Into the Goodnight Ch. 04


As Aurelia panted and recovered from the spanking that had brought her to the brink of orgasm as well as tears to her eyes, he untied her wrists from the rope. He scooted her forward onto the table before bringing her arms behind her. Swiftly, he retied her arms, at the elbows first and then the wrists again. The new angle of being tied at the elbows caused her chest to arch forward in a flagrantly sexual and helpless pose. He guided her up on her knees, but allowed her to rest her top half down on the table, her head resting on a wet cheek. It was a mild strain on her shoulders and difficult to breathe in this position, but it certainly aroused her regardless.

Aurelia felt the furniture shift and heard the joints groan as Maks climbed on top. She could feel him kneel behind her, the heat of his body radiating like the sun. He took her by the wrists and she could immediately feel how much control he had of her in this position. Her body clenched in happy anticipation. She wasn't expecting, however, the sharp blow of Maks' hand to her right hip. It was forceful enough to send her lurching forward as her body absorbed the magnitude of it.

When Maks grabbed ahold of her hips, she could at last feel the blunt head of his penis slide down along her crevice from her tiny hole to the aching opening of her core. It was hard to relax as her inner walls continually contracted in frantic anticipation. She swallowed a whimper when the fat crown caught on her inner lips and interlocked smoothly.

Maks groaned as he sunk deep into his wife's searing hot body, doubtless causing the men of the crowd to feel a sympathetic spasm of pleasure in their cocks. Once fitted as deeply as possible in her tight sheath, Maks' hand came down again, reviving the sharp heat in her skin. Despite her hope to remain calm and passive, she couldn't quell her steady string of whimpers of 'please.' But when her hips attempted to move of their own accord, Maks gave a pull on her arms as if they were reins. She understood the meaning and held her body pliable and still.

He gave her flank a slap in approval and then began to slowly move, withdrawing and sliding back in. Over and over he thrust, making good use of her bound arms to control her and keep her submissive. When he felt his own body tighten in approaching climax, he pulled on her arms, appreciating that it must be at least somewhat painful for her. He smacked her bottom in a steady rhythm of his thrusts until she was mewling with just as much need as he felt. Changing the angle quickly, he gave several quick, spastic thrusts and felt himself erupt deep inside of her while knowing his little bud hadn't had her own release.

Aurelia bit down on her lip until she thought she'd pierce her skin, fighting hard to not whine or beg or plead. It was so strange, the presence of the crowd, as if an extra wall stood in her relationship with Maks. It kept her from voicing all her desires as she was wont to do, and therefore made her feel powerless to seek all she wanted or needed. Powerless.

She felt him slide from her body, her eyes squeezing together in mortification at how amazingly wet she was and cringed at the sluicing sound that accompanied it. Her inner muscles were squeezing at nothing in desperation and she tried to remain calm despite the frenzied storm swirling just under her skin. Her breathing. She focused on her breathing. An action. A rhythm, she could control that, slow it, pace it, allow it to be the center of her attention. She knew nothing but her next breath.

Maks was gone; she found herself alone atop the table and fought simply collapsing from exhaustion. But he hadn't given her permission to move, and so she didn't dare. She almost smiled when she felt his fingers loosen the ties, first at her elbow then her wrist. His hands were warm as they wrapped around her fragile wrists and gave the quickest, but gentlest of squeezes. Perhaps to ensure they were alright; perhaps to tell her she pleased him so far.

Without words, Maks guided her to lie on her back and then scoot until her head fell off the end, engaging her stomach muscles to keep her head up. Aurelia didn't understand his intent until she felt something heavy and soft hit her lips. She pulled away, her upside down position and blinded state causing her to be somewhat disoriented. But Maks grasped her suddenly around the neck. Her breath caught, until she realized, that though his fingers trapped her to the table, he wasn't actually squeezing her, in fact, he barely touched her, simply caged her in. And so she relaxed and lay still.

Once again compliant, the heavy, spongy thing hit her cheek and lips, and she quickly realized it was his shaft. It wasn't too difficult to decipher his intention now, and though a frisson shot up from her stomach, she obediently opened her mouth and felt him slide his semi-softened shaft inside.

