tagNovels and NovellasIntimacy With Friends Ch. 02

Intimacy With Friends Ch. 02


Eric returned home from college for the Christmas holidays. He was eagerly waiting for a chance to talk to Clara, the next door neighbor. He remember how exotic it was to be with her last summer. He admired her beautiful naked body as much as Clara wanted to pose nude for him. His parents told him that her husband, John, was taking two weeks off from work over the Christmas holidays. Eric was wondering if he would have a chance to see her at all. He hesitated calling since her husband was home. Eric walked in the yard hoping to see her, but it was cold weather and didn't stay outside very long.

Clara was frustrated over the situation, too. She had enjoyed her intimate relationship last summer with Eric and had looked forward to seeing him over Christmas. She wanted to tell him that she and John had agreed on a very limited open marriage. But she felt she could not call Eric's home and ask for him. What would his parents think if she wanted to have a private talk with him. She looked out the window at times to see if Eric was in the yard.

Eric's parents invited several people for an afternoon cocktail party on New Year's Day. John and Clara were included. People were milling around in the house conversing with one another with drinks in their hands. Clara was talking to many of the guests, but finally had a chance to whisper to Eric that she wanted to talk to him in private.

A little later Eric met Clara at the far end of the hall. She said, "I've been wanting to talk to you. John knows about my affair with you last summer. I found out he was having an affair with a girl at his office. Our marriage was a little unsettled at that time, but we finally agreed not to have any more secrets and we could continue to have affairs on a very limited basis. John is willing for you visit us for a threesome. He has never seen me with another man, but thinks he would like to watch and maybe join in."

Eric listened and responded, "I've never done anything like that before, but I want to see you naked and have sex with you. If that's the only way, then I'm willing."

John was some distance away and saw us talking. Clara then nodded her head in a, "Yes", gesture toward John and he nodded back in agreement.

She said, "When we leave the party, come over to our house."

John and Clara left the party early. Eric waited a short time and left, too. As Clara let Eric in the door, he saw John making another round of drinks. We three drank a toast to the good time we expected to have. Eric wasn't sure how the party was going to get started.

Clara stood up, "Lets all go in the bedroom and have some fun. Eric, you haven't seen me in several months, I want you to see all of me."

She started taking off her clothes. Eric offered to help her undress by unsnapping her bra. Then she hooked her thumbs in her panties and pulled them down and off. John and Eric viewed her shapely naked body. She seemed so proud of it and posed in several different positions. Eric thought her breasts looked so inviting to be kissed. He was thinking how lucky he was to be able to have sex with this very pretty girl. Eric didn't wait for the invitation to strip. If John wanted to see her with another man, he was willing to give John the show.

Now that Eric was also naked, he laid on the bed with Clara and kissed her breasts. He was so engrossed with Clara that he paid no attention to John. Eric continued to kiss her body gradually moving on down to her clit. A shock went through her body when his tongue first touched her clit. Clara spread her legs, then suggested he get on top of her. She thought that would be a good position for John to watch. No doubt in Eric's mind, she was an exhibitionist. She reached down to aim his cock in her eagerly waiting pussy. She was so juicy that Eric's cock went all the way in on the first plunge. She pulled her legs up with her knees nearly touching her breasts. She commented something about that this position would give John a good view. She told Eric to hold back his climax as long as he can.

Eric's mind was on this beautiful creature and the exotic feeling he was having. He decided if he was going to hold back, he had to force his mind on something else. He kept slowly pulling nearly all the way out and then fully burying his cock again. Soon he could feel and hear Clara approaching an orgasm. He couldn't hold back any more and blasted his cum in her. His cock continued to jerk and spurt for a long time while she was very vocal as she gasped for air. Eric thought she was being extra vocal for John's benefit. When they finally relaxed and Eric rolled off, he noticed John had his clothes off and was holding his hard cock.

John moved on to the bed to lay between her legs. She reached down to aim his cock in her pussy. He started vigorously fucking her and quickly added his cum to Eric's.

Eric and Clara sat up in bed while John sat in a chair facing them.

