tagMind ControlInterview With The Bimbo Ch. 07

Interview With The Bimbo Ch. 07



"Wait, there's more?" asked Annabelle.

"Just a little," Replied Lulu, "There's still two and a half years to cover before we arrive at today."

"What more could happen to you? You were finally out of Chrystal Heights."

"Haven't you ever heard the phrase: you can take the girl out of Chrystal Heights, but you cannot take Chrystal Heights out of the girl?" smiled Lulu, "Surviving in the real world was a far from simple task."

"How so?"

"For a start, there was the fact that I hadn't been on mainland USA for twenty years. On top of that, the blonde bimbo look may blend in in Chrystal Heights but you stand out like an erection in a swimming pool in Boston. And when one is trying to keep a low profile and not get noticed, it isn't the best look and as I showed you before this interview began, a makeover was out of the question.

"In addition to the simple issues, there was the not so small matter of the drug that Michael injected me with before his change of heart. He may have decided not to go through with fucking me but that didn't mean I was out of the woods. The drug was, and is permanently in my system, which for a sex-addict such as myself, is a bit of an irritation I can tell you."

"So you haven't had sex since 2007?"

"Not quite. I managed to ask one of my scientist friends at Venus if he knew how the drug worked during my send off and luckily there are some loopholes so to speak as to how the drug works. --

"Firstly, as sperm is a requirement for the drug to work lesbian sex holds no danger. Secondly, the enzyme is actually linked to the ovaries, not the entire body (that was just Michael being dramatic), so only vaginal sex is a danger. Finally precautions such as condom would also make sex safe but seeing as one split condom could lead to a lifetime of servitude and the loss of my own free will; it was safer just to stick to oral, anal and girl on girl."

"So did you stay in Boston long?"

"I planned to, but it didn't turn out that way. Being the world's most infamous pornstar led to getting recognised a lot (although it did help with regards to my oral and anal only policy with the that I met as they when you have the chance to fuck Lulu: The original Venus Girl, they tend to want to get as dirty as possible) and I soon realised that this was putting me in danger."

"Why I thought Michael promised not to follow you?"

"Not Michael, Lester. Now that I was out the protection of either Judge Hanover's sentence or Venus' contract, I was free game again and it seemed that Lester had decided he wanted to find me."

"But why?"

"I don't know. it's not like I could ask him. I just got lucky that I recognised him waiting in the lobby of the hotel I had staying in during December and I bolted before he could see me. I left all my things behind save for the backpack of essentials that I carry with me at all times in case I needed to do a runner such as this. I found the first taxi I could and paid him $1000 dollars and four blowjobs to drive me all the way to Buffalo.

"From then it was a case of bouncing from city to city. I spent Christmas in Buffalo, New Year's 2008 in Detroit and most of the spring summer taking in the sights, sounds cocks and pussies of Indiana, Illinois and Missouri. But every time I thought I was clear of Lester, he would turn up again and I'd have to move on. I'd moved from being a prisoner of Chrystal Heights to a prisoner of the whole USA."

"So how did you manage to get away?"

"I haven't. I'm still running. For two and a half years Lester has chased me across the almost every state in the nation and two months ago in Salt Lake City I finally decided enough was enough. If I was not going to be given the chance to live the rest of my life in peace then I was going to expose Lester to the world.

"That's why I came to you. I wanted a young female reporter in Los Angeles who would be both sympathetic to my cause and able to suspend her disbelief long enough to hear out and hopefully run the story. I found some of your work online and decided that I wanted you and nobody else to tell my story.

"Now I can leave, safe in the knowledge that even if Lester finds me, the world will at least know of him, Emerald Lake, Chrystal Heights and Venus Industries."


"It has been an honour to hear your story." Said Annabelle, stopping the recording and putting the precious tape straight into her purse.

"Thank you," Replied Lulu, "It feels so liberating to finally tell somebody my story. I wish I could stay longer but with Lester still out there, it isn't safe for me to stay in one place too long."

"I understand."

"You should wait about twenty minutes before leaving you apartment after I'm gone. If Lester is waiting for me I do not want you caught up in the crossfire. But please get this story to print as soon as you can so that I can finally rest easy."

"If I leave as soon as it is safe, it will be in tomorrow's edition." Assured Annabelle.

On those words, Lulu and Annabelle said their final few words and Lulu disappeared out into the night. It had seemed like a lifetime ago that Lulu had come into Annabelle's life but in reality it was a little over four hours.

