tagSci-Fi & FantasyInto the Dark: A Fairy Tale

Into the Dark: A Fairy Tale


This is an attempt to write an erotic story that conforms to the conventions of traditional fairy tales. It contains explicit scenes and language.

Once upon a time there lived in a quiet town a simple girl, the prettiest creature who was ever seen. Her parents were exceedingly fond of her, and they spoiled her with everything her heart desired. However, they worried for her innocence and kept her home to protect her from the dangers of the world. When she asked her parents what the world outside their cozy home held, their answer was always the same: hunger and need and darkness.

As the girl grew older and the bloom of womanhood descended on her, she began to grow restless. Alone in the daytime, she would gaze longingly at the narrow shafts of light that descended from the high windows of their house. Alone in the night, she would listen to the nightingales' songs that echoed against the mortar walls. Her curiosity grew and grew, and she doubted her parents' warnings. Yet day after day, she stayed enclosed; night after night, she slept in the only bed she'd ever known.

One morning, as she occupied herself at home, she lost herself in daydream. In her imagination, she wandered through strange unfamiliar landscapes of colors and shapes. A sharp knock on the door woke her from her dream. She sat frozen in place, turning her eyes to the shadowy rectangle of the door. She was not used to visitors, but as she looked, the faint light streaming through the cracks in the wood beckoned to her, and she rose to cross the room.

She tentatively pulled the door open. The hinges creaked, and the sunlight poured into the dark house, outlining the figure standing outside. The girl peered into the bright light, straining to make out the visitor's features, but she could only see the vague outline of a bent, old crone.

The visitor spoke in a voice clearer and more youthful than the girl expected:

"How pretty you are! I could just eat you right up. Come out into the sunlight so I can see you."

The girl shook her head and pulled back into the shadow of the doorway, mindful of her parents.

"Come, come now," the guest continued, "I need to see such a pretty young thing!"

The girl hesitated a moment, her weight leaning forward, tempted to step out into the warmth she felt outside.

"Go on," the visitor said in her clear voice. "Step out of the darkness and into the light."

The girl's curiosity swelled in her breast, and she stepped boldly outdoors for the first time. As soon as she was surrounded by the light, she could see the visitor more clearly. Instead of the crone she thought she'd seen, she beheld a woman in the prime of life, the lines of her full curves sensuous and enticing. The guest looked into the girl's face with a twinkle in her eyes and spoke once more.

"You chose wisely, girl. Now I will give you a great gift, though it will torment you." She grew silent, and her body swayed forward and back, as if she felt the rhythm of the world around her. When she spoke again, it was in a low sing-song:

Nightly, the burning ache will drive you out.
Passion consuming you, quench your long drought!
Hunger and need truly make all things right,
Into the dark and discover the light.

She spoke no further word but simply gave the girl an enigmatic smile, turned, and disappeared down the quiet street on which the house stood. The girl stood mesmerized for a moment, then glanced around in a panic and rushed back into the house, slamming the door behind her.

She felt no different, yet a sense of dread and anticipation came over her as she went about the rest of her daily chores. When her parents returned home in the evening, she made no mention of what had happened that day. She simply went about her business and withdrew to the quiet of her bed.

As she lay alone, she tossed and turned restlessly, her body uncomfortably warm. She stared up into the rafters and felt a creeping ache in the pit of her belly. She had eaten her regular dinner, there was no reason for her to feel hungry, yet she wanted ... something. The curious sensation only grew in the darkness, and her breathing became more labored as the air seemed to thicken around her. She tossed aside her bedclothes, but still an uncomfortable burning radiated through her body.

After what felt like hours of growing discomfort, she rose from her bed and tiptoed quietly down to the door, guided by an invisible hand. She paused with a finger on the latch, still unsure of herself, but a sudden surge of the burning in her belly made her mind up, and she swung the door open and stepped out into the cool of the night.

The flickering yellow flames of the street lamps cast an intricate pattern of light and shadow across the narrow street, and the town was full of sights she had never seen, but she hardly noticed any of them. She crept down the lane, drawn forward by her newfound hunger. She paused at the bend of the road, listening to the muted roar of sound coming from the inn across the way. She pressed her body against the wall, concealing herself in the shadows to wait for she knew not what.

The door of the inn opened, and the blazing hearth illuminated the street for a moment as a townsman stepped into the street, his gait relaxed and a little unsteady. At the sight of him, the girl felt a throbbing deep inside her, and she crossed the street without hesitation. She closed the distance to the townsman in a few short seconds and took him by the hand, dragging him around the corner of the inn and into the alley.

