tagMind ControlInterview With The Bimbo Ch. 05

Interview With The Bimbo Ch. 05



"You and Michael?" asked Annabelle,

"I don't think either of us even noticed it was happening. Every day he would oversee whatever tests were being carried out and then in the evening we would have dinner together and just chat about nothing."

"Every evening?"

"Yes. We kidded ourselves it was a precautionary test to check that my true mind was still intact after a full day of fucking, but he could have easily passed the job onto any one of his employees. The truth was that we needed each other's company."

"You loved each other."

"We needed each other." Affirmed Lulu, "I needed to feel normal, to fell like I was leading a proper life and that everything that what was going on during the day was a necessary evil in order to find a cure. I needed to have a portion of the day where I could live my life and be myself."

"And him?"

"He needed validation. To see for himself that a bimbo can still be a person; that he wasn't destroying people. He needed to hear me talk like a normal person. In a way, being friends with me allowed him to feel like he was a good man."

"And then you fell in love?"

"It was unavoidable." Said Lulu, "Looking back at how much time we spent together, what else could have happened? We became each other's lives.

"We started to hold hands over the table as we talked. Our conversations began to be about our pasts and the future as opposed to nothing. Some days we would talk about how our lives would be once I was cured and end up talking all the way through to morning. He was an incredibly honest and thoughtful man. A far cry from the sort of man one would imagine being in the bimbo industry."

Lulu paused for a short while, collecting her thoughts before continuing.

"It was probably about two years after I joined Venus that he finally told me he loved me, at the turn of the Millennium. We had just discovered what caused permanent bimbification so it had been quite a solemn evening's discussion as we tried to avoid the white elephant in the room that was discovering that we may never find a cure."

"How did you react?"

"I told him I loved him back." Said Lulu, "I remember his smile when I told him; there was so much outward happiness yet in his eyes I could see a sense of almost sadness at my answer."

"Why would he be sad that you loved him too?"

"Because he knew he may never have me. He only loved Lulu the bimbo, he wanted to love Louise and he wanted Louise to be the one who loved me. Discovering that day that I may be destined to always be Lulu meant that he may never get to know if Louise also would love him."

"I don't understand; you are still the same person."

"But in a bimbo shell, we both knew that my bimbo mind was more receptive to love as to love someone meant more chances to fuck someone. My bimbo body also meant I would always be physically attractive to him whereas who know what he would think of the true forty two year old Louise hidden inside. In a way it would have been happier if I hadn't loved him."

"That's so sad." Said Annabelle, "It seems that even falling in love in Chrystal Heights is different from the rest of the world."

"The next evening we were up again talking for hours. Again he told me that he loved me, but that he needed to know if he could love Louise before taking it forward.

"I understood why he said it, but it was hard to accept that he couldn't truly love me as Lulu. The more he tried to explain himself the more I didn't want to listen. I tried to kiss him."


"I spent the majority of my day having sex with people I didn't know or didn't care about. My body loved it of course, but just once I wanted to experience what sex with a person a really cared about felt like in a bimbo body. I wanted him; and in this body, it meant that of course I was incredibly horny."

"Did he kiss you back?"

"For a second yes, then he stopped me. He reminded me of what he told me the first time I asked him why he didn't fuck me, 'that he couldn't have sex with a person that he felt didn't truly want it'.

Michael knew the bimbo mind better than anybody. He would have known how much my body was in control of all decisions sexual and as such didn't want to take advantage of me in a moment of mental weakness."

"How did you react?"

"At the time, I wouldn't accept his rejection. I tried to force myself upon him; tried to grab his cock, I even threw myself to the ground in a vain attempt at giving him a blowjob but each time he stopped me in my tracks.

"I went to bed that night horny and pissed off, but the next morning I was able to think about things with a clear head and understood why he did what he did. I apologised to him the next night and I never threw myself at him again. I can't help but wonder though if that was the night that turned him onto the path of what he was to become."


"After that night he began to stop watching me during my test sessions." Continued Lulu, "He would come now and again, but as soon as the orgasms began he would make his excuses and leave."

