tagTransgender & CrossdressersInto The Chains Ch. 01

Into The Chains Ch. 01


A.N. And here we go.

Okay WARNING!! This is not like my other stories, this was done for Halloween and is now being publicly posted. It's dark, it's rough, it's intense, and it is nooooooot lovey dovey.

It is a HORROR story while at the same time being a porn story, so take that into consideration before you proceed.

The Following Contains: Rapeyness of a lotta femboys by demoness women with cocks. BDSM, bondage, cock and balls torture, abuse, degradation, fear play, pissing down boys throats, some violence. Yah, this ain't no average love story. THAT BEING SAID, it is not and I repeat NOT a snuff story or full on rape story, it is a mindbreak/non-consent into consent where the boys do end up enjoying it.

This is not my typical thing so after this we will be back to our regularly scheduled programming of warm fuzzies and shiz lol. But for those of you who are braving this story, I hope you enjoy!


He didn't notice how dark the clouds were this night, or how red the moon had become. Only the slurry of pouring rain coming down from the heavens and soaking the young teen. A crack of thunder and a boom of lightning startling him.

"Oh no, am I late?" Taylor said as he stepped up to the end of the parking lot. The enormous building before him was pitch black. Not a single light could be seen through any of the dozens of windows.

A feeling of disappointment and worry started creeping up the small spine of the 4'11 young boy. Only a moment ago, he was walking with a spring in his step at the thought of tonight's Halloween party.

Over the course of about a week or so, he had been messaging back and forth with a beautiful woman he had met online. She actually messaged him first on his Facebook, calling him cute and anting to Skype. And of course being the lonely teen that he was, he jumped at the opportunity. Her name was Alex, and she was drop dead gorgeous. Emerald green eyes, black hair framing her face, cream-colored skin, and black lipstick that she rocked on her full lips with just the cutest little beauty mark above them.

She flirted with him constantly, always commenting on how she loved his own long dark hair. Playfully teasing at how she'd love to pull it a little. He idly began twirling a lock of it between his fingers as he remembered this. He grew his hair out very long, it actually reached all the way down to the middle of his back. And apparently, it was one of her favorite things about him.

Eventually one thing lead to another and the Skype conversations ended up with her inviting him to a big Halloween party tonight, being held at the abandoned old high school not too far from where he lived.

Taylor was ecstatic at the thought of getting to finally meet this beautiful girl and to go on the first date he'd been on for a long time. His entire life now that he actually thought about it.

She seemed equally excited about it, as she continued to Skype him every day about the exact time and place where the celebration was being held. Always checking to make sure he was still coming, and talking about how she couldn't wait to see him, and finally get a chance to play with his hair.

Unfortunately thought for him, it seemed as if he had missed his chance as the school looked like it was completely devoid of life. "She said one in the morning didn't she? She told me a thousand times, come at one A.M. There's no way I could've gotten that mixed up!" He thought, triple checking his brain to make sure that he didn't somehow make up a different time to arrive.

He couldn't have, he was sure he had arrived at the right time. And today was Halloween! So he didn't get the date wrong either. Plus he was able to reassure himself as he walked around the stone steps leading up to the school entrance, because in the parking lot there were dozens of empty cars parked all throughout the area.

Maybe the party was just being held inside the gym, or the cafeteria, or the auditorium, away from the outer area of the school to possibly avoid police officers who might see the events unfolding and come to break up the bash.

It made sense since technically the party was being held illegally in the old school. The building was condemned a long time ago, nobody came near it anymore. They weren't supposed to at least.

It was either that or maybe this was a prank the whole time, there was no party and he was just being cat fished.

Shaking his head at that thought, he took a deep breath to muster up some resolve and walked up the front steps. Almost a bit nostalgic heading up into a high school again after having just recently graduated from his own. But the nostalgia quickly dissipated into surprise when the metallic double doors at the top of the steps suddenly pried themselves open with a 'ker-chunk' followed by a low grinding groan. He flinched at the noise and halted in his ascent as the doors slowly pulled apart to reveal the dimly lit interior.

