tagNovels and NovellasIntimacy With Friends Ch. 09

Intimacy With Friends Ch. 09


Phil was graduating this spring. Of course, Joan and Eric had at least two more years to go. Phil had a job offer in another state and would be moving away. Joan and Eric attended the graduation ceremonies, then the three went out to eat dinner. When they came back to the apartment, Joan and Eric gave Phil a small inexpensive gift since that was all they could afford. They apologized for the lack of money to get something better.

Phil said, "Thank you. It is the thought that counts. There is one thing that you two wonderful friends could give me that I would always remember."

Eric and Joan looked puzzled. What could he want from them?

Phil continued, "Joan you have always been cooperative in having sex with me. I appreciate it a lot. You have done wonders for my moral. Your most precious gift to me would be for Joan to give me one night as if she was my girl and we were the only two people on the planet. Before you say anything, let me continue. Sex with Joan has been wonderful. But we never shared sexy kisses and all the foreplay. I've always had seconds after Eric had sex with you, which is his right. I've never had you in the bedroom. We always do it right here in the living room where it is, Wham, Bam, Thank You Ma'am. If I am stepping beyond my friendship bounds, I apologize. I highly value your friendship."

Eric and Joan looked at each other. Phil had said what he wanted to say and waited for an answer. He would be moving out tomorrow and would not see them anymore. Finally, Joan and Eric gave each other an affirmative nod.

Phil had a big smile, "Thank you. You are such good friends and I love you both."

Eric said he would leave them alone and go to a movie. Phil said he needed to run a quick errand and would be right back. The two guys left together. Phil told Eric, "I want to get that pretty girl of yours some flowers. I'll take good care of her tonight and treat her like a lady. You need not worry."

While Phil was gone, Joan put on a pretty short skirt and blouse and freshened her make up. She had a real private date with Phil tonight and wanted to look her prettiest. Phil bought flowers and a bottle of wine, then returned to the apartment. He knocked on the door. Joan couldn't understand who may be at the door, but when she opened it, Phil handed her the flowers.

Phil said in a complementary voice, "Pretty flowers for the prettiest girl in the world."

He lightly kissed her lips. He opened the bottle of wine and poured two glasses. They sat on the couch while he told her she was so sexy and beautiful. This past year was extra special in his life. By the time they were drinking a second glass of wine, he said, "Joan, you may not know it, but I've been deeply in love with you for a long time. If you weren't committed to marry Eric, I would ask you right now to be my wife. I couldn't help falling in love with you."

She turned to face him on the couch and shared a sexy tongue searching kiss, the first they ever had.

She responded, "Phil I love both you and Eric, I really do. You have been part of my life this last year."

He took her in his arms and continued to kiss long and sexy. Joan was feeling his cock through his pants. Phil moved his hand to her bare legs and on up under her skirt. He felt her pussy through the thin panty material at her crotch.

She said, "You can remove my panties if you want."

He said, "I would love to, but let's take a shower together before we go any further. I want to soap and wash you all over."

They went to the bathroom. He unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor. She stepped out of her clothes after he lowered her panties and let them fall on the floor.

He picked them up and held them to his nose, then commented "A wonderful smell you have. I'm so glad you are all mine tonight."

Once in the shower, he soaped ever inch of her body. They hugged and kissed while their bodies were slipping and sliding against each other. She gave him plenty of time to wash between her legs, then she washed his balls and his very hard cock. He seemed reluctant to get out of the shower since he was enjoying rubbing up against her, but decided there was more fun to be had.

They slowly took time to dry each other. They had all night to be together. He walked her to his bedroom. He kissed her some more, then laid down on the bed with her. He kissed her lips, her neck, and took a few minutes to kiss and love her breasts.

He said, "I've felt your breasts a few time before, but never kissed them. They are so soft and shapely and I love to suck on your nipples."

He knew she liked it too because her breathing became more labored. She had been feeling his hard cock for awhile.

She said, "Wouldn't you like for me to take this in my mouth? You have such a big cock head, I've always liked to put it in my mouth. It's practically a mouth full by itself."

She turned around and laid on top of him in a six nine position. She licked all around the head and then took part of it in her mouth. He hunched up to her mouth. She knew he wanted her to go all the way down on him. She took as much of it in her mouth as she could. There was no way she could go all the way down with his big head. She put her hand at the base of his cock to move it up and down. He had a good view of her pussy and ass as he licked. Before she knew what was happening, he exploded in her mouth. She pulled back some and jacked him as his body and cock went through sexual spasms. When he settled down, he apologized for cumming too soon.

