tagLoving WivesIntro to Swinging Ch. 01

Intro to Swinging Ch. 01


To all those always anonymous complainers who don't like this being in the "loving wives" section, or object to what my wife and I did, go somewhere else and read something more to your liking. This is a four part story of how Linda and I converted friends to the swinging lifestyle. It has lots of sex in it, except in part 4, but much more about how this can happen with good friends who may, initially, have not been drawn together by sexual attraction. (But if you had ever met Linda, you would have been hard pressed to have dreamed of a more sexy woman, so how could most men resist it becoming sexual?)

This, like others of my adventures with my wife, Linda, is a true story. If you don't like the way the story progresses, I'm sorry, but as I said it's a true story and you don't change facts to make it more interesting. It happened so long ago that I've had to improvise the dialogue, but it is as close to how it happened and what was said as I can remember. I remember the couple very well even though it happened more than thirty years ago and even better the great times we had together with them and other couples who more or less fell into the swinging lifestyle as a result of our friendship.


"I don't know if I can do this or not," Laura said softly, pushing me away with both hands as we broke our passionate french kiss. I wasn't surprised at the reluctance, Laura was a new partner for me and one who I thought had been talked into the idea of swinging by her husband, Les.

"We don't have to," I told her, leaving my arm over her shoulder but taking my hand away from her breast. "Like I said before, this is so new to you that you are going to have some misgivings about it, and I won't push."

"But what about Les and Linda?" she asked studying my face carefully. "He expects me to have sex with you and he's already told me he's going to do Linda."

I smiled. "Is that such a terrible thing? I can tell you Linda won't mind, Les doesn't and I certainly don't, so what's the problem?"

"What about you? I'm sure you expected me to have sex with you, and now you say you don't mind...?"

"No, I didn't say I didn't mind. I said I wasn't going to push you into anything you didn't want to do."

Laura looked down at her hands, now in her lap. She wouldn't look at me, and I knew that she was having a severe case of nerves. This was new to her and although Les had been fucking my wife frequently for two months, he hadn't done a very good job of preparing Laura for this.

"I...I just don't know," she said softly. "It sounded so...so..."

"Different?" I finished for her. "Of course it is. How long have you and Les been married."

"It will be ten years in December," she murmured, still not looking at me.

"And in that time have you ever had sex with another man?"

"No, of course not," she said looking at me with an expression of shock. "I would never do that to him."

"And has he ever had sex with another woman?"

"I don't know," she said, looking down at her hands again.

"I think you do," I told her, then let the comment sit.

"I think he may have years ago," she finally admitted, still looking down at her hands in her lap, "but I haven't asked him about it, and I don't think he's had another affair since...until now," she added.

"And how did you find out about him and Linda?" I asked, reaching over and lifting her chin so she had to look at me.

There were tears in her eyes as she mumbled that he had told her and had said that it wasn't a love affair, it was just sex. He then had added that if he hadn't told Laura that Linda had told him she would tell Laura herself. Slowly the entire story came out. Laura told me she had been so hurt that she couldn't talk to her husband for three days, then, frightened because of the possibilities of the affair she had asked her husband if he was planning to divorce her and be with Linda. He had emphasized that it wasn't love, it was purely sex. There was no reason to leave Laura since Linda was married and loved her husband.

That discussion had led to a longer one over the next week. During that time, Les had borrowed my book on polyamory and told Laura to read several chapters he had marked in the book. After reading them, Les and Laura had sat down and discussed the concept of open marriage as well as the explanations in the book that couples could at one time or another have found an attraction to others of the opposite gender and even lived openly with them and their spouse.

"He told me that was the kind of life you and Linda lived," she managed to say as she looked at me, searching for something in my eyes.

