tagIncest/TabooInto the Closet

Into the Closet


Edited by La Pantera Bonita

As a teenager I went through that normal stage of curiosity as do most males in their teens. Pornography was not readily available. Playboys were part of my dreams. I managed to appropriate one such magazine by liberating one from a neighbor’s mailbox early one morning on my paper route. He was an EHL hockey player and was out of town. Every morning, before dawn I would happen by his apartment where his mail was accumulating. The temptation was too much.

I would masturbate in my room with my Playboy. I would clean myself with one of my socks which I stored under the mattress. Mom had grown hip to what was happening, but could never find the words to say anything. She had placed a box of tissues in my room with a note on them, “use these.”

Of course I couldn’t use the tissues. What would I do with them? Besides Mom would know I was masturbating (which my church taught was sinful and not normal) if I used the tissues. Instead I ruined more socks.

Mom told me that I needed to learn to hide things better as one day the Playboy fell off from the top of my closet self and hit her on the head while she was putting away my clothes. I knew I had that thing hidden better than that. She had to have been snooping.

One summer day while I was beating off under the covers, Mom popped into the room. Normally I have PJs on, but now I was naked under the covers. I stopped jerking off as soon as I heard the door knob twist, and pretended to be partially asleep. I had a raging hard on that was causing a little “pup tent” effect on the covers. Mom saw the state I was in and asked me if I would get out of bed NOW so she could make it. (Yes, even as a teenager Mom made the bed. Not that I didn’t try a few times, it was just that it never suited her.)

I convinced Mom I had to stay in bed a while longer. She had a big smile on her face as she let me off the hook.

Mom was a very attractive woman. She was of Spanish descent with smooth olive skin and jet black hair. Even after three kids she managed to maintain a sexy figure with 36 C cups, slender waist, and right sized hips. She would typically wear tight sweaters and jeans. Dad couldn’t keep his hands off of her even after 20 years of marriage. Not that he would grab her around us kids, but I would occasionally walk into the living room when my folks would be play wrestling, and then they would suddenly stop.

Dad traveled a lot. Mom’s life grew around late night television. Watching old movies became her main enjoyment. It was summer time and the temperature had grown very warm. During the day we would leave the doors wide open and use fans to cool the house. However at night we would have to shut the doors. We all would sleep with a fan blowing directly on us.

One night Mom told me out of the blue, that it got so hot downstairs while she was watching television that she had to remove her robe and watch it with a fan blowing directly on her. WOW! The very thought of Mom being naked in the living room, spread open on a chair watching television was enough to keep to me in masturbation fantasies for a week. But I wanted to see this for myself.

The living room was set up as a voyeur’s paradise. There was an entrance foyer with glass doors that went into the living room. When it was dark, you couldn’t see into the foyer from the living room. I could literally stand there naked in front of the door and watch Mom in the living room which was lit by a dim lamp by Mom’s chair and the television.

It took me a while to work up the courage to do this. I made a few dry runs down the stairs and back up. The stairs leading to my room came out into the foyer. I realized the stairs creaked too much for a normal descent. I had to slide down slowly on my ass to avoid making any noise. Late one warm night I made my descent. I had to wait for an exceedingly hot night to be sure Mom would be in the mood to disrobe.

I had made it to the bottom. I wasn’t so bold as to stand in front of the doorway. Instead I peeked my head around the corner near floor level. I could see Mom clearly sitting in her chair with a glass of ice water. Almost as if on cue, Mom opened up her terry cloth robe to reveal a totally naked body. She had the fan positioned so it was blowing straight at her pussy. Her body was beautiful. I admired her tan legs which were spread out just enough to give me a view of her hairy pussy. It was too dark to make out any pussy lips, but I could imagine them. Her tits were beautiful orbs. Oh how I wanted to touch them. Mom took a small piece of ice from the glass and rubbed it between her tits. She then lifted each tit and rubbed a little ice under each one.

