tagLesbian SexInto the Tribe Ch. 02

Into the Tribe Ch. 02


Part 1 of this series is the build-up.

Now Beth and Alex realized the meaning of all of the hidden motives since their capture. The Ariwa women camp was isolated from the rest of the tribes, and their chief was so jealous of his power, he would only let them marry other women, and if possible ones who were from outside. Some of the Ariwa girls, like Soaring Gull and Green Hill, would take on the roles of the braves, as warriors, hunters, and the like. Others, like Perfect Dawn, and her slightly older sister Trembling Grass who was with Soaring Gull, would take on completely submissive roles. These roles would be confirmed once they had reached adulthood, which had been not long ago.

Later that day, the girls learned that ritual they just had performed on them was usually first done on an Ariwa girl at age 12, when they are assigned a love mate. In this case it was equivalent to an engagement, because Alex and Beth were both already of age. Slaughter informed them that the wedding itself would be that night.

The next few hours were a blur for Beth and Alex, who were naturally on edge seeing as they had been subjected to a whirlwind "courtship". At mid-afternoon, Beth was taken to a hut, stripped of her normal Ariwa clothing, and told to lay on a long flat table, face down, and not to look up until told. These directions were written on some crude piece of paper by Slaughter, who as per the tribe's instructions, would be given minimum rights to guide the captive girls from now on.

After a long wait, she could hear the leather panels on the door slide apart, and someone step inside. Beth was surprised as to how by now neither she nor Alex seemed to be fearful of what was going on. They had feared the worst during their brutal capture, but the life in the women's camp was a welcome change from the suffering in Georgia, and the hazards of the frontier.

She was shaken from her contemplation by the rustle of the leather partition that functioned as the hut's door. Instead of hearing footsteps, she was greeted by the smell of blossoms next to her, and the feeling of body heat close up. Beth was always surprised by the degree to which the Arawi took care to maintain proper hygiene, especially when it came to odours. But Slaughter had explained to her after they had left the creek that all of the women in the camp were descendants of chiefs from one generation or another, and as such were expected to treat their bodies accordingly. They were, he said, more similar to images he had heard of European noblewomen, than of those of his people.

Remembering Slaughter's instructions, Bethany never raised her head. She was stunned when the first thing she felt were cool hands covered in a salve rubbing along her back and massaging it. The salve was spread all along her shoulder blades first, then her neck, her lower torso, her buttocks, and the backs of her legs, and it had the same fragrance as the person who was spreading it. She was pretty obviously shorter than Bethany based on the posture of her hands. Breaking the silence was a gentle cooing and humming emanating from the woman's mouth.

When she turned Bethany over, the woman's identity was revealed, it was her bride Perfect Dawn, who was dressed in only a white wraparound robe with no shoulders. Her cleavage peeked out over this, and Beth's eyes rose to greet her soft beautiful smile, one that accented her brownish skin which was a few hues lighter than Beth's. Perfect Dawn turned around and her hand clasped the knot that tied the wrap-around; it motioned upward toward her. Beth's heart pumped in anxiety, and she was forced to gulp as her hand reached out to loosen the knot. She had never been intimate with anyone, the trials of life on the frontier, and the protectiveness of Alex's brother Drew precluding that, although at times she had been forced to snuggle up next to Alex in order to keep warm under the winter chill.

She trembled as the knot fell apart and the wrap-around collapsed to the floor. Her perfectly rounded butt was perked up now, and Perfect Dawn turned around slowly and displayed the most pristine breasts that Beth had ever seen, small and the size of grape fruits. Between her legs was the completely shaven slit of her vulva, without so much as the hint of a tan line. The salve that Perfect Dawn had rubbed her down with was now erupting all across Beth's skin, in some places freezing cold, in others searing hot, but especially around her loins, which were drenched in wetness. After a moment smiling and allowing Beth to savour the sight, Perfect Dawn mounted her, and took a second earthen jug, pouring a different salve onto Beth's belly above her mound. She took the substance in her hand and began kneading Beth's sex as if she was washing a shirt, but the sensation of this was like no other for Beth.

"Oh! Uh, Uh, what are you doing?" Beth cried in ecstasy. Even if her mind would oppose this, her body could not resist it now. She reached out and grabbed Perfect Dawn's glistening orbs, and began caressing them herself. The girl grinned in a seductively innocent manner, and Beth could feel herself smiling as she embraced her and brought her down on her in a close kiss.

The two young women revelled in the moment as their slick bodies slid against each other's, but eventually Beth pushed Perfect Dawn off, as an idea shot off in her head. Her vulva was now putting off some warm fluid which was interacting with the salve on her body to produce a new, indescribable sensation that was unlike any other pleasure.

