tagNovels and NovellasIntimacy With Friends Ch. 04

Intimacy With Friends Ch. 04


Eric had been thinking of calling Joan, but after four weeks at college, he couldn't decide if he wanted to continue involvement with her. Joan was wishing Eric would call because she really liked him. She wasn't sure if Eric approved of her continuing relationship with her older friend, but she really liked to have dinner and sex with him. One evening Eric decided to call. When Joan answered the phone, she said to call back in about an hour. Eric hung up a little disappointed, but called again in an hour.

She answered, "Hello Eric, I'm sorry about the delay, but I was very busy at the time. I'm glad you called me. In fact, I've been wishing you would call me for a long time."

Eric chimed in, "It's so nice to hear your voice. I've missed you a lot."

"And I've missed you, too."

Eric wondered what she was doing to not talk to him the first time he called. "So you have been busy this evening. What have you been doing?"

"Well, you probably won't like what I was doing."

"Please tell me, I'm curious to know how you keep busy."

She hesitated, "I told you about my older man friend who visits me. He was here when you called."

Eric taunted her, "Tell me more, what did you do? Did you have sex with him?"

She lightly said, "Yes."

Eric was irritated, but realized he was turned on to think she had just been fucking her friend. In a demanding voice, "Tell me about it."

"Alright, but don't get mad and hang up. Right after work, he took me to dinner, then we came home. We showered together to wash off the daily grime. Soon we were in bed for quite a while. I already had one orgasm by the time you called. We had a short rest, then we were trying another position when your phone call interrupted us. After I hung up the phone, we did it in a six nine position for both of us to have orgasms about the same time. He loves to cum in my mouth. Now that I've told you, does that make you happy?"

Eric didn't know what to say and was silent for a few seconds. He got a big boner while she was telling him.

He finally said, "That's alright, I knew you were having an affair with him. Go ahead and have your fun. When I come home from college, you and I will have some fun too."

They continued to talk for awhile before hanging up. Eric didn't think he was jealous, but his feelings were more like envy. He wanted to be with her.

College was over the first of June and he was going home. His first phone call was to Joan. This time she was at home by herself for the evening. He invited her out to dinner. Instead, she had just prepared a simple dinner at home and wanted him to come over to join her.

As she opened her apartment door for Eric, they hugged and shared a long sexy kiss. Eric's cock was already hard.

She said, "Sit down at the table, let's eat."

Eric looked longingly at her, "You are a very pretty girl. It's so nice to see and be with you again. This last semester at college was so long that I thought I would never get back here to see you."

She smiled at him, "Yes, it has been a long time and I've missed you, too."

They had candle light and wine as they ate. Eric couldn't take his eyes off of her. He wanted this girl for his own. Once dinner was over and the dishes in the dishwasher, Eric put his arm around Joan and walked her to the bedroom. As they stood and kissed, Eric's hand moved down her back to her butt. She responded by pressing into him. They started undressing as if they couldn't wait any longer. Eric could see her beautiful breasts and her shapely nude body. During the past several months at college, he had dreamed of this moment. Eric eased her back onto the bed. He kissed her lips, her neck, then kissed and sucked on her nipples. Joan responded by lightly moaning. Eric moved on down to lick up and down on her slit, then sucked her clit. Joan's clit seemed to throb with each heart beat. Joan enjoyed her other lovers, but she liked Eric the best. His tongue was working frantically at her pussy, and sucking on her swollen lips. She could feel his tongue sliding down into the crevice of her ass and then back up to suck on her clit. Her deep breathing turned to moans as Eric continued. Her body began to pulsate with an orgasm, which she voiced with loud moans and gasps of pleasure. She laid motionless for quite some time as Eric continued to slowly lick her slit.

When she was able to speak, "That was the best I've had in a long time."

By now, Eric's hard on actually ached for relief. They switched around in a six nine position. Now Eric had a close view of her pussy and ass as she started caressing his cock with her mouth and tongue. Eric felt her fondling his balls. He wanted to hold back to enjoy this longer, but he was unable to fight the urge and let himself go. His balls tightened and his cock exploded, shooting several large loads of sperm in her mouth. She sucked on his cock as if to drain the last drop.

