tagLoving WivesIntro to Swinging Ch. 03

Intro to Swinging Ch. 03


It was well into mid morning before we both woke up to the sound of pots and pans and dishes being shuffled about in the kitchen.

Hurriedly, Laura headed for the bathroom across the hall while I used the one in the master bedroom. A tangled sheet hung over the side of our marital bed, liberally spotted with what was obviously an overflow of bodily fluids. I had to smile as I stepped into the shower and did a thorough job of cleaning myself to a presentable state without wasting too much time. I finished and was leaving the bedroom when I caught Laura, still nude, streaking for the bedroom we had just left, to get her clothing. She had wrapped one of the large bath towels around her, but it left a great deal of an admirable body open to view. She had washed her hair and it had a towel fashioned into a turban wrapped around it. I stopped her with one hand and handed her one of the oversized cotton terrycloth robes we kept for occasions like this. She was too embarrassed to look me in the eye, but mumbled a soft "thank you" as I held it by the shoulders and let her shrug into it while the towel she had been wearing fell to the floor.

Barefooted on the soft carpet, we went into the dining room together. Linda was in the kitchen, laughing as she pushed Les back to get to a platter of steaming scrambled eggs and bacon.

"Get those in there," she told him, pointing to the dining room, "while I get the toast." She looked up and saw us as we entered. "Sit everyone, let's eat before it gets cold."

The frivolity of the moment almost died before Les, preparing to sit down, instead walked up behind his wife and kissed her softly on the cheek and said 'thank you," equally softly.

"Is that the best you can give her?" Linda asked, laughing. She turned to me and gave me one of her 220 volt kisses, inspiring me to return it. "Thank you for last night, honey," she said loud enough for all to hear. "We had a great time, how about you?"

I looked at Laura whose face was red with her embarrassment before answering.

"The only thing that could have made it better was for it to have been longer," then I bent forward to kiss Laura on the lips, "thanks to you," I added, "and to you too," I added, kissing Linda once again.

Linda was still smiling broadly as she looked at the still red-faced Laura. "And how about you, Laura? Did you enjoy yourself last night?"

"Yes, I did," she admitted without raising her eyes until she looked up and saw her husband smiling at her. "I have to say that I never expected anything like that, or like this either, "she said a smile starting. I would never have believed sex could be so much fun. I guess that I just never thought of it like you two do. You and I need to talk."

"I agree," my wife said, "but for now, let's just eat before it gets cold."

With breakfast over, and everything put away, Les and I adjourned to the living room. He and his wife had thought they should leave and began making motions in that direction, but I knew that wasn't what they needed. Not right now. First Linda and I needed to get some thinking going the right way with our novice couple.

Linda encouraged them to stay "at least until noon," we suggested and Linda reminded Laura that they needed to talk. Soon both were heading out to the swimming pool while Les and I sat across from each other in comfortable lounging chairs in our living room.

We couldn't hear what our wives were saying in the pool, but it didn't surprise me when I saw Linda hug Laura and the two sat side by side on the pool apron.

"You know, you and I are two of the luckiest guys in the world," I told Les. "Look at those two together out there. You would never have guessed that they would have been swapping husbands if you hadn't enjoyed it like we did."

Les hung his head for a minute, then looked up and began talking. "Earl, I would never have believed it could happen like it has. I can't thank you enough for giving me the pleasure of knowing Linda or for taking such good care of Laura. I didn't think I would be able to convince her to have sex with you, but you obviously turned her into someone who wanted it as badly as I did. I've always wanted her to do something like this, but I've never been able to get her past the point of 'thinking about it.' What did you say to her?"

"Nothing out of the ordinary," I waved dismissively, "and only the truth. First I told her that you loved her and Linda loved me, so what was happening was that the two of you were only in this for pleasure, not out of some steamy affair. Then I started telling her that there wasn't a reason in the world why four people who were friends for as long as we have known you guys, shouldn't just push that friendship a little farther along. You aren't over the hump yet. Laura is a beautiful, sexy woman who I was just fortunate enough to screw, but whether or not it will happen again is up to you and her."

What do you mean?"

"You're going to have to prove to her that you love her even more now that she and I have been together than you did before. You need to make her want to continue this, and even expand it to your friends, just as you have done with us. Then, later on, when the two of you begin to recognize that 'recreational sex' as we call it is even more fun than monogamy, you can become real swingers and get to know others who have known it for far longer. Take what you've learned with Linda and use it with Laura. I think you'll find she's not only ready for it, she will show you a few things that might surprise you."

