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Interview Time


The advert read:

Maid wanted. Normal household chores, including cooking. Must be able to work under pressure, to follow orders exactly and without question. To apply, phone Jake 444...

Well, I'd phoned, answered a few curt questions and was told to come to this address. I was standing, looking at the imposing entranceway now. Am I doing the right thing? I couldn't for the life of me believe I was really standing here. I shook my head to clear it. I needed the income. I had to get this job. Lifting my head, I walked resignedly forward and knocked on the door. Seconds later it opened.

I was ushered inside by a butler and guided to a room, lined floor to ceiling with books. It smelt pungently of leather and woodfire smoke. A red brick chimney dominated one end of the room. A writing desk stood alone at the opposite end. Several scattered comfortable-looking armchairs made it seem an inviting place to relax with a book.

The butler took my coat and umbrella. The latter had blown inside out at the first breeze, thereby rendering itself completely useless.

"The Master will be with you presently." He left me to wait alone. I sat in an armchair, relaxed right back and breathed deeply.

"Do you generally fall asleep while waiting to be interviewed for a job?" I jumped and my eyes flew open, an apology on my lips which I didn't get a chance to say.

"Stand up!" he barked angrily. I stood, completely taken aback at his tone and manner.

"Well, you're obedient so far, that's promising," he muttered. I was too shocked to say or do anything. I stood still, open mouthed and stared at him. His eyes wandered from my toes right up my body until they met my eyes. I don't think he liked what he read there. Judging by the look on his face I had the distinct impression he seemed to think I was lower than low. I lifted my chin a little and stared directly back. Was that a hint of a smile? It was gone before I could be sure.

Suddenly I felt deflated. Tired from the long walk to this house. Tired from looking after 2 kids and an out of work, depressed husband. Tired of being judged without chance. My shoulders slumped and my eyes fell to the rich red, carpeted floor.

He walked around me. Very slowly. Those damn eyes taking every mud splatter on my stockings, every crease on my skirt. I silently wished him to hell and back. I lifted my chin. "Sorry for wasting your time, but I've decided I don't want to apply for the job after all." Bet that wiped the smug look off his face. Pity he was standing behind me when I said it. I would have enjoyed seeing his expression.

The hairs on the back of my neck tingled as his warm breath lightly brushed across them. "You're not wasting my time, dear. Actually, I'm not working this afternoon."

Wishing to hell I was back outside getting soaked in the rain, I risked another angry retort and turned to face him. "OK," I said. "Shall we carry on with the interview? Do you have anything you'd like to ask me?" Uh oh... I could tell I shouldn't have turned around and spoken to him. He controlled the rising anger, took hold of my hand and led me out of the room.

"Where are we going?" I was running to keep up with his long, fast paces.

"We'll conduct this interview upstairs where we won't be interrupted." He walked quickly and decisively, dragging me behind him.

"I don't think I'd like to go upstairs with you, thanks all the same." I tried pulling my hand out of his, but as he was obviously stronger, my attempt was useless. There was no escape. He didn't speak again. We went up the stairs, down a long hallway with half a dozen doors leading off, and into a room at the end. He let go of my hand and I swung around angrily to face him. I was breathing heavily. His eyes dropped to my chest. I tried to cover myself by crossing my arms. "What do you mean by dragging me into this bedroom?" I was furious with him.

"I want to talk to you without being overheard by the servants." He had the audacity to grin in the face of my anger.

"Let me out of here!" I demanded, pushing my way past him to the door. I turned the handle but it wouldn't open. He'd locked it! Swinging back around, I discovered he'd sat himself down and made himself comfortable in the only armchair in the room. "What is it you want from me?" I asked. "Why have you locked us in here?" My chest was heaving as I angrily demanded answers from him.

"Sit down! Sit down and calm down."

Confused and scared I simply did as he said. I sat on the only other piece of furniture in the room, the edge of the bed. I waited for him to speak again. He sat there cross legged with his fingertips together and raised until they almost touched his bearded chin, and watched me. I resigned myself to the fact that I wasn't able to physically get out of the room. I couldn't fight him. So I waited.

At his leisure he took in my scrunched up skirt, my old worn, but clean blouse. My hair was a complete mess. I'd had to hold the wretched umbrella and my hair had been whipped about in the near gale force winds. I felt myself beginning to blush under his scrutiny. Looking down I could see how messy I'd become. I was shocked at how wet my blouse was. And I blushed as I realised he could probably see right through it. Not a good look for a job interview, I wryly acknowledged.

"I apologise for the way I look. My umbrella blew inside out and I couldn't fix it."

"If I give you this job, you wont be needing an umbrella. What qualifications do you have for being a maid?" he asked.

Damn, what a question to start with. "None, apart from being a mother and wife," I answered. Little did he know I was basically a slave to my own family. Seeing to every one of their wants and needs. A maid? At least a maid gets paid for her work. The only income I got to see was whatever my husband had left after gambling. Generally only enough to buy food.

"Why do you want this job?" He was into question mode now.

"I need the money." My chin went up again. I figured if I answered him honestly, I could at least keep a little of my dignity.

