tagNovels and NovellasIntimacy With Friends Ch. 12

Intimacy With Friends Ch. 12


Friday evening after Phil arrived, he took them all out to dinner. They had quite a bit to drink by the time they came back home. During the evening, Phil had cuddled up to Joan several times and whispered he wanted to be in bed with her. They were going to take turns on the shower, but Joan got permission from Eric to take a shower with Phil. They were the first to shower. While they were soaping and washing each other, Phil told her that he had missed her terribly. He was so glad to see her and be with her again. When they finished drying off, neither one covered up and walked nude in front of the others to Joan’s bedroom. Joan was going to give him another night of love. Now that Phil was out of sight, the other three walked around mostly nude coming and going preparing for bed.

Eric prepared to sleep on the couch. Occasionally, he heard noises from Phil and Joan. Before going to sleep, Joan came out of the bedroom holding tissues at her crotch. Eric went into the bathroom to talk to her as she sat on the commode to let Phil’s cum drain out. His cock was very hard since he knew Phil had just fucked her. Earlier he could picture in his mind to see Phil’s cock spreading her pussy and going back and forth. He was really turned on. She saw his predicament and took his cock in her mouth. He started fucking her mouth as she remained sitting on the commode. He asked Joan if she had sucked him off as yet. She said she did that twice before he cum in her pussy. Eric was so turned on he gave her another mouth full as his knees nearly buckled. Eric went back to the couch and went to sleep while Joan returned to get in bed with Phil.

Early the next morning about daybreak, Eric woke up as Joan came through the living room again holding tissues at her crotch. He asked if she got any sleep.

Joan said, “I went to sleep in the wee morning hours and when I woke up a few minutes ago, he was fucking me. I don’t remember how many times he cum during the night. I’ve enjoyed it and was glad to make him happy. I hope you aren’t mad.”

“No, I’m not mad, but I didn’t think he would have sex with you all night.”

Soon every one was up, did their morning chores in the bathroom, had breakfast and sat around drinking coffee. Phil apologized if he bother any one with noises or anything else last night. He told them he enjoyed being with Joan so much that he just had to have her all night. Donna was quite impressed with this handsome stud who could have sex all night and still look this good the next morning.

They all hung out together all day and Phil took them to dinner. They went to the cocktail lounge for after dinner drinks. The three guy took turns dancing with the two girls. Phil was flirting with Donna and she was enjoying the attention. Although, Phil danced equally as many times with Joan as with Donna. He really loved Joan, but wanted to flirt with Donna.

Joan and Donna were making more drinks in the kitchenette when they were home.

Donna whispered, “Do you really like sex with Phil, or were you just being nice to him?”

“Oh, I really like his cock. He has the biggest cock head I’ve ever seen. You should see it. And he is a very good lover. Actually, I’m also in love with Phil, but I’m going to marry Eric.”

Donna seemed to be deep in thought. “I would like to see his cock with the big head. I wonder how that would feel in me.”

Joan responded, “I’m sure you would enjoy taking it in your mouth. It sure is different than any other I’ve had.”

Now Donna was getting excited, “I wonder if he would like to get in bed with me. But, I would need Doug’s permission.”

Joan grinned at her, “I’ll ask Phil. I’m sure he would like you.”

Joan asked Phil to join her in the bedroom for a minute. Eric and Doug made joking remarks that they couldn’t wait long enough to have one more drink with them. Once in the bedroom, Joan explained the situation. Donna would like to have sex with him for a short while. Phil said he would like that, but he wanted more with Joan that night, too.

Joan gave Donna an affirmative nod. Now it was up to Donna to convince Doug. She asked Doug to walk into their bedroom with her for a minute. When they came back out, they had agreed it was OK, but Doug wanted to be in the bedroom with them. Phil said OK. Eric chimed in to say this would give him a chance to be with Joan in their bedroom while the three would be together in the other bedroom.

Donna insisted on showers before the real action started. Doug accompanied Phil and Donna into the bath room where they stripped off. Doug looked at Phil’s hard cock and knew he would soon be entering it in Donna. He noticed he had an unusual large cock head. He wondered if Donna could get all that in her mouth. He knew it would stretch her pussy just getting it started in her. Donna had glanced down at Phil’s cock and was getting a little excited in anticipating putting her mouth over it.

