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byDecayed Angel©

I had been driving on the interstate for hours down a narrow corridor between trees in a seeming endless forest of trees completely blanketed in kudzu. The weather was good, road conditions perfect, but the sheer monotony of the drive was simply driving me crazy. Making things even worse was the lack of any radio stations. Well, occasionally as I neared a town or something I'd pick up something for a mile or so, but then it would simply drone out into static.

Losing track of time, I just kept going and going, staring straight ahead as the dotted lines flashed past me on one side and the solid white stripe on the other. On numerous occasions I wandered a bit off the road, but the growl of the rumble strips under my tires quickly drew me out of my trance. Glancing down at my instrument panel, I confirmed I still had over a quarter tank of gas, so I simply kept driving on, not wanting to lose any time.

Finally I was able to find a radio station that didn't fade out in the space of two to three minutes. It was an odd program, a sort of talk show format where they would spin off into some far out music after a few comments from listeners. With nothing else to do, I began listening intently as the show began to talk about out of body experience.

Several experts of some type came on and described some bizarre behavior, some of it sexual in nature. They talked of odd, hypnotic group events where people all over an area would suddenly begin masturbating in public. The experts had documented several events over the last few years ranging from five or six people, to up to thirty in one small community. The radio host was enjoying himself immensely as the expense of the experts, throwing in jokes, rude comments and sometimes simply outright laughing at a particularly serious part of the conversation.

The host began to annoy me and I reached out to turn the dial just as my car drifted back onto the rumble strips, so I straightened out my car, but then left the radio playing. The host finally ran off the experts, calling them quacks and perverts, but he continued his obnoxious joking by actually pretending to hypnotize some of the engineers at the radio station there, all on the air. Again I reached to turn off the radio, but hesitated, and then continued listening.

Annoying as he was, his voice was soothing, so I sped along kind of ignoring what he was saying, but listening to his voice. While doing this I began looking more at the kudzu as it flashed by, finding odd shapes in the random pattern of leaves. Initially they seemed like odd, impressionistic shapes, but soon I saw what looking like naked people, naked people engaged in all sorts of interesting sex acts. Yeah, it sounds nuts, but there it was, like an infinite pornographic puzzle unfolding alongside the road as the voice droned melodiously along.

I continued like this for another fifteen minutes or so before I noticed I had an erection. Yes, the erotic imagery breezing past my window had me a bit worked up. Adjusting myself, I felt the car ease back onto the rumble strip, but then suddenly the sound stopped and I realized I had moved over onto an exit ramp. By then it was too late to jerk back onto the highway, so I followed the ramp up a long hill that first eased right and then turned back to the left onto a bridge over the highway. I pulled my car up onto the bridge and pulled to a stop, noticing a car on the other side of the bridge did the same thing.

I climbed out of my car, walked to the edge of the bridge and watched the cars zipping by under me while I unzipped my pants. Pulling out my cock I began to stroke my erection, all the while looking out over the traffic. In a few moments it began feeling good as my hand slid up and down my shaft, the head of my cock siding in and out of my fist. Glancing back over my shoulder, I noticed another man standing, facing the oncoming traffic on the other side of the highway. His hips seemed to sway back and forth, much like mine were doing now.

Quickly the pleasure became intense and I moved my hand faster and faster, feeling it building up inside me. Then, the sensation shot through me like electricity and I arched my back and came, spurting my cum over the edge of the bridge. Mesmerized, I watched the white gobs descend almost in slow motion from the bridge toward the highway below, splashing onto the windshield of two different cars.

Scooting closer to the rail, I milked the last few droplets of cum out of my cock and again watched it descend, this time all the way onto the concrete highway below. I then zipped up my zipper, climbed back in my car, made a u-turn and drove forward, turning on my left blinker where the sign showed an arrow pointing back to the highway. Glancing in my rear view mirror, I noticed the other car had done the same thing.

I completed my left hand turn, drove down the long ramp and then merged onto the highway. The radio station was still on, but music was playing. I looked over at the kudzu, but only saw the endless leaves zooming past. Thinking about the radio station, I decided to call in and talk about what just happened, but as I reached for my cell phone my car drifted onto the rumble strips once again, and I suddenly forgot what I was reaching for. Correcting the path of my car, I continued driving forgetting everything that happened until just now when I sat down to write this report.

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