tagMind ControlInterview With The Bimbo Ch. 03

Interview With The Bimbo Ch. 03



"And so at last I escaped Emerald Lake," said Lulu.

Annabelle realized she was literally on the edge of her seat. She slid back and settled in once more, taking a breath as she organized her thoughts.

"Wow," she said. "Okay, so you got away from Lester and you were driving toward Chrystal Heights."

"Yes," said Lulu. "I stopped only briefly to get dressed- I was naked, after all- and then sped away from Emerald Lake with as much speed as I dared. I had been through this area previously, but my memory of the area was sketchy at best. Darkview was close as well, of course, but Darkview had an unsavory reputation even then, and I felt it best to stick to my original plan. Chrystal Heights."

Annabelle made a note. "So, you went to Chrystal Heights," she said, "and you were home free then, right?"

Lulu laughed. "Hardly," she said. "Chrystal Heights is...different."

"Different?" said Annabelle. "I'm sure it is, but I would think it was better than Emerald Lake."

"Perhaps. At any rate, I drove as fast as I dared. I had no idea how long it would take Lester to figure out that I had fled. I was hoping also to gain time by the fact that he had no sure idea where I was going. Chrystal Heights wasn't a logical destination for me, and I hoped that would give me enough of a lead to give me time to change cars."

"Several hours later, I reached the outskirts of Chrystal Heights. The adrenaline rush from escaping had faded, and the aching need for sex was filling that void."

Lulu turned and looked out the window, her eyes far away. "I saw a diner...the Chrystal Diner. Being a diner waitress, it seemed a good place to stop and catch my breath, so to speak. Something familiar." She laughed without humor. "I should have known better, of course."

Annabelle raised an eyebrow. "A diner is bad?"

"Not in the traditional sense, no," said Lulu, "but I had worked in a diner for several years at that point. And I was conditioned to a degree by that."

"I'm not sure I-"


Annabelle remained silent as the significance of Lulu's statement set in. Then she said, "Oh."

Lulu continued looking out the window. "Yes, blowjobs." She shook her head slowly. "One does not shuffle off months and years of conditioning that easily, particularly when one's body simply cries out for it."

"I entered and sat down, taking in the familiar sounds and aromas. I was in my natural environment. I felt I could pick up a pad and take an order and no one would be the wiser."

"It sounds like you should have gone to work there," said Annabelle.

"Don't you see?" said Lulu. "It was...too familiar. I began humming to myself as I sipped my coffee. My needs, however, were growing, and I knew...I thought I knew...what I could do to satisfy them."

"Surely there was someone available for you to, ah, relieve yourself?"

"I thought there was, yes," said Lulu. "There were several male customers and even some female customers that seemed they would be receptive to any advances I might make."

"Then what was the problem?" asked Annabelle.

"Everyone at the Emerald Lake diner knew me," said Lulu. "Wives were not offended when I offered to satisfy their husbands because they knew me. Neither were girlfriends. That," Lulu made a wry face, "wasn't the case here."

"Hmmmm," said Annabelle. "I see what you mean."

"Granted, I didn't have to give blowjobs," said Lulu, "but after years of doing so, the urge was essentially a need. One I needed satisfied."

Lulu stared out the window once more. "So I took some chances I shouldn't have taken. I started offering my services to everyone. And when a man walked over from the other side of the restaurant to request my service, I felt the erotic rush and thought everything was finally going my way."

Annabelle scribbled notes, finding herself on the metaphorical edge-of-her-seat. "His name was Joe. He stepped outside to make a phone call, and then we went to his truck. I was no stranger to giving blowjobs in the front seat of a vehicle, and soon my mass of blonde hair was bobbing in his lap."

Lulu began to pace. "I felt almost giddy as my mouth stroked over his hardness. My belly muscles actually twitched in anticipation. It felt...natural."

Lulu sighed. "When his hands suddenly tightened in my hair, my elation spiked and I actually squealed. Moments later, my belly full, I felt a sense of fulfillment. Yes, it would be tough...but I could make it on my own, away from Emerald Lake. I sat up and smiled at Joe."

"I exited the truck with a sense of purpose. I could do this!" Lulu gave a humorless chuckle. "And that's when I saw the two men waiting for me outside the truck."

Annabelle looked up from her pad, face intent.

"I couldn't believe Lester had found me so fast," said Lulu. "I tried to run, but they grabbed me. I tried to fight, to plead...I even tried to bite. It was almost impossible, however. Being so close, physically touching those men...even though they were strangers, it felt natural to be pressed against them. It was...erotic."

