tagMind ControlInterview With The Bimbo Ch. 06

Interview With The Bimbo Ch. 06



"So you continued to be a part of Venus' research for a long time I am guessing." Asked Annabelle,

"Quite the opposite" replied Lulu, "Michael had already discovered all he wanted to find out: I couldn't be saved. By signing that contract not only was I signed over to him for life, but my job description also changed."


"I became the debut star of Venus Industries' newest venture -- taking over the erotic film industry. With bimbos as the stars, it was a sure-fire success because we would genuinely enjoy every second of filming. With me as the lead name, Venus could create American produced films that could match the best of hard-core cinema, from the basic 'pizza delivery guy fucks the housewife' fare all the way to entering the extreme fetish and crazy public sex film market that before had been almost exclusive to the Japanese porn industry."

"You became a porn star?"

"Not just a porn star; The porn star. From 2004 to 2007 I was both the most prolific and the highest grossing adult star in the world. Even now if you go to any triple x video store there will be at least a shelf devoted to my works."

"So are you famous?"

"To the right audience I am, yes. Although I would never get the crossover mainstream recognition of say a Jenna Jameson. I was the sole property of Venus Industries; that meant no Playboy, no soft-core or glamour mag photo shoots. The most family friendly anything I starred in got was films where there's only one male star and there are no more than two or three anal scenes in the movie.

"On top of that Venus never sold TV or cinema rights to its films. You either had to buy or rent the DVD or download it from Venus' super-premium website. Oh and may god have mercy on anybody who attempts to illegally download or share any of the movies..."

"Why? Did Venus' lawyers come down hard on pirates?"

"You still have a lot to learn about Chrystal Heights Annabelle," smiled Lulu, "Venus didn't need lawyers. Word soon got around that people who had watched an illegal version of the films tended to do strange things straight after."

"Like what?"

"Masturbating in public libraries, paying a prostitute to dominate them on videotape for an hour and then posting the video to their parents, repeat offenders would acquire the urge to spend eventful evenings in the toilets of gay clubs. Trust me, once the urban legends were confirmed as being real, people chose to stump up the money to watch the legal version and I remained a hard-core star that made Venus millions yet was a total unknown to the soft-core or mainstream crowd."

"So what was life like as a porn star?"

"Pretty similar to being a research subject. Being a bimbo, one doesn't need to be given a script or warmed up before a scene. The director just told me the role I would play and it would all be done in one take. It was simple, effective and more realistic than any studio based film could ever hope to be as I was guaranteed to be horny throughout the film and the orgasms would be frequent and 100% genuine every time. The only difference from research was that the cameras were not hidden anymore."

"And you could live with that?"

"I had to. Of course it was killing me on the inside that I was so close to getting my life back and then had it all taken away from me, but you have to stay positive in a place like Chrystal Heights. If you let things get to you, you become desperate and it's the desperate people who make the big mistakes.

"I've seen it happen, female researchers start to get twitchy, worry that they may be about to go from tester to testee and they panic. Instead of coming to work they pack up their stuff and try to flee town; the next thing you hear is that they had a 'change of heart' and are now sucking cocks at one of the local bars. If they had just asked to serve a notice period, they probably would have been allowed to leave, yet a person's nature is to fear the worst and so they do something stupid. I had no intentions of doing anything stupid."

"The longer your story goes on, the more incredible I think you must be." Said Annabelle, "Everything you just said makes perfect sense, but still I can't help but think that in your position I would have still tried to run for the first open door I saw and take my chances."

"Your very kind." Replied Lulu, "But keep it in perspective that by then I had been a bimbo for over fifteen years. I knew how the Chrystal Heights World worked and I knew that if I just played along and tried to make the most of my situation that an opportunity would eventually present itself."

"And it did?"

"Yes. In late 2007, I realised something that changed everything."


"What did you discover?" asked Annabelle.

"I've told you about Fifi."


"Well up until 2004, she was the only bimbo I had been with during my time at Venus. Then over the next couple of years I starred in productions alongside a multitude of female co-stars. Now the pretence of 'research' was over, Venus was free to have me fuck just as many different girls as I did guys."