She said, "That's alright, next time you can take it slower and give me more time for an orgasm." He wanted to remain in the same position to play with her pussy. It was very erotic for him to continue to see her pussy and ass. It wasn't very long before she sucked his cock very hard. She prided herself in giving this young stud an erection that soon. He was now kissing her pussy and sucking her clit. He decided to move his finger up the crease of her ass which was showing right in front of his eyes. Each time he moved his finger over her ass hole, he hesitated and put a little pressure on it. She was busy sucking his cock and was guessing he would like to put a finger in her. She knew his cock head was just too big for him to fuck her ass, but she didn't mind him playing around with a finger or two. He removed his fingers as if he was afraid.

When he again put his finger up the crease of her ass, she said, "If you want to use a finger there, go ahead."

That's all he needed to know, then entered one finger in her. She wiggled her butt as if she enjoyed it. He put in a second finger and started moving them in and out. This turned him on so much he felt he was going to cum soon. He sucked her clit and moved his fingers faster as he exploded again in her mouth. She was busy working up and down on his cock and trying to gulp his cum, but when he quieted down a little bit and concentrated on her clit, she groaned very loud as her body started spasms and shook through an exciting orgasm. When her breathing became regular again, she rolled off to lie beside him.

She had consumed most of his cum, but there was some on her lips and chin as it had drooled down a little. She started sticking her tongue out to lick it off. He saw what she was doing and put his mouth over her tongue in a very much open mouth kiss.

He licked her chin for her and said, "Thought I would help you clean up a little."

No other man had ever done that before. She thought it was nice of him and rather sexy too.

She said, "You are a very good lover. We've had sex for the last year, but never like this. Maybe I've been missing something by just letting you have a quicky each night after Eric makes real love to me. What do you want to do now?"

"I want to possess you all night. I want to feel you are my girl and only my girl all night."

She responded, "We have already agreed on that. I'm yours and we can do anything you want."

They kissed some more, then he wanted to fuck her breasts. He wanted a brighter light so he could see better. She laid on her back while he sat over her chest. She took her hands and moved her very ample breast together over his cock. It was rather difficult to look down, but she could see his big cock head aimed at her face. She knew if he cum that way, her face would get splattered on. She hoped it would not get in her eyes. Her breasts were large enough to completely cover his cock. He seemed in no hurry to cum, but was taking his time. She kept watching the big head pull back and then go forward to nearly hit her chin. Maybe she could open her mouth to catch part of his cum. He started faster movements and knew he would soon shoot on her face and neck. The first spurt hit her nose, the second her chin, the third hit her eyebrows. She was glad she shut her eyes when she knew he would be cumming. She could feel his cock jerking between her breasts. His body began to relax. She squirmed out from under him and went to the bathroom to clean up. He followed her in to help use a towel to wipe her breasts and face as dry as they could.

She said, "You did it to me, I'll not wash it completely off as yet." He kissed her lips and face several times.

He had cum three times already and the night was just getting started good. She thought, this guy has lots of sexual stamina. How many more times will he cum?

They went back in his bedroom. He suggested he lie on his back while she should ride his cock when it got hard again. She thought she would help get it up and took it in her mouth. It wasn't very long until he had enough rigidity for her sit on him. She settled down on it and rested. He said, "Let's just let it soak and take a long time in the position. I may not cum for some time as yet. I hope you are comfortable to remain like this. I enjoy the feeling of just having my cock in your hot body." She laid on his chest to relax with him, often sharing a tongue searching kiss. Now and then they would moan a little and make small movements. Every time she squeezed her pussy muscles, his cock jerked.

Phil and Joan heard the apartment door open and knew it was Eric returning from the movie. Eric looked around and didn't see them. Then he noticed Phil's bedroom door was about half open. Eric had agreed to give them one night of privacy. Eric didn't want to interrupt and didn't say anything. Phil and Joan remained quite too. This was Phil's night to be alone with her. Eric saw their body forms in the subdued bedroom light as he walked by. He also heard light moans. He got his towel and went to take a shower. When he came out of the shower, Phil noticed their bedroom door was shut.