Only a faint red light could be seen glowing a ways into the building, and other than that it was just sheer darkness around all corners.

The sight felt ominous, and once again he felt worry in the pit of his stomach. But then it clicked, like a light switch flipped up in his head.

It's a Halloween party, of course it's supposed to look creepy! They probably had the doors rigged up with some motion sensors like they have at grocery stores to automatically open them. He smiled as he came to that conclusion and took a moment to appreciate the aesthetic before taking the next few steps forward to pass through the double door entrance into the school.

His shoes made squeaky, soft thuds against the tile floor while he made a swift walk towards the hanging red light source. He didn't get too far though before he once again jumped in surprised as the doors behind him slammed shut hard.

"Whoa!" He spun around and looked at the now pitch dark space behind him, staring at the closed entrance for a few seconds before breaking out into an accepting laughter. "Phew...first jump scare of the night." He commented, still sure that this was just merely another horror effect to give the spooky feel of a Halloween themed party. Plus, he couldn't be sure, but he felt as though he could already catch the scent of some alcohol wafting through the air.

Not that he could technically drink yet at his age, but no one would hold him back tonight surely. He was going to be surrounded by other people his age just trying to let loose and have some fun around one of the best holidays of the year. And with that thought, he followed the slight smell, heading off in the direction toward the red light.

And away from his old life as a free soul forever.

He shook his hair out, trying to get some of the water droplets out before he pressed on. The further he walked in the stronger the smell got, which at first wasn't a bad thing, but then it grew stronger...and stronger...and stronger. Eventually getting to the point that as he closed in on the red light, he nearly gagged from the imposing fumes. It was beginning to smell a lot less like drinking alcohol and more like the strong medical kind.

He coughed lightly a few times and waved his hand in front of his face trying to clear out the air around him, but it was very thick, every breath felt like it was drawn from the nozzle of a bottle of rubbing alcohol.

Finally he entered the space where the light seemed to originate from, a kitchen. This puzzled him for a second because he knew that he had just walked in through the front entrance of the school, and the kitchens in every school he knew about were a ways away from the front of the building. Usually hidden away behind the cafeteria, but perhaps this was just a bizarre layout decision they made during construction. He had never been here before, so he had no inclination of where everything was.

There was a long line of countertops and a few sinks set up on the right wall, a bucket below them and a few tables aligned in the center of the room. Or...they were more like rolling carts, they lacked the proper legs to be considered as tables and seemed to have the appearance of being stretchers with white sheets draped over them. Plus there were no chairs nearby, just a few other kitchen appliances. A fridge and large box freezer to the left and a few warmers as well but no food or utensils in sight.

"Must be keeping the food in the party area." He thought, taking a few steps further into the room. The far cart had a few stains strewn about the fabric, and from a distance it could've been mistaken for any spilled liquid. But when Taylor got a better look at it, he was able to discern the distinct red color clinging to the pure white covering. "Fake blood?" He almost snickered upon looking over the stains, almost in the shape of a human body that had once possibly laid there.

His lips pursed as he blew air through them, "Pfft, it's gonna take a lot more than that to scare me." Triumphantly he said looking away from the cart and around the room again. He would give a nine for the effort on whoever set up the automatic door and the creepy red mood light, but fake blood on a hospital looking table? Been there done that. Ever seen the movie Saw? Feeling unfazed by this B horror movie trope, he strolled up ahead planning on leaving this kitchen and going to the next section of the thrill ride. Only to stop when a few jars lined up on one of the counters caught his eye. His steps halted and he looked over to them, four large glass jars arranged in a row that all looked to be filled from bottom to top with dozens of tiny white objects. "What the?" Taylor whispered and changed course from the door to the counter to take a closer look.

There were also more empty jars right beside them, no tops were screwed on though and they didn't seem to have a purpose yet. But the full ones weren't just filled with any objects, oh no, he very quickly figured that out as he reached out to try and pick one of them up and bring it closer to investigate.