"I don't get the difference. Why put you with a different guy every It was a day yet the same girl?"

"Bimbo's can work much longer hours than the average guy when it comes to sex. The male employees would also have days off and holiday pay. On top of that, anybody that got too close to me got sacked. It was simple logistics."

"Ah right."

"But science and porn are different. So a new job meant getting to work with lots of new people and that was when it struck me."

"What struck you?"

"Well it took a few weeks to notice. At first I didn't think anything of the endless stream of blonde airheads that I got to work with. They were all the happy giggly type of bimbo that the audience loved and so it made sense to employ as many as possible. The only thing better than an uber-breasted blonde fucking her way through her co-stars, was two or three others joining in.

"Then one day I was chatting with one of the directors: Clive, and made a joke about how it would be nice to work with a brunette or redhead for a change and that it was a shame that all bimbos had to be blonde. I remember laughing at my own joke for a few seconds and then stopping when I saw the awkward look on his face."

"What was it?"

"He didn't want to tell me at first but I pressured him, I saw an opportunity to find out a little more about Venus Industries and so I used a mixture of guilt-tripping and flirting to extract the information I needed."

"And what did you find out?"

"That my co-stars' appearance was another offshoot of Michael's obsession. I had just assumed that blonde hair was just a natural part of creating a bimbo, like it was part of the DNA. Especially with the girls at Venus who would have been bimbified using techniques and chemicals obtained from the research on me."

"I don't follow."

"By November 2007, Venus Industries had had the technology to custom design their bimbos for nearly five years. There was nothing stopping them from having me fuck brunettes, redheads, they could turn a girls hair so that it naturally grew pink if they wanted to."

"So why were all the girls blonde?"

"Michael. He ordered for all the girls that worked with me to be blonde."

"But why?"

"Clive tried to convince me it was blonde was the classic bimbo look, that nobody would pay as much to see a redheaded bimbo-slut."

"You didn't believe him?"

"There's a reason Clive is behind the camera. He's a bad actor even for the porn industry. I could tell he was lying."

"So what was the real reason?"

Michael wasn't just making bimbos, he was recreating me."


"It was his twisted way of being with me. He would customise the new girls to look as similar to me as possible. Then after our scenes together he would have the other girl sent to his room and he would fuck them. He wanted them to look, smell and taste as close to me as possible."

"But that's insane!"

"Love can drive people crazy."

"But that's not love, its obsession."

"He wanted to be with me and if he couldn't bring himself to fuck my bimbo alter-ego and he couldn't find a way to cure me, the closest thing he could get to being with me was to create and fuck an endless stream of doppelgangers."

"So what did you do when you found out?"

"I went to confront him."


"And it changed everything."


"So what happened?" asked Annabelle.

"He was waiting for me. Clive had told him that I had finally started asking questions so he was expecting me."

"And what did he say?"

"The usual things one says when they need to justify themselves. He told me that he did it for me. That he had vowed to himself never to break his promise that he would never try to fuck me and that this was his way of keeping that promise.

"He told me he just wanted to imagine what it would be like to be with me, that he needed to see me in person, touch me, and smell me. He begged me to understand and that everything he did was because he loved me and he missed me."

"He missed you?" questioned Annabelle. "But you worked for him."

"By this point it had probably been almost two years since we had last been in the same room and over three since we had had any sort of conversation. The discovery that my state was irreversible had destroyed him. It turned him into a monster who turned girl after girl into shallow copies of me in an attempt to satiate his own crazed desires.

"On some level he still realised what he was doing was wrong. His guilt kept him away from me. The more he tried to compensate with other girls, the guiltier he felt. The guiltier he felt, the more he withdrew contact with me and the more he withdrew contact with me the more he tried to compensate with other girls.

"It was this vicious cycle which led to what happened on November 24th 2007. I had confronted him and he emptied his heart, telling me everything I just told you and more in the hope I might understand. That I could still see that he was a good man who was just confused. He promised me he could change."