"Yes, it is." I admitted. "There are many people who call it by other names - wife swapping, swinging, open marriage, and nastier ones like adultery, and lots of others, but it all amounts to the same thing. For the last ten years, both Linda and I have been having sex with others without losing our love and respect for each other. Linda has even found herself in love with other men and is very open about it. I don't mind, because she says that we have what others don't and so, while she can enjoy making love with another man, she still wants us to maintain our marriage because she loves me most of all. That may seem a little hard to believe, but it works for us."

"And do you still love her even though she's... doing it" she managed to stutter out, "with other men?"

I smiled. "Even more so than ever, and our sex life is fantastic. We've learned so much more from being with other men and women as well as couples that it's never been better." I stopped for a moment and looked at Laura. She was having a problem with this and I needed to reassure her that it was true. "Tell me, haven't you ever met another man and felt like you would like to have sex with him."

"Well, yes," she admitted, "but I could never do that."

"Why not?"

"Because I'm married," she told me. "My vows...our vows...say something about forsaking all others..."

I held up my hand and she stopped. "Who wrote those vows and when?"

She looked confused then admitted she didn't know.

I smiled. "Before you leave tonight, I'm going to give you another book I'd like for you to read. It's about sociology and how so many of these things came about. Some of it's based on the need in our ancient history to prevent all but the most fertile males inseminating the more desirable females. More of is based on the Bible's old testament when the worlds population was numbered in the thousands, rather than the billions, and it was necessary to prevent inbreeding. There are lots more reasons spelled out that may surprise you, and some will even make you angry because it means society assumes you will not use common sense."

"But I'm getting way off the reason we're together tonight. Let me ask you, do you like me?"

Laura blushed, which was a good sign to me. I had known this woman for more than three years. We had exchanged kisses, hugs, and more than once I had been threatened with being slapped if I kept up my groping of her when she seemed the slightest bit receptive - just like any other red-blooded male. But it was always with a smile and I assumed that there was more than a little interest in each other that kept us coming together as opportune times.

Laura certainly wasn't hard to look at. At 35, she was a diminutive five feet tall, with long red hair that curled at her neck. She had sparkling blue eyes and a figure that hadn't failed her over the years. I would have guessed that she was 34-19-34 and I found out weeks later I wasn't that far off. Of course her breasts were nothing like the 42DD's of my wife, but they were definitely a full C cup and she didn't mind wearing clothing that accentuated them as well as the rest of her body, just as my Linda did. She also had those long, curvaceous legs of her early career as a dancer. In short, she was a very beautiful lady.

She hadn't answered my question as I studied her and my mind wandered, but now I caught her looking at me closely and heard her admit that she liked me.

"And did you like it when I kissed you a few minutes ago?"

Again she blushed and her head dropped, but not until I saw her give a faint nod.

"Well, I liked it too, Laura, and I'm going to do it again." With that warning, I pulled her close again and pressed my lips against hers. At first she put her hands against my chest in a form of denial, as my kiss continued there was little response, then very slowly I felt her lips open and my tongue touched them in a little, licking motion. I have to admit that she surprised me then by opening her mouth completely and within seconds our tongues were wrestling for supremacy.

Our embrace lasted much longer this time than it had the first and I took advantage of it, letting my left hand give her breast a little squeeze as our kiss continued.

"Wow!!" she gasped when we finally broke the connection. "I haven't been kissed like that since I was in the back seat of my boyfriend's car in high school."

"And what happened then," I asked, not really expecting an answer.

"I slapped him, and made him take me home." she said with a smile. "But I have to admit this was different, and just as enjoyable as the first one you gave me tonight."

"So, are you feeling a little more relaxed?" I asked.

"Well, maybe a little," Laura admitted as I pulled her closer, "but take it slow. This is still a little difficult for me to understand. Les is in the bedroom with your wife and I know he was planning to have sex with her. Doesn't that bother you?"

"No," I answered honestly, "because she will only do it if it's good for both of them. Linda loves sex as much as I do, but she won't do it if it doesn't feel right. Les has made it feel right for her so far, or she wouldn't be back there with him."

"Doesn't it embarrass her to have us know what he's doing to her?"