Clara said, "Now we have time to talk. We want you to know that John has been having an affair with a younger girl in his office building. We often invite her to come to our house for a threesome. She has a nice personality and enjoys sex as much as we do. She is going to visit us tomorrow evening at 8 PM and you are invited to visit us at the same time. That is, if you want to be here at the same time. What do you think?"

Eric quickly said, "Thank you for including me. I'll be more than happy to be here."

Clara noticed Eric soon had another hard cock ready for action. She took it in her mouth to make it even harder. She raised up to ask, "What you would like to do now?"

Eric responded, "Get up on your knees and let's do it doggie style."

She quickly did as he suggested while Eric moved around in a position to enter her. Eric looked down to see her ass and pussy. He thought about putting the head at the entrance of her ass, but decided to stick in her very juicy hole. Some other time he might see if she would like it in her ass. His cock was completely buried and bumped his body up again her butt, then he would pull nearly all the way out.

John was closely watching and could see the juices shining on Eric's cock every time he pulled back out of his wife's pussy. By now John had an erection waiting for his turn. Clara reached back to rub her clit. Eric continued to fuck her for a long time before they both reached an orgasm. When Eric pulled out, his cum ran down her leg before sufficient tissues could be reached. John quickly moved behind Clara and pounded his cock in her until he erupted. Eric dressed and said he was very anxious to join them the next evening at eight.

The next evening, Eric knocked on his neighbor's door promptly at eight. Clara opened the door to invite him in. He didn't see anyone else, but before he could ask about John and the girl, Clara said, "John has gone to pick up Joan and will be here soon. In the meantime, let's fix a drink."

While in the kitchen fixing drinks, Eric took Clara in his arms and shared a very long sexy open mouth kiss with her.

When they broke the kiss, Clara commented, "Wow, that was extra good. That warmed me up so much I'm about ready for the bedroom. We must wait for John and Joan. I think you will like her."

Eric watched as John and Joan entered the door. He was surprised to see a much younger girl than he thought she would be. She was about Eric's age and a beautiful girl with long shining blond hair. He wondered what attracted her to John who was ten to fifteen years older. Maybe she was looking for a father figure. Eric gave Joan a friendly embrace and light kiss when they were introduced

The four of them sat in the living room while having a couple of drinks. Eric was very impressed with Joan, not only for her beauty but her personality. He assumed they were all going to be in the master bedroom together and he could hardly wait to see Joan naked.

John got up, took Joan by the hand and led her down the hall. Nothing was said about joining them. Clara moved next to Eric on the couch and said, "Now we are alone. Let's make the most of it." He was a disappointed, but was happy to be with Clara. They shared several sexy kisses as their hands roamed each other's bodies. Clara got up and took Eric's hand to lead him down the hall. The master bedroom door was slightly cracked open and they could hear moaning as they walked by. Clara grinned and said, "They didn't wait very long to get started."

Clara and Eric went into the guest bedroom and soon were naked in each others arms on the bed. They experimented with different positions and finally had their first orgasms. They laid in each other's arms until they heard the commode in the master bedroom flush.

Clara said, "Let's go visit them."

Clara and Eric were still naked as they walked in the master bedroom. John was lying on the bed. Joan in all her naked beauty came out of the bathroom to sit on the side of the bed. It surprised Eric when Clara went over to Joan and sat beside her. They hugged each other and then kissed. Then Clara leaned around to kiss Joan's nipples. Joan laid back on the bed to allow Clara to kiss her body down to her pussy. Joan spread her legs to give her plenty of space. Eric was wondering if John had cum in Joan's pussy. If so, Clara was getting a taste of his cum. The two girls played around a little more, then sat up on the edge of the bed. Eric had been standing close by the bed to watch the two girls. Now that they were sitting on the edge of the bed again, Joan reached out to take hold of Eric's cock. The grip of this beautiful girl's hand caused him to become very hard.

Joan said, "This is a nice big one. I have to taste it."

Joan took it in her mouth and moved back and forth on it a couple of times. Eric was thrilled to watch Joan do this.

