tagBDSMInto the Darkness Once More

Into the Darkness Once More


They are cuddled together, enjoying each other's company, but she wants more. She tilts her head and kisses his neck.

He smiles and pulls her tight, nestling her head beneath his chin. He wants more too, but is holding back, as he feels his darker urges growing within him, slowly overpowering his control.

She smiles and kisses his neck again, waiting for him to take the initiative.

"Hmm, what should I do with this little slut?" he muses as he strokes her cheek and lets his nails make a thin red line down along her spine.

She presses her cheek into his hand, kissing his thumb gently, tenderly.

He presses his thumb into her mouth, enjoying the sensation, his other hand presses under her pants to explore her ass.

She smiles again, now sucking on his thumb, moving her ass against his hand.

His hand squeezes and wanders as he shudders from the sensations her mouth gives him. He presses his wandering thumb against her rear entrance, monitoring her reaction.

She presses against his thumb slightly as she Sucks on his other thumb a little harder, massaging his hand gently with her own.

He grins as his idea is formulated now. He pulls back rolls her to her back, one hand beside her, the other still at her mouth. "Lose the pants," he growls softly as he hovers inches above her, drinking in her blue eyes as he enjoys his position of power.

She pushes her pants down as she squirms and kicks them off, all the while still smiling up at him. She blinks innocent eyes up at him as she kisses his hand again.

His supporting hand moves and grabs her crotch roughly, squeezing as he asks "whose is this?" His hand moves from her mouth to gently grip her neck, not choking her, just controlling her movement.

She moans softly, letting her eyes fall shut as she whispers "Yours".

"Good girl." His hands move up to her luscious breasts. They are full and round with wide puffy areolas; her nipples rigid from excitement. His hand trails lightly over her delicate belly as he reaches a nipple and roughly squeezes and tugs. "And whose is this?" He tugs extra hard on the last word, accenting his meaning.

She moans gently and pulls away from his hand, adding even more pressure to her nipple. "Oh, it's yours..."

He repeats the same question as he adds nails to his treatment of her other nipple, his other hand unconsciously clenches around her tender neck. She moans loudly this time, answering the same way, pulling against him gently.

"Well then," he says, "I think my property should be marked." Without waiting for an answer he then instructs her to remove her shirt as he produces a small "gentleman's knife", a tiny folder with a blade no more than two inches, but razor sharp.

She pulls her shirt off and smiles at him sweetly as he takes it from her hands.

He takes the shirt and quickly folds it and positions it under her left thigh, simultaneously spreading her legs. He then runs the blade gently against her lips, slowly gliding the cool metal lower and lower; across breasts, belly, pussy, and coming to rest on her thigh.

She moans and presses back against the floor with her hands, her fingers clutching the carpet, shuddering against the feel of the metal on her thigh.

He presses the blade in; making a shallow cut about two inches long inside the tenderest part of her thigh. He pauses and admires her expression as he waits for the blood... his blood. Her expression is one of pure ecstasy, delighting in the sting and the blood flowing from the cut. He smiles as the blood trickles, stooping to lick it up, even sucking on the cut some. Her scent mixed with the taste of blood is intoxicating to him.

She moans as he sucks on the cut, already edging on a climax.

He moves his mouth upward, pushing her damp fabric aside as he licks up her sweet wetness. His tongue plunges inside before gliding up to twirl around her clit. He sucks and nibbles on her most sensitive button with his sharp teeth. She moans and writhes against him, reaching down to push on the cut with her own thumb, relishing the pain.

As he sucks on her button, his hand reaches up to place the blade on her opposing thigh, carefully making a twin to the first cut. His fingers press on the new cut as he carries droplets of blood to his mouth, shuddering at the combined taste of her juices and fresh blood. After a few moments like this, he straightens up and stares deep into her eyes as he raises his hand and slaps her tiny pussy.

Her eyes close as she cries out again, moaning at the new cut, her thumb twisting at the first cut as her eyes lock onto his. She whimpers at the slap.

He leans back, enjoying the show. He demands that she fuck herself as his hands wander across her skin to find her nipples... nipples which he twists sharply.

She moans as her hands slide down her stomach to her pussy, rubbing her thumb across her cuts, before sliding back to her pussy. Her fingers slide in, scissoring as she rubs her clit. Her head falls back limply as she masturbates for him . He slides forward and to the side, moving one hand to her throat and squeezing while replacing his fingers with his teeth and he clamps down on a nipple, still tugging on the other.

She moans as she pinches her clit, crying out as his teeth clamp down on her nipple, pressing her fingers harder, deeper...

He pulls away after several minutes of this, looking at her strained face. "I want you to roll over and stick your ass in the air, bitch. Don't stop playing with your pussy."

She does as he says, rolling over, her face pressed against the carpet. He yanks her panties down to her knees and she kicks them off as she adjusts herself. She is on her knees, her ass in the air, her fingers still working at her pussy.

He dips his fingers along her cunt as he frees his member. Her juices soon slicken it. He dips again and rubs the moist mixture against her tight rear entrance, fingers working in her natural lubrication as he slides his index in oh so slowly.

She flinches slightly, but relaxes as she slowly starts to moan at the new intrusion, her fingers still working at herself.

Her ass almost pulls his finger in as he lubes her up, closing quickly as he pulls out. He then presses his slick cock against her rosebud, slowly overcoming the resistance. He tells her to try to relax, but with its width of more than double the finger he just painfully inserted, it is difficult for her to relax at this new intrusion. There is so much pressure.

She cries out softly as her fingers pick back up on the fingering she was doing before.

The head of his cock moves in with an almost popping sensation. He carefully starts moving only a few inches in and out, giving her a chance to get accustomed. He gradually builds up speed as he is gripped by her viselike tightness. Her moans grow louder as he picks up speed, her fingers working harder at her own pussy.

As he builds speed the pain for her increases. A burning sensation washes over her as her ass is ripped open. Hard smacks punctuate her ravaging as he spanks her ass randomly, never giving her a chance to anticipate.

She moans even louder, crying out with the pain, her pleasure slowly overriding the pain, giving her a new high. She bites her lip as she begins to moan his name, moaning louder and louder with each slap he gives her.

The sensations combined with her voice drives him over the edge. A few more vicious thrusts and he pulls out, the retraction hurting more than the fucking. She feels burning hot liquid squirt onto her back, shoulders, ass, and even a few droplets in her hair. He grunts deeply as he finds his release.

She cries out as she orgasms, collapsing to the floor beneath him. She slowly rolls over and looks up at him with a lazy smile. "That was fantastic!"

He grins as he pants deeply. He had been longing for her ass for quite some time, it was very fuckable: round but not big, able to take a spanking but also able to be fucked deeply. She smiles as she pulls him gently down to her and snuggles into his chest.

He grins wider as he wraps his arms around her. "You enjoyed that, slut?"

She snuggles in against him, moving upwards to lay her head against her chest, simply nodding as she absentmindedly singing "Such Great Heights" by The Postal Service softly to herself.

They both drift off into their own personal dreams.

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