tagNonHumanIntrigued Ch. 12

Intrigued Ch. 12



When I woke up the next evening, I knew that I really needed to tell my mom what had happened. Judging by the movies, vampires usually kept their identities secret, but Raven never told me that I couldn't tell anyone. She didn't exactly keep her true identity from me, either. When my eyes opened, I saw Raven snuggled securely into my chest, my arm wrapped tightly around her. I always woke up before her... it was up to me to make sure the surroundings were safe.

After scouting the apartment, I picked the phone off the charger and dialed my mother's number. I figured the best way of breaking the news to her was to be swift and direct, no sugar-coating. If she was going to shun me for what I'd become, I didn't want any pussy-footing.

After a few rings, I heard my mother's voice speak into the receiver.

"Keegan! Where the hell have you been? Did you find her? Is she okay? Are you hurt?" she began, interrogating me through the phone, without pausing.

"Mom! Stop! I'm fine! Yes, I did find her and she's fine as well. Everything is fine. Listen, I have something really crazy to tell you but I promise that every word is true," I said, lowering my voice to just above a whisper.

"This better be good," she grumbled. She eventually grew silent as I gave her the PG version of Raven and my relationship from the beginning until this very moment. When I finished my story, there was silence on the other end.

"Mom?" I said, questioningly. I was terrified of what her reaction would be.

"I'm here, Son. So, let me get this straight: Raven is a vampire that tried to eat you, you guys dated, you proposed to her, she said 'yes', she was abducted and held against her will by the vampire that created her, you went to rescue her, you were killed, she brought you back to life, and now you're a vampire, too?" She asked, too calmly.

"Yes, that's exactly right," I said, almost grimacing.

"Keegan, let me call you back. This is a really big pill to swallow, especially if it's all true," she replied, still eerily calm. After agreeing and saying our 'I Love You's', she hung up and I felt even more puzzled than I did before the phone call.

I put the phone back on the charger and sat in silence with my hand on my forehead.

"How did she take it?" Raven's voice said behind me. I knew she was there before she spoke, her once silent, vampiric footsteps were now perfectly audible to me.

"I'm not exactly sure," I said, looking off into the distance, "she said she'd call me back."


I walked up to him and put my hand on his shoulder. "Give her time, Dear, this is a lot to accept. We have nothing but time, now," I said, calmly reminding him of his immortality. His shoulders relaxed and he nodded.

"You're right, Babe... she can take all the time she needs," he said, reaching a hand up to rest on mine.

"Come, Sweetheart. We should feed... you have had nothing more than a few drops since yesterday," I said into his ear. Without another word, Keegan got to his feet and went to the bedroom. A few seconds later, he reappeared, fully dressed. He was such a show-off... I probably would be impressed if I was not the one responsible for his vampirism.

Soon, we were out in the crisp night air. I smirked as Keegan conspicuously stared at my bare legs, I did not usually wear dresses and he was definitely enjoying it. I wrapped my arms around Keegan's and we quietly walked the streets in search of our next meal. It was not long before we heard voices...


"Settle down, Buddy," a gruff voice said, "You've had a little too much to drink. Now, get on before you do something you'll regret."

As we got closer to the voice, we saw the shadowy figure of two men, medium-sized and clearly drunk off his ass. The second, tall and big.

"I don't need your fucking club, you fucking ape! Throw me out!" the smaller man yelled as the larger man turned his back and walked back inside.

Raven and I casually strolled past, glimpsing at the yelling, drunk guy.

"What the fuck are you two staring at? There's nothing to fucking see here! Except you, Sexy Lady, I've got a number of things I'd like to show you." he yelled, gesturing to the crotch of his pants.

Before he could take another breath, I was in front of him, fangs bared. "Apologize to my fiancée," I growled, staring into his glazed-over eyes. Nobody was gonna think they were gonna fuck my woman, even if they were shit-faced.

"What the fuck are you, Freak?" he asked, his heart pounding loudly. I wanted nothing more than to rip it out of his fucking chest and take a chunk out of it.

"Do you really wanna know?" I asked him, taking a step forward. He began to back up, tripping backwards over a trash can.

"Keegan," Raven said calmly, " Eat him or leave him alone. Do not play with him."

"What do you mean: Eat him? Bitch, you've gotta be outta your fucking mind! Nobody's gonna fucking touch Howard P. Banks! I can guarantee that!"


Before Howard could utter another syllable, Keegan grabbed him by the throat and held him about a foot above the ground. "You will not disrespect her," he growled. Howard's eyes began to bulge as he smacked hopelessly at Keegan's hands.

"Keegan, you will kill him if you do not put him down," I warned quietly. Keegan reluctantly retracted his fangs and set the man down on his feet, causing him to stumble slightly.