Then Joan raised up to looked at Clara, "I'll bet you really enjoyed it."

Clara then took hold of Eric's cock, "Yes, and he really knows how to use it. I think I'm ready to enjoy it some more."

With that last comment, Eric believed Clara was not ready to share him with Joan. Joan then moved up on the bed in John's arms. Eric was disappointed because this beautiful young girl stopped touching him and moved away. He wanted her. Clara suggested Eric move in a six nine position with her. Joan and John did the same on their side of the bed. As Eric licked and kissed Clara's pussy he could see Joan going up and down on John's cock. She seemed to be well experienced in giving a blow job. He was so thrilled to be with Clara, but wish he had an opportunity to have sex with Joan. It seemed to him that it would not happen tonight. Clara and Eric had their orgasms first, then they laid still watching the other couple. Eric's cock was about to get hard again just watching Joan go up and down on John's cock. He wanted Joan in a bad way. When they finished, they all dressed and went to the living room. Joan and Clara went to the kitchen to make coffee. Then when the coffee was ready, Joan served both John and Eric in the living room. When Joan handed Eric his coffee, she passed a small piece of paper from her hand to his and gave him a wink. Eric assumed he was not to show the paper and immediately slipped it in his pocket. When the coffee was finished, John said he would drive Joan to her apartment. They left. Eric stayed with Clara long enough to help her tidy up the living room and kitchen, then shared several more kisses and hugs. Eric left for home.

Eric was anxious to get home so he could read Joan's note. When he got to his room, the note read, "Call Me", and listed her phone number. He waited a little while to give John time to drive Joan home. He was a little worried that John might go into her apartment, but Eric decided to call anyway. She answered the phone.

Eric immediately said, "If John is there, tell him this is a wrong number and hang up."

"No, John came in for a few minutes, then left. I'm so glad you called me."

Eric commented, "I like you and want to see more of you. I think you are so sexy and pretty. Also, I enjoyed talking to you and I think we could have fun together, not only in bed, but for other things. Just what is your relationship with John?"

"Well, it started off with having lunch with him a few times, then we went up to my apartment for sex. He is a very good lover and I like sex with him. For awhile, we went to my apartment for privacy, then Clara found out about us. Clara finally agreed it was alright for the three of us. As you saw, I found Clara rather sexy, too. I go to their house about once a week. Also, John and I go to my apartment sometime at lunch time. That's about it. John has no real claim on me because he is married to Clara. I'm nineteen years old and single and in no hurry to get married. I would like to see you again, too. I'm not busy tomorrow night, are you?"

"You are a wonderful girl, I want to see you, too. Let me take you to dinner. I'll pick you up at six. But first, tell me your address."

Eric thought about what happened this night before he could go to sleep. He had met Joan. They had touched only once while in bed, much to his disappointment. She had his cock in her mouth for only a few brief seconds. He remembered how good it felt with this beautiful blond girl his age. He wanted more.

The next evening, Eric was very impressed with Joan when he entered her apartment. She was wearing a dress that clung to her body and her long blond shoulder length hair looked very pretty. Eric could hardly believe he saw her naked the night before. His cock started getting hard just looking at this gorgeous girl. They enjoyed making small talk about various subjects while eating dinner. After dinner they relaxed to sip another cocktail. Joan then mentioned she had to work tomorrow and should not waste time sitting in the restaurant any longer. She remembered Eric's big cock when she held it and took it in her mouth last night. Eric was thinking similar thoughts about last night and was glad she was ready to go home. He could hardly wait to get this lovely girl in bed.

Once they were in the living room of Joan's apartment, Eric and Joan started sharing long sexy kisses. As they kissed, they were slowly undressing each other as they headed for the bedroom. Now Eric could see Joan in all her naked beauty.

He said, "You are so pretty and sexy, I'm so glad to be here with you."

She kissed him and looked him in the eye, "Thanks for saying that. I think you are a nice handsome guy. I like to be with you."