They relaxed and had a chance to talk. She said, "I'll be visiting Clara and John this Saturday evening. Will you be there?"

"I don't know. I just came home today and haven't had a chance to see them as yet. I hope so. There is something I want to say. I want to see you often this summer. I know your older man friend visits you about three evenings each week. Can't you cut that back some so we can be together more?"

"That is not a problem anymore. He wife died and he now has a lady friend his age. However, he still visits me every Friday evening. You surely will allow me to have one night a week with him. He is a nice guy and I don't want to disappoint him. He enjoys sex with me so much. I'm so used to the taste of his cum in my mouth that I would miss it if I didn't see him anymore."

Eric was stumped with that answer and didn't know what to say.

Eric was now hard again. They had sex in several different positions until they both had another orgasm. She commented that she had to work tomorrow and should say goodnight.

The next morning, Eric saw his neighbor, John, drive off for work. He didn't know if Clara was working this day. He noticed Clara's yard needed mowing. He decided to wait until about noon, then used his dad's mower on Clara's yard. No one seemed to be at home. As he finished, he saw Clara's car turn into the driveway. She greeted him with a big Hello. She thanked him for mowing the lawn and invited him in for a glass of ice tea. He wanted to hug and kiss her but he was hot, sweaty and smelled. He sat in the kitchen drinking ice tea while they talked.

She said, "I heard you were home and was hoping to see you. You look very hot and sweaty, would you like to take a shower?"

Eric boldly responded, "If you will take one with me."

To his surprise, she said, "Sure, why not."

Now he was going to see her beautiful nude body again. Always before, she was happy to show her body and any part of her body he wanted to see.

He responded, "I haven't seen you in all your naked glory in a long time. Now I want to see all of you."

She said, "I enjoy showing you and watch your cock get hard as you look at me. It turns me on to know I have that much affect on men."

She started unbuttoning her blouse and it quickly came off. Next she unsnapped her bra to release her very shapely breasts. She cupped her breasts causing the nipples to point at Eric.

She commented, "You can kiss these for me after we shower." His eyes were focused on her breasts waiting to see the rest of her.

She took his hand and said, "Let's leave the kitchen and go to the bedroom for the rest of it."

She pushed her jeans down and sat on the bed, then said, "Pull these down and off."

Eric also clasp the top of her panties to pull them off with her jeans. Now she was naked for Eric's eyes.

She got up and posed in different positions and asked, "Do you like what you see?"

Eric nodded yes and took her to the shower where he undressed. They soaped and showered together taking time for several sexy kisses.

She grasped his hard cock to say, "I haven't had this is a long time. Let's dry off and get on the bed."

They rolled together in a six nine position. They leisurely took their time kissing and sucking. Then she got on top of Eric to ride his rigid cock Soon, they were in a good rhythm and both were moaning wildly. They were overcome by orgasms. After Clara's shaking and gasping had subsided, she continued to slowly slide up and down on Eric's gradually shrinking cock. She leaned forward for them to share a long kiss.

She told Eric that Joan was going to visit them this Saturday night and he was invited, too. She said, John and I know you have had contact with her and that is alright with us. We don't blame you for wanting a beautiful girl your age."

Eric was seeing Joan each evening this week except for Friday evening. Her older man friend would visit her on Friday. She had offered to call Eric after the man left so that he could come over, but he declined. He didn't know if he wanted sex with her after she had just fucked her older friend. Eric was a little jealous but hated to admit it to himself. He could just about picture her sucking her friend's cock and hanging on to it as he shot spurt after spurt in her mouth. Eric usually got a hard on when he thought about it. He would see her on Saturday at Clara and John's home.

Friday night, Eric was at home in his room by himself watching TV. He looked at his watch and knew that Joan was now having sex with her older friend. He could just about picture in his mind the image of her head bobbing up and down the man's cock. Eric became very frustrated and could not concentrate on the TV program. He wished he had agreed to see her later tonight after she had fucked the guy. Could he be jealous or just envious?

Saturday evening Eric went to Clara's front door. John was gone to bring Joan to the house. Eric kissed Clara and rubbed her pussy through her clothing. In turn, she reached down to rub Eric's erection through his pants.

She commented, "We'd better wait."

