tagNovels and NovellasIntimacy With Friends Ch. 10

Intimacy With Friends Ch. 10


Joan and Eric went back in the apartment to talk while having coffee. They were going to have new roommates. They knew they couldn't afford the apartment by themselves and found another couple who wanted it. During the past few weeks they had become acquainted with another unmarried couple, Donna and Doug, who needed to move into a more economical apartment. About a month ago, Eric had invited them to see the apartment. They were told that the floor plan did not allow much privacy. They said they could live with that problem because they needed a more economical place. Doug was in college and Donna worked to provide the finances.

Eric called Doug to say Phil had moved out and they could start moving in. Also he told Doug that he and Joan were going home, and would be back in four or five days to start the summer semester. Eric and Joan packed a few things, then started driving to Eric's home.

Eric's parents welcomed them home. The next morning, Clara walked over to say hello. She whispered to Joan that she and Eric were invited to visit them that evening.

About eight o'clock when Joan and Eric knocked on their neighbor's door, John invited them in. John served drinks and everyone sat around making small talk. Joan knew John liked to be with her in private and was prepared to follow him to the bedroom. John was a very good lover and made her feel as if she was in a dream world.

The evening progressed as usual with John and Joan having their privacy. Joan appreciated all the complements she received from John and did her utmost to please him.

John sexily kissed her several times and said, "I've looked forward to this night for the past several months. Now I want your mind and body."

Joan always enjoyed sex with him and responded, "Take me anyway way you want."

John kissed her from head to toe as she moaned in response. He rolled up on top of her as she spread her legs. His body trembled as he first entered his cock in her hot moist pussy. When he was fully in her with his balls resting on her ass, his body had lightly rubbed her clit. This sent a light sexual spasm through Joan's body which then caused John's cock to throb and jerk a couple of times. She could feel it and knew she would give him anything he wanted. She remembered how much she always enjoyed his cock and love making.

It had been several months since Clara had given Eric a show of her naked body. She did her best to model several different ways and give him many sexy views of her pussy and ass. She told him that she had recently was able to show off in a restaurant. She had been sitting in a booth. She started sliding out feet first. As she scooted forward on the seat, her dress was stuck on the seat. By the time she was about ready to put her legs down on the floor to stand up, her whole butt was showing. Of course, she was not wearing panties. Four men sitting at the nearest table got a good view. She just smiled at them and walked away.

Eric and Clara leisurely had sex in different positions. Often they laid still with his cock in her while they talked about many things. They were thoroughly enjoying each other. They had been in the bedroom about two hours when they decided they had enough sex for one night and went to the living room.

John and Joan were in no hurry. They had their second orgasms about the time they heard Eric and Clara go into the living room. Joan suggested they get up too. He wanted to stay and keep his cock in her some more. She agreed to stay to please him. John was worn out in another hour and decided he was finished for the night. They went in the living room to join the others.

Eric said, "It took you two longer, did you finally run out of steam?"

Joan responded, "We were just having a good time. Hope you two enjoyed it as much as we did."

The next morning Eric noticed Clara's yard needed mowing. Clara had casually mention she would be home from work today. Eric mentioned to Joan that he would go over to mow Clara's yard. Joan knew that Eric would be in bed with Clara after the yard was done.

She said, "That's alright with me if you want to get in bed with Clara again. I've been thinking about seeing my older man friend, George, to find out how he is getting along. He may have a new lady friend by now. I could have lunch with him while you are with Clara."

Eric remembered that her friend had tried to lure her into marriage. Eric wasn't too happy about her request, but since he would be in bed with Clara, he couldn't tell her not to see him.

By ten o'clock Eric had started mowing Clara's yard. Joan called George to find out that he had quit his job. He said he was financially independent now and didn't have to work He made a date with Joan for lunch. She drove to the restaurant to met him.

They were no sooner seated that a young man walked up and said, "Hello Dad, I got your message." As he sat down, Joan was introduced to Mike.

George said, "This is Mike, my son, I told you about him when I saw you at Christmas."

"I'm glad to meet you, Joan. Dad told me about you and his marriage proposal. He said you were pretty, but I think you are more beautiful than he described."

At first glance, Joan was rather impressed with his looks. Not only was he handsome, he looked like an athlete. He was wearing a short sleeve shirt which easily exposed his muscular arms. She assumed this was George's son, the one who had a wife who did not like sex. She thought most any normal girl would probably like to be in bed with this handsome hunk. The three had a very pleasant conversation during lunch. After lunch, Mike left while George took Joan to his apartment.

George told her he didn't have any regular lady friends. He was so glad she called and hoped she had changed her mind. He wanted to marry her. She responded to say she would be marrying Eric someday and have a family with him. She knew George wanted to take her to the bedroom, so she got up to suggest they walk down the hall. Once in the bedroom, he held her and kissed her very sexily several times.

He said, "Oh, I've missed you so much. Joan, I love you and wish you would be my wife. I know I am much older than you and would be willing to share you with my son if I can't give you all the sex you need. I have plenty of money for us to have fun together."

He was removing her blouse and bra allowing her shapely breasts to be free. He complimented her on her beauty. She unzipped her skirt and let him pull her panties down and off. He quickly undressed and got on the bed with her. They kissed some more while having sex in different positions. Soon she was breathing hard and shuddered through an orgasm. He was always able to hold back and did not cum with her. She knew he liked to cum in her mouth. She then rolled around to take his cock in her mouth. She was working up and down and occasionally deep throating him. He was beginning to push up to her while groaning and moaning. She knew she would soon have a mouth full.