"Are these...teeth?" Turning the container over several times in his hand, it wasn't too hard to figure out despite the red illumination making it harder to focus. It appeared to be filled to the brim with human teeth. Ranging in all sizes and types from K-9's to molars. Fully grown adult teeth and even smaller younger looking ones. Taylor wasn't a dentist, but you didn't need to have a degree to be able to figure out what they were. "What a random decoration, they're not even on display really. Why did they set them up like this?" He thought leaning over the counter again to place the jar back down. But as he did so, he caught a glimpse of the inside of the sink.

More glistening red pools of 'fake' blood, and what he had mistaken for several sinks in the counter earlier, he now was able to see that although there were multiple faucets, it was all just one large interconnected sink. Big enough to fit him, Hell he could climb into it and lay flat down and he'd have room to wiggle.

But that wasn't the weirdest part, inside the sink...was more teeth.

Only these appeared to still be in the process of being cleaned or dried out or something. But there were hundreds more, all laid out neatly on towels and cloths in the sink. Some cleaner than others, all perfectly intact and set out with almost uncomfortably pristine care.

"Oookay, what the Hell..." Taylor said quickly bringing his arms up and away from the sink and taking a few back steps to put distance between it and him.

Now he was beginning to get nervous. Why would that even be there? The sink was deep, he hadn't even noticed the museum of bicuspids and more until he'd gotten up close to take a look. If people were coming through here to go to the party they would most likely completely overlook it, horror attractions are supposed to be in your face and not tucked away somewhere so no one will find it. So what was the purpose of it?

Before he was able to mull it over for long though, he felt his foot catch the edge of the bucket he acknowledged earlier, and immediately tripped over it. He yelped in surprise as the handle loop caught on his shoe and tipped the bucket over, spilling out a wet, slippery material that caused Taylor to lose his footing and plummet down onto his behind.

He hit the floor with a thud and a 'oouf!' And also a few squishy sounds squelching beneath his bottom. "Ugh...damn it." He groaned, reaching down to rub his now sore ass, expecting some type of cleaning material and water mix to have plastered a big wet spot back there. However, it wasn't just wet and sticky, it was...firm.

Gelatinous even.

Quickly Taylor looked down at the mess to see exactly what he had just slipped in, only to see a huge dark red puddle of blood cascading around his pantleg.

It had splashed up everywhere, splattering the floor around him and even up onto the walls too. But the most disturbing part, was that it wasn't entirely blood.

He had dipped his hand into some type of warm and sloppy mess of meat cartilage. Chunks and globs of it slowly oozed and squished into his jeans, seeping into the fabric and leaking juices of blood and other fluids.

"Oh...oh my God!" Scrambling up to his feet, Taylor hastily tried to wipe the gross material off of his hands and onto the front of his pants. "What the fuck!" He nearly shouted, upset and worried by this whole event. Again, what was something like that doing just sitting there? Waiting for anybody that could trip over it? He wanted to call it a bad decision by one of the party goers, leaving out a bucket of fake meat for a scare factor. But as he tried to scrub his hands feverishly, the potent smell of coppery iron flooded from the tipped bucket. And the warm, thick consistency of the crimson fluid was setting him on the edge. He lifted his hands close to his face to see the streaks of red still on them despite his best efforts. "This...this can't be real...it can't be..." He told himself, but his heart was hammering.

What if it was?

"Nope! Nopenopenopenope!" Taylor shook his head and immediately began to book it out of the kitchen and back over towards the front door. "Too much! I'm gonna go home, change, shower, and I'll call Alex tomorrow! I'll tell her I got sick, and I'll meet her somewhere else, anywhere but here!" He didn't like the idea that he had to bail on a pretty girl like Alex, but he was getting anxiety. Maybe if he hadn't tripped or looked in the sink things would've been different, but right now he just didn't feel safe and he wanted to leave.

But before he even made it three feet outside the door to the kitchen, there suddenly was a loud metallic rattling sound. Sharp and obnoxious enough to get him to stop in his tracks and recoil to cover his ears.

Following after it was more subtle, and slow dragging noises, like chains being lazily raked across the ground. Only a few feet ahead in the darkness before him, slowly coming into the dim red light, was the shadow of a very large, very daunting form. Easily towering over him by several feet, this person had to be over seven feet tall. A light clicking of high heels accompanying the chains helped him realize that maybe this persons height was bolstered at least by some shoes. But that still didn't take away the fact that they were over a full head bigger than Taylor.

