan. "No," said Annette, "That was as far as we got." Dan laughed, "Lightweights, huh? God, that must have been so hot...what I wouldn't give to watch the two of you masturbating at the same time."

I took Dan's hand. He looked at me. "Dan," I started, "You...you won't tell anyone, will you?" Dan looked at me holding his hand and saw the worry in my face. He started to smile, then stopped. "Of course not, Debbie. Not unless you say it's okay. It's your secret," said Dan sincerely. "It's our secret," said Annette and kissed Dan deeply. They finished and looked at me. I was in mid-sip of my coffee. Annette got off of Dan's lap, which was bulging noticeably and walked over to me. She whispered, "Do you want to watch some more with Dan here? Might be fun." My eyes grew wide. I looked at her. I looked at Dan. Dan breathed deeply, reached down his thigh and put the flat of his palm on the bulge on the front of his shorts. My eyebrows shot straight up. He stroked it once, then squeezed it roughly. My mouth was suddenly dry. "Uh...uh...I..." I stuttered. Annette hugged me to her and said, "Want to watch some more of it with us, Dan?"

The three of us couldn't get in the living room fast enough.

I curled up on my end of the sofa and Annette on hers. Dan sat down next to Annette. Annette picked up the DVD remote. "What shall it be then? Gary comes, Beth gets mad, or Beth doesn't get mad?" said Annette, looking at me. "I chose last time," I said. "Dan, it's your turn, then. What's it gonna be?" said Annette. "Beth doesn't get mad," he answered. Annette raised the remote and clicked, "Okay, number three, it is!"

On the screen, Gary's face was a mass of surprise. His cock was at its full hardness, curving up beautifully with the head swollen red. Gary's sister, Beth, had her two arms crossed in front of her leaning in the doorway of the bathroom where Gary had been jacking off.

"Well?" said Beth still looking at her brother's hard cock, "What do you have to say for yourself?"

Gary's eyes darted around the bathroom looking for an excuse. "Well I...well I...well I..." he stammered, "I...uh...uh...." Beth laughed at her brother's distress. "Yes?" she said teasingly, "You wanted to jack-off and not have me notice? Is that it?" Gary stared at her. He quickly nodded. "Maybe you should close the door next time?" said Beth. Gary looked down and his cheeks turned red. He took his hand off of his cock. It bobbed a little out in front of him.

"Well, it's out in the open now," said Beth, "I didn't know you had gotten this big, big brother." Gary looked back up at Beth. Beth was staring at his hard-on, and making little circles around her nipples with both hands. They had popped prominently through the thin material of her top.

"Why is the shower still on, Gary?" she said. Gary looked at the shower running full-force in the stall. He leaned in and turned it off. "Uh, I..." started Gary, "I...uhm...."

"And why is the bathroom door open, Gary?" asked Beth. Gary's eyes darted at the door, then back to what Beth was doing to her breasts. "Well, I grabbed the towel on the doorknob and it..." said Gary. Beth interrupted, "Were you watching me, Gary?" Gary looked at Beth's face. Her eyes still fastened to his cock. "Did your little sister get you hard?" teased Beth. Beth cupped her boobs in her top and started to squeeze them. She moaned. Gary's cock started to throb; bouncing lightly with each heartbeat.

"Touch it for me, Gary," hissed Beth, "I want to see you touch it."

"Beth, I don't know if I can do this," said Gary. "Sure you can," she said, "You did it when I wasn't looking, didn't you. Now, just do it while I am."

"I really don't think we should be..." started Gary. "Wait," said Beth, "Come here." She grabbed Gary's hand and led him into his bedroom. Gary's cock bobbed up-and-down all the way across the room. Beth sat down on the bed, reached over and retrieved Gary's porn mag. She got up and opened the magazine. The magazine was open to the Blonde boy and the two girls by the pool. The blonde was jacking his cock in front of the two girls. Beth showed it to him. Gary looked at the picture. "Do you need this, Gary?" asked his sister, "Does this help you?" She turned the page. The blonde was getting his big cock licked by the two girls kneeling in front of him; their huge ripe breasts basking in the sun as they did. "Or maybe this, Gary?" asked Beth. Gary slowly brushed the palm of his hand on the underside of his penis. It jumped and Gary shut his eyes. "Oh," he moaned. Gary heard the magazine hit the bed.

He opened his eyes and looked at Beth. She licked her lips while staring at his hand touching his cock. Her hands were back on her nipples. She looked at Gary watching her. Gary looked at her big, round breasts and the way her fingers pinched the nipples. "How about this, Gary?" she moaned, "Does this help? Do you like watching your baby sister play with herself?" She pinched her nipples hard, milking the undersides of her breasts. Gary grabbed his cock just below the head and moved his hand down slowly. "Oh yeah," said Beth watching her brother. Gary's hand reached the bottom of his shaft and he exhaled thrusting his hips at his hand. He still stared at her breasts in her top. "How about this, Gary?" said Beth. She took her hands off of her nipples, put her fingers under the hem of her belly shirt and lifted it up. Her two globes bounced free, the nipples hard and her aureoles crinkled. "Oh God," Gary whispered. He increased the pace of his hand; slowly jacking his cock up-and-down, intently watching his sister.

My pussy was on fire. I knew I was wet. I had my hands in the pockets of my robe, but they were restlessly rubbing my stomach and hips. I didn't know if I could touch myself with Dan sitting next to me. I looked at Annette and Dan. Annette had her robe off. She was naked sitting with her legs crossed; Indian-style. Her pretty, downy lips glistened in the soft light of the room. She stared intently at the movie. She was milking her long nipples again; pinching them at the base and rolling them up to the tips. They looked hard and very red like two three-quarters of an inch pencil erasers. She placed her fingers in her mouth, got them wet and immediately went back to stroking her nipples; just like two little cocks.

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