"I need someone who will obey me to the letter. No questions asked. Can you do that?"

I thought about that one carefully before I answered. Considering I was sitting in a bedroom on the end of a bed, it was a fairly hefty question to have to answer. But the money was a greater need than the kind of job he'd want me to do. "Yes, I can do that," I answered quietly.

"Lie back on the bed."

My eyes flew wide at that one. "Are you serious?" I didn't think I'd heard him right.

"You're questioning me already?" He glared at me. He wasn't joking.

"Nno." God, now I was stammering. I slipped off my muddy shoes and did as he asked.

"I don't want to hear a word out of you. You will do exactly as I say. How well you listen and obey depends on whether I pay you for today only, or if I hire you full time. Do you understand me? You may nod if you do."

Was I nuts? Lying on my back, my eyes looking only at the scalloped edging around the light fitting, I nodded.

"Good girl. Now listen very carefully. You will remain lying down and remove each piece of clothing as and when I tell you."

That had me gulping for air and blushing hotly. He expected me to undress in front of him! No one except my husband had seen me naked. No one except my husband had the right to see me that way. I couldn't do it. I didn't need money that badly. I'd get by some other way. I raised myself up and went to get off the bed.

"Oh now that's a pity. I was almost ready to believe that I'd be able to employ you and give you that income you so obviously need." His sarcasm bit through harshly.

My brain was telling me to run as fast as I could out of there... Looking down, I discovered my body was telling me something else entirely. My nipples were hard and clearly showing through my soaked blouse. There was a deep slow throbbing beginning low inside me. I lay back on the bed and took a moment to think. If I only stayed for this afternoon I'd have almost enough money to pay the rent for last week. What could possibly happen to me that would be worse than losing our house?

Resolutely I nodded, hoping he would see and understand my suppliance. It seems he did.

"You may take off your blouse."

My hands moved to my top button and I did as he said. One at a time, the buttons were shakily undone. Sitting a little, I slid the wet blouse right off my shoulders and dropped it over the side of the bed where it landed in a pile on the floor. I lay back waiting.

"Your skirt."

Hating myself, I did as he said. I reached across my body, undid the button and slid down the zip. Lifting my hips slightly off the bed, I wiggled my arse a little as I slid the skirt down from my waist. I eased the red material over my hips, down my thighs, knees, ankles and finally kicked it off the end of the bed. Blushing with embarrassment at only being in my bra, panties and stockings, I waited.

"The bra."

Oh God, was this never going to end? I sat up and reached behind me. I made sure I looked anywhere except at him. Damn, I'd forgotten it wasn't a back opening bra. I moved one hand to the front centre of the bra. Pushed against the clasp. As the bra undid, I distinctly heard a sharp intake of air from the end of the room. I looked up at him but he showed no signs of being alive, little own having taken a deep breath. I hid my surprise by quickly looking down. I held both sides of the bra and gently pulled them away from my body. My breasts bounced freely and I slipped the bra off my shoulders quickly and threw it to the floor. I lay back waiting.

He kept silent.

I've offended him! He knew I heard his breathing! That was it, no job. I lay very still and waited. Heat blanketed me. I needed desperately to jiggle, or get up, or something... Anything except laying down in silence. I squirmed.

"Open your legs."

Oh man, this has got to be a nightmare. My feet moved apart a little.


I obeyed, knowing he had a perfect view of my pussy in panties. It felt like they were as wet as my blouse. I desperately wanted to cover myself, but i didn't.

The chair creaked. I stilled. He crossed the floor to the end of the bed and stood looking down at my body. I closed my eyes, I didn't want to look at him. I didn't want to see what he thought of me.

"Open your eyes."

Damn him to hell and back. I obeyed.

"You will stay here lying in this manner until I return," and with that he walked out of the room. The distinct click of the lock echoing in the silence. "Stink," I muttered. What the hell had I let myself in for? I must be totally nuts. I wonder what he's gone to do? How long will he leave me here? I closed my eyes and waited trying to still my chaotic thoughts.

I longed to get up off the bed, dress and run out. I didn't dare move.

A minute went by. I found myself counting the ticks of the clock on the wall. Two pieces of furniture in the room, a bed, and an armchair. The grandfather clock ticked incessantly beside me. Another minute. Maybe he's gone back to work. Maybe he's not coming back.

Hope was dashed as the handle squeaked and he entered the room. He locked the door again.

"Close your eyes. Do not open them unless I say otherwise." That harsh demanding tone was back. Had it ever really left? I did as I was told.

Some icy cold liquid landed on my stomach. "Oh!" With a huge effort I kept my eyes closed but couldn't stop the involuntary cry. "Silence!" he almost roared. I was so frightened. I daren't move, I daren't speak. The icy liquid landed square onto the front of my panties. This time I just grunted deep in my throat. I felt it penetrate my panties. Lots of it. Cold. Icy. Seeping through and hitting my hot pussy. Then nothing. The liquid slowly began to take on my heat.

I jumped. Cold solid ice against my right nipple. Pain sliced through me. I kept my eyes shut tight and bit down on my tongue. The ice moved all over my nipple, all around it. Another piece on the other nipple. More pain. My breasts felt so heavy, aching badly. My nipples were so hard they hurt.