"Tayyylooorr..." A familiar, candy sweet voice slowly sang out to him. It set his nerves on end, and his eyes widened, dilating to be able to focus on the intimidating figure closing in on him.

It was a voluptuous woman, dressed up in a sadomasochistic black leather maid outfit which clung to her curvy form. Long straight black hair maybe a little longer than Taylors ran down her back and he could now see the source of the chain noises. Long links of steel chain were wrapped around her arms and a few around her torso, dragging down low against the tile floor. Covering her face was an ornate masquerade skull mask with sharp spikes protruding from the edges and some smaller decorative chains hanging off of them as well. However, even though he couldn't see her face, two things stuck out in particular.

The pair of sparkling green eyes under the mask, and the plump lips adorned with glossy black lipstick and the ever so similar beauty mark...

Taylor was completely paralyzed, and his brain was refusing to work, he couldn't believe how big and tall she was. She nearly had a foot of cleavage showing off in the tight uniform, and her incredible hips that lead to long legs wearing knee high nylon stockings.

Slowly, almost methodically as she approached him she swung the chains drooping down off her arms to create this unsettling music of metal dragging on the floor. As if that wasn't creepy enough on its own, she suddenly started humming. A soft gentle lullaby like tune until she was close enough to the small boy to lean down towards him, bringing her face inches away from his own. But Taylor still had to crane his neck in order to look up at her. It was as she got this close that he noticed that tucked away in what looked like a pouch on her side was a bundled-up apron. Like a butcher's smock, stuffed into a side pocket. It, much like the white sheets covering the carts, had several stains of red...blood. Real blood.

It wasn't only there, now that she was close up and, in the light, her hands also appeared to have splotches of the same liquid on them too. It dripped down to the floor, appearing now to be quite fresh.

"...A...Alex?" His voice barely squeaked out the name. "Wh...what's going on."

The most bone chilling evil grin spread out on her lips, "I'm so glad you made it Taylor...Welcome to the Halloween party. Or...well should I say..." She leaned a bit closer and to his side to whisper in his ear, "The Horror show party..."

'clink, clink, clink'

Her chains rattled at her sides while her tongue carefully swiped across her lips and flicked out of them to lick at his ear lobe.

Taylor didn't even hesitate.

In a one eighty whirl, he high tailed it back into the red kitchen and out the opposite door top speed. The feeling of genuine fear welled up in his chest from her sheer presence so much so that he couldn't take another second of it.

'Alex' watched him run away in practically a tiny blur of speed, she giggled at how fast such a little one could bolt when frightened. Like a scared little kitten he was.

She stood up straight and with a smile on her face, followed slowly after him.

The world was moving fast, Taylor's eyes wildly searched his surroundings while he darted down the hall. He passed through what looked like a dining room, a long wooden table and some chairs or something, he didn't get the best look at it before he was out the door into the next open space. His heart was racing faster than it ever had in his life, the sound of his heavy breathing was the only noise registering in his head. Well, that and the slow taunting footsteps of the large woman Alex whom he knew was following behind him.

"Taaaaayloooorrr..." He could hear her voice singing his name in the distance. He ran faster. "You can't get awaaaaayyyy..." There was an evil giggle that chilled his blood. He use to love her voice, such a sultry sway to it that use to arouse him. Now he felt only fear when he heard her again. "Come on baby...it's time to plaaaaay..."

In the next room, there were couches, another small table and an armchair. He only stopped long enough to see it this time though because as he burst through the door he nearly ran smack dab into the closest corner table. "Aaow!" He yelped and retracted his leg up to try and rub it. Not the easiest of tasks when you're trying to flee for your life. So he tried to fight through the shin pain, and hobble his way through the space. Reaching out with his hand to support himself as he limped. This place obviously wasn't a school, either that or he just so happened to find the teacher's lounge in his mad dash to escape. He didn't think that was true though, he wasn't sure if anything he'd been told by that woman was true anymore.

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