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Interstate Sex


It had been six months since I last saw Dave and Phyllis. They had been friends for years. About a year and a half before Dave asked if I would like to help satisfy some of his and Phyllis' sexual fantasies.

We were talking about sex one evening, you no, guy talk. We told every dirty joke we could remember. Then, as we drank our beers, we began sharing or experiences and fantasies. Dave told me about a nurse he had the unexpected pleasure of fucking one night after work and about a high school girl he did, on the side of a county road, on the trunk of his car. I shared my one and only threesome experience, and my adventures with my high school girl friend.

Dave was very interested in my threesome experience; he wanted to know how I meet the couple, what we did together and how I liked sharing a woman with another man. I told him I meet them through a swinger magazine and sharing a woman with another man, though, not my first choice, it proved to be quiet exciting. Not only did I get my cock sucked by a beautiful woman.... I also got to fuck her, suck her tits and eat her sweet pussy, while watching her husband do those same things to her. It was like being in a porno movie.

Then to my surprise Dave told me that Phyllis fantasized about me when they made love. He would tell her, while she was riding his cock, that she was fucking me instead. That would cause her to fuck him wildly, till she exploded in a screaming orgasm. I was speechless. My best friend's wife was hot for me! If you met this woman, you wouldn't think she was the type to have impure sexual thoughts. Her dress and behavior were always very chaste. Until that moment I honestly never had sexual thoughts about her, now all I could do was wonder how she was in bed.

Phyllis was a lovely young woman of 33. She stood bare footed 5' 4'', and weighed 105lbs. nude soaking wet. (Yes, I measured and weighed her, personally, as she stepped out of the shower) Her hair was dark, coarse and very thick. Her eyes were brown her face sweet and innocent. Dave was very proud of his wife's body with the singular exception of her tits. They were small and a little loose. He continued to share fantasy after fantasy and they all included me fucking his wife. Nervously, I asked him if he and Phyllis wanted to make them come true. To my surprise he said, yes. That started our threesome adventures. Now, they were coming to town for a visit and a much-anticipated get together.

Their car pulled into the drive, I ran out and started to jump in the front passenger seat. Phyllis was sitting in the rear. Dave looked at me grinning, "get in the back seat."

I looked back at Phyllis and she turned her head and stifled a giggle with her hand. "What's going on?" I asked with a curious laugh.

"Trust me, get in the back seat." Dave instructed.

Quickly, I jumped in the back seat behind Dave, Phyllis sat on the other side a good 18 inches separating us. Dave drove off. It was dark now and to my surprise as we approached the motel they were staying in, he past it and got on the interstate.

"Where are we going?" I asked. "I thought we were going back to the motel."

"Phyllis has a fantasy.” Dave said, mischievously. Dave looked back at Phyllis, she wiggled nervously in her seat.

"Are you sure it'll be alright if I do it, Dave?" Looking for reassurance.

"Do what?" I asked looking back and forth between the two of them.

"Maybe, he won't like it, Dave...." Phyllis added.

"He’ll like it, don't worry. Now, get on with it! All you've been talking about is this fantasy for the past two months." Dave said excitedly.

Phyllis turned toward me and with her sweet, shy, innocent smile she leaned her head on my shoulder and placed her warm hand on my leg. She gently rubbed my inner thigh, till she reached my crotch. My cock grew hard and ached for release as she gently she squeezed me. Suddenly, she kissed me, her tongue pierced my lips and together our tongues wrestled back and forth between our two mouths. Her mouth quickly went to my neck, and then she slid down to my lap and began unfastening my belt.

"What are we doing?" I asked. Dave answered for her; "She's going to suck your cock."

I raised my ass up off the seat so she could pull my pants down. Now, my hard cock was exposed and in her soft trembling hands. Slowly, she stroked my shaft, as her husband stole glances back to see what she was doing.

"Are you going to suck him or what?" Dave chided. Phyllis brushed her long hair back, and brought her lips to the tip of my cock. Licking the drooling pre-cum off the tip first with her tongue, she then parted her lips and let my cock slide into her warm moist mouth.

"OHHHH, Ah, that feels so good, Phyllis, suck me." I moaned as I watched her head bob up and down. Phyllis was a good cocksucker and she enjoyed giving pleasure with her mouth.

Dave turned the dome light on as we approached a 18-wheeler, as we pulled along the cab he slowed so the driver could look down and see his wife sucking my cock. The driver acknowledged the visual treat with a sound of his air horn. Phyllis raised up and waved to him as Dave sped off down the road.

"Ok, Phyllis, get on with it...” Dave coaxed.

“Are you sure, Dave, we won't get caught or in trouble?" Phyllis asked, as she momentarily pulled her mouth off my cock.

"Don't worry, DO IT!" Dave shouted.

Phyllis raised up from my lap and smiling sweetly, she quickly pulled her skirt up around her waist, she kicked her shoes off and slipped her panties off. Before I knew it, she swung her leg over my lap. Now she sat straddling me, her cunt was sopping wet. I could feel her wetness soaking my leg. Then she reached down and pulled her blouse up over her head and reaching behind her back, unfastened her bra, exposing her tits to any passing drivers who happened to look over.

Reaching down she grabbed my hard cock, and guided it to her waiting fuck hole. Once she had it in position she impaled herself on it with a loud deep moan of delight. I grabbed her ass with both hands and our mouths meet again in passionate embrace. Then I ran my hands up along her body till I hand two hands full of tit. As I squeezed them she arched her back, and moaned in pleasure as she sat impaled on my pole.

My hands then slowly moved down her side till I reached her hips, then I turned my hands so my fingers could gently caress her short pubic hairs.