He kept rubbing the ice around and around. I felt it melting, my body numbing to the sting. Cold liquid ran down the centre between my breasts, and pooled in my belly. Trickling down the sides of my breasts. He let it drip.

Not once did his flesh touch mine. I guessed that as the ice melted, he just left it to sit on my body.

The door opened and closed and the lock clicked. I took a deep and thankful breath. A moment to myself again. I relaxed back against the bed. Time passed in silence.I imagined I could see the bed's four posts, the dark oak of the clock.

A warm wetness pressed directly against my panties. I almost screamed. I'd thought I was alone. I felt a little tugging of material and my panties were pulled aside. Something very warm pressed again. A tongue. My God! He was licking my pussy! I've never been licked down there before! Oh it felt so good. His tongue found my clitty nesting, hiding. He eased her out slowly. Sucked on her gently. I nearly moaned out loud. I bit hard on my bottom lip. His tongue moved achingly slowly. He licked up one side of my pussy lips and then up the other side. He kissed my wetness and as his tongue slid deep inside me, my hips thrust up against his mouth.

"Did I permit you to move?" he demanded angrily.

I shook my head, no. "Then don't move!" I nodded acceptance.

"For moving you will be punished," he spoke quietly, but deadly.

"Put your arms above your head. Keep them still. Do not move them."

I felt him move away from the bed. Something exquisitely soft barely touched my belly. It moved slowly upwards. The throbbing increased and I bit my lip until it bled. It almost tickled it was touching my hot flesh so lightly. Like a spiderweb, a definate touch, but not easy to see or feel with a fingertip. I quickly stopped myself from letting my finger move.

My whole body was completely in tune with what he was doing. My breathing was in time with his. My throbbing pussy echoed my thundering heartbeat. I ached to be allowed to move. I wanted to watch what he was doing. I wasn't allowed to speak to ask. Frustration was building.

Wet warmth smothered my nipple. He was suckling me and the soft thing moved low, stroking my belly. Then lower, rubbing my thighs. Noisy sucking. God if he keeps that up I wont be able to stop myself from cumming. The softness moved higher and lightly stroked my pussy. I moaned. He stopped and moved away from the bed.

The door opened and closed. I didn't dare relax. Didn't dare open my eyes. I just lay panting and waited for his next move. For I was certain there would be another move.

Three minutes went by. That damn clock was going to be thrown out the window before I left this room. I'd make sure of it. I strained to listen for any clue of his whereabouts. I couldn't hear anything. If he'd left the room, I couldn't tell. I certainly couldn't hear his breathing. And he was breathing hard before he left.

I thought about what he'd been doing to me. The way he'd touched me. I was at the peak of arousal. Nipples so hard I thought they'd burst. My breasts ached and I longed for them to be held and massaged. My pussy was throbbing and I'm sure I was dripping my juices onto the bed by now.

If I stayed perfectly still and didn't respond physically to him, would he let me cum?

Another three minutes passed.

My whole body was soaked with perspiration. He'd aroused me so much. I hoped he was coming back and coming back soon. I wanted the release he kept allowing me to see in the distance. I needed to cum badly. My stomach felt tied in knots. My whole body ached.

The door opened. "Here they are Master." He'd stayed in the room again! Thank God I'd not moved. Now the butler was here too! Totally mortified and unable to hide, I stayed lying down and seething inwardly. What has he just brought into the room? What did he bring his Master? Curiosity knifed through me. Did he look at me lying exposed on the bed? What did he think of my body? What did he think of his Master?

The door closed, and clicked. Think reasonably and calmly, I tried telling myself. You're ok, you're not hurt. Relax.

"Bend your knees."

I slid my feet upwards.

"Spread your legs wide."

I moved my feet wide apart.

His breath against my hot pussy. His mouth closed over my clitty and he sucked hard. I didn't move, just breathed deep and slow. Sudden sharp pain on my nipples as his tongue drove deep inside me and began moving in and out. Clouds of pain swamped me. Nipple clamps. Cold, hard and tightly pinching my nipples. Wet tongue fucking my pussy faster and faster. I cried out as I came hard on his tongue. He kept pushing his tongue in and taking it out, and I kept cumming. My juices oozing out and covering his face. Noisy squelching as he tongued me deep and then licked me lightly. He sucked at my pussy, drinking my nectar. He lapped at me. With one last shudder my body began to calm. My breathing deepened.

His weight lifted from the bed. He stood and I could hear he was breathing heavily too. The clock ticked as I waited.

"Open your eyes."

I blinked and squinted against the sudden brightness.

"That will be all for today. I expect to see you here the same time tomorrow. My butler will pay you on your way out."

And with that, he walked out of the room.

I shook my head, not quite coming to terms with what had just taken place. Dazed, I dressed myself. Found my own way down the stairs and walked towards the front door. Before I reached it, the butler handed me an envelope. I took it, ignoring his knowing grin, and walked out the door.

Laying still was difficult for me. I wonder what my Master will allow me to do tomorrow...

* * * * *

Author's note
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