tagExhibitionist & VoyeurIntroducing Friend to Nudist Resort

Introducing Friend to Nudist Resort


Ginnie was always curious about my trips to nudist resorts and beaches. I offered to take her along a few times, but she would have none of it. So, I generally stopped pushing, except for mentioning my experiences in passing.

Then she totally surprised me one day, and said she would let me take her to a clothing-optional place. She wanted to finally overcome her fear, but didn't want to be forced to strip on her first experience.

I was trying to decide the best place to take her. The nude beach is good and relaxing, but rather boring after awhile and there's not much to distract those inner thoughts. The small nudist clubs were another option, but they're just glorified campgrounds and rather rustic. Ginnie is a high-class woman and deserves the good life, so a campground was out. So that left Paradise Lakes, a full service and upscale resort near Tampa, Florida. It's also one of my favorites because there's lots to do and attracts the more younger and interesting crowd.

It's a clothing optional resort with all the usual high-class resort amenities. I've been going for many years either by myself or with friends. I've been trying to convince her to join me, but she's pretty reluctant, for the typical modesty reasons. We have a friendship that is very close, and although we've never had any romantic relations, we readily talk about our sex lives in great detail.

So, after years of explaining the benefits of nudism, I finally talked her into going with me to the resort. She often just didn't understand why I would take off my clothes and parade around lots of people. Like most people, she initially thought those nudist resorts were just dens of orgies. I spent years explaining why I do it, and that the resorts or beaches are normal in every way except just about everybody is nude. I had lots to tell her because there's many reasons people do this.

I explained that I first tried it when I was going to school in Daytona Beach and I heard that there was a nude beach down by the rocket stands in Cape Canaveral. When I first heard of the beach I had the usual testosterone laden male response, but then started to think it might be a good dare for myself, and a fear to get over. I was living away from my parents for the first time and being in college I was ready to experience some wild adventures.

I found out where the beach was from the dorm friend that lives down that way and first mentioned it. I didn't want to ask any dorm friends to go with me for the usual fears of "are you gay" and rumors that I was a pervert or something. I also didn't have a girlfriend at the time, so it looked like I would do this adventure solo.

I was a little apprehensive of course, so I thought I'd do it in steps. I bought a Speedo suit, which I've never worn before, and wore it to a local beach far off the usual beaches I hung out. I didn't want anybody I knew to see me in it. Well, it was quite awkward wearing this skimpy little suit with people around, but I did brave it and got a big boost of confidence. So I then drove down to the nude beach, which seemed to take forever because of my nervousness. It was a weekday, so there were only a dozen or so people on the beach. I spied a couple of girls laying out topless and decided to sit within sight of them. I guess I was looking for some sense of encouragement and camaraderie from other people.

I laid my towel out and sat for a moment to reflect on the situation. I purposely wore street shorts and not swimming shorts to not give me an out. I concluded that if I delay this, I'll be agonizing over it for the rest of the day and never do it. So like jumping into a cold pool to get over with all at once, I just stood up and pulled off my shorts. I sat for a bit and then the apprehension was over. That was it. I was over any embarrassment and I conquered my fear.

My mood changed so quickly that it surprised me. But then I confidently got up and walked down the beach just as normal as I would have with a suit on. I even went up to the two girls and talked with them for awhile. We talked very casually and it was their first time topless on a public beach. I suggested that they weren't getting the full experience, so with that encouragement they removed their bikini bottoms and we all went for a walk down the beach. My life was changed forever.

Explaining my first time to Ginnie gave her a little more confidence. But she would only go with me to the resort under strict guidelines. I agreed that I wouldn't push her to do anything she felt uncomfortable with and that sex was definitely not expected. But I also got her to agree to spend the weekend with an open mind and push herself a little with my encouragement.

I explained that just experiencing a nude adventure with her was a goal in itself and didn't necessarily mean that I wanted sex. People on the outside seem to equate nudity with sex and can't separate the two. Nude does not always mean sex. It's one of the enlightening realizations that come with the nudist lifestyle and is quite liberating.

