tagErotic HorrorInto the Jungle

Into the Jungle


"Agent Olivia, we have a mission for you."

Those words changed her life. Two weeks ago, nineteen-year old Olivia was called to the headquarters to investigate a supernatural event in South Africa, where one of the agents have been missing for over a month. Apparently, there had been sightings of a monster who resembled an upright wolf...Olivia was flown over there immediately to investigate the situation.

Upon arrival, Olivia was driven to a fancy hotel, one booked by the headquarters ahead of time. A tall, fancy building an hour drive from a dense jungle. Olivia never knew such luxury existed in South Africa. It was a pleasant first day, but Olivia couldn't enjoy it. Every night, she could hear howls echoing through the night. One day, Olivia couldn't take it anymore.

It was a hot night. Olivia went out in her black sports bra and matching boy shorts, with a loose fishnet dress. She pondered between her boots, which allowed her to move with ease, or flip-flops which were annoying but let her feet breath. Olivia sighed and finally slipped on the flip-flops. She stood before the mirror at the door, pulling her short black hair back with a white headband. Since her outfit had no pockets, Olivia took a fanny pack and put her cellphone, hotel keys and a small knife for good measure. Olivia exited the hotel and hailed a cab, which drove her to the edge of the jungle, where the camping trails were.

"Careful there, young miss. Lot's of scary things in there," the driver shuddered, driving away. Olivia took a deep breath and entered the jungle. The woods were less dense out here, and there were picnic tables and and a ranger's station. Olivia quietly sneaked past the station, then jogged to the fenced off areas.

A tall chain link fence stretched in both directions, disappearing into the dense woods. Olivia's brown eyes scanned the area behind the fence. In a swift motion, Olivia scaled the fence, landing gracefully on the other side. She walked into the jungle slowly and carefully, sweat and mosquitoes clung to her pale skin. The buzzing of the jungle got louder as she ventured deeper into the area, and it was getting harder and harder to see. A dense greenish vapor had rolled in, blurring the trees and large vegetation.

"What's happening?" Olivia muttered, holding her head and leaned against a thick tree. The mist seemed to have made her head spin, and her eyes dropped. "No!" Olivia moaned, fighting to remain alert. If there were any werewolves around here, it could come out any minute.

Suddenly, a loud howl ripped through the air. Olivia screamed out in surprise and whirled around, and she found herself staring at the stomach of a large, seven feet tall beast. The beast had black fur and emerald green eyes that glowed in the mist. Olivia took a staggering step back. The werewolf was muscular arms and knobby, human-like fingers with long pointed claws. It snarled, glaring down at Olivia. Olivia shook her head, composing herself.

"Why are you terrorizing the villagers?!" she shouted, leaning against the tree for support. The wolf stared at her, then gave a barking laugh. It swiped its hand at her, its long claws snagging on her dress, pulling it off her body. Olivia screamed and turned, fleeing for her life. But the mist had made her terribly weak, and her knees wobbled as she fell heavily on the jungle floor, her face splattering against the warm dirt. The wolf was on her immediately, its paws, hands, whatever, pressing down on her stomach, it's claws slowly ripping her bra open. Her tits sprung free, her nipples hardening as they came in contact with the mist. The wolf slobbered at his prey, smashing his large hands on her 32C breasts, kneading the soft flesh. Olivia squirmed underneath the beast, but it only pressed her down tighter, running it's long pink tongue along her neck, flicking up her chin. Then it pushed his probing tongue Olivia's mouth, wiggling it around in her mouth. Olivia spat it out, glaring at the beast angrily.

"You sick beast!" she cried, using the last of her strength to pull off her pack off her hips and lashing it out at the wolf. The wolf only laughed and smacked it away, flipping Olivia onto her face, pulling her hips up. The wolf removed her black underwear, breathing hotly on her pussy. He licked her sex slowly, his hands prying open her ass cheeks as he pushed his long tongue into her cunt. Olivia wiggled her butt, feeling herself succumb to the beast's tongue.

