tagMind ControlInto the Closet

Into the Closet


I peeked over the top of the cubicle into Rhonda's space. She was staring at her computer screen, oblivious to my presence. "Hey," I said, startling her. "What's going on?"

"Nothing," she lazily replied. She gave me a big smile. I knew she liked me but she was married and never did anything but listen to my flirtations. She reached back, raising her hands above her head. Her small breasts pressed against her shirt. Her nipples were plainly visible through the material. I gave her body an up and down look. She was in good shape for her early 40s.

We chatted for a while about stupid things in the office. I looked her in the eyes occasionally trying to catch a glimpse of skin between the openings of her button-down shirt. She had an attractive face and shoulder-length brown hair that was in a wavy perm. I made no attempt to disguise my lust for her. I checked around and saw nobody within hearing range. Today I was going to take charge.

"You know," I started, "I've always had a thing for you." Her eyes darted away and then back to my eyes. I continued a stare of seriousness. "And I think you feel the same way." She did not say anything but continued to listen. "So tomorrow I want you to wear a short skirt and a tight shirt. Do not wear any panties. Only wear a bra if you feel it is necessary to keep your job. If you do this, I will know that you are ready to be with me."

She had a surprised look on her face. I left her with these instructions, returning to my cubicle. I began to work again as if nothing had passed between us. I had the beginnings of a hard-on but it went away as I dove into my work. We did not speak or see each other the rest of the day.

The next day I came in and went to my desk. There was a sticky note on my screen: 'See Rhonda'. I smiled. I was not anxious, I was in control. I moved the note and began to work. Two hours passed, before I decided to see what she was wearing. I walked by her space to the drinking fountain. I did not even look on my way to the fountain. On my way back, I stopped and said, "Hey."

Rhonda jumped at the sound of my voice. The pen in her hand made a big scrawl across the paper she was writing on. Her hands were shaking a little as she eked out, "Hi." She had not turned around and it did not seem that it was going to happen anytime soon.

"So, how's it going?" I said as if it was any other day.

"Just…great," she said with a wavering voice. I had pretty much guessed that she was under my control. I wanted to make sure that she knew that too.

"Turn around," I told her in a low tone. Her feet shuffled, slowly rotating her chair toward me. It was even better than I had expected. She wore a black leather skirt that stopped mid-thigh and a bright orange shirt that stretched over her like a glove. A sheer bra could be made out underneath her shirt. The neckline plunged deep, giving just a hint of the ripe mounds on her chest. It looked like she was ready for a night of bar hopping, not working in an office.

"Are you sure that's an appropriate outfit for the office?" I scolded. She looked down at her feet. I could tell she was torn on the subject.

"Probably not," she mumbled. "But you said…" I put my finger to her lips.

She stopped talking and looked for something in my face to give her a way out before it got too far. That was too bad because just wearing the clothes told me she was ready to do whatever I said. I kept my expression stern. I saw her resolve failing.

"What about the other thing?" I asked. She nodded her head. That was not enough for me. "Show me," I told her. She looked around anxiously. No one was near. She straightened her legs and slid the skirt up. Her pubes came into view for a second then she pulled her skirt back down.

"Very nice," I said. "Now put my finger in your mouth." I held out my hand. She took it and slowly brought it to her mouth. Her red lips parted as she put my index finger in her mouth. She sucked on it and bobbed her head just enough to simulate a blowjob. She took my finger out and then smiled. I smiled back. "See you later," I said. I turned and returned to my desk.

I sat by myself in the lunchroom. Rhonda came in. Normally she would sit down next to me but today she sat across the table from me. Neither one of us said anything. I continued eating. She took her yogurt out and began to eat. I could see that she was trying to be seductive by using her tongue on the spoon. I ignored her feeble attempts at turning the tables.

"After lunch, take your bra off for the rest of the day," I said. She froze with the spoon in her mouth.

"But it'll be obvious," she mewed.

"You're not exactly undercover as it is," I said coolly. I got up and threw my trash away. Her gaze followed me as I left the room.

Near the end of the day, I went over to Rhonda's cubicle. This time she saw me coming. It looked as if she was keeping an eye on anyone who might come near her. "Turn around," I said. As she presented herself, I saw why she was so vigilant. She had taken her bra off as I had instructed. Her hard nipples were plainly visible through her top. She began to cross her arms, which I assume is how she had been dealing with the situation all afternoon. "Come with me." I turned and headed for the supply closet. I looked behind me to see if she was following. She was.

I had made sure no one saw us go in. I pulled out my keys and unlocked the closet. It was small with shelving taking up half of the space. I turned the light on and went in. Rhonda came in behind me. Once inside, I told her close the door. The scraping of the latch and gentle slamming reminded me of a jail cell being closed. "Lock it," I said. She clicked the button into place.

"Now face the wall." That was easy enough since there was so little room. I moved up close to Rhonda without touching her. I could see that she was breathing hard. I placed my hands on her hips. She began to shake a little from fear. I moved my hands up her sides across the sheer material. Right before I got to her breasts, I moved to her arms. I reached her neck and began to rub her shoulders. She was tense. I tried to loosen her up but it did not work well. Her muscles remained taut.

I trapped her arms against her sides and slowly brushed my fingers across her nipples. Rhonda gasped as I touched her. "Drop your skirt," I whispered in her ear with my hot breath. Her fingers fumbled with the zipper that ran down the side of her skirt. I remained with my head near her ear. I nibbled on her lobe as she nervously struggled with her zipper. I could feel the goosebumps rise on her neck as I worked my way down.

I heard the leather hit the floor. I moved back. I reached down and grabbed the curves of her ass. I gave them a few strong squeezes. She remained motionless and let me play with her body. I stopped and undid my pants. Since there was so little room to move, my hardon bounced on the small of her back as it popped out.

I pushed my underwear down to my knees and pulled my shirt over my head. I reached around to her chest and took hold of her tits. Their small size made them easy to fit into my palms. I roughly ground my dick into her fleshy butt. I humped her against the wall. She had nowhere that she could escape to.

I stopped and took her shirt off up over her head. She shivered in her nakedness. I took her chin and tilted it back. I gave her a rough kiss. I forced my tongue in and soon she was responding in kind. Breaking off the kiss, I placed one hand on her tit and reached down to play with her clit. Her pussy was already wet. I slid my middle finger between her slippery pussy. She was more than ready to be fucked.

Once again I grabbed her hips. I kicked her legs apart. I squatted a little and placed the head of my cock at her opening. I tickled her pussy, running my cock across her hole. It was time. I reached over and turned the light out as I shoved my dick in her. She yelped and I covered her mouth. The shock of darkness caused Rhonda to try and get away. I held her tight as I continued to ram her.

Rhonda remained silent as I shot my cum up her hole. I could feel the wetness drip down as I pulled out of her. I humped her ass with my cum-slickened dick, wiping myself off in the process. I pushed her towards the back of the closet. I pulled up my pants and put my shirt back on in the dark. I could hear her breathing right next to me. I found the back of her head and gave her another insistent kiss. I reached down to find her clit. As we tongue-wrestled, I furiously rubbed her clit until her knees buckled. I tasted the mix of cum on my fingers as I left.

The outside light shone in when I opened the door. I saw Rhonda was sitting on a box. She looked like a mess with her curly hair tousled. She was breathing deeply. Her eyes were closed. "See you tomorrow," I said.

"You can count on it…master," she said. She was ready to be my living fuck doll.

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