Then it started, spurt after spurt as she worked even more furious on his cock.. As he was coming down from his high, he kept telling her that he loved her and wanted to be with her forever. She always liked the complements men gave her. She kept his cock in her mouth until it became very soft and small. She continued to play with his balls as he repeatedly told her that he loved her. She had become so experienced in consuming her lover's cum that she rarely spit any out.

They dressed and went into the living room. It surprised her to see Mike sitting in a chair.

Mike said, "Looks as if you two were enjoying yourselves."

Joan was a little embarrassed.

Mike continued, "Dad I did what you told me to do."

Joan was puzzled and didn't know what was going on. George made drinks to pass around. Joan noticed Mike looking at her and she kept glancing at him. She thought he was very handsome and had a nice personality. She thought if she had accepted George's proposal, she would be having sex with this big brute now and then. Would she like that? Probable so.

Suddenly, George changed the conversation, "Joan I want you to get more acquainted with Mike. He is my young son I told you about who could help out when I was not able to perform. I would like for you and Mike to go into the bedroom to get acquainted better. Maybe you will change your mind and marry me."

She was rather stunned at this sudden change in the conversation. She didn't say anything and was a little bewildered. Mike got up and stood in front of her chair. He held out his hand for her. She sat motionless not knowing what to do. She looked at this handsome young man in front of her. He was smiling at her. If she took his hand, that meant she was going to have sex with him. But if she just sat there and did not offer her hand, she was refusing him. She kept hesitating.

He smiled at her and said, "Joan, please look at me, I think you are so beautiful and sexy. I wish you would come with me."

He kept smiling at her. Joan always loved complements from men and that seemed to win her over. She reached for his hand. He pulled her up, then scooped her up in his muscular arms to carry her to the bedroom. She was now all his.

She allowed him to remove her blouse and bra, then kissed her breasts. His kisses with tongues meshing were so erotic to her. She was trembling all over with excitement. He removed her skirt and panties to see her completely naked.

He complemented her on her beauty, saying, "You are the most beautiful girl I've ever seen."

She knew that was probably not quite true, but she liked what he said. His kisses on her neck and breasts were driving her wild. She wanted to feel him. She helped him undress. As his cock popped out of his shorts, she held it in her hand. She wanted to see it and explore it with her tongue and mouth.

They got on the bed. She took the initiative and got him on his back so that she could be in a six nine position. Now she was holding his cock in front of her face. It was a nice size cock with a slight upward curve. The head was not as big as Phil's, but she thought it had a nice shape. She swirled her tongue around to get acquainted with it. Yes, he had a very nice hard shaft. She ran her tongue up and down the full length a couple of times and decided it was a little longer than most men she had been with. She wondered if he would cum fast or could he hold it for awhile.

His face was at her crotch where his was licking her pussy. Her cute ass hole was just inches from his eyes. He noticed her butt was very trim compared to his rather plump wife. Joan's pussy and ass looked so dainty and pretty. He moved his tongue up and down and sucked on her clit.

Joan was going down on him, then pulling back up so that she could look again at his cock. Both of them seemed to be exploring each other's private parts.

Suddenly his cock started spurting and jerking. This took her by surprise because she had just raised up and his cock was not in her mouth for the first spurt. It plastered her cheek. She quickly went down to take the additional spurts in her mouth. He was really groaning and his body was still jerking for quite a while. Evidently he was pleased with the way she had been nursing his cock. She kept his cock in her mouth for quite a while. It never did get very small. He was still licking her pussy as if he never wanted to stop.

In a few minutes, Joan's mouth started reviving his cock. She thought that he was making a very quick recovery. Evidently he was sex starved at home. She prided herself in being so sexy that she could cause this big handsome hunk to recover that fast. He said he wanted to put it in her. They rolled over and tried some other positions. They finally ended up in a position they both liked and enjoyed fucking for quite a while. Joan already had one orgasm with Mike's dad and she was about ready for another one. They had a good rhythm to build up to a high. Soon, they both became vocal and exploded at the same time. She was sure Mike's dad could hear them.

Mike handed her some tissues to put at her crotch as he pulled out. Also, she took a couple more tissues to wipe the cum where he had plastered her cheek earlier. She got up to go the bathroom.

She looked in the mirror to see her hair was messed up which gave her that "fresh fucked" look. Her lipstick was smeared. She wanted to tidy up before she went back in to see the two men, but she didn't have her comb. She decided it didn't make much difference because George had seen her hair messed up many times after they had sex. Mike and Joan went into the living where George was waiting for them.

George commented, "Looks as if you two were getting well acquainted. Now Joan would you consider marrying me."

She said, "You two are such nice guys and I like both of you, in and out of bed, but I'm going to marry Eric someday. We can still stay friends."

George responded, "I fully expected you to say that, but I was hoping you would change your mind. By the way, I've always wanted to give you some kind of gift since you are such a nice person. Money is not a problem. Let's all go outside to see your present."

They walked out to the street. Mike handed her the keys to a new car.

George said, "I've seen your old car and I thought you needed a better one. This is yours to keep. Mike got it at the dealership this afternoon and the title is in your name."

She couldn't believe her eyes. She hugged both of them and said thank you to George.

She commented, "I can sure use it. You are a wonderful friend and I love you for it. I have to leave now as Eric is expecting me home." She got in the new car and drove away.

Eric could hardly believe their good fortune. She had to explain to him that her friend was not paying her for sex, but he gave her the car because of their friendship. That made Eric feel better.

The next day Clara invited them to visit that evening. Eric and Joan had to turn them down because both their parents were having a farewell dinner for them. They told Clara they would be back in a few months. Clara said she was disappointed and she knew John would be very disappointed too. Eric and Joan were leaving tomorrow morning for the college town.

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