My fiancée's girlfriends were becoming a little apprehensive about the changes Angel was exhibiting since we had started dating.

They had noticed her attire had become much more suggestive, and her make up more severe. There were other changes too. She was now sporting a tattoo on her right shoulder, an angel/mermaid holding a heart with my name on it.

She also had taken up, smoking pot on a regular basis, joined an S & M Club, took stripping lessons and often attended risqué plays and performances.

For a formerly demure, Christian lady, this change in behavior was a bit shocking to the friends she had grown up with and had been fellow members of the Bluebirds, International Order of Rainbow for Girls.

They were afraid she had fallen under the spell of a perverted Svengali and was well on the road to sin and degradation. Something had to be done. They all agreed that an intervention was needed.

On the pretence of giving her a birthday party at her house, their plan was set. She would be confronted and they would help her get out from under my wicked spell.

Angel, however, sensed their concerns and planned a special little demonstration to show them that I was completely under her control, and how harmless I really was.

On the day of the party, she told me she was having some friends over that evening and my services would be required.

She then ordered me to strip naked, and shave off my full beard which I have worn for twenty years!

She then applied a pink smelly lotion all over my body and after a few minutes, I could feel my whole skin tingling. She then told me to shower. I could see my body hair falling on the shower floor and wept a little as my masculinity washed down the drain.

After my showering she touched up a few spots with a razor. She then applied a sweet smelling lotion on my stinging, denuded body and securely fastened my cock cage in place.

She then made me put on a pair of black silk panties with matching stuffed bra, garter belt, hose and heels.

Angel and I wear the same size clothes and shoes, so I assumed these items were from her wardrobe. I must admit the silk felt smooth and sexy against my bare skin!

Walking in heels was very difficult at first and I kept tripping and falling but after a couple of hours practice, I managed to do better.

Next she had me sit down at her makeup table while she proceeded to apply full makeup to my face giving me a kind of slutty look. She then fastened a blond wig on my head.

She had me put on a black and white French maid's uniform including a short skirt which came down just below my ass with a low cut top, frilly apron, and a white maid's cap. She then led me over to the mirror.

I was completely shocked! The image that I saw reflecting in the mirror was no longer the macho male I had always regarded myself as, but a sweet little feminine, sissy maid! I couldn't believe the transformation!

She explained to me that my duties this evening would include serving as their maid, and doing whatever she told me, without hesitation.

How could I face her girlfriends like this! She had never publically humiliated me before! I had previously met these women as the "macho boyfriend," and this would be very embarrassing indeed, but I knew better than to question her demands and submissively agreed.

The ladies arrived at 5pm and sat in the living room making small talk while I was hidden in the bedroom.

After a few minutes, her oldest friend, Antoinette started the ball rolling by saying, "Angel, this is not just a birthday party. We are all really worried about you. This is an intervention! Since he came into your life, you have changed so much! We are afraid he's manipulating you and you have fallen completely under his control and power..."

Angel interrupted her by saying, "Excuse me Antoinette; would you ladies, like some tea?" They all agreed and Angel rang a little bell.

I entered the room, walking in a feminine fashion as Angel had instructed me to do, carrying a silver tray with teapot, teacups, cream, sugar, napkins and assorted sweets. I was blushing from head to toe.

When her girlfriends saw me dressed in my French maid's outfit, they were astonished and a dead silence fell across the room which was then followed by a roar of laughter.

At first they thought it was some kind of practical joke but Angel assured them it was no joke.

She explained to them while I curtsied to each woman, passing the cups and pouring the tea that I was completely under her control.

She then made me lift my apron and skirt to show them my cock cage. I felt completely humiliated as I explained in a high feminine voice that she had made me practice, that Angel controlled all of my orgasms.

I was then told to go around to each woman so they could inspect my encaged cock more closely. They pinched and patted my ass and fondled my cock, snickering and remarking, "What a cute little penis, and soft bottom, no wonder she dresses him in drag!" or "Oh look, his whole body is shaved smooth, isn't that cute?" I was completely humiliated, my face turning a bright red with embarrassment!

Angel then made me kneel beside her and kiss her feet while she answered her friend's questions. She told them that "I was her slave, maid, sex toy and cuckold. I preformed all the household duties and I would help her get ready for dates, clean the apartment while she was out fucking whomever she wanted, and would then lick and suck her clean when she got home."

Her friends, although completely shocked, now realizing that Angel was not in any danger of being taken advantage of, began to enjoy the situation, joined in the fun and began taunting her sissy maid.

"What do you do if she misbehaves?" Robin asked.

"There are several punishments I use," replied Angel. "But mostly I put her across my knee and spank her bare bottom until it is bright red and she is crying like a little girl."

"Oh I'd love to see that!" said Antoinette.

"Oh, I'll do better than that," said Angel, "I'll let you spank her yourself, would you like that?"

"I'd love to!" replied Antoinette, "Me too!" said Robin.

"We will all take turns." said Angel, "and while she is being spanked, I think I will have her suck some pussy, any takers?"

"Oh yes!", "Me too!", "I'll take some of that!" Her girlfriends replied.

All the women cheered and laughed as I was spanked unmercifully and forced to suck each woman's pussy until they came. I couldn't help but notice that each cunt had a different flavor and each woman made different sounds as they came. I guess I had always known this, but doing it in rapid succession, made it more apparent.

After I had given each woman and orgasm and thanked them for the pleasure of sucking them, I was excused.

"Well," said Antoinette, "I can see we have no cause for concern here, it appears he's really a sissy in wolf's clothing. Nice going girlfriend. Is there any chance we can take turns, borrowing him occasionally?"

"Yes," her other friends asked, "Can we use her too?"

"We'll see," said Angel, "We'll see."

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