"No, what's to be embarrassed about. I've even watched him doing her (I couldn't use the word fucking around Laura yet, it would take a while longer). And he does a pretty good job of it, although Linda still tells me I'm better. Whether or not that's true isn't important. What is, is that both of them are enjoying it and I will be doing her later on tonight when she still has his semen in her. She tells me that's the greatest sexual feeling of all. I'm not sure about that, but I know it certainly makes it great for me."

I wasn't surprised to feel a slight increase in Laura's arousal. My left hand, which had been over her left breast as we kissed, had never left it, and now I checked with my right hand, over her shoulder and draped over her right breast. The nipple was indeed getting hard beneath my fingers. She didn't complain and seemed to settle in, enjoying the attention.

Laura looked at me and fired her best blast yet with a smile I can only describe as absolutely lascivious. "Les told me that you even had oral sex with her one night after he had finished inside her."

It was my turn to blush. "Blabber mouth!" I exclaimed with a chuckle, "but yeah, I have to admit that I do it more often than not. I love oral sex with my partners, and there's nothing that tastes better than doing it when she is still full of her and her partners orgasmic juices."

"Really?" she looked shocked. "Do men really like to do that?"

"Well, it's not everyone's favorite way of enjoying sex, but it certainly ranks high on my list. Linda told me years ago, when we were first married, that she didn't like it, but her first lover cured her of that. Now she loves it, and so do I."

"You said Linda's first lover. How many has she had?"

"You'll have to ask her that yourself. I'm not going to. First, because it's none of my business, and second, because she might not like sharing that figure with anyone. I believe that a woman is entitled her own little secrets and to have as many lovers as she feels she wants. Men do, why can't women?"

"Well, that's certainly a different viewpoint from what some of my friends and neighbors might have."

I laughed softly as I pulled her closer. The night was going much better than I had expected an hour or so ago.

"You're going to find out that there are a lot of people out there who claim they see things differently, but when you spend more time with them in a situation like this, then you find out they really don't believe what they're saying at all unless you plan on putting out their secrets in the neighborhood." I looked at her and shook my head, "That's not at all unusual either. There are probably more closet swingers than there are straight people."

I could tell that Laura was really thinking about that, although she gave no hint of whether or not she believed me. As we had talked, Laura had shifted her body slightly and now sat almost facing me, causing my right hand to rise from its comfortable location over her breast to her shoulders. Shamelessly, I took advantage of that and began kneading her right breast with my left hand. Although she was looking a little less comfortable, she didn't stop me and as soon as I felt her body relaxing, I began unbuttoning some buttons on her blouse. At first she put her hand over mine to stop me, but then looked at me long and hard and dropped her hand. I pulled her close and began slowly kissing her forehead, her eyes, and her nose before my lips slipped lower and I tasted her lips once again. All the while I was making progress on the buttons and soon had an opening large enough for me to get my hand inside her blouse. What I felt was a very hard nipple pushing out against a soft, lacy bra. Giving it a gentle squeeze, I began to explore that side of her bra and found to my delight that it was the front opening type. I think she wanted to stop me then, but our lips were still locked together and she apparently was enjoying it as much as I. With a little whimper, she let me unfasten the hooks from the eyelets holding her bra together giving me a soft warm breast to cup rather than having to feel her through the bra. Her arms went around my neck then and I felt her body pressing against my hand, encouraging me to press it harder against her breast.

As our lips opened and the kiss continued with searching tongues that matched in their intensity, I unfastened more buttons until her blouse above her waist was completely open and, for the first time, I got a view of that delicate soft flesh crowned with a swollen nipple. It was too much to resist, and I ducked my head and sucked it into my mouth.

Laura gasped, but not from pain. I felt her pushing forward against my open mouth which was trying to encompass that fullness as much as possible. Her breath came now in little short gasps as my tongue rasped over the protruding nub while alternately I sucked on that sweet flesh as hard as I could without losing contact with the nipple. I felt her hand on the back of my head pulling me hard against her breast.