She leaned into his body, mashing herself against him, letting him feel her body through her light nightdress. Her hips moved unconsciously, grinding against his strong thigh. She pressed her lips to his ear and half whispered, half groaned: "I'm hungry." His eyes widened but he made no response. Guided by instincts she didn't know she had, she slowly lowered herself, dragging her breasts down his body. She dropped down to her knees on the cool cobblestones and looked up at him wide-eyed as her hands fumbled with his belt.

Her pert, youthful tits shifted freely under the light fabric of her gown, her nipples stiffening from the cool air and the excitement of new desire. She let out a desperate groan as the townsman's rod sprang free, and she took the semi-hard shaft into her mouth without hesitation. She began a mad, passionate rush to swallow as much of him as she could, driving him to the back of her throat over and over as his flesh stiffened and grew between her lips. Obscene sounds rose into the air as she gagged and wretched around his cock, eager to satisfy the hunger that burned in her belly.

The townsman leaned back into the side wall of the inn, his mind clouded by the night of drinking and the enthusiasm of the young woman. His fingers ran through her hair and guided her relentless efforts. She impaled her mouth on his dick over and over, and her bright eyes looked up into his face with an expression of otherworldly joy. She knew only that she was hungry for what he could give her; she would not pause until she'd earned it.

She could feel his fuckflesh growing more and more rigid, throbbing with the pressure and pleasure of her mouth, and she knew from the quivering of his hips that the release was close. She redoubled her efforts, gripping his shaft in her hand and stroking him in time with the motion of her lips up and down his length. Her tongue flicked teasingly across the head of his cock at the end of each stroke, and she took his heavy balls into her free hand, working them gently.

She looked up with pleasure as the townsman tilted his head back into the cool stone and his eyes rolled back into his head. She felt the first violent shudders of his cock between her lips and swallowed eagerly as thick cum burst across her tongue. She buried more of his length down her throat, milking every last drop of spunk from his shaft. She continued to work his cock in and out slowly with a smile spreading on her face, the burning in her belly temporarily cooled.

With a last lingering lick along the length of his cock, she stood suddenly and turned out of the alley. Instead of returning to her house, she felt a continued pull in the other direction, and she set out onto the country road, the street lamps and town buildings fading into the distance behind her.

She walked toward a lantern that hung on a cabin near the treeline, driven forward by a need to experience more of the pleasure she'd just tasted. She followed the slow curves of the path, her desire growing like the brightness of the lamp that drew her closer and closer into its orbit. As she neared it, she heard the regular sounds of someone chopping wood, and she eventually made out the outline of a broad man with his back to her. He swung his axe powerfully, splitting the log along the grain, and he paused to stack the firewood beside his cabin.

She drew up behind him silently as he worked and ran her hands along his strong shoulders and down his arms. He flinched slightly and turned just enough to see her fine fingers caressing his dirty forearm. She pressed her body to his back, her breasts nestling against the firm muscle and sinew.

"I need more," she said in a voice that cut through the still night air. He exhaled at the gentleness of her touch, the warmth of her body, the desire of her voice. She felt the silent assent of his body and let out a moan of anticipation. The responsive surge of heat in her belly drove her forward into the light of the lantern. She turned to face the woodsman and leaned against the stacked wood. She slowly pulled her nightdress up her thighs, gathering the cloth around her waist and revealing the downy tuft of hair that concealed her thoroughly overheated cunt.

The woodsman let out a growl and stepped into the gap between her knees, parting her thighs and pushing her back onto the woodstack. He reached eagerly down to his trousers, loosing his swelling dick and gripping it by its base. He panted with his own need and dragged the head of his heavy cock along her slit, coating it with the slick juices of her pussy. She gasped at each teasing touch and thrust her hips up at him, desperate to feel him entering her.

He looked into her needy eyes and bared his teeth in an almost vicious smile before pushing between her swollen pussy lips. The thick head of his cock disappeared as her flesh swallowed him, clinging to his shaft as he buried more and more of his length within her. She let out a low groan, as if the invasion of his cock had forced the air from her belly. He paused momentarily when he reached the barrier of her virginity then thrust his shaft forward until every inch lay hidden within her. He exhaled deeply and savored the sensation of overwhelming wet heat that cradled him.

When he could take the moment no longer, he began to fuck her mercilessly, his strokes long, deep, and steady. Every time he withdrew, he seemed nearly to pull free of the grip of her needy cunt, only to drive his full length back into her depths. Her body rocked with each violent thrust, and the roughness of the woodstack scratched her back through her thin shift. Each powerful drive of his hips forced another animal moan from her throat, and she squealed with the pleasure building deep within her.