"He couldn't watch you have sex anymore?"

"Watching somebody you love fuck other people over and over is not easy to take at the best of times, but when you know it is you they truly love... it must have been soul destroying."

"How did you feel about it?"

"It felt like I was cheating on him, betraying him in some way. I began to picture his face on the endless nobodies that I was fucking my way through each day but it was a fool's errand, whenever I looked up I could see him, see the hurt in his eyes as I built to orgasm and the speed at which he left me there when I began to come."

"Didn't you tell each other how you felt?"

"How could we? We knew it couldn't make any difference. Our evening conversations became more and more awkward as we tried to find something we could talk about without falling into uncomfortable silences every five minutes. Six months later, our evening conversation sessions were cancelled. When it was finally proved conclusively that my condition was permanent, he stopped coming to my test sessions altogether."

"Did you ever see him again?"

"Of course I did. I was still a Venus employee. But it became very rare for us to see each other and it was usually by chance. He'd lost all hope that we could ever be together and it changed everything."

"What happened?"

"It was September 2001, the permanence of my Bimbification had been official for about three months and I noticed the nature of my daily tests changing."


"Up until then the sexual testing I had undergone had been purely scientific. Guys would come in, we would fuck in the manner decided for that session and my brain and body reactions would be recorded?"

"Having sex with a group of men doesn't sound like science to me?" Annabelle commented, interrupting the flow of Lulu's recount.

"It is when you are researching Bimbos" replied Lulu, Even though you can learn a lot from blood and Psyche tests, the crux of the matter was that my brain reached its bimbo peak during sex, so just like a person with sleep disorders needs to be monitored when they are asleep, I needed to be monitored during sex."

"I suppose that makes sense."

"It makes perfect sense. And the way Venus when about it was purely scientific. The whole test was just about the sex and my reaction to it. Okay maybe there would be days when I where a string of guys would take turns to fuck my ass or I would be triple-teamed over and over again for an afternoon, but it was always just sex. The male testers would enter the testing area, we would fuck and they would leave, there was no gratuity involved.

"Then one morning that September, I arrived for testing and there was something laying on the test-bed waiting for me."

"What was it?"

"A uniform - Cheerleader uniform to be exact. I was told it was a new line of testing we were to try out for a while. They said it was to monitor if my body reacted differently to different kinks or fetishes. On that day I was to be the captain of the cheerleading squad, who was waiting for the college football team to get back to her dorm so that she could reward them for winning the State Championship. I was told that it was imperative I make the role as believable as I could."

"So what did you do?"

"I did it of course. Nobody at Venus had ever misled me and I knew that everything we did had to have gotten the okay from Michael (you do NOT go behind your bosses back in Chrystal Heights), so I believed that this was a genuine new line of research and I fucked that the faux-football team in the cheeriest, sluttiest way I knew how.

"In the ensuing months I was every object of desire you could imagine. I was dressed up in uniforms to act as a schoolgirl or nurse. I had to dress up in PVC and bondage gear, sometimes playing the dominatrix, sometimes the slave. I was whipped, spanked, tied and shackled. There was even one time I was left in the lab all night with a vibrator throbbing away in each hole."

"But that's insane."

"Of course it was. I know that now, but at the time I honestly still believed there was a reason for it all; that some good could potentially come from it. Whilst I still believed that Venus was working towards goals to help me and people like me I was prepared to do anything they wanted of me for the remainder of my contract. Of course, it became harder to believe when the sackings started."


"It was about six months after the kink tests had begun. Now that we were encouraged to interact and role-play with each other instead of just fuck and leave, some of the guys I worked with began to get really into it.

"It started with Brad, he was one of the junior tech assistants and we probably fucked about once a week. He had always been very polite to me; we would say hello if we met in the cafeteria during lunch, you the typical colleague relationship. But after we moved away from pure sex, he began to get really passionate with me when we had tests together, telling me how beautiful I was and that I was the most incredible bimbo he'd ever been with.