"I think we should take this someplace else," she whispered in an almost whimpering voice into my ear.

I agreed wordlessly and stood up, admiring a view of my friend I much preferred. Both breasts were now exposed, and both had hard nipples protruding as I had never seen them before, perfectly shaped and positioned for the worship of a lover's mouth. Taking her hand, I helped her off the couch and then turned toward the bedroom opposite where Linda and Les were enjoying themselves.

Closing the door softly behind us, Laura let me lead her toward the bed. I finished removing her blouse before she sat down on the edge, facing me. I knelt before her and took her face in my hands and kissed her again, letting my lips slide from hers to her neck, then down to the pit at the base of her throat. I got a wonderful whiff of the scent she was wearing before I let my lips go over to the side of her neck and down over the swell of her breast. She pulled my head hard to her breast and I took that advantage to suckle that sweetness once again, but this time on the left breast. My own hands were busy, finding the fastening of the waistband on her skirt, and then unzipping it. She lifted herself slightly and allowed me to take it down until I could lift it and place it on the chair at the side of the bed.

Laura may not have intended to have sex with me during this evening together, but she couldn't have dressed more attractively had she wanted to do so. Very thin, almost transparent panties covered her lower body and the garter belt she wore to hold up hosiery that was almost as nebulous as vapor. I managed to get her to lift her hips slightly as I took those lovely panties from her too.

Looking at the meticulously trimmed pelt covering her mound, I wanted to do what I would have done with many of my female partners at this point but realized that Laura's lack of experience would make her resist my intense desire to fasten my lips over her sweet smelling labia. So, instead I stood up and began taking off my own clothes. She blushed when she saw that I had caught her eyeing my crotch as I took off my trousers, I'm not very long or thick, but I knew that even my own modest cock was larger in girth and maybe slightly longer than what Les was using on my wife at the moment.

Finishing disrobing, I lay down on the bed with Laura who pulled herself higher to more closely match my own length. I began kissing her again as my hand wandered over her lush body. The hardness of her nipples was evident again as I let my hands cup her breasts while we kissed. I let my lips slide lower until once again they encompassed one hard nipple. Wordlessly, Laura cupped her breast and held it to my mouth as my hand slid lower over her belly, then lower still until I felt the softness of the hair covering her mound. There was another little gasp as my middle finger found the hood of her clit, then a sigh as I used the pad to gently rub it until the little bud found its way from under the protective sheath. I let my thumb take over while my fingers went lower, searching for the fine sheen of moisture I had seen on the fine down covering her labia when I took Laura's panties from her hips and lowered them to the floor.

I heard the soft hiss of her gasp as my fingers found the slight crease between the lips of her pussy. It was the work of only a few minutes to widen that gap. Laura had at first clamped her thighs so tightly together when I began stroking the narrow cleft that it was actually painful to my searching fingers, but now with more moisture oozing from that slight and still tight crevice, her thighs were opening slightly. Still I felt her body jerk when my middle finger found a deeper portion between those lips and the source of more sweet smelling juice. I used it to probe deeper and deeper still until I felt the tight muscles guarding the entry to her vagina relax enough to get my finger inside.

I was still suckling that marvelous breast as my fingers spread the lips of her pussy a bit more with each stroke up and down that delicate flesh. Finally, I felt her thighs relax and I found I was able to touch that slightly rougher patch of erotic flesh just behind her pubic bone. Immediately she became much wetter and I was sliding two and sometimes three fingers into her as my thumb continued to make its rounds on her clit.

Nothing had been said since I had begun preparing Laura for what was to come, Other than the slight hissing intakes of her breath and the pounding of her heart in my ears, it was perfectly silent. Now that was beginning to change as Laura turned on her side to face me and lifted her upper leg to allow me better access to her core. She groaned slightly and I felt her body begin to shake as her hips allowed me to drive deeper into her until with a sudden intake of breath and a tightening of both arms around me, I led her to her first orgasm.

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