One of the things that I like about nudist resorts is that the conversations often turn to talk about body parts, which usually don't get talked about in normal conversation. The topics are treated so normally. Everything is on display, so it's more natural to talk about it. I learn so much more about women than I normally wouldn't.

I told Ginnie a story of my college roommate's experience towards one of her close guy friends. My roommate told me many times that she'd wanted to see her friend without clothes because they've been such close friends over the years, and that seeing him nude would complete the picture.

She elaborated on this and explained that knowing somebody in all their different conditions is important. Since they exchange their most deep thoughts and secrets she is still missing that important aspect of him. She's seen him in all his various moods except for one, what he looks like nude. She doesn't want to have sex with him, but just see what's always covered, like the final wall that needs to come down between great friends. She confessed that it was also important that he see what she looked like nude, for the same reasons.

I explained to Ginnie that I too wanted to complete our friendship in the same way. She didn't agree with that logic, and thought we could be just as close without getting naked. But she trusted me, and agreed to my frivolous folly.

After a long flight, we finally arrived at the resort. I promised to get her a couple of drinks right away to calm her nerves. Ginnie is very quiet in the car on the way to the resort, so I just keep talking little stuff to distract her a little, although it doesn't seem to work very well. I try to get her to talk about what she's feeling, but she just doesn't want to talk about it.

As we drive up to the resort, she is visually shaking when she sees the welcome sign. It helps a little when I say some kind words of encouragement and that she will get through this just fine. I see that her modesty is entrenched very deeply and this will be a challenge for both of us.

While we're standing at the check in counter, another couple steps up next to us. The man is standing on the other side of Ginnie from me with his girl next to him. They're both sporting just a towel over their shoulder and wearing nothing else. Obviously on their way to the pool. Ginnie snuggles up closer to me and keeps her eyes straight ahead into the office, not wanting to even look at the nude man next to her. As the nude couple take care of their business with the receptionist, the girl, of about thirty, is noticing Ginnie's very apparent discomfort.

As the couple leaves, the girl walks up close to Ginnie and says, "It's OK, I was petrified the first time too, and look at me now," as she opens her arms as to show off her newfound freedom. To which Ginnie slowly looks at her while slowly relaxing herself.

The girl introduces herself and her guy as Sara and Bill. We all exchange handshakes while Sara invites us to join them at the pool when we're ready. As the new friends walk out, I turn to Ginnie and say, "See, we're making friends already. This will be easy and fun for ya." I know Ginnie is a little shy around new people, so I'm going to do all that I can to meet new people.

On our way to our room, we'll be walking through the pool complex so I say a few words of encouragement to get her ready. She gives me the nod and we walk proudly out the doors. Ginnie is quite taken aback at the more than thirty people around the pool all nude, and there's a lot to take in all at once. But, instead of pausing to let her take it all in, I make a beeline up to the second story balcony to our room. I figure she can stare from the balcony better. It will take a few minutes for her to take it all in. The room will also give her a place to be grounded.

We arrive at the room, which is a very welcome relief. For I've been fantasizing about this moment for a long time, to finally get Ginnie to this resort and introduce her to a life distraction that will change her outlook on herself and her attitude toward others. It changed my life the first time I went nude in public and everybody that I've talked to about their first time changed their life too.

As Ginnie follows me into the room, she instinctively closes the door. I stop her and keep the door open saying, "There's no need to close this at all this weekend. We have nothing to steal and no reason to hide when changing. People will be seeing all of us anyways." I get a perplexing look from her and don't give her time to think about it. So, she leaves the door open and drops her stuff.

Our room is on the second floor with the door facing the pool. The walkway in front of the room has two chars and a small table in front of each room. The perfect spot to just sit and watch people. As we settle into our room, Ginnie's still a lot nervous, so I offer to get a couple drinks so we can sit on the balcony in front of our room and watch people by the pool.