"No..." Olivia moaned weakly, her breasts mashed against the ground as the beast lifted her rump higher. His hot tongue pumped in and out of her pussy, his fangs scrapping her clit. Olivia gasped, the beginnings of an orgasm approaching. The wolf suddenly withdrew his tongue, sitting down behind her.

"What?" Olivia muttered in surprise as the werewolf picked her up by her thin waist effortlessly, seating her on his thick, long cock. "No!" Olivia screamed as the thick head pushed into her tight hole. "No! No no no, it won't fit!" she screeched, her pussy lips prying apart as the beast sat her down slowly. Tears gushed from her eyes as the monster dick lodged itself into her canal, pushing against the cervix.

"Stop! It won't go in anymore!" she cried. Not even half of the beast's cock had entered. The werewolf grunted and started fucking her, moving her hips up and down on his cock. While one hand was gripped her waist tightly, the other moved over to her chest and fondled her breast, his fingers pulling her rock hard nipples. Olivia was beginning to feel the heat as the wolf fucked her, and as her body involuntarily responded, Olivia began crying out with pleasure. She arched her back and leaned into the beast, feeling his cock slide deeper as her pussy expanded to accommodate him.

"Oh yes...right there, oh that's it," she cried, her fingers flying to her breasts and massaging them. She could feel an orgasm coming, and she begged the beast to fuck her faster.

"Oh faster, fuck me harder, I'm about to cum!" she cried. The wolf growled and shifted position, pushing her onto the ground and kneeling behind her. He jerked his his hips violently as he rammed into Olivia, just like she asked. Olivia panted, her chest and face scraping against the dirt. Her nipples rubbed against the ground, adding to her climax. Suddenly, she let out a large wail as she came, her body rocking, her pussy squeezing his thick cock. The wolf howled, shooting his semen into her womb. The two collapsed onto the ground, breathing hard.

The wolf was sprawled on top of Olivia, his thick cock still twitching inside her cunt. Suddenly, Olivia felt the weight on her back lessen. Its hairy chest shrunk and faded into a smooth, muscular human chest. It's arms that laid on top of hers shortened, and a pair of tanned arms appeared. The large muscle in her pussy shrank until it was nicely snuggled inside.

"What?" The man on top of her pushed himself up groggily, his dick popping out of Olivia's wet pussy. He rubbed his shaggy black hair, looking around in confusion. When he saw naked Olivia sprawled in front of him, her rump slightly raised and semen flowing from her hole, the man cried out.

""You! Did I...did..." the man man cried urgently, helping Olivia to a sitting position. Olivia stared at the familiar face. This was a agent that had disappeared a month ago. He was the werewolf!

"William...?" Olivia asked hesitantly. She barely saw him around at work, but had seen his name enough in the "missing" reports. The man's expression was still foggy as he struggled to place the face in his mind.

"And you are...?" he asked.

"Olivia. I work in your headquarters. You went missing for a month, and I was...ordered to come here. And investigate the werewolf problem. Which...it's you..." It was suddenly getting very awkward for Olivia, sitting here with the man who had just fucked her as a wolf. William frowned.

"I'm not a werewolf," he said matter-of-fact. "It's not a full moon. I'm a lycan. Well, at least, I think. See, when I came here a month ago, I was investigating about missing young women. And...I guess I was attacked by a large wolf or something, cuz the next thing I knew, I was a hairy, seven-feet tall, howling beast." He laughed dryly. He suddenly looked at Olivia with surprise. "Oh, and...I'm so sorry. I can't help myself. I can't control it. It's like...every time I'm overcome with a desire for sex, I turn into a lycan, and I don't turn back until I came. Before you came along...I'd been a wolf for almost four days." Olivia looked at the man with confusion. It all seemed to...abstract to her. These things just don't exist out of horniness!

"So now what?" Olivia asked. William had a small smirk on his face.

"Well, I want to make up for attacking you like that," he started, crawling closer to Olivia, their lips almost touching. Olivia returned his smirk.

"What are you proposing?" she asked rhetorically. pressing her lips against his. She pushed him gently onto his back, grabbing his cock. She was going to show him how to fuck. The right way.

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