Our conversation in that same vein continued for at least a couple of hours as I explained what Les must do if he wanted to continue seeing Linda and to expand his wife's interest in sex beyond what she already had shown was more than usual.

I didn't know, of course, what Linda and Laura were talking about outside, although I could guess that it was about the same thing and the same way of thinking as the direction I was leading Les. Regardless of what they had discussed, I wasn't prepared for what followed next.

"Come on, you two," Linda laughed as she opened the patio door and tugged a smiling Laura behind her. "We're wasting fun time!" I was surprised but delighted when both those ladies of ours began pulling their suit tops down and continued until both stood completely nude in front of us. Laura moved first, taking Les by the hand and leading him toward the master bedroom as Linda pulled me out of my chair with ease and I followed the three down the hallway to the bedroom. I started to turn off into the guest bedroom, but Linda pulled me behind Les and Laura who were just getting onto the king size bed that dominated our room. I joined Linda as we lay side by side with our guests who by now were in a sixty-nine position. Laura's head was already bobbing over her husband's crotch as he spread her thighs wide and began suckling her labia.

Linda, not to be left out of the fun, was on me sitting astride my hips and slowly jacking my cock until it reached its usual degree of hardness, then, raising herself on one knee, she stroked it a couple of times over her pussy lips and sank down slowly with a prolonged sigh. I groaned as the pleasure of that hot, slick, velvet glove expanded to take me in.

"See, Laura, I didn't break it," Linda laughed, looking over to where Laura lay on top of her husband, her head bobbing over his dick. Laura's apparent smile was difficult to see due to the way her husband's cock was stretching her mouth. It was apparent that Les was lost in the delight of having his wife give him the pleasure she had denied to him for so long. Judging from what she had shown me of her talent the first time she had ever sucked a cock. Les would, from now on, want that pleasure every time he fucked her - and Laura would be happy to give it to him, especially if he was reciprocating by eating her sweet, slick pussy.

Everything was quiet for the next few minutes until, with a groan of pleasure Les thrust his hips hard upward, driving the last of his dick deep into his wife's throat. Laura didn't give an inch. I watched through my own pleasure glazed eyes as her cheeks bulged and her throat began moving as she swallowed her husband's hot cum just before he made her gasp and begin the jerking, eccentric spasms of her own orgasm. Linda and I were right behind this two, and I watched Linda's chest turn red signaling her own nearness just as my nuts tightened and the first blast of hot cum blew deep into that hot, cum loving, hard gripping pussy. She followed almost immediately with her own version, panting with gusto as she bounced up and down on my still pulsing shaft until finally she collapsed over me as the tremors of delight went through her body.

Neither Les nor I could have predicted what followed.

"What in the world are we doing?" a smiling Laura noted as she watched my wife settle over my mouth and begin feeding me the thick, hot cum that filled her cunt into my eagerly accepting mouth. "Not only have I let another man fuck me, but now he's eating his own cum out of his wife's pussy."

"Welcome to the land of swinging," Linda laughed without ever slowing her pumping hips that were spreading as much of my cum over my face as had gone into my mouth initially. She had me wet from chin to forehead and showed no intent of slowing as Laura watched intently. "Earl loves to eat pussy, and says it's even better when it's full of cum, regardless of whose cum it is. Didn't he eat you?"

"And how!" Laura said with a wide smile. "Les had never done that to me before, and Earl showed me just how good it could be. He made me cum twice just eating me." It was somewhat embarrassing to Les, I could imagine, for his wife to tell us that I had done something that he had never done before except with my wife. He hung his head, but there was a slight smile on his lips. I knew that it would be hard in the future for him to deny her that pleasure, and he certainly wouldn't want to any longer now that her resistance to the practice was ended.

My always helpful bride now showed me once again what a delightful partner she was in a swinging scene. "Well, why don't you let him show you another thing you'll love?"

"What's that?" Laura asked.

"What it feels like to be fucked through a load of cum."

"Oh, he's already shown me that," she nodded, face reddening as she admitted, in front of her husband that I had fucked her and shot my cum into her heretofore unreceptive - to strangers - cunt. "And it felt wonderful," she said, almost defying her husband to say something about it.

"Then I suspect you're about to feel it again," Linda said, glancing down and behind her to where my cock had reached its full potential again. "Would you like for him to fuck you again while I have Les give me another good one?"

"I would love it!"