I remind her that instead of stressing the entire weekend over being nude, she should just get it over with and enjoy herself. She nods.

Just before I go out for the drinks, I stand near the door and peel off my clothes. I know this will probably freak her out a little, but the sooner she realizes the dress code for the weekend, the sooner she'll be comfortable with me nude and see how I accept it. She's standing at the back of the room but is intently watching. I ceremoniously take my clothes off and announce that they don't go back on until we leave. She only gets to see my nude back while I walk out to get drinks. I want to tease her a little.

As I'm in the bar I look back at the room and notice that she's closed the door and pulled the shades, which could only mean one thing, she's getting nude and staring at herself in the mirror. Contemplating her next move. She's staring at a nude woman in her early forties. The years have taken some toll, but she still has the looks of a woman ten years younger. "Damn, I'm still hot," she says out loud to herself.

I've always complemented Ginnie on her shapely waist and great legs. Secretly, I also complement her on her other body parts that still look stupendous, but I usually keep it to myself for fear that she may think it crude or overstepping a little. Complements to a woman are tricky, they have to be given at just the right time.

As I walk back with the drinks, I knock on the door and announce that I'll be sitting outside the door waiting for her with the drinks. After a bit, she gingerly opens the door and sits next to me wearing a towel. She's shaking and seems to be excited and scared at the same time, which she admits when I ask how she's doing. She's also sheepishly trying to avoid looking at my dick. She turns her head slightly toward me and down, but then quickly retreats in embarrassment.

After the drink, and me making small talk to distract her, she slowly unties the top of the towel. As the towel starts to drop slowly, I see her tanline on her boobs, which is the most that I've seen before. The towel gets lower and her milky white boobs are starting to show. I love how they're still very pert and full. She grabs the towel closed again, but after a leap of faith and trust in me, starts to release it again. I give her a trusting and encouraging smile while looking directly in her eyes. I really don't want to stare at her exposed body yet, there'll be plenty of time for that. I just want to remember the look on her face when she takes her towel off in public for the first time.

As the towel drops still lower I can see out of the corner of my eye that her nipples are starting to show. It takes every ounce of strength that I have to keep looking into her eyes and not dropping my gaze to admire the nipples that I just know will be the best I've ever seen. I've only been imagining what they'd look like for the past decade. I've seen the outline of them through her wet bikini top a few times and know that they get hard with the slightest breeze or sexual thought, but actually seeing them for the first time crowning a beautiful set of boobs just may be too much to handle.

I promised myself that I wouldn't get a hard-on so soon, it might scare her. But I'm starting to grow anyway. I've been tortured for over a decade thinking about this moment. Easy boy, think about work, work, work. Alright, I'm a little under control again. Our eyes are locked and it appears to give her courage, so she continues.

Then she says what the hell and pulls the towel back over the sides of the chair. Even with her sitting with her legs crossed I can see that she keeps herself pretty closely shaved. She's still pretty well covered with her legs crossed though.

She's a little relieved that she finally did it, but realized that she may have taken it too far with me and is worried that I'll force her to do something with me that she doesn't want to do. But I promised her that if she joined me at the resort that I wouldn't get excited or think that we're going to automatically have sex. She still thinks of me as a friend and doesn't want any more. I respect that, but I can't help but get excited when I see her nude.

She doesn't mind staring at my dick though and I know she's always been a tease who likes looking at nice men. So I try to calm her fears and let her know that I just gotta get this initial hard-on out of the way and that I won't be waving it around all weekend. Although I really know that I'll have many more hard-ons and show off a little. I really enjoy showing myself and really get off on the looks of peoples faces when they see me hard.

I explain that I'll next give her a tour of the grounds. She says that her nudity will have to be in baby steeps and she'll need to get dressed for the tour. She's not quite ready for total exposure yet, but she really wants to eventually conquer her fears. Sounds great to me. Besides I like seeing her constantly in and out of clothes. It adds to the tease, which I love so much.