She opened her thighs wide, inviting each thrust of his throbbing dick, the juices of her cunt flowing down into the crack of her ass as she yielded to her first fucking. She could feel his balls swinging back and forth, smacking against her ass. She could feel the wetness of her pussy splattering against the skin of her thighs with each aggressive stroke. She felt her need cresting as she approached her own release. Her voice was temporarily silenced by the intensity of her pleasure, and she shuddered and convulsed around his invading cock.

His passion didn't allow the assault to last much longer. She could feel his pace quickening, his desperation growing as he pushed himself closer to his climax. She still quivered beneath him with the aftershocks of her ecstasy when he groaned in the grip of his. He emptied his balls of their load, filling her pulsing cunt with his thick seed. She smiled at the sensation, savoring the press of his weight on top of her.

After a few exhausted, breathy minutes, the woodsman pulled himself off of her and straightened his clothing. He looked down at the young woman sprawled across the woodstack and gave her an awkward smile. She returned it enthusiastically and stood quickly. Her nightdress fell carelessly back in place, and she turned her back on the woodsman as quickly as she had come upon him, walking into the thick of the forest.

She wandered into the thick underbrush, pushing her way through bushes, guided by the lingering desire deep within her. She crashed through low branches and brambles that tore her gown to shreds, leaving bright scratches on her youthful skin. Deeper and deeper into the woods she traveled, drawn by something she could feel but not see or hear.

At the deepest and darkest part of the forest, she halted. Moving in the darkness, she saw the irregular outline of a wildman, unkempt and clothed in ragged furs. She stepped up to him, her gown hanging loosely and indecently off of her.

"Show me the darkness," she pleaded, hardly knowing what she was asking for.

He answered her with an animal rumble in his chest, closing the distance to her body and taking her wrists forcefully in his hands. He spun her around and threw her to the forest floor, her bare hands and knees pressing into damp moss and dry twigs. Instinctively, she lowered her head and arched her back, presenting her rump to him. Her nightdress hardly concealed any of her, modesty entirely lost in the darkness.

The wildman let out an approving grunt at the display of her fuckholes and knelt behind her body, giving her haunches a loud smack before raising his furs and revealing his monstrous cock. He pressed the already rigid staff between her thighs, letting her puffy, swollen cunt lips cradle his length as he slid it back and forth across her throbbing clit. Her flowing pussy coated him in her slick juices, and he nestled the already rigid staff between her asscheeks. He worked it forward and back, grinding the girl's hips back against him.

She let herself be manhandled, giving way to her darkest, most depraved desires, letting him treat her like flesh to be fucked and nothing more. She could feel his rock-hard dick teasing up and down the crack of her ass, smearing her cunt cream across her puckered back door. She gasped when she felt the thick mushroom head of his cock pressing at her tight opening, but she relaxed and pushed back against him, letting out an ecstatic howl of lust.

He joined her in the animal call and forced the tip of his cock past her ring, spitting down onto his shaft to add to the lubrication of her cunt juices. He pushed into her slowly and insistently, undeterred by the resistance of yet another virgin hole. He worked inch after inch of his thick shaft into her forbidden hole, burying himself deep within her until he could fit no more. He dug his fingers into her hips, bruising her flesh with the strength of his grip as he began a steady rhythm, driving his wild fuckstick into her bowels. She mewled and moaned beneath him, matching his rhythm with the motion of her own body.

Over and over again, he plunged his cock into the depth and heat of her asshole. Over and over again, she cried out in unfiltered ecstasy. The darkness that swallowed them seemed to magnify every other sense. The sounds of their cries deafened her. The scent of musky lust filled her nostrils. The pleasure made her body quake.

Once again, she felt the tension building in her body, this time earthier, more primal, more unrestrained. She could feel the wildman taking her willing hole, giving way to his own desires, and it was almost as if his pleasure joined her own to intensify it. She knew he was about to fill her with his cum, her third load of the night, and she wanted it more than she had ever wanted anything. She drove her hips violently back against him, adding to the force of each of his thrusts. She could feel her own body losing control. Finally, she felt the first throb and spurt of his shaft deep in her ass, and her climax crashed over her, overwhelming her with blinding light as she became nothing but pleasure. She collapsed to the forest floor and lost consciousness.

She woke later, the moon now high in the sky and shining light down between the trees of the wood. The wildman was no longer, but her body bore the evidence of their encounter. She rose, cast her gown aside and left it on the wild ground. She began to walk out of the forest. She found her way to the treeline then across the fields surrounding her village. She walked nude under the cool, soft light of the moon and she felt at peace. She returned to her house and slipped quietly back to her bed.

As she dozed off to sleep, she knew this was the first of many such nights, and she recited the visitor's rhyme to herself:

Nightly, the burning ache will drive you out.
Passion consuming you, quench your long drought!
Hunger and need truly make all things right,
Into the dark and discover the light.

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