She wasn't exactly certain what he wanted her to do, but decided to begin with just simple sucking, hoping to harden him back up. Instantly, she realized that his penis was coated in her own fluids, and gave a little squeal of apprehension. She felt his fingers tighten for only a moment, effectively quelling her protests, and so she continued bringing his erection back to life with her suckling.

And it did revive. It was the oddest, most curious sensation to feel him harden and grow right there in her mouth, and had she not been pinned down to a table, naked before a crowd, she might have paused to give it more curious attention. But as it was, she barely maintained control of her thoughts. As Maks grew firmer, he began to slide in and out, small movements at first, but with time and renewed hardness, he started to treat her mouth like the opening of her sex.

Aurelia jolted when he tapped the back of her throat the first time, but his hand nailing her to the table stayed firm. The second time it happened, he seemed to linger there, her throat opening more and simultaneously shutting off her air. The instant she realized she was helpless to stop him from smothering her, her body finally fought the domination and she began to writhe to get away. His shaft slid from her mouth with a resounding pop, but his hand never left its position from around her throat. Her own hands went to it, thoughtlessly needing to escape, but when he warm voice whispered in her ear, she stilled.

"Be helpless for me. Be brave and so helpless," came his hoarse whisper in her ear. Helpless and brave? Was there some secret strength in that, she wondered as she fought not to cry. She didn't like the suffocating feeling of his cock down her throat. She didn't like not being able to breathe. She swallowed. But she could do it. With a strengthening exhale, she removed her hands from his and laid them peacefully down at her sides. And in a move she hoped demonstrated her trust in him, she opened her mouth in invitation.

Maks groaned in pleasure as he slid the smooth head of his penis back into her hot mouth, sliding it along her tongue. Slowly, they worked together until he was able to slide to the very back of her throat, her lips just meeting his pubic bone. Because of her willingness, he was very attentive to how she tolerated the act and never seemed to push her too far. For Aurelia, the crowd and setting disappeared as she focused all her will on not gagging, on not biting, on not pulling away in panic.

And then it was over. He pulled himself free and kissed her on the brow. "Ready, bud?" he asked softly against her ear.

She struggled to feel anticipation and not anxiety with that question, knowing Maks would take care of her and ensure she found pleasure in this dark tent. She swallowed before coughing to clear her throat. She nodded and answered just as quietly, meant for only him, "Yes, please."

Maks' two strong hands grabbed her below her bent knees and pulled her down toward the opposite end, her head now resting on the table but her toes curling off. Behind the blindfold she could sense the one small source of light shift, come closer. Maks stood by her feet once more and lifted one of her legs to rest over his shoulder, opening her up. The light was above her, she could see, and it held her attention until she felt him slide his very hardened erection into her wet body.

She groaned in great hope that they were nearing the end. She was exhausted, her skin and bones laden with pain from the whipping and awkward positions she'd been placed in. Her cunt was sore and desperate for release, and she didn't know how much longer she could tolerate being exposed in the presence of all those onlookers.

With great relief, Maks ended the tormented wait as he began moving against her, and she very tentatively began working with him, small shifts of her hips as if testing the waters. When he didn't seem to object to her actions, her movement became bolder, focused and purposeful. Given what he had put her body through, she was primed to climax, her folds aching with the need of it.

Aurelia gasped as shocking, burning pain erupted on her left breast. She realized instantly that he was pouring the melted wax from the candle on her. And despite the shocking nature of such an act, the searing pain almost instantly faded away, leaving behind much a similar arousing pain as the first light whipping. As soon as she felt the first droplets cool, Maks poured more of the molten liquid along the ridge of her breast, ending with a small river over her nipple. It hurt so good, she moaned and arched up to it. And so it continued, Maks pouring little rivulets and spatterings of the blistering wax as soon as the few drops before cooled and flaked on her skin. And the whole time, he slowly pumped into her, bringing about a crushing orgasm, through which she feared she wouldn't remain whole.