When John and Joan came in the door, greetings were said along with hugs and kisses. Drinks were mixed and the conversation was mostly small talk, but nothing was said about sex. With very little ceremony, John got up to lead Joan to the bedroom. Joan looked back as if she was a little disappointed. Eric wondered if he was going to miss having sex with her tonight. This was what happened back at Christmas time. Eric assumed this was the way it was every weekend while he was in college. John was fucking Joan because there was not another man here to share her. Now Eric was here and he wanted to share. He looked at Clara and followed her to the other bedroom. Even though Joan may have been a little disappointed, she knew what she was supposed to do. She helped John strip. He enjoyed removing Joan's clothing one article at a time to view her body as it was slowly exposed. She always liked John to suck her nipples. John then had her lie on the bed while he put his face at her crotch. She wished it was Eric with his face at her crotch. She spread her legs and pulled them up so that he could have easy access to her pussy and ass. John's tongue gave her thrills as he lightly sucked her clit, then moved his tongue up and down her slit, sometimes going on down to lightly slide across her ass. While he was doing this, she wondered what Eric and Clara were doing.

Eric and Clara were already in a six nine position giving each other sexual thrills. Clara softly said, "Let's take our time and give John and Joan plenty of time for their first orgasms. Then we will join them in their bedroom."

Eric and Clara moved into several different positions. Finally, he got on top of Clara while she pulled her legs up until her knees nearly touched her breasts. Eric began thrusting with force. Each thrust was matched by Clara's eager attempt to get as much of him as she could. In a matter of moments Eric could feel his eruption coming. They both exploded as his cock was spurting with each jerk to fill her pussy with cum. They gradually came down from their high and he rolled off to lie beside her.

His thoughts returned to what might be happening in the next bedroom. He wondered what John and Joan were doing. Was he fucking her pussy or was she giving him a blow job.

Clara commented, "I haven't heard any loud moaning or yelling from next door, they may be just playing around and haven't had their first orgasms as yet. We'll wait a little longer."

Clara and Eric soon heard loud moans and then heard John give a muffled yell and groan. Eric recognized Joan's vocalization, too. Clara and Eric soon heard the master bedroom's bathroom flush and knew Joan and maybe John were cleaning up.

When Clara and Eric entered the master bedroom, they saw Joan come out of the bathroom. John was lying naked in bed on his back. His small and limber cock was in plain view. Eric knew that Joan had fucked and sucked his cock dry. He tried to analyze his feelings. It turned him on to know she was fucking another man, but he was also jealous. Was he falling in love with Joan? Surely, not. He knew he wanted to be with her as much as he could whether it was for sex or for other activities. Maybe it was love.

Clara and Eric joined the other couple on the bed with Clara and Joan in the middle. Small talk was made. Clara and Joan turned to each other for a kiss. Soon they were taking turns kissing each other's breasts while both Eric and John watched.

John said, "Why don't you two turn around and give Eric a good show like you always do for me."

Eric then understood what had been going on every Saturday night while he was away at college. John would fuck Joan for awhile, then the two girls would love each other. Eric felt as if he had missed all the fun during the last few months.

The girls turned around in a six nine position and slowly started kissing each others pussy. The guys could hear soft slurping as the girls continued. They continued for a lengthy period of time until Erik noticed their licking and kissing was becoming more frantic. Were they going to have orgasms? The girls were humping up to their lover's mouths and were beginning to moan and groan. Then they both had orgasms as the guys watched the girls' bodies shake and shiver with sexual bliss.

Eric had a raging hard on after watching the two girls. He would like to fuck Joan now, but he needed relief and it didn't make much difference which girl would give it to him. Clara took the initiative and enveloped his cock with her mouth. Joan did the same to John. Eric could see Joan go up and down on John's cock and thought that was one of the sexiest scenes he had ever witnessed. Her long blond hair was hanging down and partially covering her face. Her hair was bouncing up and down with each up and down she made on his cock. Eric watched John push up to meet Joan's mouth as his body jerked and shuddered while he blasted spurt after spurt in her mouth. That put Eric over the top causing him to fill Clara's mouth with cum.

The evening was coming to an end. Eric said he could take Joan back to the apartment, but John said he brought her and he should take her back. Eric stayed to help Clara tidy up the house before leaving. Eric would call Joan tomorrow and go see her.

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