tagExhibitionist & VoyeurIntroducing Jenna to NIP Ch. 02

Introducing Jenna to NIP Ch. 02


Despite the fact that I was a nervous wreck inside, I walked out of the house with all the confidence I could muster. Jenna watched as I closed the door behind me and walked naked out to her car. I was happy that it wasn't a convertible, I was still nervous but also very excited.Once we got settled in the car we headed out to the store. I noticed Jenna glancing over at me from time to time as we drove down the road.

I thought I noticed her nipples becoming more noticeable but it's probably just my imagination. We finally reached our destination and Jenna said that the easy part was over. Now I would have to go inside the store, but she still had her doubts about me actually doing it. I told her that I would go through with it just to see her walk in there topless sometime soon.

We parked a few spots away from the front door. Close enough so we could get back to the car in a hurry if necessary. We saw that the young guy working behind the counter was waiting on a customer. Once the customer was leaving the parking lot Jenna asked if I was ready to go inside.I said I was and began to get out of the car. Jenna thought maybe she should wait in the car so we could take off fast once I bought what I wanted and came back outside.

Although I didn't think she would do it, thoughts of Jenna driving off after I entered the store filled my head. I told her that we should both go inside. I think it is so sexy to see a naked female walking out in public with a fully clothed female, something about the contrast maybe, I don't know. Jenna got out of the car and we both entered the store.

The clerk behind the counter just stared at us for sometime before he finally stammered what I think was a hello. We said hello and walked to the back of the store looking for some snacks. We could see he was making good use of the mirrors in the corner of the store, giving him a nice view of my naked as ass we wandered around the store.

We were just about to bring our stuff up to the counter when we saw headlights shining in the window. Jenna seemed to get nervous and I did my best to stay calm. I was happy to see it was not the police but just some young guy. We stayed near the back of the store as he came in and just bought cigarettes at the counter, Soon he was gone and we made our way to the counter.

The clerk did his best to make small talk but he was clearly distracted looking at my little landing strip and very erect nipples. jenna was taking it all in, looking at the clerk and then looking at me seeing that I was very aroused. We paid for our things and made our way back to the car.

Once safely back in the car Jenna said that was the one of the hottest things she ever saw. I could clearly see her nipples straining against her blouse confirming that she too was very turned on. I told her that if she thought this experience was so exciting she should try doing it like I did. She said that she could never do something like that.

It was then that I reminded her that since I did went through with it that she at some point has to go in at least topless. She said that she would hold up her end of the bargain but she wasn't sure when that would be. I said that since we were already here and there is not much traffic in the store right now maybe she should just do it now.

Jenna got visibly nervous but now I did see her nipples standing out a little more. The thought of walking in there topless was certainly turning her on but did she have the fortitude to actually go through with it. I said we could come back another time but it could be busier and that would be harder. I told her if we have to come back again we will not leave until she keeps her end of the deal.

I guess the combination of the idea turning her on and the affect I obviously had on her when she saw me naked in there was enough for her to agree to do it now. She said that she would not go in alone, I had to go with her and since I had nothing to wear I would probably still get most of the attention. Slowly Jenna began unbuttoning her blouse and hesitated a moment before removing it and placing it on the backseat.

She unclasped her bra and hesitantly removed it and placed it with her blouse. She looked so nervous but also very turned on, her nipples had really become erect. There were no cars in sight so I made the move to get out of the car. Jenna was still stalling but I told her if we hurry in she can get this over only being seen by the clerk.

Finally she got out, it was quite a sight watching her tits gently bouncing as she walked in her high heels. She made me enter the store first and she followed. The clerk was thrilled to see us return and when I sidestepped so that Jenna was in the open all I heard was "wow". He was able to talk a little better and asked if there was a problem. I said we had forgotten to purchase some drinks and we walked back to the cooler. Jenna told me she was very nervous but she was also exhilarated.

I told her to remove her skirt while we were in the back o the store but she confessed she had nothing on under it. She said she wasn't quite ready for full nudity. I told her she did just fine and that she may want to go for it another time. She said she wasn't sure if she would ever have the nerve to go totally naked but you never know. We got a few drinks, went up to the counter and the clerk told us they were on him. He thanked us for making a very boring night a night to remember and of course suggested we come back again and often.

We thanked him and walked back out to the car. Just after Jenna open her door a car pulled into the lot. I don't know if they saw Jenna topless but I am positive they saw my naked ass in their headlights as I was getting in the car. Jenna hurried to start the car, and in no time we were back on the road. It was then that I asked Jenna if she realized she was still topless

She glanced down and giggled when she saw her naked boobs bouncing ever so slightly as were drove along. She was going to pull over so she could get dressed but she said she felt great with her tits unrestrained. I reached back and grabbed her blouse and said we could keep it on the seat between us, if she felt she needed it fast. That made her feel a little better, so we continued to drive around some more with me naked and her topless.

Jenna mentioned she was getting hungry and I thought about going to that bar/restaurant that is always happy to see me. She said no way would she go in there topless, so I suggested we grab some fast food. It took awhile but I finally convinced her to pull into the drive up window at the local burger place.

It was not very busy, so we placed our order and then pulled up to the window. The look on the kids face was priceless, he looked at Jenna with her boobs out in the open then looked at me naked. He yelled to someone else and soon there were three or four of the workers fighting to get a look. We finally got our food and headed back to my house. We got back to my house and jenna grabbed her blouse and carried it inside. We sat and ate, her still topless and me naked. She told me she could now understand a little better why I do this.

She said she didn't know if she could ever take it all off in public but just going topless had turned her on so much that she may have to consider trying it one day. I told her she could take her skirt off if she liked but she said she should be going soon. I asked her if she was going to put her blouse on and she said she was. She didn't feel comfortable driving home alone and topless.

As soon as Jenna left I was on the phone to Ed telling him all about our little adventure. I told him that he may have to deal with two naked females sometime in the future, which was of course fine with him. Once we hung up I reached for my pocket rocket, it didn't take long for me to cum. Then I started thinking about how we could get Jenna naked with me out somewhere in public.

Love to all


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