Her hands found his knees on either side of her hips, and as the pain and pleasure built in weight, her nails dug deeper and deeper. When at last her body could no longer handle the overwhelming sensations, she succumbed to the madness with a helpless cry. She was vaguely aware that all light had seemed to disappear, that Maks' head was lying on her stomach, hands wrapped around her shoulders, his harsh breath panting as if he had just run the length of the world.

"So good," he was whispering in her ear, just as much panting to himself as speaking to her. "So good, so sweet." And together they lay in the dark, their frenetic hearts finding the sprinting beat of the other, and together slowed until they were quiet and limp.

It was the sound that finally reminding her where she was. Aurelia reached up and pulled off the blindfold. It was dark, but she could just make out the soft glow of the torches through the veil and the front flap of the tent. And the sounds. Of the others.

Giggling and delirious, she needed Maks to help her dress and don her cloak. There seemed to be an air of urgency to his movements, and in a disorganized frenzy, he led her out of the back of the tent. From there, they could see down the long length of the grassy hill where the pleasure tents were held. A stone wall stood between it and the town and through it they had passed on their way. The path was lit by several torches and the bright and unobscured moon.

"Bud, see the gate?" Maks asked low in her ear. When she nodded, he instructed, "Make your way for that point. Stand on the other side, in the shadows. Wait for me."

"Wait for you?" she asked somewhat alarmed.

He smiled and lifted the hefty bag full of coins. "Gotta pay the piper. But after that...little performance, I don't want you going back over there. Wouldn't want to start a riot."

She giggled. "That good, was I?"

He grabbed her around the waist. "You better believe it. Now go, and don't start any fights," he commanded playfully as he gave her a shove down the hill.

Aurelia did as instructed and waited as patiently as her giddy self could on the dark side of the wall. Her stomach rose up in her throat every time an excited couple or lumbering man passed by, a fear that she would be accosted spiking with each opportunity of discovery. She took up pacing when he seemed delayed, her anxiety growing with each passing second that felt like a minute. She gasped when a strong arm wrapped around her waist from behind. But his chuckle gave him away.

Aurelia turned in his arm. "Rogue! You scared me," she hissed. But he only laughed in return, kissing her quickly on the lips and then pulling her along to get lost in the moon-lit street of the city.

"Do I love you because you are beautiful, or are you beautiful because I love you?"

-Rodgers and Hammerstein

The high moon cast white light over everything. Something about the cool air made it feel fresh and new as Aurelia took lungfuls of it into her body, her eyes closing. Her skin still burned with the multiple whippings she'd received and her sex felt a little battered even if happy and sated. And though she was spent, something about what had just transpired made her feel as if she had never truly been alive until that moment. She felt Maks tugging at her hands.

"Come, bud, I want to show you something. Think you can last a little longer?" She opened her eyes and smiled at him.

"I suppose it all depends on what it entails." But at that moment she felt she could go around the entirety of the world with him. "But lead me on," she relented happily.

He returned her smile, and to reward her for her precious trust, he cupped her cheek and leaned down to kiss her softly. "Come," he said, turning and pulling her hand once more.

Whatever she was feeling must have been sweeping through him as well, for he pulled her along at such a feverish pace they were almost running through the moon-lit streets, winding quickly toward the seaward wall.

When they were at last at the base of the hill that the castle sat upon, and the high, high wall that no mere civilian could see over, Maks whispered excitedly, "It's here somewhere, I just have to find it."

They traced the length of the wall, Aurelia hearing the roar of the pounding surf on the other side, until Maks cried out softly. "There! Come, let me show you," and with that, he pointed out the small opening at the base of the wall. It looked as if it were for water from the city streets to drain through. Thankfully, that evening the streets were dry and as he lowered himself onto his bottom, he was able to scoot through and disappeared into oblivion.

The sight, as dim as it was, jolted her with sudden fear. "Maks!" she hissed, scurrying close to the hole, attempting to peer out. Then suddenly a hand stuck back through, palm up in offering to help her follow. She bit her lip only a moment before the excitement overtook all else. Clasping his hand and lowering herself gingerly to the ground, she stuck her feet through. She was instantly relieved to feel his other hand hold her leg to guide her unseeingly through. Her hands grasped the stones of the wall above her as she allowed him to gently pull her through to the other side.