"Did you believe him?"

I wanted to. But the Michael in that room that night was not the Michael I had met in that coffee house all those years ago. He was not the man I loved."

"So what did you do?"

"I told him what I just told you. That I couldn't believe him and that I did not love him."

A tear began to form in the corner of Lulu's eye.

"He fell to his knees, pleaded with me, and begged me to tell him that I didn't really mean that. He told me he couldn't live in a world where I didn't love him.

"I wanted to believe him. I wanted to fall down to my knees with him and tell him I could still love him but I couldn't. The Michael I knew was gone.

"I told him I was sorry, I wanted to say something to make things better but before I had the chance I felt a sharp pain in my leg and I blacked out.


"What happened?" asked Annabelle

Lulu sighed as told Annabelle the events of that fateful night:


When I came to, I was bound to the four posts of one of the beds we used for filming bondage scenes. Michael was standing over me and I could see Fifi sat naked in a chair behind him playing with her hair and singing a song that had apparently been made famous in the mid-nineties by some Scandinavian Pop Group.

I tried to get up but the cuffs on my wrists and ankles made my movements severely limited. I looked over to Fifi who was in her own little world before focusing my gaze on Michael. I wanted to speak but a Venus Industries 'Lulu' brand ball-gag made that impossible.

It seemed like an age before Michael finally spoke to me:

"Please don't try to fight it" he told me. "That will only make things harder for both of us."

He put his hand on my forehead and began to stroke my hair in a fashion akin to how a husband would his wife if she'd been given 24 hours to live. In a way this image wasn't too far from the truth.

He motioned Fifi to come over to the bed, she duly obliged. Without the need for any other instructions, her tongue set up camp between by legs and she lightly lapped away at me whilst Michael revealed my fate.

"I can't pretend any longer.' He said. 'They aren't you. Fifi, Trixiebelle, Lady Jiggles, none of them are you and I can't take it. Anyone of these facile bimbos would gladly love me, serve me, and cater to my every need with joy and gusto but not you. , 'I am Michael Williams! Founder and CEO of Venus Industries, one of the most powerful men in all of Chrystal Heights and I am falling to pieces because some fucking bimbo won't love me."

The blend of the pleasure derived from Fifi's tongue and the fear evoked from Michael's rant is still to this day the most unnerving and frightening experience of my life.

I wanted to escape Fifi's tongue, but I couldn't. I wanted to say something to Michael, but I couldn't. I had been scared, worried and fearful many times during my times in Emerald Lake and Chrystal Heights, but at that moment I was terrified and there was nothing I could do. He just kept ranting.

"How can you not love me! How can you continue to be so fucking independent!" He grabbed my hair and held my head up so I was staring at Fifi as she continued to confuse my body as to what it should have been feeling in this instance.

"Look at her!" he yelled at me. "Why can't you be like her? She used to be a bright young lawyer, a real up and comer by all accounts. She even managed to get a not-guilty verdict for one of her clients up against the Rack!

"Now look at her. Not a care in the world. She could lick away at your pussy all day long and she'd be happy as can be doing it. And if I wanted her to love me, she would love me unconditionally for as long as I wished."

He threw my head back down to the bed and went over to Fifi. He unzipped his pants, grabbed a thigh with each hand and slid his already hard cock inside her.

"You see!" He yelled over at me. "I take her from behind and she doesn't even flinch. She's happy being this way. So why can't you be?"

In his emotional state he began to fuck Fifi even harder, which in turn spurred Fifi to pass on the favour to my pussy. Even though I couldn't speak, I screamed into my gag just for the sake of knowing that I was at least trying to have an impact on the events transpiring around me.

With a final few thrusts, Michael came inside Fifi and I could feel through her tongue that she had been conditioned to come in tandem with him. His point about Fifi seemingly made (which was emphasised even more by her continuing to lap away at my pussy as if the earth shattering orgasm of thirty seconds ago had never happened), he was now ready for the big reveal.