I throw on some shorts, although she says I don't have to. I explain that I feel kinda funny walking around nude and she not, although I don't tell her I just love the feeling in the transition of taking off my clothes. So I go in and out of clothes all weekend. A lot more fun than when I used to dedicate to being nude the entire weekend. She wraps the towel back around her and goes in the room to dress. I persuade her to at least not wear underwear under her shorts and button-up top. She protests a little, but then sees a little fun in it. I just throw on some Patagonia shorts without anything underneath.

As we walk around the grounds we get to the long path to the old pavilion. I tease a little and open up my shorts and suggest her do the same. She surprises me and opens up her shorts enough so her hair is visible. This is so very sexy and I happily begin to grow. I also get her to open up the top so a good breeze allows a view. She enjoys the walk and the tease. She spies the top half of my dick and admires the growth. I love her looking at it and showing it off to anybody that walks by.

A few nude people walk by and she's fascinated with them and also protective of her open clothes, but also starts getting used to both. We get to the gym and she's really interested that they do nude yoga and exercise classes. Also that you can work out nude. I suggest that we come back later to try it and she agrees. As we stand at the beach to admire the lake, I take my shorts off and really get off on the feeling of peeling them off with her watching. I turn to her and suggest she take something off. She looks around and sheepishly takes her top off, never turning from the lake. So only I can see.

She turns around and quickly turns back so a couple of people could have seen her if they would have been looking. It's a step. I suggest she remember the feeling of taking it al off for the first time with a new guy and that this entire weekend could be that feeling. She likes the idea and wants to know more. So I tell her that I love to go in and out of clothes all weekend. It really prolongs the feeling and keeps the excitement up. It's all about the tease and I think she's finally starting to get it.

So I spend the rest of the tour nude while she opens and closes her clothes little by little as we go. So, next is dinner and we both have clothes on and then hit the bar for a couple of drinks. She said that she's starting to get into the tease then expose thing because it really does prolong the feeling of the first time. Great for me. I get hard just thinking about it. So she slips off her shorts while still sitting on the barstool.

She is now sitting there bottomless at the bar, although we're over in the corner so nobody can really get a clear view from the side. She's all excited and wiggles in her bar stool. Nobody can see her below her waist so it excites her to know that people will wonder. I take off my shorts and start to grow with the same excitement. She can't see my dick so I let her know that I have a raging hard on right in public but a little hidden. I then suggest that she do something that will get her hot but still hidden. Kind of like forbidden but still safe. Which is the kind of stuff I know that she does on a sexy date once in awhile.

Her confessions are coming back to bite her now. So she spreads her legs a little and starts rocking her hips in the barstool. She's getting that devilish look now. She's so turned on that I can see the wheels turning.

The barmaid, whom I've known for many years now, notices what Ginnie is doing and smiles with approval. Which gives Ginnie the cue to push her stool back a little so I can get a glance and anybody who walks by can get a glimpse. I move my stool back to give her a peek at me, although she doesn't look. The barmaid is getting into it a little and she gets something down low behind the bar. When she stands up her big boobs are hanging out of her top, which she does sometimes when asked.

On our way out of the club, Ginnie is nervous, but the drinks are giving her confidence. I leave her by the lounges next to the small Jacuzzi and head for the room for some towels. There was a couple and another man in the Jacuzzi that could hold about eight comfortably. There were enough bubbles so you couldn't see under the surface, unlike the large conversation pool.

When I returned she's sitting on a lounge no doubt contemplating her entry strategy. I tell her to just not think about it and just do it. So as I'm removing my shorts and shirt, she quickly removes her clothes and walks real quickly over to the far side of the Jacuzzi in a way that points her front away from the crowd as if to minimize the time exposed in the open. I've never seen anybody get in a Jacuzzi up to her neck as fast as she did.

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