She slid forward in her chair just a bit to adjust the fan. This allowed me to see her pussy spread open wider and her tits dangling. This was too much for one night. I rushed back to my room and masturbated until I had blisters.

That weekend Dad came home as usual. Only this time he took us shopping for air conditioners. He talked to the sales clerk like an Arab trader. I didn’t think one could bargain in a discount department store, but Dad could and would. I wish I had been taking notes. The air conditioners were a mixed blessing. Oh sure the house would be cool, but now Mom wouldn’t be giving me a tit and pussy show. I couldn’t explain that to Dad.

Once the air conditioners were installed, Dad took a small strip of paper and walked us around the entire house with it showing us what the proper air flow patterns should be, and the best way to angle the louvers. I was watching Mom’s nipples get hard from the cold air stream.

With the show being over, I decided it was time to take matters into my own hands. I would resort to watching Mom in the bathroom through the keyhole. The doors all had ample sized keyholes. The problem with the bathroom door keyhole was the location. I had a side view of the sink which partially blocked a side view of the toilet. Plus I had my sister to contend with. I had to know her location before I could even peek.

I discovered this was a poor way to voyeur. I could sometimes glimpse a side view on Mom’s ass as she sat down and got up from the toilet. Sometimes Mom would wash at the sink. She would literally hike her leg up and place it on the sink as she washed her foot. I would occasionally get a glimpse of pussy, but this would not do. I got bolder.

The bathroom door was made of old wood. There were numerous hooks screwed into the door. There were also spots or holes were there used to be hooks. I decided to make my own hole. It was at crotch elevation, and would view right in front of the sink. I took one of the hooks and screwed a small hole all the way through the wood. Depending on how Mom’s robe fell, the viewing hole would sometimes be blocked. I could live with that.

I used that hole whenever I could. Dad would be out of town during the week and my sister Felicia would typically be playing at the neighbors. I also learned this is where Mom stood to dry off after taking a bath. And she would always do so facing the door. I love a creature of habit.

Watching Mom dry herself off was fun. She would rub the towel back and forth on her back causing her tits to jiggle. She would always spread her legs and get her pussy dry right in front of my peep hole. This was also a great view to play Mom’s gynecologist. On the days she would wash at the sink, she would lift her leg to clean it. When she did this I got to see the lips of her pussy. I couldn’t have been more than three feet away.

I became obsessed with watching Mom naked. I was getting bolder and bolder. I was at a point where I would spy on Mom with Felicia in another part of the house. While bent over looking in the spy hole at Mom’s pussy, Felicia caught me. Instead of black mailing me, she went into the bathroom and told Mom I was peeping at her through the keyhole. Ah the keyhole, that means she didn’t know about the drilled hole. Mom told Felicia she was mistaken, that “Michael wouldn’t do such a thing.” At this point I actually thought Mom believed I was a well-behaved teenager, when in reality Mom just knew this was normal curiosity for a teenage boy and was trying to downplay the whole thing.

I was scared. I sat down in the living room as if nothing happened. Mom never said a word about it. In fact it was never mentioned again. I quickly stuffed the peep hole with toilet paper and toothpaste to cover up the evidence. I never used it again.

My voyeur habits curtailed for quite a bit. We had moved to a new house with modern no-peep door knobs and locks. My parents had a huge walk in closet which I found myself in one day.

I came home from playing baseball; the night air was getting too cool. In the South we could play ball year around. It was December. Mom had the Christmas presents “hidden” in the closet. Actually she didn’t play the hiding game. She told us where our presents were being kept and if we wanted to “spoil our Christmas” we could go ahead and look at them. This tactic worked on me in the past, but not this year. For some reason I was drawn to the closet to snoop since my parents were out.

With my head in the closet, I heard noises and footsteps. Damn, my parents drove up without me hearing them and they were on the stairs headed up! I couldn’t think of a legitimate reason to be in their room, so I hid in the closet. I was able to hide near the back corner, standing up behind Mom’s long coat. Christmas boxes on the floor were stacked to cover my legs and feet, should they happened to open the door.