He went to bed. Before he could go to sleep, he heard loud grunts and groans. He didn't know the walls of the bedrooms were that thin. He realized that during the past year when he and Joan made love, Phil heard everything including their talking. He was wondering if she was sucking his cock or was Phil about to empty another load of cum in her. Probably the last, because if Joan had his cock in her mouth, she wouldn't be making that much noise. Oh well, another load was being deposited in his future wife's pussy. Phil had shot many other loads in her during the past year so that was nothing new.

Eric finally went to sleep. During the middle of the night, he heard loud noises in the other bedroom. It woke him up. He was wondering if they would ever get any sleep. Then he heard someone going to the bathroom, probably to clean up again. Eric went back to sleep.

It was probable around four o'clock in the morning and Phil had been hugging and making love to Joan all night. She had three orgasms by now and had lost count of how many times Phil did. There were long stretches of time when he didn't cum, but he wanted to have his cock in her pussy or mouth all the time. She was lying on her back. Phil had his body sideways under one leg and his hard cock soaking in her pussy. They were very comfortable to just lie this way. She started dozing and fell asleep. After awhile she was waking up and realized Phil had moved to lie beside her and was playing with her pussy. He was finger fucking her.

She said, "Sorry, I must have fallen asleep. Have you been sleeping too?"

"No, this is my one and only night for you to be mine. I'm staying awake to remember it all."

He rolled over on top of her to enter his cock. She realized she was very juicy. Had he cum in her while she was sleeping? She didn't care and was glad to give him this one night. He slowly let his cock go back and forth in her. He didn't know if he could cum again but he liked the feeling. She slowly moved her butt to his movements. They continued probably for about a half hour, then he pulled out to roll her up on top of him in a six nine position. She wondered if he could probably cum better this way. His cock was not very hard, but she worked on it making it a little more hard. He was sucking her clit again. She felt as if she could build up to another orgasm. She had rested and wanted to try. She told him to vigorously kiss her clit. He could tell she was building up to an orgasm. This turned him on causing him to become vocal again and erupt in her mouth. She had another orgasm, the fourth for the night which was a record for her.. She rolled off and dozed again.

She woke up when daylight was shining through the window. Again, she felt Phil's fingers in her pussy.

She said, "Phil, it's morning, do you want to try again? Your night isn't over as yet."

"My mouth tastes like a bird roosted over the head board. Maybe you have morning mouth too. Let's get up and brush our teeth, then get back in bed. I want to kiss you some more. I want the opportunity to cum one more time, but I don't know if I can. This has been such a thrilling night for me."

Joan didn't know if she had morning mouth or not, but Phil had cum in her mouth at least two maybe three times. She could still taste his cum. She got up with him to go the bathroom to brush her teeth.

Now that they were back in bed, they romantically cuddled and kissed.

He wanted to talk, "Joan, I've very much in love with you. If you breakup with Eric or you don't get married some day, please let me know and I'll give you a real proposal of marriage. I would really like to have you as my wife. I'm going to be broken hearted this morning when we say goodbye, maybe forever."

She responded, "I realize I'm in love with both you and Eric, but I'm going to marry Eric. Maybe we can see you again sometime."

They continued kissing. Joan reached for his cock which was small. She wondered if it would get hard enough to enter her pussy. She knew he wanted to cum one more time. She took it in her mouth for a little while then he suggested they get in the usual six nine position. About that time they heard Eric up for the morning going to the bathroom. The one special night for Phil was just about over. She licked and deep throated him trying to get it hard. Now that it was daylight in the bedroom, Phil was staring at her pussy and ass while he was licking her. He was trying to concentrate on the erotic treatment Joan was giving his cock. He wanted to cum one more time so bad. He decided to run his fingers along the crease of her ass. That turned him on last time, maybe that would put him over the edge to see his fingers in her ass. He inserted one, then a second finger. Joan was deep throating him right at that time giving him the extra erotic feeling to shoot in her mouth one last time. She was rather surprised because his cock was not very hard. She worked on it to drain every drop she could. Eric heard Phil making noises and knew he was still having sex with Joan. The night was now over and he would have Joan back in his arms. They had given their good friend the best gift they could.

Phil packed his car and was ready to leave. Joan already had tears in her eyes. Phil shook Eric's hand and then they hugged. Phil turned to Joan and held her tight as they deeply kissed. Tears were rolling down Joan's face and Phil felt as if he was about to burst into tears. He knew he had to leave before he broke down and cried. They walked Phil to the car and waved until he drove out of sight.

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