She gasped when her feet hit the ground, her eyes taking in the stunning view of the wide, endless ocean lit by the white moon. "Maks," she breathed in awe. They were, she guessed, at least a hundred feet above the ocean, and from her vantage she could see the long stretch of the world. "Oh, Maks," she sighed again, grinning at her husband.

She could see the joy in his face that she was impressed, but she thought she also saw a flicker of...relief? But only half his face was lit by moonlight, and the shadows have a way of fooling the mind.

"Come, we're not through yet," he whispered conspiratorially. With care for the rough terrain and slippery grass and rocks, Maks led her down, down, down to the sea, their feet hitting the sand with a sigh.

The surf pounded the shore not fifty feet up the beach from them, but because of the curve of the land, it rolled in much softer where they stood. "Take your shoes off," he suggested in her ear as she stood transfixed, gazing at the overwhelming expanse of ocean before her.

She looked at him confused. She'd never walked outside without covering on her feet. "You have to feel the sand between your toes. Trust me," he whispered against her mouth, then a quick peck before he began to slip out of his own boots. Warily, she did as he instructed, and with caution as though she might be stepping on glass, she slowly set one foot down. Giving it more pressure, putting the whole of her sole on the sand, a wide grin spread across her lovely face illuminated in the moon. Once she was standing with both feet in the squishy, cool, damp sand, her toes flexed, digging down.

She giggled and looked up at Maks. Without warning, she grabbed up her skirts and took off running along the length of the shoreline, getting closer and closer the water's edge until she at last was trampling through the white and frigid surf.

She was caught by surprise when a strong arm grabbed her by the waist, pulling her around to slam into a hard body. Maks was kissing her before she had an opportunity to register his attack, and then just as suddenly, he released her.

"Now it's your turn to catch me," was all he said before he darted off around her, looking over his shoulder at her.

It took Aurelia a second to understand his meaning, before a smile spread her lips, and with a peal of laughter, she chased off after him. And so the late night went, one chasing the other until they captured their quarry and claimed their kiss before dashing off, their roles reversing as they then became the happy prey. Exhausted and giddy, they at last stayed lying on the sand after Aurelia captured him once more, and too tired to move, stayed there in his arms.

After some minutes, Maks asked her how she had liked their evening together, referring specifically to the pleasure tents.

She remained silent as she examined her many reactions. "I found pleasure in what we did," she confessed, though that had been obvious by her response. "And although knowing others were watching me, and watching you, witnessing how...desirable you are," she admitted, wiggling bashfully against him as she buried her face a little deeper into his chest,

"I would not wish to do it again. For one, doing it for money seems to somehow make it about the money and not And secondly, though there was something exciting about it, it's private, meant for just us. It's not for others and I want to keep it that way. And lastly, those men, they were only interested in us, if I may say, because of my appeal, and I'm tired of others seeing me for only my beauty. You see more," she confessed on a whisper. "I dare say, you would have seen me even if you had been blind."

Maks' arms around her tightened, his mouth pressing firmly against her forehead. They stayed in that position, the roar of the surf a blanket surrounding them as they watched a myriad of sparkling, living lights shine mesmerizingly in the deep night sky.

Shivering, Aurelia's eyes opened, her head lifting as she took in the slowly pinkening sky, the horizon changing from inky blue to a fainter hue. It was almost morning. Maks had also awoken, and helping her up the face of the cliff, led her home where they fell into bed, covered by many blankets, tangled in each other's limbs.

They awoke much later, perhaps after the nooning hour. They purchased food in the market, ate a simple meal before Maks took a majority of their earned coins to the landlord. That afternoon, he took her to the market and taught her how to buy basic ingredients for their meals, indicating from now on it would be solely her responsibility. With the grain they bought, he showed her how to make bread, first grinding it down before adding in the few other ingredients. He also taught her how to spark a fire and tend to it to ensure the best burn for cooking or warming their home.

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