Twenty minutes later, Annabelle collected the things she needed and headed out to her car, ready to run the biggest story of her, and possibly anybody's career.

The darkness of LA at three in the morning combined with the story she had just heard filled Annabelle with apprehension but there was nobody to be seen in the car park. She pulled the keys from her purse but before she could get into her convertible, she felt a sharp pain in her neck and then slowly she drifted into unconsciousness.

"I see Lulu has found me a new friend." Said Lester to the sleeping body of Annabelle whilst he positioned her in the passenger seat of her car; "It will suffice as a nice consolation prize until I finally manage to hunt that little slut down."

Lester fumble through Annabelle's purse where he came across the cassette tape labelled 'Interview with the Bimbo'. "Well this should keep me entertained on the hunt." Said Lester to himself.

He took the cassette and inserted it into the Convertible's Vintage tape player and began to reverse out of the car park.

The recording began to play...

"It was 1987 when it happened. Back then I wasn't called Lulu, there was no Lulu. I was Louise; a nineteen year old runaway getting by from moving from town to town, taking whatever I could and then moving onto the next."

Lester chuckled to himself. "Oh Lulu, Lulu, Lulu. Over twenty years and still moaning."



Thirty Minutes Earlier...

"There's one more thing I need to tell you." Said Lulu.

"What is it?" asked Annabelle.

"Lester knows I am here, he followed me to your apartment."


"Please don't panic. You are safe. It's me he is after, but just in case I need to give you this."

Lulu reached into her bag and pulled out a needle.

"What is that?" asked Annabelle, starting to panic a little.

"I told you that my friends from Venus gave me a keepsake or two..."


"Well this is one of them. They were never able to cure me but they were able to create a vaccine against the drug that turned me into a bimbo. They never told Michael though as preventing Bimbification was not part of their job description."

"So this is a bimbo vaccine?"

"Yes. And you must take it now. If Lester is out there and for whatever reason he decides to go after you, this will keep you safe. You may black out for a few seconds, but you will not be turned. Now give me your arm."

Annabelle hesitated for a few seconds but soon yielded her arm to Lulu's needle. She felt a weird fuzzy feeling shoot through her for a moment but it soon subsided.

"There." Lulu told her, "You are now the only person in the world immune to Bimbification.

"I hope you are right."


Back in the Car:

"It was 1987 when it happened. Back then I wasn't called Lulu, there was no Lulu. I was Louise; a nineteen year old runaway getting by from moving from town to town, taking whatever I could and then moving onto the next"

"Oh poor little Lulu, always such a victim weren't you." Continued Lester in conversation with the recording. "Could never accept yourself for the dirty little whore you really were. Luckily when I find you I can make sure tha..."

Lester's monologue was cut short by a sharp stab to the side of his neck. The car rolled to a halt a few yards from its original starting spot as Lester grabbed at his neck and began to gasp.

"What kind of villain of the story doesn't check the back seat before he drives off?" asked Lulu as she hopped over the backseat door and went to check on Annabelle.

"Annabelle? Hey? You okay?" She asked, shaking the dazed reporter gently.

"Yeah I'm fine." Annabelle replied, coming to her senses. "Wow there is some serious stuff in that needle even excluding the bimbo drug. I thought I was flying at one point."

"It beats dreaming of fucking though." Replied Lulu. "Now help me get him into the backseat."

A minute later and Lulu and Annabelle were driving off into the city, Lester was on the backseat still clutching his neck and starting to feel a little funny.

"What was in that needle? " asked Annabelle.

"Just a little special something courtesy of Venus Industries." Smiled Lulu, "Let's just say that in an hour or so Lester here will know everything there is to know about life as a bimbo."

"And so where do we go from here?"

"Well you will go into work as planned and land the story of your career with this interview. I have a contact from Chrystal Heights waiting to take the new and improving Lester here under the wing of the Venus Industries family and me... I can finally try to make a life for myself."

"So everybody wins."

"Yeah. It's nice when stories turn out that way."

As the nightlights of LA sparkled all around the two new friends laughed and chatted about the future.

Annabelle would go on to be one of the world's most successful and respected journalists as well as a bestselling fiction author.

After the interview was published, Lulu went on to host her own television talk show helping others who had epic tales to tell.

And as for Lester... The platinum blonde roots sprouting from his head mixed with the continued swelling under his shirt should be all the clues one needs to guess exactly where his future lies upon his return to Chrystal Heights.

But just in case you need another hint, Venus Industries are still looking for their next big star to replace the immortal bimbo: Lulu.


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