"Then one day when I bumped into him in the hallway he told me how much he was looking forward to the 'Nun and Vicar' test we had scheduled later that afternoon, that he'd been looking forward to it all week. When the time for the test came, it was another guy who came to administer it. Brad was nowhere to be seen. I was later told he'd been fired for gross misconduct."

"Gross misconduct?"

"Yeah, it turned out that Michael had been filming every sex test I participated in. If he saw anybody show signs of liking me too much, they were fired. There was one time he fired six guys in a single morning."

"Could he do that?"

"It's Chrystal Heights and he owned a Bimbo company. You complain about getting sacked, the next thing you know you're a stripper in a gay bar. So it's best to just pack your desk and leave."

"But why would he sack them?"

"Jealousy, he couldn't cope with seeing guys enjoying what he couldn't. Every now and then he'd just snap and fire them."

"Then why watch you."

"Even if it hurt him to watch, seeing somebody else with me was still the closest he could get to being with me. Years later I discovered that was the reason for all the uniforms, toys and games. He was picturing was fucking together like that and so wanted it to be more than simple straight sex. He'd given up any hope of finding a cure; I was now just an obsession."

"But you still went along with it?"

"I didn't know it was true at the time. With the turnover of staff and increasing focus on the fetish as opposed to the research I of course had my doubts. I ignored them though."


"I didn't want to believe it. I preferred to spend every day playing the cum-addicted French Maid who sucked off the Lord of the Manor's twin boys every morning before College than accept that all hope was lost. I wanted to believe that the man from the coffee shop who saved me from a lifetime of degradation was still looking over me somewhere. I needed to have faith in his methods, for both our sakes."


Annabelle could see that retelling her story was beginning to take its toll on Lulu.

"Do you need a break?" she asked, "We can continue tomorrow if you need."

Lulu smiled at her. "No, I'll be fine." She replied. "This needs to be told now. I've waited over twenty years to tell my story. I'm not waiting another day to finish it."

"If that's what you want," said Annabelle sitting back as Lulu picked up where she had left off.

"2003 brought with it the lesbian phase of my testing regime. It began with just the one girl: Fifi, she was just like me to look at; the same blonde hair, fuckable lips, colossal tits, everything."

"You'd not been with a girl before?"

"Not at Venus. It was already well documented that a Bimbo was inherently bisexual so there was never any need to research it. But with my contract winding down it seemed they were determined to explore every sexual avenue possible. So after months of kinks and fetishes, it was now time for Lulu the Lesbian."

"So how was it?"

"It was far from my worst experience in Chrystal Heights, my body loved lesbian sex just as much as cock and Fifi God bless her was a lovely girl... dumb as a post, but a lovely girl.

"She had a really cute personality which made the sex quite fun to be honest. And when you are instructed to role-play sexually experimenting with your ditzy, slutty cheerleader roommate, it is much easier when your co-star is actually a ditzy, slutty cheerleader." Lulu paused for a second and smiled, "Yeah, Fifi was fun."

"It sounds like you liked her." Said Annabelle

"She was a nice girl. She was so genuine and innocent."

"Innocent? She was a bimbo."

"And what does that have to do with anything?" snapped Lulu, "I'm a bimbo too but I am still myself. That's the whole reason why I am able to be here with you now. If you try hard enough and want it enough, your true personality can still shine through the bimbification. Albeit a true personality that wants to fuck a lot."

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean..."

"I know. Stereotypes are always hard to break, even when a rebuttal is sitting right in front of you. It's just sad that the general public cannot see bimbos in the same light that we see ourselves."

"In what light?"

"When I meet a bimbo (and I have met a lot), in all but the most lost to their urges I can see the shadow of who they once were. I can spot a cute bimbo from a snotty one. I can tell a kind heart from a selfish. The wider-world on the other hand just see an airhead that likes to fuck.

"Now Fifi was definitely airheaded, and she sure loved to fuck, my god she loved to fuck, but she had personality as well, an endearing quality that I could see which meant ironically that I probably got more pleasure out of sex with her than the guys that used to line up in anticipation of when their turn would come."

