tagHumor & SatireInto the Hobbit Hole: Froyo Sings

Into the Hobbit Hole: Froyo Sings


It was a calm moonlit night that found Froyo Faggins and his gardener, Sodomise Bambi, together under a huge and ancient oak tree. Together they had braved many dangers, and it was only now that they were realizing that there were other feelings to be acknowledged other than those of brotherhood. There had been soft forlorn looks exchanged, and just that morning, when they had hidden under a rock ledge during a rainstorm, Sodomise had reached over and touched a lock of Froyo’s curly brown hair. His hazel eyes were full of unspoken promises.

"Mr. Froyo. Do you think that maybe we’re the only two Hobbits left? " he whispered gently.

For his own part, Froyo gave his companion a small smile. " If we are, if Fairy and Pippy have been murdered by the orcs, then maybe…..maybe we should start to think about the rest of our lives. It will be hard to live out a Hobbit’s life in these woods, so far from home. "

Sodomise nodded. " Do you think anyone would recognize us back at the Shire, if we were to go back? I mean, I reckon they all died….but, what if—" Froyo raised his hand to quiet him. " Shh, Sodom. Stop talking about death. It’s followed us for too long. A fresh start is what we need. You’re right about that." For a few moments, they listened to the rustling of tree limbs as the night breeze hissed through the branches of the trees that surrounded them. The scent of lilacs wafted to their noses unbidden, and Froyo felt a tightening in his stomach, and did not realize he had been holding his breath. Sodomise raised his eyes to Froyo’s and slowly, they reached for each other, until their arms were entwined like the gnarled trunk of a weeping willow. Sodom nuzzled Froyo’s neck, breathing in the woodsy scent that emanated from his skin. Tentatively, he slipped his pink tongue into Froyo’s pointy ear, swirling into the entrance.

"Sodom….Please, you must not. " Froyo could not help the catch in his voice. He was swooning.

His burly gardener had his hands already inside his own homespun breeches, and was toying with the blooming erection he’d had to hide for the past half-hour. Froyo moaned as Sodom’s tongue probed deeper into his ear. He could not help the way his own young prick was swelling against Sodom’s thick thigh.

"Let me taste you, Mr. Faggins. Just a little. You know how much I worship you…." Sodom was kneading the flesh at his crotch now with frantic gestures. Froyo almost thought he’d pull his meat clean off, but he knew that Sodom always took care of his hoe when he was digging in the vegetable patch. He felt that he needed to touch Sodom’s huge staff, even for a moment. He needed it to be in one piece for that.

He began to rub himself against Sodom’s breeches, until their pricks were both vibrating against each other. " Ahh…Ooh, Sodom…Ooh….Yes…" Froyo gasped, as Sodom pushed him up against the tree, to grind his groin with his. Sodom finally took out his pizzle, and placed Froyo’s hand over it.

"Yes, Mr. Froyo. Touch your Sodom’s hoe. Rub, that’s a lad. Oooh…You make me feel so grand! "

Froyo was too engrossed in massaging his Sodom’s staff to pay attention to his own. His was standing at attention, nearly poking out of his green tweed breeches, when he felt Sodom’s hand reach down to cup his balls tenderly. The breath was knocked out of him, and it was all he could do to hold onto the base of the tree as wave after wave of cum shot out of him. Embarrassed at his immediate ejaculation, he blushed crimson. Sodom, not abashed in the slightest, dropped down on one knee. He grabbed Froyo’s buttocks, and pulled his breeches down to the knee, making Froyo gasp in mortification. He had soaked his pants in cum. Undeterred, Sodom rubbed his face against Froyo’s thighs, blowing air softly against Froyo’s bare skin.

"It’s all my fault Mr. Froyo. I should have sucked you before…I won’t make the same mistake again. Oh, you cannot know how beautiful you are to me. Let me kiss your bullock pouch and make your prick glisten. " He lapped at Froyo’s fuzzy balls dutifully, licking into the crevice between the scrotal sac and the under side of Froyo’s penis. Froyo moaned, grabbing Sodom’s curly head between his hands.

"Sodom! Oh…Yes, lick me! I never knew wickedness until I knew you, Sodom, and I love you. If I must be wicked, then so be it! " Sodom opened his mouth and gathered each delicate sac into it, swirling his tongue over them and sucking them between his lips and tongue. Froyo began to tremble later, as Sodom licked off all the cum on his thighs and pelvis.