She was sitting on the edge of the bed when Eric cupped her breasts with his hands, then leaned over to kissed her nipples. She pushed her breasts toward him in response. He pushed her back on the bed to kiss her pussy as she spread her legs to give him access. He slowly licked up and down her slit and sucked her clit causing her breath to become a little irregular. She decided she wanted to feel his big cock. She raised up and suggested they get up on the bed in a six nine position. Now she had his cock all to herself to play with and put in her mouth. She always like to explore, especially when she was in bed for the first time with a man. She cupped his balls as she licked all around the head and sucked on it. One hand was on his shaft to slowly move up and down. She could feel Eric doing wonders on her clit. She was so glad she had met Eric and hoped it would be a lasting relationship.

Eric felt she may be approaching an orgasm and concentrated more on her clit. She could feel Eric's butt begin to thrust his cock farther in her mouth and knew he would be cumming soon. His cock soon began to jerk and throb as she took spurt after spurt in her mouth. She was starting an orgasm that lasted a long time. She squeezed her legs around Eric's head and held him tight. It took a little while for her legs to relax so he could raise up.

They sat up in bed to relax. Eric was wondering if she had any boyfriends her age. He asked, "Joan, I was wondering if you have other boyfriends? A pretty girl like you must be popular."

"Right now, I don't have any others my age. You know I visit Clara and John about once a week, usually on the weekend. We rarely go anyplace together. I have my job and a couple of hobbies to keep me busy. I'm not interested in getting married for awhile, so I don't want to get serious with anybody, except maybe with you. I like you a lot."

Eric took note that she might be interested in him, "I like you too, but I'm going to be going back to college soon. I'll be around here a few more days. Could I see you again tomorrow night?"

She looked disappointed and commented, "I do have other plans tomorrow evening." She acted as if she was going to say something else, then stopped.

Eric looked at her, "Go ahead and tell me what you were about to say."

"Well, it's like this. I have a dear friend coming to see me tomorrow evening for a short while. I guess I had better tell you before you find out. I met this man at lunch similar to the way I met John. He is about fifty and married to a invalid. After having lunch together for several days, we went up to my apartment. You know what for. I found out his wife was an invalid and he can't have sex with her anymore. He is a very good lover and a very nice guy. Also, I feel sorry for him. About three days a week, we have a quick dinner together and then we go to my apartment. He usually leaves by nine to go home to his wife. If you would be interested, I could call you tomorrow evening after he leaves, then you can come over to see me."

This astounded Eric to think she feels so sorry for this older guy to give him sex three times a week. This beautiful girl who could get most any handsome guy she wanted. Eric pondered if he wanted to end his relationship with Joan or continue. She was waiting for an answer.

He responded, "Sure, I would like to see you tomorrow night. I'll give you my phone number before I leave." Eric had made a decision.

She kissed him and squeezed his cock with her hand. "I promise you, we will have a good time when you come over to see me tomorrow night. Just because my friend will be with me for a while doesn't mean I will be worn out. You know I like sex and I feel safer with married men because of the possibility of getting aids. It think it would be more likely with single guys who sleep around. The only reason I made you an exception is because Joan said you were OK."

She had been squeezing Eric's cock and moving her hand up and down. Now it was hard. Since they were already sitting up in bed, Joan suggested he scoot down in bed. She then got on top of him to impale herself. She slowly gyrated on him and occasionally leaned forward to share a long kiss. At times she sat still to pulsate her pussy muscles on his cock. She could feel his cock jerk in response.

After a long time, Eric noticed she looked at the bedside clock and said, "It is getting late and tomorrow is a work day."

After saying that, she speed up her movements. It didn't take long for Eric to start exploding in her pussy as she rapidly continued moving to approach her own orgasm. Eric was groaning and moaning long before she joined him in her own vocalization. They relaxed until they had enough strength to get out of bed and go to the bathroom together to clean up. Eric dressed and left as she was removing her makeup before going to bed as most girls do. On the way home, Eric thought about Joan and her fifty year old friend who would fuck her tomorrow night before he arrived at her apartment. What was he getting into by continuing to see Joan. He didn't think he would ever want to marry her, but it would be nice to have a beautiful sexy wife. In the meantime, they could enjoy wonderful sex together.

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