"It seems like you miss her."

"I miss a lot of the girls; some of the guys too. We had some good times outside of all the sex and dildos. There were some real aspirational figures within Venus that still give me hope that Chrystal Heights can become a better place. I know more than a few felt guilty about what happened next, especially Fifi..."


"It wasn't her fault. She was just following orders.

"What did she do?"

"My contract with Venus was expiring; I had about two months left before I was free to leave. A lot of the staff were quite excited about it. Those who had survived the jealousy culls had known me for almost five years and there were more than a few people that I would still call friends.

"Then one day I came down to the lab and the mood in the room felt off. There was a feeling similar to when you walk into an office the day after a colleague has died and you are the only person who doesn't know yet. You can sense something is wrong, but have no idea what.

"Anyhow, nobody was forthcoming with news of dead colleagues so I set about finding out what was in store for me that day. The bed in the lab had been replaced with a large desk and there was a business suit- well I say business suit, if today's career woman dressed for work in super low cut blouses and microskirts, this would be how they would dress – on the table. There was also a pile of fake contracts and files on each side of the desk.

"An envelope lying on my costume informed me of my role: I was a bright small business owner looking to secure a lucrative contract from a large firm but end up getting seduced and fucked by the company's President and his busty assistant."

"Original." Muttered Annabelle,

"The most popular scenes always are." Replied Lulu, "The setup wasn't anything out of the usual though; I'd done variations of this many times before and expected to do many times again. However when Greg (the guy playing the company President) and Fifi can to the lab again I could feel something was off. Greg was usually quite chatty and friendly before our scenes but today he didn't look like he wanted to be there, Fifi too, despite the outward bubbliness, had a sadness in her eyes that was clear for me to see. I tried to ask what was going on, but the lab director hurried us to get started with the scene.

"Again, everything began in the usual fashion. We fell into our roles, going through the clichéd innuendo-filled filler that is a prerequisite to the 'fucking like chimps' bit. I told him 'I needed a big insertion of funds', he told me he 'had something to insert for me. It really was Oscar winning stuff."

Annabelle stifled a chucked as she listened.

"Then we got to the fucking bit," continued Lulu. I'd just told him that 'I rejected his offer because I couldn't let him screw my company', and he took off his jacket and told he that he'd 'just have to screw me instead. Then he began to fuck me on the office table. It was all standard stuff."

"So what changed?"

"Nothing at first; it was just one fuck-filled threesome: We all got naked and Greg sucked my tits, then Fifi sucked my tits, then one sucked a tit each. We were going through the paces as normal: boy-girl sixty-nine, girl-girl sixty-nine, Greg fucking me as I licked Fifi's pussy, me sucking Greg's cock as Fifi licked my pussy. I'd completely forgotten about the odd atmosphere I had felt before."

"And then?"

"Fifi and Greg began to tie me over the table. I was bent in such a way that I had both feet on the floor with my ass and pussy exposed at table height. I could move either leg or my left arm, but I was allowed some movement in the right. Although again, bondage and rope-play was nothing new.

"What was new came next. Greg reverted back to his Company President character and began to monologue. He began to boast about Venus Industries' plans to take over my company. He fished out a piece of paper from pile of fake contracts and forms and began waving it in front of me.

"He placed the contract by my free right hand, I couldn't read all of it from my angle but I could see enough to make out my name and reference to 'becoming a lifetime employee of Venus Industries'. That's when I realised why everyone's mood was so low that day; they were there to force me to sign my life over to Venus."

"But that's illegal! A contract isn't binding if you're forced to sign!"

"Not in Chrystal Heights it isn't, it's not a good idea to ask too many questions there. If somebody presents you with a signed contract, you accept it's legally binding."

"But why would they do that to you? You said they were friends."

"Self-Preservation. In a company like Venus, you put following orders before friendship. It you don't then... well the next contract signing may well have your name at the top. So I understood why they did it, and I knew they hated to do it. But it had become clear that Michael had decided that he wasn't ready to let me leave him just yet. So it was required that the length of my stay there be made indefinite."

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