"Then Joe came around from the other side of the truck. He looked me over and then nodded to the men."

"Yeah, that's her," said Joe. "She's changed her hair color and styled it differently, and her, ah, curves are a lot more pronounced now, but that's her all right. That's Louise. She's the one who cleaned out my brother's account."

My eyes widened as I felt my wrists handcuffed behind me. "Congratulations, Louise," said one of the men. "You get a free stay at one of Chrystal Heights' finest resorts...the Chrystal Heights Jail."

Furious and humiliated, my belly filled with his cum, my words for Joe were decidedly unbimbo-like.


"So," said Annabelle, "you're telling me they weren't Lester's men?"

"No, they weren't," said Lulu. "They were detectives. I had been recognized from my pre-Emerald Lake life...and subsequently arrested."

"Oh, no," said Annabelle. "That's terrible."

"At the time," said Lulu, "I wasn't so sure it was a bad thing. For one thing, I thought it would throw Lester off my trail. He would hardly think to look for me in a Chrystal Heights jail. Also, I thought it might give me a chance to take a break from cock. A detox, so to speak." Lulu shook her head. "I couldn't have been more wrong."

Annabelle looked at Lulu. "What do you mean?"

Lulu continued as if she hadn't heard. "It was...not good. The physical need became unbearable. I screamed. I cried. I offered myself to male guards. I couldn't think of anything except cock."

"How did you get through it?"

"I licked women," said Lulu. "It wasn't quite as satisfying, but needs must when the devil drives. I became an obsessive licker of pussy, and my cell mates took quite the bit of pleasure from my state."

"I see," said Annabelle. "And what were the authorities doing about your case?"

"My lawyer was a public defender named Tyler," said Lulu. "He was a conscientious worker, but he was limited in what he could do for me."

"Limited?" said Annabelle.

"Yes," said Lulu. "He explained that I had been assigned to 'The Rack's' docket."

"The Rack?"

"Judge Hanover," said Lulu. "I thought myself lucky, however. The other women in jail had indicated that he never gave jail time."

"That would have sounded good to me, too," said Annabelle.

"Tyler, however, said I shouldn't be fooled by jail cell talk," said Lulu. "He said that it was true that Judge Hanover didn't usually give jail time, but that was only because he was interested in true justice."

"But that's a good thing, isn't it?" asked Annabelle.

"Not if you're actually guilty," said Lulu. "And I was."


Judge Hanover's courtroom- 1990

"All rise!"

Lulu rose to her feet as Judge Hanover entered and sat down. He was older than her, of course...in his early fifties, perhaps. His hair was black, but receded to the back of his head. He certainly didn't look as intimidating as Tyler made him sound. She had expected him to be taller.

Hanover turned to the bailiff. "Call the first case," he said, in a surprisingly deep voice.

The bailiff looked at his clipboard. Then he called out, "The People of Chrystal Heights versus Helen Desjarden!"

A young brunette stood and approached the bench. The judge glanced over his notes, then looked at Helen.

"All right, Miss Desjarden," said the judge. "It states here that you were verbally and physically aggressive with a beach parking meter attendant."

"That's not true, your Honor," said the brunette. "I was simply upset because she was giving me an unfair parking ticket. That parking meter was broken."

"I see," said the judge. "It also states that you referred to her in a disrespectful manner and attempted to grab her ticket book."

"She had no right to give me a ticket, your Honor!" said the girl. "That meter was broken!"

Judge Hanover looked at Helen. "How old are you, Miss Desjarden?"

"Twenty-four, your Honor."

"I see," said the judge, glancing at his notes. "You called her a 'rug-munching waste of space?'"

"Well, yeah," said the girl. "Everybody knows she's a lezzie."

"And then you grabbed her arm and tried to snatch her ticket book," said the judge.

"Not at all, your Honor!" said Helen. "I just tripped and fell, that's all! It was a complete misunderstanding."

"I will have the Truth, Miss Desjarden," said the judge. He turned to the bailiff. "Swear her in."

The bailiff brought over a book and instructed Helen to place her right hand on it. Then the judge spoke.

"Do you Swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?"

Helen's voice sounded strangely vibrant as she said, "I do."

"Very good," said Hanover. "Now tell me what happened that day."