I could stick my head out from behind Mom’s coat and see their bedroom through the slats or louvers of the closet door. Mom had Dad by the crotch and was leading him toward the bed. Dad was playing 20 questions. “Where’s Felicia?” he asked.

Mom quickly replied, “At the Biggerstaffs” as she undid Dad’s pants.

“And Mike?” he continued.

“Out playing ball or something, “Mom assured him as his pants hit the floor.

I watched my mother get down on her knees and stick my Dad’s cock in her mouth. I could never have imagined this scene. I moved my head so I could get a better angle of Mom blowing Dad.

Dad had his hands on her head, then had her stand up. I watched Dad’s hands roam unabated over Mom’s body, touching her breasts, ass, and crotch. Mom responded as if she actually enjoyed having Dad feel her up.

Dad grabbed the bottom of Mom’s faded red sweater and pulled it over her head. A picture of Mom standing there in her bra, with her arms in the air and sweater covering her face would stay with me for the rest of my life. I felt panic. Mom was about to get naked and my parents were going to have sex. I shouldn’t be watching this. I was thinking about bursting out the closet, confessing my sin of snooping for Christmas presents, and taking whatever meager punishment they gave me. It would be a far better thing to do than if I got caught spying on my folks having sex. I was not concerned about the punishment at that point, but of losing a lifetime of trust.

As I was debating this moral dilemma over in my mind, Mom’s plain white bra fell to the floor. I was mesmerized by her glorious 36C breasts and so was Dad by his reaction. Dad played with Mom’s nipples until I got hard.

Mom aided Dad in taking off her pants and panties. With her socks still on my parents lay down on the bed. I watched Dad’s hand cover Mom’s beautiful dark haired cunt. I wanted to yell at him to move his hand as it was blocking my already limited view.

After some mutual genital massaging, Mom said to Dad, “Stick it in me Abe. Fuck me Abe.”

WOW! I never heard my Mom say the “F” word. This was exciting in itself to hear this twice a week Catholic wanting to be fucked, even if it was just Dad.

Dad mounted Mom. At this point I tried to catch glimpses of Mom’s breasts under Dad. My other view was that of Dad’s pale white hairy ass thrusting and grunting in and out of Mom’s pussy. I attempted to strike this view from my mind, knowing it would leave a permanent emotional scar, one that could prevent me from getting a decent boner whenever I thought about Mom.

His cocksmanship and staying power left a lot to be desired. He came inside of Mom and collapsed on her. Mom rolled Dad off of her body and requested that Abe get her some toilet paper.

This was my favorite peep. Dad was gone and Mom was laying spread eagle on the bed. I could see her tits and pussy both. Her pussy lips were parted, pink and glistening. Dad returned after a quick piss with the toilet paper and a warm wash cloth.

Mom attended to herself as Dad got dressed. After removing the cum with the toilet paper, she moved to the edge of the bed. In a sitting position, with her feet on the floor, I watched my spread legged mother clean herself with the washrag. Her breasts hung down perfectly. Mom put her undergarments back on and then suddenly the closet door opened, barely giving me enough warning to pop my head back behind the coat.

My heart raced as I knew I was spotted. I was a goner. Maybe if I pretended I was a sleep walker and fell asleep here…shit I was dead.

Mom closed the door and got dressed. She said, “Abe, let’s go out back and sit on the patio.”

The patio was Dad’s pride and joy. He put a lot of hard work into it and felt pride whenever the family would use it. Mom got Dad out of the house and bought me some time. I would leave by the front door and pretend to have been outside the whole time.

I really loved Mom.

I would eventually get to fuck my beautiful Mom and my sister for that matter (Mike Returns Home). This story is the prequel to my on line "semi-autobiography." (Hey if Spielberg can do it…) The next story in sequence would be where I lose my virginity “A Seedy Halloween.” You will be directed from there should you desire to continue forth. I would like to thank all my fans especially the one who voted and e-mailed me.

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