"Then it's swap time!" Linda announced without even letting me finish my always pleasant task of eating my cream out of the always tasty container. She reached over and took Les' cock in her hand and pulled him over me. At first I though she was going to take him in the missionary position, but she wanted something different, something 'nastier', which obviously she and Les had done before. As Les came closer, she let me slide from beneath her and go to where Laura was pinching her nipples. Any potential shyness about being fucked by me in front of her husband was lost when she saw Les get behind Linda and without further fanfare begin sliding his already hard cock into my wife's welcoming pussy. Laura held out her arms to me as I, on all fours, approached her. Her muff, almost spotlighted by the mid-morning sunlight streaming through our bedroom window, was still glistening from where Les had eaten her, and it was a beautiful sight. I reached out to her, getting to my knees, and pulled her into an embrace. I kissed her passionately, tasting not only the sweetness of her mouth, but the remnants of Les' cum as my hands moved slowly over her full breasts and her swollen cunt lips..

"M-m-m. You taste good," she murmured as out kiss ended. "Linda's pussy must be very sweet."

"No sweeter than yours," I assured her truthfully, "but that's not what I want right now. Do you see how Les is doing Linda?" I asked, knowing that she had, but she took another look over my shoulder and smiled.

"Is that how you want to do me?"

I had no more than nodded before Laura turned away from me and presented that lovely ass of hers to my already throbbing cock. "Then do it, Earl. Fuck me like that," she murmured as her head went to the mattress and she spread her thighs. "Fuck me like Les is fucking your wife."

It was as though the dam had opened and I was seeing for the first time the true need and feelings Laura had about sex. She was tight and hot as I slid the head of my cock through the tight muscles of her vagina, feeling her press back against me like nothing I had experienced with her before. Laura wanted it, that was obvious, and she took what she wanted. I didn't have to move an inch. Laura forced it into her. I could feel the rings of muscles in her throbbing cunt massaging every inch of my dick long before I reached the entrance to her cervix when, with a final push, Laura embedded me to the root or my iron hard cock.

"Yes, yes," she crooned. "Fuck me. I want you to fuck me all day. It feels so-o-o good." Her hips continued to buck against my crotch as my friend and now my sex partner absorbed all I had to give her and demanded more. Reaching beneath her, I used the fingers of one hand to stroke her clit while my other hand pulled on those marvelous breasts as though I were milking a cow. The fact that her husband, only a couple of feet away from us, was hearing every word she said seemed to cause no concern to her at all.

Almost instantly she came. Her breath came in pants as her body jerked and quivered beneath me. It seemed only to arouse her more. The bed shook as Les took my Linda to the heights of orgasmic bliss, just as I was doing for his wife. I knew Linda would be enjoying herself. She loved the way Les had fucked her in the past and now, with secrecy no longer a concern, she was crooning her own love story to the man who was driving his cock deep into her with each slow stroke as she shook beneath him. I knew that both of us, Les and I, would benefit immensely from this new feeling of 'anything goes' with two ladies who both had only sex on their minds at this moment. I looked over to see beads of perspiration on Les' face as he drove his dick into my wife's welcoming cunt. His cock appeared to have grown longer with his efforts. It was shiny and wet with the results of his thrusting so deep into my wife's cunt and she was only encouraging him to fuck her 'harder, harder,' as the sound of his pile driving ass smacked his crotch into my wife's pussy.

It was too much. The audible sounds of our fucking, the sight of my cock pistoning in and out of Laura's receptive, indeed begging, cunt sent the first blast of hot cum directly into my partner's womb, inspiring and even greater response from her as she reached orgasm. It must have had the same effect on Les as both he and Linda were watching me fuck Laura and saw her response. With a final hard thrust that caused Linda to grunt and hunch her body like a cow receiving a bull, she came hard when Les' cum blasted deep into her cunt. The four of us collapsed, still imbedded in our partner's love canal as the last trickles of cum overflowed their cunts.

Laura started to get up, but I pushed her back down with a smile. "Just relax and let it flow," I told her. "I'll eat it out of you later."

She turned on her back, forcing my cock out of her. "That was unbelievable," she said softly. "But you've created a monster."

"How so?"

"Until now I had never thought I would let another man fuck me, but now that you've done it, I'm going to want more." Her smile told me that she was sincere.

"What about Les?" "Oh, he'll still get it as often as he wants, probably even more now that we've done things that we had never thought I would do before, and he can continue to come over and fuck Linda if she wants. I know he will want to, and, if you don't mind, I want him to do that. She has taught him so much more in a few months than I would ever have dreamed he would do, or that I would accept, that he needs that too. Would you mind?"

"Not at all," I told her with a smile. "In fact I love knowing that he's fucking her. But what about you. Would you mind if I came over to your house and fucked you?"

"You'd better!" she said emphatically as she pulled me closer. "And if Les is home, I want both of you to fuck me."

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