Barely able to recover his breath, Froyo reached a hand out to Sodom and the two of them stretched out upon a bed of lichen and prickly ferns. His face aflame, Froyo assessed what had just happened to him.

"I….I’ve never been touched like that before…never like that." Sodom, not understanding what he had meant, smiled conspiratorially. " One time, I trained a goat to lick me. I’ll admit it was a bit cruel. Poor thing, I kept it from its mummy so long it thought I was her. Sure enough, he learned to milk me, blind and confused as he was. " He chuckled softy at the memory, and Froyo’s eyes widened in shock.

"That’s mad, that is. Besides, that was not what I meant at all. No one has ever done that to me, animal or human. I never knew it could feel so…well, good." Froyo thought he would never stop blushing, and when Sodom turned to him, his eyes glistening, he could feel his prick begin to harden once more. As if reading Froyo’s mind, he opened his breeches.

"I imagine you know how to milk, living so long in the Shire as we both have. Care to try it out? I won’t mind at all ."

"I…I couldn’t. I’ll be struck by lightning or something…" Froyo tried to look away from Sodom but the urge to lay his hands upon his bulky glans and soft balls was tempting him. And like any tempter, Sodom coaxed him sweetly as only he could.

"You’d only be returning the favor, Mr. Froyo…Don’t be scared. He won’t bit you," he wheedled gently.

"He might spit, though", Froyo could not help but utter in response. He felt silly. Wasn’t he a grown man? And didn’t he love his gardener like no one else on Middle Earth? It wouldn’t be returning the favor…not when it was something he had dreamed of doing.

"Here, I will take him out, and you can pet him as much as you like till you’re more at ease." With that, Sodom undid the laces in his breeches and pulled out his thick cock, and laid Froyo’s trembling hand over it. Froyo found himself fascinated, tracing the thick vein across the broad stem of Sodom’s penis, and marveled at the softness of the skin, the jelly-like consistency of his balls. He traced over the tip of his cock tentatively with his forefinger.

"It’s just like a mushroom cap, isn’t it, Sodom?" He felt confident enough now that he could bend his head forward, and kiss it softly. His young gardener sighed with contentment.

"Yes, Mr. Froyo. He wants to know his master, so that he can please him. Kiss him, please…" Froyo licked up and down the smooth shaft, acquainting his mouth with the tangy taste of Sodom’s flesh, accustoming his nose to its musky scent. Unlike Froyo, however, Sodom’s staff became hard only after several minutes of repeated licking, sucking and nibbling, all in which Froyo engaged like any willing scholar. He learned how to swirl his tongue about the hole in Sodom’s pecker, to lick behind the head and dive down to glaze each of Sodom’s balls with a generous dose of spittle. To blow softly over this.

"Oooh, Mr. Froyo! You’re even better than my gaffer’s little lamb! That’s it, slow and steady…Don’t squeeze the head too much with your mouth, or I’ll blow ‘fore I’m ready, darlin’." Froyo soon learned how to bring his loving Sodom into such excess that, like he himself had, his gardener was soon bucking under his head. Froyo wrapped his arms about Sodom’s hips, and let him sweep his cock into his throat in shallow jerks. His cock was like a slippery eel, and shook uncontrollably between Froyo’s lips, but he kept most of it inside his mouth by applying ample pressure with his lips. All of a sudden, Froyo felt Sodom clamp a sweaty hand over his pointy ear, and the other beginning to pull him off. He removed his mouth, slightly disappointed.

"Did I do something wrong, my Sodom? I didn’t bite, I know I didn’t!" But he stopped abruptly, as Sodom’s lips came down over his. They tasted one another, and were delighted with the way they melded together in a flurry of tongues and lips and delicately grazing teeth. They kissed, and licked, sucked and nibbled. All too soon, Sodom broke the kiss, leaving Froyo’s senses in a dizzying blur.

"That’s enough, now." He proceeded to fish inside his breeches, and took out what appeared to be a small piece of homemade soap. It was faintly scented with honey. Froyo stared at him in astonishment, but Sodom had already pulled off his breeches and was walking down towards a streambed. While he looked odd with his cock at attention, making short duck-like steps toward the stream, Froyo was all too interested in the whys of his mission. It looked as if he were about to bathe?

"Ho! Mr. Froyo, please come down, as this is as much for you as for me." The Hobbit waved him over.

Froyo hurried to him, peeling off his own lower garments. Sodom had bent over the edge of the stream, arse first, and was making a foaming lather with his honey soap. Froyo was beginning to understand now.