"Earlier this evening I told you I couldn't live in a world where you didn't love me and it's true." He walked over to a table across the room and picked up a vial of clear liquid. "That's why I had to inject you with this."

This time the screaming into the gag was involuntary. Even though I had no idea what 'this' was, experience of Chrystal Heights told me that it had to be bad. And it was...

"This is one of Venus Industries' most recent breakthroughs: Elixir De L'Amour -- a love potion. Once injected, the subject will fall in love with the next man to fuck them. The body produces an enzyme that once it comes into contact with the DNA in sperm, forms a permanent and unbreakable bond between the subject and the sperm's owner.

"In short, the next person to come inside you will become the centre of your universe. You will love them mind body and soul and even a will like yours won't be able to overpower its effect."


"My god that's abhorrent!" shrieked Annabelle, jolting Lulu out of her rhythm.

"That's what crazy people do." replied Lulu. "Especially when they have an evil super-lab to help them.

"But you told me that you two never had sex.

"Do I sound like a person in love with Michael Williams mind, body and soul?" responded Lulu dryly, "There are still a few more twists in this tale."

Lulu regained her composure and continued her recollection:

"Michael tapped Fifi on the shoulder and after a goodbye kiss to the clit she retreated back to her chair and that perky Barbie song. Michael was now completely naked and looking down at me from the end of the bed.

'I've waited 14 years to finally do this.' He told me.

"With that he slowly began to kiss my left foot before carefully working his way up my leg and to my inner thigh. There he stopped for a minute or two, finally able to taste me for himself and not vicariously through others.

"I felt his cock grow against the side of my leg and for the first time in my life I found myself praying as that cock edged closer and closer to my pussy. Once again he stopped for a detour as his tongue met my breasts for the first time.

"Maybe I was tired, maybe it was the fact that a part of me was also excited that I was actually about to have sex with Michael, or maybe it was because this was the last time I would have sex as a free-minded bimbo but just let myself give in to the pleasure. I didn't want to fight the orgasms anymore, so I just went with it and I will not lie, it felt good.

"However once his tongue departed from my tits and began to advance to my neck and shoulder, dread quickly regained its position as number one feeling I was experiencing.

"I couldn't move, I couldn't speak and we both knew it was only a matter of time before the inevitable happened. Michael was now directly on top of me, looking into my eyes, his cock resting against my pussy.

"He reached behind my neck and undid my gag, throwing it to the ground beside my bed. 'I want to hear you tell me you love as soon as it happens.' He told me.

"I just lay there staring up at him. My gag was off, I was free to say or scream anything I wanted but in that moment I had nothing to say. I was beaten, dejected and betrayed yet again by the man I had entrusted with my future. What could I say in my last moments as a free mind to change all that? So I just stared at him.

"He tried to smile at me but I could see he was thrown by my silence. We stared blankly at each other for a few seconds before he tried to kiss me. When I fought against him, he turned his attention to my neck before the moment of dread finally came and he thrust his cock inside of me."

"So he did have sex with you after all?" said Annabelle.

"Depends if you count three pumps as having sex." replied Lulu.

"I don't follow."

"After three pumps, he suddenly stopped. He just stared at me; his cock buried deep inside my cunt and didn't move or speak for what seemed like an age. Then without warning he withdrew and ran out of the room."

"What did you do then?"

"What could I do? I was still tied to the bed!"

"Good point."

"Well about five minutes later he returned with a key and a set of clothes. He told Fifi to leave the room, threw the clothes on top of me and began unfastening the bonds:

'Once I release you go back to your room. Do not go anywhere do not speak to anybody.' He began, 'Once in your room pack up your things. Tomorrow morning at ten there will be an announcement that you will be leaving Venus Industries with immediate effect.

'Once this announcement is made you will go to the main laboratory to say your goodbyes and meet the chauffeur. You will have thirty minutes to say goodbye to your colleagues before the chauffeur will drive you to the Sapphire Cove port at Chrystal Bay.

'He will wait for you until the ferry to Boston arrives and then will send you on your way with express instructions that you are to arrive in Boston safely by order of Venus Industries.

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