Helen offered a confident smile. "I was looking really hot at the beach and all the guys were just checking me out, so I didn't bother going back to put change in the meter in time. When I got there, I realized that the stupid lezzie meter maid was writing me a ticket. I got mad and called her some names and then tried to grab the ticket book, 'cuz I figured if I got it away from her, I could destroy the evidence."

Judge Hanover nodded, then clasped his hands together. "I thought as much," he said. "Is the meter maid here?"

Helen blinked, then clapped a hand over her mouth. "Wait!" she said. "That's not what I meant to say!"

"Silence!" said the judge.

A dark-haired woman stood up. "I am the meter maid, your Honor," she said.

The judge looked at her. "Ah, yes, you are Charlene Murphy, correct?"

"Yes, your Honor," she said. "My friends call me Charlie."

"That's fine, Charlie," said the judge. "Is it true that you prefer the company of women?"

"Yes, your Honor," she said. "It's just the way I am."

"That's fine, Charlie," said the judge. "I just wanted to be sure." Then Hanover turned to Helen.

Helen said, "Your Honor, I-"

"Silence!" said Judge Hanover. "Helen Desjarden, I find you guilty of assault. You are hereby Sentenced to orally satisfy Charlie three days per week, on days of Charlie's choosing. You will do this for the next twelve weeks. Furthermore, you will receive a tongue piercing at this time in order to intensify the sensations for Charlie. You will be given one week to heal, at which time the twelve weeks will then commence. That is All!"

"One week!" said Helen. "But, your Honor...!"

Then, even as she spoke, Helen's eyes glazed over. She stared into space. Then her lips parted and her tongue slid out. The bailiff stepped forward and applied a clamp to the girl's tongue. He then stretched out her tongue and slid a needle through it. Helen showed no reaction.

The bailiff continued his work under the judge's steely gaze. After a minute, he stepped back.

"It's done, your Honor," he said.

"Very good," he said. Then he said, "Next!"

Helen's eyes then seemed to clear. "Buh, your Honor...!" she blinked, eyes widening at her thick lisp.

"Your piercing has been performed, Miss Desjarden," said the judge. "Your Sentence commences in one week."

Helen Desjarden was led away. Charlie smiled and left the courtroom as well.

"Call the next case, bailiff," said the judge.

The bailiff stepped forward. "The People of Chrystal Heights versus Louise, a.k.a. Lulu," he said.

Lulu stood and approached the bench. She better understood Tyler's concern now.

Judge Hanover gazed down on Lulu. "So you're the minx that cleaned out so many men- young and old- across so many cities," he said. He looked her up and down. "I thought you'd be taller."

Lulu's bimbo appearance was presently the bane of her existence, but she thought she might actually be able to use it to her advantage in this situation. She opened her eyes wide and tried to sound as innocent as possible. "Ummmm...I think that may be kind of an exaggeration, your Honor," she said.

"You do, do you?" said the judge. "Why don't you explain to me why?"

"Well, your Honor," said Lulu, "I admit I may have been careless about paying some debts, but I really intend to pay everybody back. Honest!" Lulu nodded in the most sincere manner she could manage.

"I'm sure you do, young lady," said Hanover. He steepled his fingers. "It seems you're quite the unusual case."

Lulu blinked. "I am?"

"Yes," said the judge. "This court has been in contact with the prosecution offices of the various cities in which you perpetrated your various indiscretions. Because this court has certain resources available, the various offices have agreed- enthusiastically, I might add- to combine all charges. They will accept this court's rulings and subsequent sentencing in place of their own."

Lulu looked at the judge blankly. "Ummmmmm...?"

"In other words, Louise," said Hanover, "all pending legal issues for all cities will be addressed here and now."

Lulu brightened. "Oh!" she said. "Good! We can get this taken care of right now, then."

"Indeed, young lady," said Hanover. "You are charged with multiple counts of exploitation and theft. How do you plead?"

Lulu widened her eyes, contriving to appear as innocent as possible. "Oh, not guilty, your Honor!" she said. "I'm sure you understand there's been a misunderstanding. As soon as we're done here, I'll just scoot right over to the parties involved and make full amends, your Honor."

"On that, we are agreed, Louise," said Hanover. "Now, let's see...do you recall a Richard N. in Diamond Valley?

"Well...yesssss, I suppose I do," said Lulu. "He was sweet."

"Yes...to the tune of one thousand, five hundred dollars."

"Well...he was very sweet."

"Donald H. in Onyx Pass?"