Perfect Dawn gave a perplexed face as she sat on the side, but this was replaced quickly with sighs as Beth mounted her and began to grind up into her, their vulva's eventually meeting and mixing in a rhythmic kissing dance.

After they had exhausted this avenue, Beth out of curiosity climbed off and inserted her face into Perfect Dawn's privates and began to lap the fragrant nectar off of them, sucking back every single taste she could get. "I love this . . ." she whispered softly between licks, " . . . my bride."


While this had gone on, Alexandra was sitting upright in a different hut, dressed in a white wraparound like Perfect Dawn's, and anxiously awaiting her own initiation. When the leather partition was lifted, she was greeted with the sight of Green Hill as expected, but also of two shorter, more slender Ariwa girls also in the same dress. Green Hill, however, was in a more elaborately printed dress that came over her shoulders, with a pattern that resembled figures in twos embracing, as well as a skirt around it composed of some unusual green velvet fabric.

In the arms of the two companions were earthen jugs, and they quickly laid them down on a small table in the hut and approached Alexandra. They removed her white wraparound and one held her arms down, while the other spread her legs. The Indian girl took one of the earthen jugs and began to examine Alexandra's slit, feeling along the folds of her labia, and pressing her clitoris several times. Finally, taking some salve out of the jug, she began lathering Alex with it, starting with her diaphragm, and eventually working her way down to her belly, and then to between her legs.

Alexandra was blown away by the feeling of the salve, and she opened her eyes to see Green Hill approaching. The girl who had held her arms down now abandoned them and came to meet Green Hill and disrobed her of the top. Green Hill's breasts were now revealed, as were her shoulders and torso, and they were toned and muscular, as befitted a girl of the Ariwa warrior class. A confident smirk was spread on her face, while her second attendant removed the skirt from her waist, revealing curvy hips, strong legs, and a slit that was hairless and glistening already with a peculiar wetness.

Green Hill removed some salve from the jug, and spread it in copious amounts on her own nipples and between her legs. The other girls took a different coloured substance from the other jar, and each spread it about the rest of Green Hill and Alexandra's bodies. Green Hill then came up to Alex and aggressively embraced her, a locking hug that was contrasted by the tender touch of her lips. She rubbed up against Alex roughly and began moving her hands over her lover's body in insatiable movements. Alex reciprocated with the kiss. She had initially been threatened by this sensation, but was by now completely aroused by the rough sensations passing over her body, especially when she felt a finger duck inside of her surreptitiously and begin wandering around her canal, then two more in succession. She gasped very loudly and began to moan, then opened her eyes to Green Hill's face, and passionately laid her own lips across her cheek and wetly began kissing her whole face.

This continued for several minutes until Green Hill suddenly withdrew. Slaughter had told her that whatever went on would be paused momentarily, and then the final stage would begin that would seal everything. Green Hill stood upright, legs spread with arms upward, and screamed several words in her own language.

The other girls who had sat on the side in their own embrace during the coupling, now rose and withdrew, only for one to return with a chest of stained green wood which they opened, retrieving from it an object over a foot in length with two rounded ends and covered in a velvety substance, similar to Green Hill's dress. A ring-like protrusion was between the ends, though not quite in the middle. The girl approached Green Hill, she was still standing in that stance, with her legs spread wide and her opening exposed, and began inserting one end into it. Green Hill yelped in pleasure, clenching her teeth as her attendant pushed it further and further in, until the entire short end was in her and the ring and the rest of it were exposed. She then removed the velvet cover from the rest of the object exposing a rubbery surface.

Green Hill now came toward Alex, took her hands, and guided her toward a soft bed of pillows and laid her down with her legs spread. She climbed on top and inserted her wand, thrusting in slowly at first, as Alex cried at the pain. Green Hill withdrew and brought some salve to ease the pain, and then began thrusting with greater vigour. At some point Alex's ecstasy caused her to black out, and she never even realized that the two attendants had also been making love in a neighbouring nest of pillows.

When they were awakened Alex was guided outside hand in hand with Green Hill, attendant's in tow, topless but with their skirts on. All of the women and girls of the village were sitting in rows and singing in soft voices in their strange language, and already standing together in front of a roaring bonfire were Beth and Perfect Dawn. Also to the side was Slaughter and , as well as Soaring Gull and her companion. Once they had reached the bonfire, Dove's Feather emerged with a pallet of paints, and began applying them to the girls' faces. On Beth's and Green Hill's there were dark hues of blue and green, while light lavender was spread across Alex and Perfect Dawn's faces. Dove's Feather then spoke one sentence in a loud clear voice. Slaughter translated, "The brides' ceremony has now finished, my ladies."

Beth and Alex were soon enveloped in deep tender kisses from Perfect Dove and Green Hill. Their new life had now been officially confirmed.

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