He too squatted over the stream’s edge, and with the soap Sodom handed him, he began to gather up a thick lather as well. Looking slightly bemused, he awaited Sodom’s jurisdiction.

"Well, Mr. Froyo? Suds up, that’s a good lad." He pointed towards his bottom, and Froyo blushed. It appeared he would never truly know what his face looked like under ordinary circumstances. He was about to begin cleaning his nether orifice, when Sodom smiled at him.

"Might be better if you empty it out a bit, first. After you, of course, Mr. Froyo." Luckily, neither of the two had very much to excrete, as they had eaten very little for several days. The ring of power was a cruel master, leading them on through wilderness and swamp, grassland and vale, for months. Froyo held his breath, just to make sure, but alas, there was nothing but an empty fart to contend with. Sodom’s labored breathing only earned him the reward of one lonely turd. Red faced but otherwise refreshed, they returned to their task with renewed vigor. He scrubbed his bottom well, but not nearly well enough for Sodom’s taste, who instructed him to insert his soapy finger as well.

"Gotta muck the stable out ‘fore you can bring the stallions in, my love. It’s the only way to do it."

Froyo nodded, and continued industriously, then rinsed out his hole with cool water from the stream. It was quite pleasurable, all in all. When they were both finished, Sodom pointed to a thick boulder that lay upstream, and took Froyo’s hand.

"I’m frightened, Sodom. "

Mistaking his apprehensions again, Sodom chuckled. " Pshaw, Mr. Froyo. I’ll have you anchored tight to my staff, you won’t fall off the boulder. Trust me, now." He led Froyo to the boulder, which was at least eight feet across, and three feet high, and told him to climb up and lie upon it facedown. Sodom splayed Froyo’s short legs and rather unceremoniously, began to lick Froyo’s anus. This was even more agreeable, almost, than having his cock sucked. He settled against the broad, flat space of the boulder, and shuddered with pleasure as Sodom’s deft tongue probed ever deeper inside him.

"Ahh…That feels delightful, Sodom. I never knew one could find such simple joys." He sighed, moaning against the rock. His pert buttock rose and fell to meet the powerful tongue that delved so sweetly into his hole. Then, to add to his enjoyment, Sodom inserted a finger into his tight canal.

"Mmmm, your mum must have been angered at the baker, to steal his sweet buns and give them to you. He’ll never find them here, " he murmured, smacking his lips across Froyo’s arse cheek. Feeling cheeky himself, Froyo answered back,

"Will you keep my secret?"

"I’ll do more than keep them a secret. I’ll keep them warm for you, full of cream. How does that sound?"

Sodom heaved himself up over the edge of the boulder, and before Froyo could turn around, had slipped the tip of his meat into the entrance of Froyo’s temple. He covered Froyo’s body with his own, pinning him with his considerable weight.

"Please be gentle with me, Sodom. I want nothing more than to belong to you," Froyo whispered faintly.

Sodom was, however, fully engrossed in his work.

"Sweet Semolina, but you’re tighter than three day old calf! Just relax, stick your arse out like before."

But Froyo began to struggle, terrified of being torn open forever. Sodom placed his foot on the side of the boulder for leverage, and ploughed on like a farmer who is given the most meager of soils. Finally, he grew frustrated.

"Damnit, Froyo! You’ve got to calm down." Then an idea dawned on him. " Would the song help?"

Froyo stopped squirming against Sodom’s thick cock, and thought for a moment. Reluctantly, he nodded.

"It might help to relax me…." He trailed off, wondering if his gardener wanted him to begin it or not.

"Also, it could work to build up a good rhythm." Sodom said, all for the technicalities of such an endeavor.

He knelt astride over his timid lover, and began to sing in a clear even baritone. Soon enough, and like clockwork, Froyo joined in tenor. Their song went thus:

"‘Oh, we’re the hobbits of the Shire

And we’ve made of this our life

All that’s evil in the world we will fight and never tire

We’ll make fools of those who fool with us, of those who long for strife

We will battle with our wits, coz we’re four feet high, no higher

And whoever dares to shed our blood won’t go without a fight

Cuz we’re hobbits of the Shire in the thick and dead of night

We will conquer for good or we’ll die for what is right

And the ring will ever linger on Froyo’s middle finger! ‘"

Sodom sang one bar and let Froyo follow, until they were both singing lustily. He decided the best way for Froyo to relax and allow himself to be buggered would be for him to keep singing throughout. He had successfully moistened the lovely hobbit’s portal with his tongue, and it was only a matter of entering carefully in. Then, he could introduce him to the gentle love between men.