"One thousand, seven hundred dollars. Franklin B. from Krisburg?"


"Nine hundred dollars. Jason T. from Rubytown?"


"One thousand, one hundred dollars."

"Okay...okay, your Honor," said Lulu. "I understand there may be, ah, ethical issues here, but I didn't really steal all that money. I mean, some of it was for, you know, me being sweet."

Judge Hanover set his papers down and locked eyes with Lulu.

"Actually, Louise," said the judge, "those amounts are what you stole from their accounts and homes. This doesn't include the amounts they were foolish enough to part with while wining and dining you."

"Well...I mean..."

Judge Hanover sat back and gazed at me, stroking his chin. "Interesting," he said. "I had an idea for restitution, but it seems someone has beat me to it. Unusual."

"I don't understand, your Honor," said Lulu.

"No matter," said the judge. "Louise, this is a long, long list of victims. You entered towns, cleaned out citizens of their funds and life savings and, when it got too hot, you left town."

Lulu squirmed. "Well, yes, your Honor, but I'm sorry, okay?"

"No," said the judge, "it is not okay. All told, and rounding off in a manner most generous, the amount of stolen funds is two hundred twenty-five thousand dollars. Louise, you are Sentenced to use your newly acquired physical assets to raise money to provide full restitution to all victims herein listed. You will meet with the legal representatives of your various victims and they will decide whether they prefer restitution in financial or sexual service format. If they choose the latter, you will service them in any manner they choose, be it oral, anal or otherwise, providing it is not life-threatening. You shall also cover all legal fees in the same manner. That is All."

"What?!" said Lulu. She stamped her foot. "Your Honor, that is not fair!"

"I will have order!" said Hanover. "Louise, You have repeatedly displayed a lack of respect for the person of this court. I find you guilty of Contempt of Court."

"Fine!" said Lulu.

"Tell me, young lady," said the judge, "do you know why they call me 'The Rack'?"

"No," said Louise. "I assumed it was an exaggeration, like saying you're a torture rack.

"I am called 'The Rack' for a reason," said the judge. "Louise, I Sentence you to possess E-sized breasts. Furthermore, as you lack verbal respect, I hereby Sentence you to speak using only vocabulary block 'B', with a prime on monosyllabic words. This lock on your vocabulary shall remain in effect until such time as your restitution is fully paid. That is All."

Lulu blinked. She was sentenced to have large breasts and talk with a specific vocabulary?

And that's when she felt the pressure.

Lulu gasped as her breasts bulged over the top of her bra. Tyler reached behind her and unsnapped her bra through her top with deft twist of his fingers. Her breasts continued swelling through yet another cup size before slowing and finally stopping. Lulu blinked as she realized she now had an overwhelming rack to go with her already lush curves.

"My...my boobs, your Honor!" said Lulu. "They're, like, really big!"

Someone in the courtroom snickered, and Lulu realized something was wrong.

"Omigod!" she said, giggling. She clapped a hand over her mouth.

Judge Hanover harrumphed. "You shall remain in this state until such time as restitution has been fully made. Upon the final payment, your normal vocabulary will return and you'll be permitted to leave Chrystal Heights. You'll likely have to retrain your vocabulary patterns, and your present physical challenges will remain in place, unless, of course, you come across a cure on your own."

"I...have to keep, you know, talking like this, cutie? Err, your Honor, I mean?"

"Yes, Louise, you do. Justice will be served."


Annabelle set down her pad. "That's an incredible story, Lulu," she said.

"Yes," said Lulu. "Emerald Lake turned me into a lush sex toy...but Chrystal Heights turned me into a bimbo."

Annabelle shook her head. "Incredible," she said.

"Yes," said Lulu. "And my troubles weren't over yet. My transformation was complete by this point...I looked, talked and acted like a stereotypical air-headed bimbo. The shift in my vocabulary was more far-reaching than I had realized. It translated my every statement into bimbo-speak. Attempting to say 'Good morning' would result in a giggly 'Hiya, cutie!' or something similar. I had no way of convincing anyone that I had a working brain...in particular, potential employers."

"I see," said Annabelle.

"Regardless, by order of Judge Hanover, I now couldn't leave Chrystal Heights until I had paid everything back," said Lulu. "The only man I feared more than Lester at that point was The Rack...but that didn't change the fact that Lester was still out there. And now, not only was I trapped in a bimbo body, I was trapped in a bimbo lifestyle as well."

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