The shower was too small for the three, so Doug waited outside while he listened to their conversation and noises. He heard Donna groan and was wondering if Phil had touched her clit. Then he heard her groan and get louder. Then she started yelling and screaming. Phil had been lightly rubbing her clit while they were soaping and it surprised him that she had an orgasm so easily. After they had rinsed off, they opened the shower door and Phil was the first to get out. Doug jumped in the shower before Donna could get out. Doug wanted to shower with her too. By the time the two got out of the shower Phil had dried off and was waiting for them. Both guys helped Donna dry off.

They walked naked through the living room where Joan and Eric had already undressed waiting to get in the shower. Joan noticed Phil’s cock was very hard with his big purple looking head. She knew that Donna would soon be exploring this big cock with her mouth.

After showering, Eric and Joan went to their bedroom to lie in each other’s arms. He told her he missed having her last night. They were hearing noises from the other room now and knew that Donna was either sucking Phil’s cock or maybe by now he had it buried in her pussy. Doug would be right there to see it all and maybe join in. Again they heard Donna’s yelling and screaming and knew she was enjoying it no matter what position they were in.

Eric said he wanted Joan to ride his cock. She impaled herself on him and sat still while she pulsated her pussy muscles. Eric said he like the feeling.

She said, “Phil told me he likes it, and Doug told me that I do it better than any girl he has ever had.”

She was proud of herself. Eric knew that Doug would compliment her whether it was true or not. Although, he agreed she had very educated muscles. While gyrating on him, they heard the yelling and screaming from the other bedroom. Phil is really learning about a multiple orgasmic girl.

Soon they heard the other bedroom door open and one or more persons were coming out of the bedroom. Joan decided to speed up to finish before Phil was ready for her. They groaned and squirmed as they had orgasms.

Joan decided to get up. She decided to hold tissues at her crotch and walk to the bathroom naked. She peeked out the bedroom door to see if the bathroom door was open. It was. She walked through the room holding the tissues between her legs while the others watched her walk to the bathroom. She thought she should be embarrassed, but decided she wasn’t since everyone was running around naked tonight and having sex. Eric joined her in the bathroom and closed the door. Eric said, “I know Phil is waiting for you. Have a good time and give our friend the thrills he wants. We probably won’t see him again for many months.”

Phil was waiting for Joan as she came out of the bathroom. He got up to put his arm around her waist and led her to her room.

Eric looked at Donna and Doug and said, “I’ll be sleeping on the couch again tonight.”

It was beginning to get daylight. Eric woke up as Joan walked to the bathroom with tissues at her crotch.

Eric asked, “Did you two get any sleep during the night?”

“I think Phil was worn out. Not only did he miss sleeping the previous night, he was tired tonight. First, Donna had worn him down and when he got in bed with me, he had difficulty getting hard and cumming. I cooperated the best I could and let him fuck me as much as he could. He wanted to keep trying. We both did sleep probably four hours. He woke up and wanted me to suck him to try for another hard on. It was about half hard and we had difficulty getting it in me. I laid in a position so that my legs were far apart and my pussy was spread where there would be little resistence. He was able to finally cram it in. He fucked me for a long time and was about to give up. He rested a little while. I then pulsated my muscles on him. That seemed to help and he started again like a jack hammer. He did cum in me and now I’m going to clean up. He went right off to sleep as I got up. I’m going back to bed for more shut eye as soon as I clean up.”

As she walked back through the living room to the bedroom, he noticed her hair was all messed up. Evidently she and Phil had wrestled around in bed quite a bit for it to be messed up that much.

Doug and Donna made trips to the bathroom for the morning ritual. Eric had made a big pot of coffee and then the three had breakfast. There was no noise from the other bedroom. Evidently they were still asleep. About nine o’clock, they came out of the bedroom and headed for the bathroom together. They said hello and couldn’t believe it was that late.

It was time for Phil to leave. He kissed both girls goodby and shook the guys’ hands. He said he would definitely see them again sometime.

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