tagErotic HorrorInterview with the LVCs 01.5

Interview with the LVCs 01.5


Interview with the Lesbian Vampire Cougars

Interview 1.5: Veronica Addendum

The hippy cult? You want to know more about them? What you want to know about? You want to know what I taught them?

Ah yeah, you guys don't like letting mortals in on the whole 'veil' thing you guys got going on there. Jeez you guys seriously need to lighten up you know that. Don't worry, they don't know shit about us, they didn't even know I was a vampire, they thought I was some kind of witch or whatever, they don't know nothing from nowhere, they literally think that's all there is to the world. You can track them down and read their minds if you don't believe me, and if you don't like that you can take it up with the Lilith, you let her know one of Regina's kids is breaking the rules, you see how far that takes you. I swear you rookies are all the same, you think rules seriously mean anything in this world, even as an undead some people always remain utterly clueless.

So you want to know what I taught them? I taught them a summoning spell. You want to know what I taught them to summon, ok then.

Nothing special really, just a sex demon, not unlike Regina, that's why I made a rape cult. Don't get me wrong though, the girl didn't suffer, I may be a bitch but I'm Regina's daughter through and through, and if there's one thing my mama raised me to believe in its kill them with kindness, literally. She was scared and screaming and crying at first, but I can guarantee you I schooled those hippies in the militant application of free love, and when they worked that girl over you better bet the smile on her face was genuine, I don't just mean we tickled it out of her, her mind was so overwhelmed with endorphins she didn't know what was what; force enough of it on a person and sex is more potent and fulfilling than any drug.

Sex demons are actually a lot easier to summon than others, other demons use blood magic and demand sacrifices, but they're just dicks. Sex demons demand more sustainable sacrifices, blood isn't necessary at all but they'll take it; nah what they want is sexual in nature; it's like drugs to them. Sex for them comes in two forms from the sacrifice, you need both to lure the demon: 1. Bodily fluids are like catnip, specifically faeces, urine, sweat, saliva and cum, especially cum 2. Psychological pressure like lust, degradation, humiliation, anxiety, release, hormones running wild in a massive cocktail of emotional trauma.

The demon we summoned, well names aren't exactly something people like to spread about, let's just call her the 'Cliteater', that's my little nickname for her and that's what I told the cult her name was. Demons don't really have a 'true form' when they come to our world, they're shapeshifters who can change their form to whatever suits their needs at the time, they take physical forms to interact with us and our world and whatever form they like the most becomes their 'true form' by default. Cliteater as her name implied enjoyed girls, she enjoyed eating them out, the form she took when she first came was basically a gigantic ball of mouths with big luscious red lips, lulling tongues and bright white teeth.

When she appeared the cult scattered and let her have the sacrifice, she changed herself into quite an attractive form after that, a human woman who looked like some kind of buff red headed Amazon, like some kind of Celtic warrior or Irish superwoman. She had these incredible ruby red lips that just drew you in, the thing about demons is that they're all symbolism and psychology, their forms all have a common theme that define their personality, for Cliteater that's the mouth. Oral sex, as you can imagine, is her main fetish, she's a glutton who just wants to consume and dominate everything in sight, she thrives off the power she has over people when they're dumb enough to put the most sensitive and important parts of their bodies inside her mouth; just the idea of a helpless bundle of nerves at her mercy gets her off. That mouth of hers, that's her 'true form', everything else including the eyes is at best a shell designed to fool you into thinking she's human, all she is an all-consuming mouth looking to gobble up the world and everyone in it.

She ate the girl, gobbled her up whole, unhinged her jaw and grew to the size of a bear to swallow the poor little thing, not that she seemed to mind she looked like she was having a lot of fun.

As for the cult themselves? Like I said they went back to wherever they came from and started a church around the Cliteater.

So you want to know why I taught them that and who or what exactly the Cliteater is?

Well you'll have to forgive me to answer your first question I'll have to answer the second first.

Cliteater isn't a newcomer to our world you see, she's been around for yonks, that's what most people down the food chain like y'all don't really seem to comprehend. Oh don't blame yourselves, knowledge is power and your mistresses do their best to keep their pions ignorant of what's really out there. Demons have been around on this planet longer than humans have, this place isn't special to them, it's just a place to amuse themselves, like an anthill that little kids play with, actually that's exactly what it is. Oh do you guys not know that? Yeah there's no great war over souls or whatever, I don't really know what happens to you guys after you die and I really don't care, I'm moving onto better things; the big secret is none of us really matter and most of the demons who actually matter don't even know we exist, the ones we see here on this planet like Regina and the Cliteater are basically awkward adolescents who don't want to face their real world problems so take out their frustrations and inadequacies on us mere mortals.

These demons have been around forever and have scarred themselves into our collective unconsciousness; they come in the forms of violence, sexuality, gluttony, ambition, all kinds of fundamental shit. They leave their marks in our mythology, usually in very fundamental ways that we just blow up in our cultures, but they're all universal and they're everywhere. I'll give you one very good example, Regina's been around here for a long ass time well before she settled down; you ever hear of the 'tickle monster' before? Where do you think that came from originally?

Regina came to this world and she saw us, she thought we were adorable; I guess we should be thankful she didn't just outright eat us when she first found us, it says a lot about her when she's surrounded by monsters who do horrible things to us, so much so we associate them with hell, that Regina just tickles us and thinks of us as her own children. And she must've loved us something good; she loved us so much she embedded herself in our collective unconscious for most of our species' existence, kind of like she was trying to groom us or something.

I didn't answer your question you say? You want me to get to the point? I'm getting there. Why did I teach those hippies how to summon a demon and set up a cult? Do you really think this was the first time I did this? Our family has been doing this for decades now, practically for as long as Regina came here to earth.

Why are we doing this? It's like setting out the red carpet for an honoured guest, Cliteater's going to be coming here soon, here to stay, and we want her to feel at home. That's how we know her, she and Regina go way back, not unlike Farah and Vanessa.

You think Regina's content to just stay in this one little corner of the world? This little sandbox is going to be all hers, her own little slice of the playground all to her own, she and Cliteater are going to take over good and proper and we're all going to be their children, which personally I find preferable to the way things are now, at least she knows how to treat people right.

Our family's going to get much, much bigger, there's going to be a time when the whole world will worship Regina and the Cliteater as goddesses, and we'll rule over all of them. Don't tell me you don't want that, don't tell me that doesn't appeal to you, people would kill to be in our family, now they won't have to because everyone's going to be an honorary member. We're all hers, always have been and always will be, it's just going to be official now, we're going to live in paradise and she'll become the goddess we truly deserve, as for you I suggest you seriously consider converting.

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