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"I'm intrigued by you," she whispered as she pulled me in close for a hug after a swift kiss on the lips that I wished had lasted longer. She smiled and her brilliant blue-green eyes dazzled as she shot me a mischievous smile as she turned to leave the restaurant. Ever since then, this meeting has been running around my head day in and day out. Finally, she has the house to herself for the day and I happened to have made the three hour trek home from school for a wedding shower this particular weekend. And so the story begins...

I picked out my favorite thong, a black lacy number that doesn't cover a whole hell of a lot and paired it with a sexy black bra of the same lacy texture. The red rose on my rib cage really pops against the black. Anyway, I thought about wearing a simple pair of sweats and a hoodie since they wouldn't be on long anyway, but decided instead, on a tight pair of jeans that showed off my butt a little bit. I paired it with a casual black button down and a sky blue tank top. Everything was tight, showing off my figure for her. Lastly, I switched my cross necklace to the necklace that she had bought me the summer before when we worked together. I called her up to make sure we were still on and headed over. There were so many thoughts racing through my head on the short drive over and I couldn't wait until she opened the door as I stood on the doorstep.

I rang the doorbell. She took my breath away when she opened the door, her eyes just as radiant and her smile just as suggestive as before. She grabbed my hand, pulled my inside and shoved me back against the door frame. Her lips met mine and immediately I felt a rush. Her hands held my hips as she leaned against me. Our tongues darted playfully back and forth as we kissed. I reached my hands around her waist and pulled her into me hard, yet gracefully sliding my thigh between her legs. She moaned into my mouth, "Fuck!"...that wouldn't be the last time. She stopped kissing me and whispered into my ear, "Follow me."

I followed her up the steps to her bedroom. Everything was in order and neatly arranged; the bed made. She pushed me back onto the bed in one smooth motion and stood there planning her next move. After a brief pause, she knelt over my hips and quickly kissed me again. She kissed down my neck...another rush of excitement. We've barely started and I'm already pleading to myself for her to fuck me. Slowly, she straightens up and unbuttons my shirt. I sit up as she slides it down my arms and throws it on the floor. She rips her shirt off next and tosses it next to mine. I want to feel her fingers deep inside my pussy and she knows it, so she teases me some more: tracing her hands down my body, kissing down my neck and over my stomach, just close enough to my waistline that I think she might rip off my pants.

I try to kiss her neck, but she pushes me back down, pinning my hands above my head. I want to taste her! She kisses my ear, down my neck and around my collarbone. She thrusts her thigh between my legs and I arch my back as I inhale deeply. She slips her hand under me and unhooks my bra in one fell swoop and there I am half naked for her. She continues to kiss down my body, stopping at each nipple. Flicking her tongue over them and sucking them into her mouth as I moan and tremble with pleasure. She's driving me crazy...I'm dripping. "Fuck me. I want to feel you inside me." I moan. She unbuttons my jeans and slides them off of my body with little effort. Then she starts kissing up my leg. Calf, knee, thigh, inner thigh... "Oh my god! Please, please go down on me!" She rips my thong off and pulls me by the hips so that she can kneel between my legs on the floor.

All of a sudden, with no warning, she thrusts two fingers deep inside my wet pussy. I almost cum right then...almost. She thrusts in and out quickly, but as my breathing begins to quicken, she slows; teasing me again. "Don't stop!" I yell as she continues to thrust in and out slowly. She begins to kiss around my clit and once in a while lightly flicks her tongue across it causing me to moan softly. I'm dying. Finally, she runs her tongue over my clit faster and harder. I let out a long moan and she begins to thrust her fingers faster and deeper. My hips buck wildly against her face. "Fuck yes! Oh shit! Yes!" Not long after, my pussy starts clenching down tightly on her fingers as I grip the sheets. I stop bucking and my hips lock out, my back arched as I cum hard, screaming her name. I collapse against the sheets still shuddering as my heart pounds, letting out a satisfied moan. She stares at my athletic naked body for a moment and slowly kisses her way back up my body. She kisses me softly on the lips as I float back down and she lays her head on my chest.

Now it's my turn to make her scream my name...

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