"You’ll just need to sing the song, sweet Froyo. Sing with all your heart. I’ll take care of the rest."

Sodom rearranged himself at the entrance to Froyo’s arsehole again. Then he nudged his buttocks gently.

"Oh, we’re h-hobbits of the….Sssshire!" Sodom gave one tentative thrust, and Froyo gasped in midsong.

"And we’ve made of this our life…." Sodom began, and Froyo sang this line as well, trying to concentrate on pouring the notes out evenly. He had a good voice, and practiced every morning. Sodom gritted his teeth and began to push harder, almost at the end of Froyo’s sphincter.

"Sing!" he hissed sharply.

"All that’s evil in the w-w-world we will fight and never t-tire! Ahh! It hurts, Sodom!…W-we’ll make fools of those, ahhhhh! We’ll make fools of those who fool with us, of those who long for strife!"

"That line got cut off at the end, sing it again, my lamb," Sodom gasped, almost reaching his goal.

"We’ll-make-fools-of-those-who-fool-with-us, of-those-who-long–for-strife!" he cried hurriedly, just as Sodom’s cock burst through the barrier in his anus, filling him with a wave of pleasure-pain. It was surely the oddest sensation he had ever experienced.

"Ooooh! My dear Sodom! Whatever have you done to me? I feel peculiar…" But he lifted his arse high,

and continued to sing, knowing it was the wish of his lover, and that to show his own love, he must comply.

"We will battle with our, ah, our wits, cuz we’re four feet high, no h-ahhh- higher! And whoever dares to shed our blood,(ooooh Sodom!) won’t go without a fight!" Froyo ground his arse against Sodom’s cock, and could feel it begin to grow slippery inside him, as Sodom’s juices began to flow. He began to shudder, even as Sodom began to cry out his desire. His neck felt hot, sweat trickled down his forehead…his own cock grew ever stiffer underneath him. He had not noticed it in the heat of their song.

"Cuz we’re hobbits of the Shire in the thick and dead of night," he panted and could feel Sodom’s cock begin to jerk around inside his anus, feel his warm breath as he bit and nibbled his pointy ear. Froyo noticed he quite enjoyed having his ears nipped. Sodom yelled, gripping Froyo’s buttocks in his hands.

"Ohh, Froyo! Sing our song! Sing it for me while I blast my hot cream in your sweet buns!" In a frenzy of futtering and frantic hair pulling and arse jerking, in an ecstatic throbbing dance of boiling lust, they fucked. And Froyo, always one to keep promises, cried out his song.

"We will conquer for good or we’ll die for what is right! Oooh, my dearest Sodom! Take me! Ahhhh!!!!

And the ring will ever linger on Froyo’s middle finger! Yes! Yes!!! Yessssssss!!!!!Ahh! Ooh, Sodom!!"

He had not been paying attention to what he had been doing with his hands, or else he would have seen the way he rubbed his own prick, how the chain around his neck had become tangled. It had been burning his neck for some time now. Yet the smoldering passion of his own ecstatic screams, the maniacal cries of his beloved gardener, took precedence. He could not, did not see the ring on his chain grow in size even as he rubbed his cock.

"Here it comes, my darling! Here’s the cream! Ahhh! Mr. Froyo! MMMmm!Uughhhnnn!!!" Froyo thought his arse was on fire, as molten cum shot into his hole in waves. Sodom continued to thrust into him, his movements growing slower, less coordinated as his legs trembled beneath him. Froyo could feel himself bathed his sweat, and not nearly all of it was his own. When the two sated hobbits came apart, Froyo was astonished to see his own cock swollen to three times its own size. Nestled in the brown fur of his bullock pouch, like a flaming torque, the ring of power surrounded the base of his cock. Somehow in the midst of their heated fucking, the chain upon which it hung had broken off. Now the ring, and his own cock were several inches wider and thicker. Froyo gripped it in startled fascination.

"One ring to rule them all," he whispered softly, more to himself than anything. He was in total awe.

Sodom, nevertheless, had other plans. His sweaty face was aglow with his exertions, and with the light of newly awakened lust. He grinned, and began to climb upon the now famous boulder.

" Come on, Mr. Froyo. It’s just like churnin’ butter. Aroun’ and aroun’. Up and down."

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