Light began to fill the interior of the car as a car began to approach us, and as he was about to over take us Phyllis quickly threw her body against mine, burying her face into my neck.

Dave shook his head and said, "come on, Phyllis, put on a show."

Phyllis placed her hands on my shoulders and straighten her arms. Slowly, she began grinding her hips, causing her cunt lube to saturate my pubic hair and balls. Her eyes began to close, her back began to arch again, and her mouth was slightly opened with her tongue firmly pressed against her upper front teeth. Without rising up on my cock she began her characteristic hip thrusting, slow at first, but as the car began to fill with lights again she thrusted her hips harder and harder. The car past us, then it slowed and the two young men inside watched as Phyllis wildly fucked me as we rode down the highway.

As more traffic approach they honked and waved, Phyllis looked over at them and smiled appreciatively as they speed off. She hugged me again, covering her tits; the next car appeared to have children in it. As her hips continue to grind the pungent aroma of her cunt wafted through the car and the slouching of her cunt lube was loud and nasty sounding as she thrusted her hips into me.

Several more cars past, giving her additional opportunities to put on show. After a few more cars she lost all sense of inhibition. Phyllis fucked my cock like a wild woman. Cars past us honking their horns and flashing their lights. She especially, liked it when a car would stay along side us, watching.

After twenty minutes or so we exited the interstate down along a deserted county road. Dave found a spot to pull over.

"Ok, you to, out!" Dave instructed. I opened the Door and Phyllis carefully disconnected her cunt from my cock and stepped out of the car. Removing my pants I got out of the car and walked over to her. She unfasten her skirt and let it drop, exposing her tight little ass to the moonlight.

Walking up behind her, I leaned her over the side of the car so I could enter her from behind. Dave saw what I was about to do and he encouraged my plan.

"That's right, Larry, fuck her like a bitch!"

Oh, was she ever-sloppy wet. Her gash was dripping, and her body quivered as I positioned my cock. "Fuck me, Larry, fuck me like a bitch! Fuck me hard.... Fill my cunt with your cum." She demanded.

With my first thrust I filled her cunt balls deep, the tip of my cock firmly pressing into her womb. As I filled her fuck hole, I pushed her naked body across the hood of the car.

"Oh, the car hood is so hot against my tits!" She exclaimed. As I thrusted into her she gradually rode up the side of he car till just the tips of her toes tangled in the dirt.

"Fuck me, Larry, fuck me like a bitch! Oh! Yeah...YEAH, FUCK ME FUCK ME.... breed me... breed me!!" Phyllis was wild with, carnal passion. As she approached her climax she always would moan, and cry out, "breed me, breed me." The thought of sperm invading her womb, and maybe impregnating her, excited her and made her orgasm stronger.

I slammed up into her and pegged my throbbing cock against her womb. This caused her to moan all the more, loudly. I looked over at Dave and he was stroking his cock. From the moonlight I could see his pre-cum hanging from the tip of his cock in a long thick string.

"Go ahead, Larry, breed my bitch, breed her for me!" Dave groaned as his eyes fixated on his climaxing wife as I humped her hard filling the night air with the slapping sound of my body against her writhing ass. SLAP, SLAP, SLAP...

Then she let out a loud orgasmic scream of pleasure. Her cunt spasmed around my invading cock as she came. Holding her hips tightly, I pushed my cock deeply into her and I filled her full of sperm. As millions of sperm shot into her womb I had my own orgasmic release.

I leaned against her, forcing her tits back down to the hood of the car. As I lay there, kissing her neck, I slowly ground my hips into her ass coaxing every last orgasmic tingle my cock would give me, before I softened and slid from her cum filled cunt.

As we laid there in a post orgasmic glow, Dave nudged me aside. He stood behind his wife, his hand inspecting the cum I deposited into her cunt.

"Larry, you filled her full, didn't you." Dave rhetorically declared, as he pulled his cum coated fingers from her sloppy fuck hole. He offered the gooey substance to Phyllis, and she licked them clean. Then he positioned himself so he could enjoy the delights of sloppy seconds.

Dave wasn't as big as I was, but his cock had an unusual bend in it. Kind of like a G-spot vibrator. So what he lacked in size, he made up for in shape.

Phyllis moaned in renewed pleasure as her husband entered her. Dave slid his cock in her sloppy cunt, firmly pressing up against her ass.

"I feel your cum caressing my cock, Larry, feels real hot and nasty in there. Dave explained as he ground his hips on Phyllis’ ass.

Phyllis raised up slightly and turning her head to see, she asked if she could suck my cock while Dave fucked her. Quickly, I jumped up and sat on the hood of the car. Dave still holding his cock firmly into Phyllis’ cunt pulled her off the car and placed her between my legs. Phyllis took my cock in her hands and guided the soft sticky organ into her mouth as Dave continued fucking her.

Dave normally could fuck for twenty or thirty minuets, but tonight he filled her cunt with his load of sperm in about two minutes. Phyllis turned about, knelt in front of her husband and licked his cock clean of our combined juices.

After dressing we drove back to town and their motel room where we continued our threesome pleasures.

This story is based on a real life experience I had years ago. I remember it fondly. I would like to hear from other men and women who have had similar semi-public sexual experiences.

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by Anonymous09/25/17

A real life comment

My wife and I shared the same fantasy and were fortunate enough to be able to have it happen. Had dinner with a sexy couple and then had a roadtrip home with my wife and the guy in the back seat. Aftermore...

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Car Sex With Friends

For my wife and I it was only me fucking her in my car, a friend's car, or in some semi secluded public place. I'd loved to watch someone else fuck her and play like your friend did. Your wife was a verymore...

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