As soon as Howard gained his balance, he took off running and screaming. Foolish drunk... sacrificing his life the way he did.

"Someone, please help! Vampires are trying to kill me! Help me!" he screamed down the street, drawing unwanted attention.

Keegan looked over his shoulder for approval. I nodded my consent and before I could blink, Keegan was on him. He was smart about it, though. He waited until Howard was passing by an alley before snatching him into it. I silently hoped that he would end him quickly. Howard was frankly more trouble than he was worth. I soon made it to the alley. Keegan looked up at me with blank, silver eyes. I knew that look anywhere... Blood Lust. I had only met a few other vampires over the years but one thing I have picked up was that vampires suffering from Blood Lust were dangerous. They were strong and the felt nothing for anything. This posed a problem.

"Keegan," I said quietly, "Relax. Retract your fangs."

He bared his fangs to claim Howard as his own and broke eye contact with me. Seeing I had no desire to take his meal, he continued to drink from Howard's hemorrhaging jugular. Perhaps it was the alcohol.

"Enough, Keegan," I said a little louder, hoping to bring him back. No such luck.

Suddenly, I heard them: running footsteps and male voices.

"He went this way," one man said to another, "He was jabbering on about vampires trying to kill him."

"Maybe he was just some ol' drunk, Shane," the other man said to the first.

"Maybe," Shane said quietly, "but maybe not."

"Keegan, unhand him this instant! As your Maker, I command you!" I said in a strong whisper. The men's voices were getting a little too close for comfort.

Keegan dropped Howard's lifeless body to the asphalt, not because I commanded him, because there was nothing else to drink. Blood dripped from down his chin to his neck. He had never been more attractive to me than he was at that moment, my fangs extended.

"What the fuck?" Shane's voice said as he looked upon Keegan...corpse at his feet with blood dripping from his lips.

Keegan bared his fangs and lunged at him as I the other. The last thing we needed was more unwanted attention. Keegan's eyes again went blank and silver as he drained Shane as well. He was lost. It would not be easy regain control of the situation. What kind of monster did I create?

Before I knew it, Keegan had his hand clutched around my throat, just as he had Howard earlier. He slammed me against the cold, brick wall of the building. Fear ran through my veins... fear that I would actually have to hurt him if the situation called for it. Surely he would not hurt me. I was his Maker...


I had no fucking clue what had happened but when I came around, I was gripping Raven by the neck and had her pinned against a building. Her eyes were wide in...fear, raw, beautiful fear. I had never seen her fearful of anything before, except for maybe Dorian.


I saw him come back, his fangs retracted and he almost released me...almost. He bared his fangs and reached under my dress to rip away my panties. I needed to get the control back, but part of me did not want to. Part of me wanted to allow him to let his instincts take over.

He ripped away the front of my dress, taking my bra with it, exposing my bare breasts to the cool, night air. His eyes rolled over my body and he smirked... satisfied. He released his hard cock and released the grip on my neck. He grabbed both of my legs, keeping me pinned by the bend of my knees.

He roughly entered me...nothing like the Keegan that I had grown accustomed to. He re-gripped my neck, dropping my left leg. I felt free, surrendering control to him.

"Good girl," he growled into my ear, "give it all to me."

He increased his pace, causing me to throw my head back and release an inhuman scream. It did not take long for me to begin to lose it. I threw my head against the building and my eyes began to roll back.

"Keegan...please...do not... stop," I pleaded in short, choppy words. The light in his eyes was undeniable.

"You're gonna have to beg, Raven," he said, thrusting upward, deeper inside of me.

"Keegan, I'm begging you! Please keep going! I need this so bad!" I moaned truthfully.

"I know you do," he said, calmly. He pulled out of me and turned me around, using his right hand on the back of my neck to push my cheek into the cool, rough brick of the building. He ripped the back of my dress and planted kisses down my spine as he entered me again.

I closed my eyes and gritted my teeth as he pushed into me with slower, harder, and deeper strokes, causing my face to scrape against the wall from the pressure of his hand on my neck...


I didn't know what had come over me, I felt like I was possessed! My better mind knew that we had just murdered three men, we were in an alley, and this was probably not the best time for sex but hearing her moans of encouragement made me push those logical thoughts to the back of my mind.

I had to have her...all of her. I gripped her neck with both hands as I thrusted myself into her repeatedly. It wasn't long before I felt her pussy began to contract on my cock. I released her neck and gripped her hips in my hands and went into overdrive, with a mission solely to fill her with my cum. She screamed as I ravaged her g-spot, causing me to grab her hair and turn her head to the side. I sank my fangs into her jugular as I shot my seed deep inside of her.

"Oh God, I love you!" she groaned as I sat her back on the ground.

"I know you do," I said, giving her a soft kiss, "Let's got outta here before we have to kill anyone else."

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